David Bowie / The Man Who Fell To Earth: 2CD+2LP deluxe box set

Man Who Fell To Earth '3D' packshot

SDE reported just last week about the restored deluxe blu-ray version of Nicholas Roeg’s 1976 film The Man Who Fell To Earth which of course starred David Bowie. Well, the really big news is that Universal Music will release for the first time ever, the original movie soundtrack, and it will also be available as a deluxe box set.

The soundtrack has always been highly celebrated and long sought after by fans but until now unavailable as a body of work. The music is primarly a combination of pieces by Stomu Yamashta and John Phillips, who composed specifically for the film.

Why it was never really issued is not really know, but lost tapes have apparently recently being uncovered and the original recordings have been remastered for individual two-CD and 2LP releases.

The deluxe box set version contains both formats (four discs), a poster (unlike the blu-ray box, this is the original poster design) and a 48 page hardback book with rare photos and a new essay about the film from Paolo Hewitt. The book also contains notes from the movie’s editor Graeme Clifford, who fascinatingly reveals that he used Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon as a temp soundtrack whilst working on the film.

On my original cut, I scored the entire movie to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. I think I used every single track on the album. The whole movie was Pink Floyd except for the one piece at the end, and it worked beautifully. The movie was made for that score! I don’t know if there was any serious attempt to get Dark Side Of The Moon cleared for our project but obviously, that never happened”

David Bowie and Candy Clark in The Man Who Fell To Earth

Although most of Yamashta’s contributions subsequently ended up on his own albums, the majority of John Phillips (of the Mamas and Papas fame) music for the film has been unavailable for 40 years.

This original soundtrack recording for The Man Who Fell To Earth will be released as a two-CD set on 9 September, with the 2LP vinyl and box to follow on 18 November 2016.

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Various Artists

The Man Who Fell to Earth - deluxe box set


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Various Artists

The Man Who Fell to Earth - 2LP Vinyl


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Various Artists

The Man Who Fell to Earth - 2CD




  1. Stomu Yamashta                              Poker Dice 
  2. Louis Armstrong                              Blueberry Hill
  3. John Phillips                                     Jazz II 
  4. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra        Venus: The Bringer Of Peace
  5. John Phillips                                     Boys From The South
  6. Stomu Yamashta                              33 1/3
  7. John Phillips                                     Rhumba Boogie
  8. The Kingston Trio                              Try To Remember
  9. Stomu Yamashta                              Mandala
  10. John Phillips                                     America
  11. Stomu Yamashta                              Wind Words
  12. John Phillips                                     Jazz


  1. Stomu Yamashta                              One Way
  2. John Phillips                                     Space Capsule
  3. John Phillips                                    Bluegrass Breakdown
  4. John Phillips                                     Desert Shack
  5. Stomu Yamashta                             Memory Of Hiroshima
  6. John Phillips                                     Window
  7. John Phillips                                     Alberto
  8. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra        Mars: The Bringer Of War
  9. John Phillips                                     Liar, Liar
  10. John Phillips                                     Hello Mary Lou
  11. Robert Farnon                              Silent Night
  12. Genevieve Waite                              Love Is Coming Back
  13. John Phillips                                     The Man Who Fell To Earth

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Less than twenty quid on Amazon today!!!


The deluxe box set is currently down to £49.99 on Amazon.co.uk basically half price from when first listed

Kevin Allen

The soundtrack is now available on Spotify.

tyrone tudor

Does David Bowie appear on this soundtrack? A Bowie cash cow?

Just the 4k for me then. I’m very very excited. Never seen the film!

Kevin Allen

Opens on Friday at the BFI tyrone tudor.

[…] ‘problem’, in essence, is that Universal Music are issuing a rather pricey audio box that doesn’t include the movie, but does include the first ever issue of the soundtrack (on […]

[…] Despite the image above showing four blu-rays, SDE expects this set to contain a blu-ray, DVDs and two CDs of the soundtrack, which is also being reissued separately. […]


Wow! £105.99.
See the now sadly out of print, Generaton Terrorists by the Manics on how to get a box set right: quality, quantity and price.
I accept that vinyl may be a bit of a niche, however, to me that is what separates a set from something Asda or Tesco’s might be selling in their awful chart selection.
For me it is about the larger scale artwork and overall package of a vinyl that encapsulates the listening experience. ‘I’m getting raspberry with a hint of fresh dough and chocolate vs I’m getting drunk’. Not at that price however!!!

Rick R

I agree with Richie above – fans of John Phillips (and, to a lesser extent, Stomu Yamash’ta) have been waiting for this for years.

The contemporaneously published ‘official’ list of music written or performed by John Phillips included only four songs:
Boys From The South
Rhumba Boogie
Bluegrass Breakdown
Hello Mary Lou
(and, as a bonus, Love Is Coming Back)

The upcoming soundtrack CD includes nine more songs credited to John.

I’m relieved: I once painstakingly went through the soundtrack to identify the songs in question. (Well, twice, actually – once on tape and once digitally…). There were bits of music I really liked that I had to admit weren’t by Papa John after all. Now it looks as if I can relax, as they probably are by John after all. Phew!

As for Bowie, we’ll always have Low…


Rebel Rebel by Chris O’Leary and his accompanying Bowie blog are definitive reading for Bowie-heads. The knowledge and context, musical and social, he provides is remarkable. I think he’s written about The Gouster in this month’s Mojo too.


2nd that, brilliant blog, brilliant book, he should have got the gig


Quick, I’ve just thrown my fan version of Wizard Of Oz in the bin, and now I’m up for making my version of TMWFTE with DSOTM as the soundtrack. Which track goes where? Like to hazard guesses?

Well, gives me something to do while I’m waiting for The Early Years…


I’m looking foreward to have this release…
Pity there’s still a lot missing, and I have the feeling this could be on one cd.

Enfantillages Pittoresques – Composed by Eric Satie – Performed by Frank Glazer
A Fool Such As I & Make The World Go Away – Both performed by Jim Reeves
Blue Bayou – Performed by Roy Orbison
True Love – Performed by Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly
Stardust – Performed by Artie Shaw
Solo Whale – Recorded by Frank Watlington


Paulo: You completely miss the point. Can you perhaps enlighten us how this product offering is good for the consumer – because that’s what I am, a consumer.

All this does is serve greedy label execs. Yes I want a book but not the Vinyl – because the price differential between the CD’s without the book, and the version with the book, is around £90.

Now, you may find it an “hilarious” rant, and I’m pleased that you have £90 burning a hole in your pocket that you can use to buy something you’ll never play, never even look at. Good for you. But I can assure you, there are other mere mortals who think being asked to form out £90 for a slab of plastic that is, in effect disposable, just isn’t on.

I don’t understand why you can’t see how abhorrent it is. But hey, we’re all different I guess. Personally I’d rather see packages that reflect a different needs and desires, at a fair price point.

Aside from anything else, those wanting Vinyl are being mauled – again for no good reason. But you keep applauding – I guess you’re exactly the target market for this horrid release. No worries, I’ll get the music without paying through the nose for it. The loss is all theirs.


“All this does is serve greedy label execs”

There’s no need to play the part of a naïve music fan! The repackage and remaster ruse has been going on for years. The latest CD and vinyl together grab is just an extension of this. If the CDs were issued with the book and weighed in at £50+ you’d have people complaining that the CDs should be issued as a stand alone item. Bottom line: Record companies want your money. All of it!


I don’t have £90 to spend on something I’ll never play, in fact I won’t buy this overpriced box set because I don’t need the vinyl and I don’t need the book. I even don’t think I need the soundtrack that much, but since we get a Blu-ray/DVD/2CD combo for about £20 I think I’ll make that effort instead of going with the simple movie. I believe you don’t get my point: you are lamenting for the company’s releasing that thing to be greedy, right? Well if they didn’t put the vinyl in the package what price do you think they’d go for? Probably around £80, and you’d still be moaning about an overpriced product. So you wouldn’t be satisfied in any case. Fair, it is overpriced, I agree, but where’s the problem if you can get the MOVIE and its SOUNDTRACK for just £20? This is the release of a restored MOVIE and its SOUNDTRACK and you are complaining because you want some picture book but not the vinyl LP that comes in the same package? That is hilarious. Mostly because that thing you want so badly, the book, would sit on your shelf unused and dusting exactly like the vinyl LPs you reject so strongly. I’m a consumer too, but I don’t feel that disgust you express for this company and their release plan, I simply make the better choice for me as a consumer without any drama. It’s easy.


Paolo, this is a site for dust collectors. I agree that media should be bought to be played and enjoyed, not left to gather dust.


Paulo: do you not see?
If you have the CDs in the set, the vinyl is useless because it duplicates the music content on a format that most sensible people aren’t interested in. Whereas the book is not useless because it contains new material, and might be quite interesting. It might not just gather dust – this is a big assumption of yours – because it might be good: and it doesn’t duplicate material already in the set.
So those of us who don’t want to pay the extra £90 to acquire the book feel shut out by an annoying bit of gouging.
Might I suggest that if other people’s attitudes to these things annoy you so much, why not look away?


Thanks for the suggestion but I’m not annoyed at all, I was just discussing and pointing out that there’s no need for such excessive complaints in this particular case, since we have quite a few buying options.

And I see that a book is going to be released on its own, as already pointed out.


I don’t really see what the problem is here. If you don’t want the vinyl then buy the CD version instead. So what if you don’t get a book and poster. What’s more important a superfluous book that you’ll probably look at once and a useless poster you’ll never unfold or a couple of discs of music that you can play over and over? And let’s be honest, if the CD version did include the book and poster you’d be paying in excess of 50 notes.


Yes. I must be in the minority here. I prefer listening to music (and I only ever buy music in a format that you can hold in your hands (CD)!) than collecting boxes!

Paul Murphy

Reply Of The Week winning entry!


So what the label should have done? A box set including the book and the CDs for about £50? Other people would have complained for it to be overpriced, other would have complained for the lack of vinyl. You know, people’s never satisfied. To be honest that kind of rant is hilarious in this particular case, where we get quite a few options, but whatever. People wants a fancy book to go along their CDs, but not a couple of vinyl LPs. And because of that they won’t buy the music and/or the restored movie, clever thing.


So if Bowie was still with us, these tapes would still be lost?


I think Paul McCartney hit on the right method for SDE and Deluxe editions. If you want the Deluxe or Super Deluxe you buy that for one somewhat expensive but maybe reasonable price and if you want the vinyl, it is a somewhat reasonable separate add on.


I was surprised to find that http://www.recordstore.co.uk is merely another UMG direct marketing variant like thesoundofvinyl.com. The T&C’s they kindly sent to me when I ordered from them self identified as “Universal Music Direct Limited”. If Recordstore is selling it at that price, Amazon must come down. Sony’s direct marketing guys at PopMarket.com have gone insane with upping the prices. They are way too expensive now!!!


Well, but here’s people is claiming they are forced to buy vinyl when they only want the CD. That is not the case!

By the way, as someone pointed out already, seems like a book is due out as a standalone release. Might be not the exact same book in this box set but hey, how many different ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ books you need?

If you focus on the music, and in this particular case on the movie and its music, you can get the damn thing at a fair price.


Hewitt’s a ‘shoe in’ for anyone who depends upon credible music writing. ‘Album by Album’ is one of the best Bowie books going.


Is it really?
I have dipped into my copy occasionally since I purchased it (I was very excited when it came out) but have never found it that interesting/ entertaining. It looks good though – a very nice set of images to go with each album.

Maybe I should give it a serious try once I have finished Strange Fascination…


According to the above, a paperback is coming.. not quite as tactile.. but upon release the Hewitt book occasioned a few weeks of dedicated catalogue listening, which made for a fine voyage !


I believe the paperback adds material covering Blackstar.

@Paul – thanks for the tip. If I am not all-Bowied out by the time I have reached the end of my current reading list I will give it a look.



I probably sound like a stuck record no pun intended but i wish vinyl would just go away. I was over the moon when CD’s took over and gladly dumped all my vinyl but now as Bill mentioned this trick of dumping them in with box sets to bump the price up is disgusting.


Neil, Bill, Dean, 1000% agree with you all!

don cooper

Does it come with incontinence pants? You know,when ‘lost’ tapes are scarily suddenly found with frightening timing…


No. Just NO.


For goodness sakes – when will they get the message? Utterly disgraceful. The only way I know to punish them for nonsense like this is not to buy, and to erm….. enjoy streaming it (kinda).

I will buy physical product. I’ll never “borrow” music. Hell, I’ve bought 6 new CD’s this week already. But I WILL NOT be fleeced by music execs who don’t give a damn about the consumer.

Shame. Shame on them.


I totally agree. Why the hell is vinyl added to virtually every deluxe set nowadays resulting in added costs to the CD buyer? It is a niche format and should be a separate release.

It is the reason I buy a lot of deluxe sets, copy the audio and send it and the unwanted vinyl back. You may say that is wrong but so is charging silly money for CD sets bloated with vinyl and worthless memorabilia. I play them at their own game. There are plenty of deluxe sets I do keep when the price is fair and content sensible.


Totally agree with you Bill, I`ve never copied and sent back a box set but I do have 21+ blank CDs so maybe I would err have a think about that Pink Floyd box set…they are rich guys aren`t they hmmm


Now come on Dean, don’t hold back. Say what you really feel!


There is no problem at all! You can get the Blu-ray/DVD/2CD edition, or the 2CD soundtrack plus the standard Blu-ray or DVD. You’re not forced to buy vinyl if the actual film and music is what you are interested into.


I agree, Dean. For that same reason, I won’t pay for the Ramones 40th Anniversary set that could have easily been $20 less expensive without the superfluous vinyl. I would love to hear the new mono mix and the additional live show, but I just refuse to be fleeced.


Now I’m really confused. Is this double cd the same cd that comes with the blu Ray box set?

Kevin Allen

The hardback book looks interesting but I don’t think I’ll be paying £105 for the deluxe package.

With the book, the 4K film screening at the BFI and Lazarus opening on 25 October I think I might be sick of T.J. Newton by Christmas.

(I have here in front of me my original 60p paperback of The Man Who Fell To Earth complete with an advert for the film cut out of my (then) local paper in June 1976. The thought of spending £105 on some music, however nicely packaged, would probably have given me a nose bleed).


the audio cd is in the dvd box set is it not?


Gonna get the Blu-ray/DVD/2xCD edition, it costs 1/4 of this deluxe box and swaps the vinyl LP with the movie on two different supports, does anybody really has a doubt on what to choose?

Billy Dojcak

Will there be any download code included? Somebody always asks. Seeing it’s Universal, probably.


I’ll wait for the limited Edition signed by Roger Waters. (I mean, why not let him sign someone else’s records when he signs his own stuff “Love, McKilroy” or whatever?)


Who can he be now ?!

Jay Kranz

have we gotten details on what the cd in the deluxe blu ray set will have yet? trying to sort it all out, also wish we knew if their will be a similar blu ray set for us americans would be nice to just get that and be done with it, don’t think I want to risk getting the region B version if a more suitable version for me will come along.


Oh, it’s all starting to come now…

Still £79.99 is still pricey for a double CD, Vinyl, book and poster. I’m surprised they didn’t throw in a mug aswell…


I think you’d be the “mug” in that equation! ;-)

adam shaw

Anyone know if the delux set is limited ?


I`m in for the 2 CD set, mainly for the music of John Phillips.


I can only go on what I have read of his in the past, and I haven’t read his album by album Bowie thing….but this is the Oasis/Jam/Weller biographer Paolo Hewitt, right?


He’s got form. Wrote a Bowie Album by Album book three years ago:


Due to be reissued in paperback in October:



i think you mean Chelsea Boot!


HMV has a a really nice official T-shirt of the original poster for £9.99

Heck, if you’re going for the full movie and soundtrack boxes, you might as well “get the T-shirt”


John Cronnolley
Richard Dowling

Amazon price has to come down, deluxe box currently £79.99 at Recordstore.


Also how different or at all will the book be with another to come in Sept.



Signed up for the book, doubt if I`ll be paying the price they`re gonna ask.


Recordstore.co.uk is owned by Universal.


Does Bournemouth still have a symphony orchestra?

Martyn Alner

Yes we do, although bizzarely it’s based in Poole now!


Damn the reduction in arts funding!


What a great shout out For the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra – I grew up being reminded of the brilliance of Silvestri


The deluxe box price is optimistic if not insulting.

Again, who wants to pay for CD and vinyl of the same material and what adult wants cheap folded up posters? They are also pricing the book and poster at around £70 going by the individual CD/vinyl prices. Good luck with selling that deluxe set, I’d be interested at around £40 max and would be selling the vinyl.


A repro poster as well bear in mind. You can pick up the original UK quad for less than £100 if you buy at the right time (one sold on eBay for £53 in May) so with that in mind the box is even more overpriced. Who wouldn’t rather have the original UK poster or even the US one-sheet? Perversely the 4K re-release poster has sold for £100 on the Bay which just seems all wrong to me.


£105 – Really???

Billy Dojcak

No kidding…