David Bowie / Space Oddity album issued as vinyl picture disc

Picture disc of 1969 album • Reissue artwork • Available everywhere

Parlophone will issue a special limited edition 12-inch vinyl picture disc of David Bowie‘s Space Oddity album next month.

The picture disc reverts to the rather iconic, but inaccurate, Ziggy-era artwork given to the album when it was re-released by RCA in the wake of the success of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, in 1972. It was at this point the record was retitled ‘Space Oddity’ (having previously been known as ‘David Bowie’ or ‘Man of Words/Man of Music’.

This picture disc edition uses the 2009 40th anniversary remastering (i.e. not the recent Tony Visconti 2019 remix) and comes with a replica of the poster which came with this release back in the day.

This Space Oddity picture disc will be issued on 19 June 2020 (was 17 April 2020. This will be the third vinyl edition of this album released in 10 months if you include the limited edition Paul Smith vinyl.

Side 1
Space Oddity (5.20)
Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed (6.18)
Letter To Hermione (2.32)
Cygnet Committee (9.28)

 Side 2

Janine (3.21)
An Occasional Dream (2.57)
Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (4.50)
God Knows I’m Good (3.16)
Memory Of A Free Festival (7.14)

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Paul Saunders

I have just read on the bbc news entertainment section on how the coronovirus has effected the entertainment industry that the RSD April date has been effected . It reads Record Store Day is another event affected, with organisers announcing on Friday it had been put back from 18 April to 20 June..

David M

It”a going to affect everything. Factories that make box sets may be shut down, tours are already mostly on hold. Record shops will c!ose. Release dates will be delayed or cancelled etc


One look at the sickly Bowie store online shows how the legacy of this brilliant and individual artist is now tarnished. Same happened with Bob Marley long after his death. Surely DB wouldn’t have approved of “Low” hoodies and tote bags? Utterly hideous.


You are kidding, yeah? Ever watch Ziggy Stardust The Motion Picture? Remember the scene of him studying the receipts before going onstage? 10 years later, the Ricochet documentary has a scene of him discussing how much he would be making. And that’s without discussing Bowie Bonds. Great artist, like millions I miss him dearly, but at no stage whatsoever did he ever hide away from wanting as much commercial success as possible.


The Space Oddity with Ziggy cover is a good thing for music fans to own, because it’s what the many British kids who discovered and loved Bowie in ‘72 would have had in their bedrooms. Some of whom were Kate Bush, Ian Curtis, Peter Murphy.

FWIW a brilliant-sounding original 1972 RCA UK normal vinyl can be had for £20 or less if you look around a while. It sold tons, was in print for ages, and isn’t rare.


SO glad this isn’t a RSD release.
Just hope the price comes down a bit.
I have all five of the original RCA BOPIC LP’s, but this wasn’t one of them. It’ll be nice to finally have this as a picture disc…and with my preferred artwork to boot!


For-get it! 33 GBP for a picture disc of previously released material? There is no way to deny, they are just milking fans!
It looks beautiful but this should be illegal. There is absolutely no reason to justify such a high price! I hope they walk into a wall and break their nose!

Wayne Olsen

I’m saving my money for the next Who Best-of.

Paul Taylor

Rolling Stones for me

Tim Barton

Looks nice, but I’ve got the beautiful vinyl remaster, and all of the other recent issues-the CD in Conversation Piece, previous comsact discs from the box and years previous. Think is will pass.


Love the punk rock cover and i think the ziggy man who sold the world cover really suits the music inside!


Now that RSD has moved to June, guess I can spring for one of these. Really would like to see them move on now to TMWSTW. This album has officially been completely flogged now.

Frank Sidebottom

an absolute disgrace of a price.


A thing of beauty! If the price comes down a bit, I know I’m going to have to get this picture disc.

Although the photo image of DB is not chronologically correct as per the original release date of the album, I too found this revised album cover very appealing. The photo-portrait of Bowie looked like a publicity photo taken for a science fiction movie like “2001: A Space Odyssey.” I’m sure there was some conscious artistic decision from Bowie to do this, as well as re-naming the album “Space Oddity” and using late 1960’s computer style typography for the cover. Definitely more visually intriguing.

Paul Harris

Looks absolutely lovely but at £35 I won’t be buying it sadly
We have is it any wonder released next week,then Rsd releases which will cost about £100 for cd and vinyl of both
Never ends

Mr X

Should have been an rsd release – that way the flippers get stung.

Btw, have up on rsd when the price for Bowie’s welcome to the blackout was £45 at a certain record store in Boston, Linc’s.

Waaaaaaay overcharged – never again!!

The Laughing Knoll

It always bothered me the mixing of the Bowie eras ie the Ziggy picture. I definitely don’t want the picture disc of it. It’s like wearing Mardi Gras beads out of season.


I’m with you on that one. I liked it when they reissued it with the original cover.

Yani P

just over priced..taking the proverbial

Tony Walton

” am I floating in a tin can “…….I’m pleased this is not a rsd realese…it will give the fans a better chance of getting it and stop the rsd flippers from flipping….power to the fans……


Well, I much prefer the redo cover over the original, so there’s that.

Beyond that, it’s a joke. However, I partially blame the people who are buying this nonsense. We stop buying, they’ll stop putting it out. Slap a “Limited Edition” moniker on it, and people line up to overpay in the hopes of flipping it later for a profit. It’s a cancer in the business, imo.

There is no good reason for this to exist. It won’t improve the sonics, and honestly how often are people pulling their Vinyl to marvel at the picture disc? Of course this is a complete joke – there are zero, none, no good reason for it being put out. In times when we don’t know what’s going on with the box sets, it’s just another bit of tat.


I don’t know why they don’t replace the vinyl with cardboard and sell it for a tenner because hardly anyone who buys it will play it.

andrew R

As i have stated before .DB is the new Elvis
a cash cow to be milked. Remember a blackstar continues to radiate energy
long after its death… Whatever form that takes. For me a pass


You are totally Wright. I think it is a crash_course in abbuse!!!
Sorry for My gramma. Peter, Rotterdam Netherlands


No way to prove but I wonder If Bowie told the estate when I’m dead you can really rip the piss out of my fans ?. Disappointing


Ouch that is overpriced. It looks great but I’ll give it a miss.

Bill Darlington

No thanks. I have the CD. I have already (three times) set my preferences not to receive info about vinyl but SDE doesn’t seem to listen.


This is celebrating the 48th anniversary of the reissue (with a different cover) of an album from 51 years ago.
It’s beyond satire.
Bowie, since his death, has gone from being the single most important artist in contemporary music, to being a brand. These releases have nothing to do with the music. Nothing at all.
There are just about using Bowie’s face as a logo and slapping it on whatever has the highest margin.
It’s disgusting and the people that are sanctioning this relentless parade of gimmicks should be ashamed.
It’s not a matter of “well don’t buy it then.”
For me it’s the fact that these releases serve no purpose whatsoever other than to make money, they have zero artistic value.
I understand that others will disagree and enjoy this, and I respect that, but for me it’s Bowie clickbait and nothing more.

john Alvarez





Yet another reissue of this album!!!
As the saying goes, a fool and his money are often parted……

Shawn C.

I love Bowie, but this is overkill. Bring out the 90s boxset already!!!!

Marc Kieser

Why is this not a RSD release?
Paul, would you know if the two RSD releases are limited editions? I can’t find that info anywhere. The US site gives no numbers for the Bowie releases.
And the pic disc…..is that one limited?
How can we make an end to the prices of vinyl going up and up???
Lot of questions, hope you have some answers, thanks!

Auntie Sabrina

Record Store Day is now postponed ’till 20th June.

Marc Kieser

I don’t :-)


The US release spreadsheets listed the Bowie relaease numbers as “confidential”. I am guessing this is to combat flippers. The two releases from RSD 2019 are available from Discogs for way below suggested list now, so I’m not sure it matters if they keep it under wraps

Art Sienkiewicz

Overpriced. No deal!


Seems most of are in agreement: Why another release.
And some agree – why so expensive.
Even the most of the collectors here are passing.

Ben Williams

Must resist the urge to quote Paint A Vulgar Picture by the Smiths.. but it does look very nice.


Very expensive for what is a further release – Interested but not at the price will hope Paul flags up a deal at some point :-)

Paul Wren

I guess they keep reissuing this because it’s still selling, why else would they do it? Mind you, it’ll feature poor audio quality as it’s a picture disc but will look good on the wall, though.

Darren Lewis

Why is it so expensive??


Its So Expensive as the Companies have cottoned on to the fact that collectors are willing to pay pretty much anything for certain releases

The easy answer – Nobody buy it and force the companies to stop this ridiculous pricing …. unfortunately people won’t stop buying this even at the extortionate £35.00 ….. for a £15.00 record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The way things are going, I bet it’s not out next month! Bet RSD gets postponed too.


Yep. Rsd is postponed to june 20.


Toujours et encore une réédition ! Que ceux qui ne connaissent pas David Bowie achètent les vynils originaux de l’époque pas plus chers et bien mieux pour sa collection.

Wesley Doyle

I thought we’d reached peak Bowie last year but no. This looks beautiful. I won’t be buying it though.

Chris Lancaster

Can’t beat a good old-school picture disc; it looks fantastic. As both a long-time Bowie fanatic and a vinyl fan, it’s a n0-brainer. Ordered.


Currently unavailable.
We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

Somebody wants it!


More David Bowie releases?



milking the cow….

Charles C. Cotham

Well if you’re not interested that’s fine …. but remember someone is always discovering Bowie for the first time, especially now that he’s passed away and he’s becoming even more ‘legendary’ like Johnny Cash or Jimi Hendrix. I’m sure there’s lots of people who are welcoming this, especially all the ones into the vinyl craze, whether it’s a long-time fan or a newbie.

I’m personally not interested in this, but that sure does look nice!

What? Bowie? Worry

How many more times does the same old shit get churned out?

Piss and take come to mind


Again? This time i keep my money


Why? Why? Why?




Why . Why .Whyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!

What? Bowie? Worry?