David Bowie / Zeroes 2018 limited edition seven-inch picture disc

In anticipation of the David Bowie Loving The Alien box set, Parlophone will issue a special seven-inch vinyl picture disc of Zeroes (2018), from the newly ‘re-produced’ version of 1987’s Never Let Me Down which is included in the box set.

There has been much praise for both the idea of a new version of Never Let Me Down and the execution of this fresh Mario McNulty re-production, as far as Zeroes is concerned. In fact, producer Stephen Street was singing its praises on his twitter feed only last week.

This seven-inch singles features a special radio edit version of Zeroes 2018 (not featured in the box!) and the B-side likewise includes a radio edit of Beat of Your Drum 2018. The images used on the picture disc are by Greg Gorman and are outtakes from the Never Let Me Down album photo session (alternate versions of these are used on the cover of Never Let Me Down (2018).

I will inevitably get this, but my only criticism with it is that given these edits are exclusive to this picture disc, it would be nice if Parlophone supplied it with a download (16/44.1 WAV, perhaps). The same it true with the B-sides of some of the previous 40th anniversary picture discs. There are all sorts of rarities dotted around now, that can only be accessed via picture disc vinyl, which everyone knows is a horrible medium for actually listening to audio. You could argue that the box sets and the general long-running reissue campaign is supposed to put things in order, not create more anomalies!

Zeroes 2018 will be released on 7 September 2018. The Loving The Alien box will follow in October. You can read all about that, here.

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David Bowie

Zeroes (2018) (Radio Edit) (Picture Disc) [VINYL]


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A-Side ZEROES (2018) (RADIO EDIT) (David Bowie)

Produced by David Bowie, David Richards and Mario J McNulty

Mixed and Recorded by Mario J McNulty

AA-Side BEAT OF YOUR DRUM  (2018) (RADIO EDIT) (David Bowie)

Produced by David Bowie, David Richards and Mario J McNulty

Mixed and Recorded by Mario J McNulty

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Really looking forward to the Too Dizzy picture disc. KIDDING.

Hang onto those ‘87 pressings. Yes, it’s as bright and shrill as an ABC record, but that only makes it of its time rather than ahead of its time. And it’s incrementally getting the Stalin photoshop treatment, which might drive up the value of the original regardless of its merit. Always liked it, never really understood why it was singled out.


bowie new cd box 93£ or 94€ on amazon italy


Maybe this site and the Bowie fans should come together and try to get all of these picture discs to be released on CD. After all Yazoo listened to fan feedback. This shows how powerful this website and the opinion of the fans can be. I have a lot of faith in you, Paul. I think that you can make this happen !

Elizabeth Ursula Hirst

I suppose there are plenty of people who will pay a tenner (or near as damn it) for a 7″, judging by the constant flow of them, but as most albums, even in box sets rarely exceed £20 apiece, I simply can’t justify the expense any more.

I love all things Yellow Submarine – have the Blu-ray – heck I even have the Lego, but that 7″ was just a step too far.

Paul Fraser

I wonder what Erdal Kizilcay makes of these reworkings.

Stephen BC

Hey Paul, any reason why you don’t link to the Aussie Amazon site, since we can no longer purchase these from abroad? Don’t they offer the same referral service like the overseas stores?


I knew it! :D


Regarding the download, the radio edit of Zeroes is already available as a lossless download on online music retailer like Qobuz : https://www.qobuz.com/gb-en/album/zeroes-2018-radio-edit-david-bowie/dqfdsbswie2ma


Hi Paul and all fans of Rob Zombie…..yes I know this is not related.

Major vinyl box set announced today on


Has video unboxing as well

Your all welcome


Why not a picture disc CD which would only cost about a pound.


I have a few of these and ideally I’d like there to be contain a download code just for the convenience of having a digital copy. Especially for the B sides. I’d love to hear the Harry Maslin edit of Wild is the Wind (from TVC15 pic disc) which I regret now not buying!


I would be interested in a Blu-ray with every A and B-side on it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will happen someday.

Why don’t they release these picture discs on CD singles ? Is there no demand for it ?


As Zongadude says, picture discs always sound rubbish! To compare, I’ve just been listening to a
Super Audio CD of Santana – ‘Caravanserai’, absolutely superb, leaves vinyl in the past – where it belongs!


-I’ve got almost all of those and I listen to them too ! (Of course I missed Starman, and one or two US exclusive releases).
-I agree that those PVC sleeves ruin the discs. (It happened to my Kate Bush “Runnin up….” 10” and also to all my Yoko Ono Chimera Pic discs !!!)
-As I said I listen to them, and they ALWAYS sounds bad and full of clicks and pops even straight out of the sleeve as new ! Which is a shame as a lot of them have some exlusive content, as Paul said.

martin farnworth

I can’t think why anyone is really bothered about a radio edit of a track and therefore needing a download with it. Rarely is it improved. Although if your forking out 10 quid for this then it’s surely it would be good practice to do so. Even so I can’t think such exclusive content is going to sway buyers anyway.


I don’t know why they don’t just subsitute the vinyl for cardboard. It’d be a damn sight cheaper, more environmentally friendly and 95% of purchasers would never know the difference!


The aggressive pushing of reissues by record companies is something most of us appreciate. Hell, we wouldn’t be here otherwise! Some artists have really managed to put dents in fans’ pockets ( U2, Stones Zep) but the relentless tsunami of Bowie reissues on every format is really starting to get distasteful now…I reckon €5 k wouldn’t cover the raft of Bowie reissues we’ve seen over the last five or six years.
I accept that no fans are being forced at gunpoint to buy them all,but some probably feel compelled to try!


If they came with a download code then I wouldn’t play them, but they have rare or unreleased versions of tracks, so of course I am going to play them to hear them! Music is for playing not displaying!


A collectible used to be something that became valuable due to is inherent specialness or its unintended rarity. I will not purchase this 7″, it is a useless piece of PVC, if I want to edit Zeros, I’ll do it with the stop button on my CD player. I have buyer’s remorse from purchasing the 7″ Yellow Submarine picture disk that I will never play and refuse to be suckered into buying any more music which I will never hear. I love the idea of a “rarities” box as described by Stephen King, that is something a fan can really enjoy. It is unfortunate that many of the remaining physical music buyers (including me) are baited by such inconsequential trinkets (radio edits of songs never to be played on the radio) on inferior mediums (picture discs.) Let’s hope all of us can be strong and reject the high-profit, low-value “collectibles” being offered to us and force the music conglomerates, artists, and artist’s families to give us what we desire.


I love those trinkets, pic discs look great.
I don’t care whether a “radio edit” is played or not on the radio.

And they are not “low value”, sealed copies of the 7inch pic disc of “Starman” from 2012 sell now for 300 Euros and above on Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/David-Bowie-Starman/release/3552239

Christine Klingman

I have most of the Bowie anniversary 7″ discs. I don’t play them, but I will tell you that you should not leave picture discs in those crappy vinyl sleeves. The off gassing ruins the record over time. Yes, I tear the sticker and use better quality sleeves, an acid free backing board and a then a outer mylar sleeve.


I bought all 40th anniversary pic discs twice since the beginning – one sealed to look at, one opened to listened to.

…and I did exactly the same with the set I am listening to: add an acid free inner sleeve inside the ‘nasty’ original sleeve, and store the overall set inside a (resealable) outer sleeve. Note that with a good cuter, one can cut the sealing sticker along the sleeve edge pretty neatly.

Paul Wren

Quite right too as long term storage in the PVC sleeves will (eventually) damage the surface of the disc.


Hi Paul thanks for yet another great tip. I just take the occasion of your complaint/observation on the label decision to say that even though I am aware of being pedantic it is not my habit to write to labels even though their decisions often bother me. I did so only on two occasions: DB’ s Reality Tour vinyl box (very poor) and the Lord of the Rings boxes (no picture inner sleeves for the records, no fake velvet inside the box to complete the “precious” “ancient” appearance suggested also by the red bookmark ribbon), but never received any replies.
I can imagine that you are somehow working in the sector or have deserved professional status with your passionate projects and therefore you have a preferential channel that will always guarantee an answer from the labels (see The Heroes affair), but can you maybe tell me how can an ordinary person hope to ever have feedback from these gentlemen?
I mean, for LOTR I wrote to Rhino, not to the White House or the UN… I would have thought labels of that level would offer more of a relationship with customers (Sub Pop for instance have been wonderful in restoring a defective vinyl I purchased from them many years ago). Thank you and all the best


I actually play these discs. Is that stupid?


I do too. The next one I get I’m jut going to cut the sticker as peeling it off and sticking it down again really looks awful.


You might have to wait for the 50th Anniversary Editions, released on vintage picture-disc CD-singles (packaged in tin-cans) to actually listen to these special edits.


There’s also this ridiculous habit of placing those sticky seals over the sleeve so that you can’t simply slide the disc out and play it without losing the potential value.


I’d say the problem is with you, to be honest. Potential value has no meaning in terms of being a music lover. Music not heard is pointless.


Valid point. Some of the louder tracks d of sound too bad but Eight Line Poem is one that is particularly awful on picture disc. Not holding breath for a download but a box set after the seruew us complete would be 3 years away. We Bowie fans aren’t getting any younger!!!


It really does frustrate me these picture discs (of which I now have a few) do not come with a download code. Plus if you want them to retain any value you’d have to rip the stupid sticker they place over the opening. All of this is done on purpose I’m sure, to irritate people/collectors. Someone, somewhere is probably having a pretty good laugh over all this.
I can imagine the meeting that took place. “Hey guys, I have a great idea for getting people to spend over a tenner for music they will never play… on a format renowned for its crappy sound quality. I give you the David Bowie 40th Anniversary singles campaign”. Genius.


I think that they do it so you’ll buy 2 copies. One to tear into, the other to covet


I’ll speak up as perhaps the only naysayer. I’ve actually always liked Never Let Me Down. Sure, there are a few poor songs, but there’s some good stuff too. The production has always been questionable.

That said, once the sheen of the new is worn off, this new version isn’t that great either – and the main problem is Bowie himself. Bowie’s vocal on this track just isn’t very good. What I mean is, it’s not Bowie’s natural key, and he seems to be straining. In fact, his voice on all of this album is below par. I think it was recorded after a tour, so perhaps he had not yet recuperated.

So we have this voice, singing in the wrong key, and a new backing track that in more languid that the original. it’s not a great fit once the excitement of the new settles down. Worse, I think it sounds like exactly what it is – an old vocal with a new backing track.

Still, it was worth the effort, and perhaps other tracks will not suffer from these issues. As it stands though, this is a curiosity rather than anything else.

David Pickles

Wow, ok yeah I agree that there are a couple of dodgy tunes on the Never Let Me Down album, but I never had a problem with Bowie’s vocal on this album. I always thought his singing was on top form but hey each to their own and all that


Haven’t played it in awhile, but I enjoy most of the album. I have a lot of good memories associated with it.

Rob Deighton

£10 for a 2-track single – ouch!


I believe the technical term for it is “Gouging”. I wonder if this kind of release would’ve gotten signed off if Bowie was still with us? For a tenner you’d think they coulda put another track on there and made it a 12″ so it looked a little less…..what’s the phrase? Ah, yes – Gouging.


These discs are not for playing. They’re in the “collectables” category. Others buy them as an “investment”, hoping to sell them later for big bucks. Very few people will be given these a regular spin, imo.

To me, they’re worthless – but I can see why they’re made.


According to Reeves Gabrels, db left behind lots of “plans” – and MM re-recording the whole of NLMD (he had previously re-done Time Will Crawl) was one of those plans.


and yet on the flip side – franz kafka instructed max brod: “my last wish: everything that i leave behind [is] to be burned unread.”
….food for thought


“I wonder if this kind of release would’ve gotten signed off if Bowie was still with us?”

If you mean the limited edition picture discs, then yes they would have been signed off since the series started long before Bowie’s death. If you mean the re-recording of Never Let Me Down, then yes that would have been signed off too because the same producer re-recorded Time Will Crawl from the same album at Bowie’s behest and Bowie was so thrilled with the results that he famously wrote “Oh, to re-do the whole album”.

Daniel - from Adelaide

Apparently Bowie did sign off on all of this. The Five Years Box Set came out while he was still alive, and even then it was hinted that Bowie had curated further box sets, so this would have been his idea and concept.

The re-recording of the Never Let Me Down album was a Bowie idea, which he talked about with the producer – see the above interview.

The picture discs, well that would have been signed off by him as well.

Even though he’s no long with us, I feel his hand in everything that’s being released. This was a guy who left very little to chance.

My theory? Buy it or don’t. Nobody is forcing you to buy everything that’s released, or even anything. I’ve avoided the picture discs as they just don’t appeal to me. I’d rather have the music and I love the box sets. However I have a chum who buys all the vinyl with the view of re-selling it down the track for a profit. Such is life.


I think exactly the same. Overpriced, obsolete technology


I’ve got all of the 40th anniversary picture discs (bar 1984 – my local didn’t have it on RSD and it goes for a fortune now) and I’ll buy this one. However, I never play them as you can’t get the record out of the sleeve without tearing the fold-over sticker. Am I alone in this? Don’t judge me!


Yep. I’ve got them all except “1984” and yep, never played any because of the requirement to break open the seal. Plus, because of poor handling at manufacture or transportation, some have sleeves that are split open on the sides, bottom etc and of course, you can’t then use a replacement picture disc sleeve (that can easily be purchased). I tried it with “life on Mars” and the sticker would only come off with a great deal of effort, the surface gloss wrinkled and it never re stuck down properly. It looked really obvious that it had been tampered with, so I wouldn’t recommend this activity if you’re wanting to retain the apparent inherent value of these discs. And yes, I did buy another l”ife on Mars”!

Bryan Greiner

I’m right there with you. Picture discs are for viewing, not listening. If I really want to hear the audio, I’ll get a second copy to open.


I bought all 40th anniversary pic discs twice, one opened to listen to, one sealed to look at.

…the only pic disc I have only one copy of is “Lady Stardust / Crystal Japan” 7inch from the David Bowie Is exhibit in Japan; these are so expensive on eBay…


Maybe they can put that Soft Cell instrumental b-side on it as well.


From a marketing POV of course you don’t want to release everything. You have to always have something else that is ‘previously unreleased’ just to keep the whole gravy train running.

stephen king

I am of the hope that, as the current reissue box sets don’t include things such as the 1990/1991 Ryko bonus tracks, there will be a box set of rarities once the boxes are complete. Hopefully that would be able to include all of these picture disc only tracks, including these 2, the TV versions of Starman and the Jean Genie and Heroes and so forth. A rarities set would do decent business for the label and (if handled properly, without missing things like the extra long Cat People) make the collectors happy.


That’s a Really Good Idea! (maybe someone at the record company will take note… not holding my breath tho!)