David Bowie / Space Oddity 50th anniversary box set

2 x 7″ vinyl box • New remixes by Tony Visconti 

Parlophone continue to drip-feed fans David Bowie rarities from 1969 and this ‘Space Oddity’ celebration is the fourth box set to be announced in little over four months. At the time of writing only one – the Spying Through A Keyhole set – has actually come out.

While this new set – which consists of two seven-inch singles, a poster and a print – isn’t as offensively expensive as the Mercury Demos package (I’m still processing the price tag on that one) eyebrows will undoubtedly be raised when you consider the label have still managed to create a £36 box set from, effectively, two songs.

The first single offers up the original mono single edit of ‘Space Oddity’ while the second is a single edit of a new Tony Visconti 2019 mix. B-sides are ‘Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud’ (original mono single version) and the same song again remixed by Tony Visconti (again a ‘single edit’).

Ephemera includes a double-sided poster featuring an original ‘Space Oddity’ print advertisement and a Ray Stevenson shot of David taken on stage at the Save Rave ‘69 concert at the London Palladium on 30th November 1969, the backdrop featuring a NASA astronaut. The set also includes an information card and a print featuring an alternative shot by Jojanneke Claassen from the ‘Space Oddity’ promo single cover session.

The cover of the original mono single is the rare UK promotional picture sleeve which, along with the label, features the original Philips trademark. This has apparently been specifically cleared for this 50th anniversary release.

There’s no confirmation of this, but one suspects that Visconti may have remixed the entire Space Oddity album and that it will delivered in some package or other, later on this year.

After delivering some truly excellent products in the last few years (including the four mega boxes) these recent demo sets feel self-indulgent and way overpriced; interesting historical content stretched wafer thin for maximum gain. Consider this: there are 29 recordings (or just 18 separate songs) on the three demos box sets and this ‘Space Oddity’ double pack. To pre-order all four today would cost you in the region of £182.

This ‘Space Oddity’ 50th Anniversary box set is released by Parlophone 12 July 2019.

Compare prices and pre-order

David Bowie

Space Oddity - 50th anniversary box set



Single 1

Side A: SPACE ODDITY (Original Mono Single Edit)

Side B :WILD EYED BOY FROM FREECLOUD (Original Mono Single Version)

Single 2

Side A: SPACE ODDITY (2019 Mix – Single Edit) 2019 mix by Tony Visconti, March 2019.

Side B: WILD EYED BOY FROM FREECLOUD (2019 Mix – Single Version) 2019 mix by Tony Visconti, March 2019.

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Michael Calhoun

Wow just paid $34.00 Canadian for this on Amazon has there been a price reduction since it was released?


Why two Bowie vocals are merged in the center on the new Visconti mix????

Why the beautiful second Bowie voice from the left channel is killed ????

RIP our dear Bowie voice on Space Oddity song…


Heard it. I REALLY dislike the fact that Visconti merged the two Bowie vocals in the center. And it’s the only difference I can hear (maybe the 12-string guitar is a bit more present, but I’m not sure).


The new vinyl high price ripoff experience? Thanks, Parlophone

Nigel D Day

I’ll pass


Best price at amazon Canada at the moment.

Darren English

AU$34 on Amazon Australia. Only concern I have is they are citing a December 2019 delivery date. By that time there will be 15 more bowie releases.


They seem to be taking vinyl fans for mugs. Glad I’m more into cds, i can see when record companies are pulling peoples pants down in broad daylight!


Maybe this is how they’re paying for having to go back and fix the box sets?

Brian Smith

It makes me wonder if this is the way it will be from now on. Every next year TMWSTW spread overs 4 boxsets.


$44.35 Including P& P and Import Tax from the US
Thats £ 34.22 at todays exchange rate.
Why is it so expensive to ship a small box of records to the UK ?
Ordered from Amazon UK


All of these separate, pricey record sets being released just around the Space Oddity material is very odd to me. Why not just do a “super deluxe” edition building on the 40th anniversary content from the album, collecting all of this stuff for whoever wants it…rather than release 4 separate vinyl only sets that closely resemble each other, in quick succession? I don’t get anything about this. I love Bowie more than anything, but have no interest in buying things like this at these rates.


… 5 0 ?

David Bly


Rather late on this as I somehow “missed the memo”.
I have a question that you might know the answer to…

I know that the original Philips single was in mono and is a completely different version than the more well-known album version.
Last summer, I went to the Bowie exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and literally spent 5½ hours in the exhibit.

One alcove was all about “Space Oddity”, and featured the original (and WAY better) video of the single version, the later album version video (made after the RCA re-release) and a live version.
What was odd to me was that I swear the audio of the single version was in stereo. I literally stayed there through the videos three times to make sure.

Now as this was 2018, when was this stereo audio version from (that is, if I didn’t dream this)? Had it been released ages ago and I/we didn’t know about it, or is it possible that the “2019” Tony Visconti mix was actually done in 2013, when the exhibition was first at the V&A? Or did Visconti make another mix specifically for the exhibtion?

Perhaps (I’m hoping) that you saw it at the V&A and might remember about this.
A side note – in the same alcove was Bowie’s stylophone which I stared at quite a bit.

Hope you can help – cheers in any case!


“All of these separate, pricey record sets being released just around the Space Oddity material is very odd to me”

Noting odd. It’s a money making opportunity for the label.


I’ve got the original 7″ – cost me around 50p – so that would be £35 for 1 single and some posters that I have no interest in. So with that and the £85 box set I’ll be saving £120 by not buying them!!

The ‘Spying’ box set is brilliant though and fairly good value. Interesting songs and fairly good quality considering the source of the material.

I agree with most of the comments – Parlophone are taking the proverbial!!

Thanks for all the info, Paul. So far this year I’ve managed to resist quite a lot of stuff…so far


What’s really funny is that the median price on Discogs for the original single is only £35!

Paul – Long-time reader, first time poster here. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate you running all this, even if it does end up costing me a fortune!


Price Oddity

Decent fan to Parlophone,
Where is all this money for?
Take your chill pills so I can put a record on.

Decent fan to Parlophone,
Where has all my money gone?
Two singles and non of them are made from gold.

Stan Butler

When are people going to wake up to the realisation that vinyl is merely the chosen medium for the record companies to totally screw the consumer? Coloured vinyl, picture discs, 7″ single box sets. Totally pointless. Heard people on here say “it’s going on my wall”. Is music now to be regarded in the same regard as some cheap plate from a Sunday tabloid magazine?
When I started viewing this site it was mainly about collecting multi CD deluxe box set editions. SDE is still as good as ever, I visit it every day, but the emphasis from the record companies is shifting because they know where the money is. £20 for a 12″ picture disc, £32 for two 7″s.
Why bother then with the effort of a box set.
No doubt shaped discs are the next format to be wrung dry. Then what?



Ian McJannet

Well I have to say I’m now looking forward with relish to the Super Dooper Deluxe Edition Box set of ” The Laughing Gnome ”
Hopefully with at least 6 x 12” vinyl’s (all different colours, of course) plus .. 2 C.D’s ..
A blue ray DVD and at least 10 x 7″ singles covering at least 30 remixes and if it comes in under 600 pounds I’ll snap it up !!!!!
And if we’re very lucky they might throw in a couple of toilet rolls with the lyrics printed
on them too !!!!


And let’s not forget an actual garden gnome (but only if you pre-order directly from the Bowie webstore).


Sorry – what Parlophone is doing with Bowie’s legacy is horrific and offensive.

Paul Mortimer

Crikey. £36 for a couple of 7″ singles, plus period artwork…No ta – just the sound of fleecing going on IMHO at the price.

I’m a Bowie fan – of an age where I can claim to have have helped put Space Oddity at No. 1 on the Hit Parade, having bought the single as soon as I heard it on release! It would have cost me about seven shillings & sixpence.

I like to curate vinyl events with my bro locally in Brum and we put on an anniversary event this year to commemorate Bowie’s passing; we used my original 7″ single and it sounded incredible, in a large venue room on a good hi-fi set-up!


The 1969 original mono release only reached No 5 on the UK “Hit Parade”. The re-issue on RCA hit the top of the UK charts six years later (this time the stereo “album” version). I guess that would have cost around 50p-60p.

Paul Mortimer

Thanks Kevin! My brain has faded, it just seemed like it was a No 1. on initial release, Bowie was so fresh and startling at the time ;-)


Wasn’t Young Americans going to called Shilling the Rubes?
Should have used the title for these ‍

Fagnani Mauro

Shame Parlophone! 29 songs, timing only one hour+ on TEN Vinyl and NO CDS! PRICE in Italy, Uk and EU are “RIDICOLI” at the moment! SHAME!


Now it’s getting silly. It’s fine being asked to spend money for unreleased material from the period, as with the last boxes.

But who among us can get excited by a straightforward reissue of the original 45, plus a couple of modern-day remixes from a man who has admitted publicly didn’t want to be involved with the sessions because he didn’t like the songs?

Let alone one whose remixes on things he did produce have scarcely added anything more than excess bulk to the canon?

Elizabeth Hirst

I can only echo the thoughts above – I have made it a rule for myself that I will only buy the mega-boxes until they are up to date and if after that happens there is anything takes my fancy well lets see then. There have been a couple of bands I have been near completist for, but I am thankful that Bowie isn’t one of them. It does feel like the record company is spreading the early material molecule thin. I get why they are doing it – they are in it for profit, but there has to come a time when they get their bluff called and take the p*** once too often.


So single 1 both tracks produced by Gus Dudgeon, shame he’s not here to do the remix. Always preferred his WEBFF to Visconti’s. If the two new mixes are edits then there are full versions coming soon so even less reason to buy this.
I defended the price of earlier box sets but this is ridiculous, even more expensive per track than the Mercury Demos (and less interesting).
Beyond making a short version for radio I don’t understand the fashion for edits, good remixes yes but edits? Does anyone prefer them to originals?
I can’t afford all these but saving up in the hope for 50th super deluxe with all these tracks included and maybe the Love you till Tuesday film. (On cd/dvd or blue ray as well please Parlophone!).
The 40th 2 disc is very good but with all these demos and maybe a 2019 remix could easily run to six discs, any predictions as to the price? £125?

Shawn C.

Ridiculous. I love David Bowie. I’ve bought all the new CD boxsets and some of the vinyl individual discs (currently waiting for a good deal on the vinyl “Loving the Alien” set). I also love my blue vinyl edition of the Reality Tour. But these singles releases are just absurdly overpriced. I suppose their is a market for them, though I don’t really understand it. At the end of the day, it is about the music and you’ve got two songs here – remarkably similar songs – at a cost of about $11.50 a piece. I guess the purchaser is the kind of person who just likes to know they have it, to look at it, hold it – a “completist.” That’s fine, to each his own, not me though.

Tom Walsh

What’s worse,overpriced stuff like this or people moaning about vinyl….again?

Padraig O’ Shea

Has anyone calculated the cost of purchasing every official Bowie reissue released over the last six years or so?
I’m guessing it tops 3,000 pounds.

Frank Sidebottom

can someone please realise that NOT everyone loves BOWIE, KATE BUSH or bloody PRINCE

Colin Harper

Paul’s site, Paul’s enthusiasms, Paul’s rules :-)

Nigel D Day

We need more Kate Bush . I want that On Stage e.p at the very least.
A 12” of that would be most welcome.


I just got a very nice copy of just that EP from Discogs for a few quid along with a few other bits from the same seller, makes the P&P worth while. Four great tracks and a really interesting contrast to her studio style. Wish I had been old and wise enough to go and see her back in the day.


As soon as ‘someone’ realizes that loving the real frank sidebottom is completely different from loving ‘bloody’ frank sidebottom. Love on ya.


Don’t like them? Just ignore those news.
(for the record: i don’t like KB, DB nor Prince)

Dave H

That’s the funny thing about SDE, you may not be interested in all of the artists on its website but you’re still interested in reading comments even the ones of artists you may not like, just like Jonathan above.
It would be nice to know for sure if all the unreleased 1969 Bowie material will be released on a CD this year. If it doesn’t and all the box sets go out of print, the price will only rise. I don’t know if anyone has looked at the prices of McCartney’s 1971-1973 box sets on Discogs but the lowest price it’s sold for is £900.


I don’t buy records/ CDs because I think the price might rise as I don’t intend to sell them; I do bring forward my purchase if I think they might sell out and the price rise be such that I couldn’t later afford them.

Dave H

I was thinking more in the line of not being able to afford an item because I didn’t buy something at the original selling price.


Realised and noted. Move on.

Thanks Paul for all the Prince, Bowie and Kate Bush coverage! I don’t love The La’s, so no more coverage for them please, if that’s what we’re doing now.

Colin Harper

There’s a 6CD 1966-68 John Renbourn set coming in two weeks from Cherry Red (with which I was slightly involved) – ‘Unpentangled: The Sixties Albums’, with new mastering, lots of period ephemera, a great essay from David Wells and 11 bonus tracks (singles, outtakes, stray collaborations).

One could buy that and still have 12 quid left over compared to this 2-song effort. (As an aside, I believe Renbourn may have played on some early David B recordings.)

Robert Laversuch

Heading over to CherryRed as we speak – thanks!

She Brings The Rain

Colin Harper: thanks for the tip. I’d be quite prepared for that eventuality.

Colin Harper

You’re both welcome :-) This box set brings the Fontana and Columbia Dorris Henderson & John Renbourn albums, with the non-LP singles, under the umbrella of a Renbourn collection for the first time. (Not uncoincidentally, I have a piece on John & Dorris’ 1960s recordings in an issue of Record Collector in the next couple of months.)


I’ve just found out that Amazon UK doesn’t ship any vinyl records to France anymore, is that recent ? Anything to do with Brexit ? And those same records are not even listed on Amazon FR, wth is going on ? Anyway, 40€ for four tracks, what is the next step ? 100€ for 1 track in a big fancy box ?


May be time to get off the speeding vinyl hobbyhorse before it gallops over the chasm of bankruptcy. Ever get the feeling the joke is on us?

Young Dude

This is the same Visconti that wouldn’t touch Space Oddity back 1969.


Hi Paul. Any chance of you putting some questions to Parlophone and expressing SDE readers’ confusion and reservations about these releases?


They have been well aware of the complaints about their Bowie releases for quite a while, but they have squeezed the pips even more. They don’t appear to give a monkey’s. I can’t wait for them to lose the rights to Bowie’s music. It’s great to have the unreleased demos but I feel Bowie’s rep is being tarnished by this awful pricing strategy.


wait till they release a box with nothing inside. try downloading that

Kevin M


lol… “The Thin Air Duke”, an empty box for the devout collector to fill themselves.


This really does have a rancid odour emanating! It’s just not right. Or ethical. Sorry… how terribly old-fashioned of me!

In future will Bowie fans be required to officially register with Parlophone before being allowed to buy forthcoming releases – providing a deposit, proof of income and the name of a guarantor???

I think Parlophone/ Warners may be completely misreading the market and financial climate.

Nigel D Day

I’m a huge Bowie fan but none of these 7” boxes excite me in the slightest.
Sorry, Parlophone but 7”s and picture disks are where I’ll draw the line

Ian McJannet

”’ Falls wanking to the floor ”’

Robert Laversuch

Wish I had thought of that one – sums this entire charade up in one neat little phrase

Ian McJannet

Thanks Robert .. Just couldn’t help it, the whole charade has become a disgrace !!!



Demos…a picture disc…more demos…another picture disc…

As a CD lover, it annoys me that (yet again) people like me are being ignored. And vinyl lovers are getting charged some hole-clenching prices.

And then record companies have the gall to complain about falling (physical) sales.

I do rather like the packaging on this one – the extras are nice and relevant (no playing cards or novelty passports, eh Macca?) – but a CD option would be nice. I think a 5-inch CD in a 7-inch box with booklet, poster, card, etc. would look quite lovely.

All I can do is hope that the all the demos and all the picture-disc tracks get gathered up and put out on CD eventually. The demos would only be a 2 disc set – depending on how many are planned to be released. With a well-thought-out booklet/packaging…lovely. The picture-disc-tracks would also only be a 2-discer (depending on how many there are and how many are coming/planned). Include a 7×7 (inch) book replicating all the artwork/photos from each picture disc (BOTH sides)…lovely.

Even with nice packaging, a couple of 2-disc sets shouldn’t be too expensive to produce. And hopefully not too expensive to buy. Sensible and affordable.

Unfortunately, ‘sensible’ and ‘affordable’ seem to be record companies’ least favourite words. And I get the feeling that record companies use the word “Bowie” as code for “charge double”.

David Bly

I know I am VERY late on this thread (somehow missed the info), but I had to respond to your comment about “Demos…a picture disc…more demos…another picture disc…”

It reminded me of The Smiths’ “Paint A Vulgar Picture” which includes these lyrics…

“At the record company meeting
On their hands – a dead star
And oh, the plans they weave
And oh, the sickening greed

At the record company party
On their hands – a dead star
The sycophantic slags all say :
“I knew him first, and I knew him well”

Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package!
Re-evaluate the songs
Double-pack with a photograph
Extra track (and a tacky badge)”

© Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group
(just in case someone’s litigious)


Another Bowie release? I don’t mind at all. I will buy any and all of them.

And so will all of you, eventually. ;)


Er, no we won’t!


Not me.


The sad thing for me personally is that the shocking way the catalogue is now being exploited is changing how I feel about Bowie and his music.
Ironically, these prices are cheapening Bowie. For me, part of what made Bowie so intriguing, and to some degree what I projected onto his music, was the sense of mystery and unpredictability. There was also the certain knowledge that once he’d achieved success, the music was not made for his existing fanbase, it was made for Bowie. Low was not made for the people that bought Young Americans less than two years prior. Let’s Dance was not made for those that bought the Berlin trilogy. And of course “F%$# you I love Tin Machine” was all about actively shedding fans.

There was a beautiful and brief window following “Where Are We Now” where it seemed that once a year on January 8, we’d hear a new song or learn about a new archival release. After years of silence, and coupled with RSD, this seemed like the perfect legacy after he’d died, a glorious celebration.
Bowie’s birthday clearly became important to him when it came to programming releases.

Within this, there’s still an opportunity for a record company to gouge huge amounts of money if it so desired. But now we have this ugly saturation. Scrap all the novelty picture discs and coloured vinyl. Have a campaign that has the annual birthday present; facsimiles such as the Space Oddity single in this box or live albums on RSD; and scalable reissues of the albums on their anniversaries.

Put out a $1000 Diamond Dogs box set with a Lego replica stage set if you want, put do so alongside a standard cd, vinyl and digital release. And also care about the music and stop the reinvention. Tony Visconti remixing Space Oddity is a joke. It’s not needed and is flogging a dead horse.

And then, around that, well curated boxed sets of the outtakes and rare tracks that are currently dribbling out. Again, create a tacky badge version of you want with all the bells and whistles, but release this alongside standard versions. And have a point and a plan.

I’m sure the issue here is that record company analysis shows that the expensive sets do not sell if released alongside affordable editions. But right now it feels like Parlophone know exactly how many of these sets they can sell, and release them in ‘limited editions’ of that amount minus 1. Sure, there are plenty of people that are happy with that and are enjoying these sets, and I do not have an issue with them at all. But for me, it feels like the company are servicing that lucrative market at the expense of others that have waited decades for some of this music and cannot afford to access it. And certainly ruling out that next generation that Bowie seemed to effortlessly pick up by challenging expectations when his contemporaries like the Stones were just servicing the faithful greatest hits market. Bowie is being turned into an artist aimed at middle class dads with disposable income, and that is sad and anathema to who he was.

Long subjective rant, and it’s a first world problem, but Bowie and his music were important to me, and this approach is souring that.

Nigel D Day

I get that !

Mr X

Totally agree.
Starting to leave a sour taste …


I would really love ‘Bowie Lego’ !!


When does Parlophone/Warners licensing agreement with Bowie Inc. end? If it’s soon, I guess they want to spooge as much stuff out as they can. Even if they feel it’s saturation point themselves they are probably betting that long-term everything they issue will sell well due to Bowie’s standing.


It feels like there is every hour a new Bowie release. Since the death of Bowie around 100 releases I guess – picture discs, box sets, re-pressed LPs, best of, 7inch Boxes, colored vinyl, museum vinyl etc. Crazy. Really crazy – and a little bit unappetizing.

What? Bowie? Spinning in his casket?

Sorry but as much as I love Bowie and his music this wringing of the vaults and charging asshole stupid amounts of wonga for what is effective 2 tracks and some paper stuff is sadly putting me off the releases. The Prince Originals, on the other hand, is how it should be done.

What? Bowie? Spinning in his casket?

True Paul. Do they have different departments one that handles Bowie material and charges huge amounts for a few demos whilst the other department handles Prince and releases material at a sensible wallet friendly price? Just saying.

Michael John

I recently posted when the Mercury demos release was announced that I was done. I have to confess that once it dropped in price, I ordered. I’ve already surrendered and placed my order for this as well.

The music is and will always be the priority but I’m a sucker for boxes like this with posters and non-music stuff (I did draw the line with that ridiculous McCartney suitcase fiasco). For me the extras, and the whole vinyl resurgence in general, remind me of being a kid in my room on the bed or floor listening to albums with the jacket, inner sleeve, booklet or whatever sprawled out in front of me. Very ritualistic. Of course it’s a very different experience now.

Having now seen how the 50th for Space Oddity has played out, I can’t begin to fathom what we’ll see in a couple three years for TMWSTW, Hunky Dory and especially Ziggy. Next few years of collecting Bowie are going to be the equivalent of putting another kid through college, monetarily speaking.

Kevin M

@Michael John

Maybe Parlophone will be gone by the time the other 1970 onwards eras you mention are reached. It might be different, hopefully better, under a different entity. I don’t think things Bowie could possibly get any worse..


Too many Bowie releases?

Hugh Hall

I could just copy and paste my comments from the ‘Mercury Demos at 80 quid’ thread of a fortnight ago. What on earth are these people thinking?

Scott Mills

One thing of note is that this set comes out one day after the 50th anniversary of the original single release. Perhaps that means that this is the last release related to the single. As noted in the post, I am hopeful that TV has remixed the whole album for relase later this year.

Steven Roberts


Dr Volume

I agree it’s just absurd the way they keep back announcing and queuing up more and more of these things. No doubt there are a few more to come. Surely even the most devoted Bowie completist must be starting to feel a bit jaded by now. I mean is anyone still keeping count?

Kevin M

@Dr Volume

I’d guess even some of the wealthier devoted completists are getting jaded, as IMO it’s gone way beyond being just a cost issue, outrageous though some of the prices are.

David B

And yet more vinyl on this site .. nothing about the forthcoming ZZ Top anniversary cds or the Woodstock massive box set .. I used to enjoy reading about cd reissues but they’re hardly featured nowadays. And you feature straight forward vinyl re-issues (The Las, Spice Girls etc) but ignore say Dutton vocalion sacd 5.1 reissues- incl Billy Paul, Art Garfunkel and The Guess Who … can we cd lovers have some coverage please?

David B

Apologies Paul .. I was just sick of the publicity vinyl is getting nowadays. I couldn’t careless who listens to what, but I’m fed up of the push vinyl is getting nowadays .. from HMV’s love vinyl campaign to EVERY tv show playing music that’s vinyl – all giving the statement out that you can’t be a music lover unless you collect vinyl. And this Bowie campaign takes the mickey .. everything only on expensive vinyl .. I love the early stuff Bowie did but I am not reverting to vinyl just to get this ..

I really appreciate your Yazoo cd campaign and very glad it succeeded .. and I look forward to your future cd etc coverage .. very glad you featured the latest Alan Parsons Project set- i got it at the lower price and really enjoyed it ..


I know what you mean regarding vinyl. I went into my local HMV the other day and all i got was racks of vinyl staring me in the face depressing stuff even more so when they are releasing stuff that’s only exclusive to vinyl.


The Space Oddity 2019 mix is also going to be released digitally. It’s not “holding the music in my hand” but in this case, it’ll do.


Jeez. The Bowie estate should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this stuff to be released.
Seriously. like $50+ for 4 tracks that have been released [or 2 have] already and some crap.


This is Parlophone, not the Bowie Estate.