David Byrne / American Utopia

David Byrne will issue American Utopia next month, his first solo studio album since 2004’s Grown Backwards.

The record forms part of a larger multi-media project dubbed Reasons To Be Cheerfulan ongoing series curated by Byrne of ‘hopeful writings’, photos, music, and lectures – all themed around optimism

The ten track album includes the song Everybody’s Coming To My House, which was co-written with Brian Eno.

Speaking about the album, Byrne said: “These songs don’t describe an imaginary or possibly impossible place but rather attempt to depict the world we live in now. Many of us, I suspect, are not satisfied with that world – the world we have made for ourselves. We look around and we ask ourselves – well, does it have to be like this? Is there another way? These songs are about that looking and that asking.”

The cover art for American Utopia is by ‘outsider artist’ Purvis Young and the album itself will be released by Todomundo/Nonesuch Records on 9 March 2018. A world tour kicks off the same month that Byrne has called “the most ambitious show I’ve done since the shows that were filmed for Stop Making Sense.”

1. I Dance Like This
2. Gasoline And Dirty Sheets
3. Every Day Is A Miracle
4. Dog’s Mind
5. This Is That
6. It’s Not Dark Up Here
7. Bullet
8. Doing The Right Thing
9. Everybody’s Coming To My House
10. Here

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don cooper

Off to see him for umpteenth time at Brum,Symphony Hall in June.
Afficianados head to NJARTS.NET for setlist and pics from the first tour gig at Count Basie Theatre.
The album is also Byrne-Sanctioned-Previewed *in full *on US NPR radio.


Some people reading SDE might be interested : David Byrne added a date in Paris for the Days Off festival in july. Prices are affordable (just bought a front row seat for €57). It’s at the Philarmonie (equivalent to Barbican Hall if you’re not familiar with Paris concert venues). Tickets sales started today at 11am.

The festival line’s up also includes Nils Frahm, MGMT, Étienne Daho, Seu Jorge, Flavien Berger, Moses Sumney, Keren Ann & Quatuor Debussy, Vanessa Wagner & Murcof, Bruce Brubaker, LAAKE, Fabrizio Rat, Tom Rogerson, and more artists will be added in future days/weeks.

DJ Salinger

‘Grown Backwards’ was a long time ago, but he’s not exactly been idle since, has he? I recommend his book ‘How Music Works’, too – globe-trotting, thought-provoking and eclectic. Exactly what you’d expect from Mr Byrne, in fact.


Thanks for the info, I didn’t know David Byrne was about to release a new LP.

I just checked the tour dates and it seems Hammersmith is sold out. I hope he will add new dates. I’d like to see him in London or/and Paris. The last time I saw him live was a long time ago, in 2001 at the Olympia in Paris and it was a fantastic show.

Charlie Waffles

Attention record company executives: I need some remastered Talking Heads albums! I have the Brick box set but the DualDisc of the last decade were silly. The three cd/1 dvd box set is out of print. All I see for sale on web sites are the original cd releases. They were horrid. Their albums need to be updated with love and care. I also want the original nine track version of Stop Making Sense! The 1999 release sounds different than the original release. It is one of the best live albums ever.

Staale Venstad

Everybodys coming to my House must be the best David Byrne-song, post Talking Heads. Hopefully the album will be good to, but I think the cover looks rather hopeless. I understand Its hard to make great albums these days, but making a decent cover cant be that hard!

Larry Davis

That cover looks like a ripoff of a Todd Rundgren album cover from the 80s/90s…as for remasters/reissues, weren’t the TH albums reissued/remastered as CD/DVDs in the UK on EMI in the 90s?? I’ve had some DualDiscs when they were out…never had the Brick…I did have the Bjork DualDisc box tho…but my problem with them is that they were thicker and got scratched & damaged way too easily…a new Rhino CD/DVD or BluRay reissue program would be most welcome now…a good friend of mine tipped me off on the new David Byrne stuff…I really enjoyed his solo stuff all along, besides TH…”Uh Oh” was brilliant, the self-titled one was cool, his collabs with Eno were always great, and I really enjoyed his collabs with St Vincent and Fatboy Slim with that project on the Marcos family with all those guests…he is a brilliant artist and I agree with him regarding a TH reunion, it’s like going backwards and pointless nostalgia…people’s memories are not as important as continuing his upward artful trajectory…


As part of the ticketmaster promotion in the US, each concert ticket bought online came with a physical copy of American Utopia.

We will be seeing the show at the Fox Theater in Detroit on August 10th. The Detroit Tigers will be playing across the street at the same time, so parking will be a blast.


Some of the ideas for the tour look amazing – check out his website for more details.

Looking forward to seeing him at Hammersmith.

Man is a genius.