David Gray / White Ladder 20th anniversary edition

Remastered audio • 4LP coloured vinyl box • 2CD deluxe 

David Gray‘s best selling album White Ladder will be reissued for its 20th anniversary in February next year

His fourth studio album failed to chart when first released in 1998, but became an enormous success when re-released on ATO Records in 2000. The album spawned five singles including ‘Babylon’, ‘Please Forgive Me’ and ‘Sail away’ and has now sold over three million copies in the UK alone.

The anniversary reissue offers the album remastered, alongside a series of previously unreleased and rare White Ladder-era B-sides and demos (including ‘Over My Head’ which you can preview, above). These tracks are offered as a 4LP set, which the album on two white vinyl records and the associated tracks on two black vinyl LPs. It comes with a 40-page booklet, which includes lyrics, photos and David Gray’s personal notes on the people involved and the stories behind some of the songs and most memorable shows.

A 2CD deluxe edition echoes this content, with all the bonus material on the extra disc. In the unlikely event you just want a single remastered CD, then that is available, as is an album-only 2LP white vinyl set.

“What happened with White Ladder involved more than music. It was a sort of heart and soul moment of total surrender for everybody involved, for me and the audience. That was it. It doesn’t get any better than that.” – David Gray

The White Ladder 20th anniversary editions will be released on 14 February 2020, via Gray’s own IHT Records.

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White Ladder - 4LP vinyl box


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White Ladder - 2CD deluxe edition


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White Ladder - 2LP white vinyl


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White Ladder - single CD remaster


White Ladder
2CD 20th anniversary edition

Disc: 1
1. Please Forgive Me (2020 Remaster)
2. Babylon (2020 Remaster)
3. My Oh My (2020 Remaster)
4. We’re Not Right (2020 Remaster)
5. Nightblindness (2020 Remaster)
6. Silver Lining (2020 Remaster)
7. White Ladder (2020 Remaster)
8. This Year’s Love (2020 Remaster)
9. Sail Away (2020 Remaster)
10. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (2020 Remaster)

Disc: 2
1. Lights Of London
2. Over My Head
3. Monday Morning
4. Tired Of Me
5. Roots Of Love
6. Walking In Circles
7. Through To Myself
8. Over My Head (Demo)
9. What On Earth (Demo)
10. Silver Lining (Demo)
11. This Year’s Love (Demo)
12. Please Forgive Me (Demo)

White Ladder 4LP vinyl 20th anniversary edition

LP 1 (white vinyl)
1. Please Forgive Me – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
2. Babylon – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
3. My Oh My – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
4. We’re Not Right – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
5. Nightblindness – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray

LP 2 (white vinyl)
1. Silver Lining – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
2. White Ladder – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
3. This Year’s Love – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
4. Sail Away – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
5. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray

LP 3 (black vinyl)
1. Lights Of London
2. Over My Head
3. Monday Morning
4. Tired Of Me
5. Roots Of Love
6. Walking In Circles

LP 4 (black vinyl)
1. Through To Myself
2. Over My Head – Demo
3. What On Earth – Demo
4. Silver Lining – Demo
5. This Year’s Love – Demo
6. Please Forgive Me – Demo

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Dave H

Managed to purchase a copy while Amazon lowered its price.

I have to say the reason why it looks so expensive for a 2CD set reissue is that there is a very thick and detailed booklet which has pushed the price up. If there wasn’t a booklet, the reissue could have been at a more reasonable price.


This is a great album but why on earth would anyone go to such lengths on remastering and not issue a high-res 192/24 audio file for download? I am disappointed to say the least. This was a missed opportunity. Gutted.


I’m guessing it’s probably because the album was likely originally recorded and mixed digitally at either 48/24 or 44.1/16.

Darren Linklater

Love this album and would like the 4 LP version. Will sit this out for now as I think this will be one for the SDE low price deals in the summer.
Must agree I don’t like the thought of three tracks per side though.

mark browne

a couple of sides only have 2 tracks per side!


It has been fun revisiting this post and reading the moans about the 2 CD price as it’s now even higher than it was back then at 28 quid!


eastwest deserve the credit for the successful rerelease; ATO only handled him in America.


What’s successful about this reissue that hasn’t even been released yet ? I can tell you one thing it’s not the price that’s for sure.

David's Grey

Interesting to see the what the selling price is for this CD. I always think that a reissue shouldn’t be sold at the full price of the current market since most buyers already own a copy of the CD.

With that in mind, with most new CD’s selling anything between £10-£12 for a single CD. A reissue for me should sell for £8 per CD. I would happily pay £16 for the two CD set but at £25 for disc 2 is a bit much.

I know the album has been remastered but I can’t see there being much difference to an album that was only released 20 years ago. If there was a bonus disc with a hi-res version of the album, the price wouldn’t be so bad.


The most depressing album ever. My uncle loved this album and tragically he died very young in 2002 at 44. My family decided to play 4 songs off this at his funeral so if I never heard this again it would be too soon.


Not depressing to your Uncle however. He clearly loved it. Embrace that thought. I respect your loss. x


Love the album, hate the (CD) price! Pass….


The biggest selling album ever in Ireland. Fun fact

Steve F

Echoing others on here dissapointment-wise as again, an enormous amount of material that could have been included on both the first and second CD has been ommitted (presumably, the 2 CD set once again echoes the limitation of the Vinyl in terms of running time). A great shame as it’s a wonderful album.

I’ll keep my original CD version + the CD Singles and the “Live At Brixton Academy” CD.

Steve F

You could have taken the words out of my mouth.

(The other) Steve F.


Random recollection but I still remember reading an early pre-Pablo Honey Radiohead interview (reprinted in an Uncut archive magazine) in which the whole band (maybe minus Thom) said how much they love David Gray. Was somewhat surprised so made a mental note at the time to give him a proper listen. Never bothered though. Maybe I will now it provides an excuse to buy some nice looking vinyl.


Jesus, just when you thought it was safe to avoid this album


Always loved this album and been hoping and waiting for years for vinyl but realism of 3 songs per side burst my bubble.

Mike the Fish

It’s too long for two sides, maybe three and some bonuses on side four would have been better?


Cracking album but £24 for a double CD is taking piss. There is far too much missing that could have been on this as well and apart from the demos on this it seems there is only one new track on this Walking In Circles which i have never heard of.

Chris Brown

Surprisingly, this seems to be the first ever vinyl pressing of the album anywhere in the world!

george glazener

Well, this CD was pretty good, but it’s not exactly Back to the Egg or London Town, which is what we’re all waiting for……tap, tap, tap……!!!!

Yes, we’re talking about you Macca..!!


No alternative mixes? Missing period b-sides. Again, a missed opportunity. When will these artists learn? It’s not comprehensive. It’s a cash grab. Love the album, hate the logic behind this release.


I’ve recently gotten back into Mr Gray after listening to his last album on Spotify and thinking what a great return to form it was. His voice is maturing nicely and I’ve been checking out several live videos. This one (if the link is OK with you, Paul?) is A-mazing.


Mike the Fish

Frustratingly, Through To Myself which was indexed in the countdown to track 1 of the CD isn’t on the 2LP, so arguably that version is incomplete.

Murray P Robbins

I like this recording but I can’t help making the observation that the Charity Shops of the U.K., will need to order some more substantial shelving!

Darren English

That’s where I got all my David Gray cds….. and live DVD. A shame as White Ladder is a cut above most albums of the era (excluding Manics). Fact is though we are all awaiting London Town and Back To The Egg from Macca. Until then, all else….


I thought it’s going to be ‘Flaming Pie’?


A real tragedy they’ve not put the UK Radio Edit of Babylon on this – the arrangement is so much better than the album version, it was a massive hit, and yet it’s not featured here or on streaming services.

Guess I’ll hang onto Now 47 a while longer!


They’re holding some back for the 25th/30th anniversary editions innit!

Gary Haste

I totally agree, the album version is so dull compared to the single edit.

Mike the Fish

That was a surprise for me too. I’d heard the single version first.

Paul English

@ Rob

Rock / indie artists frequently don’t include radio edits / single versions on their reissues. They seem to have a blind spot (see them as inferior) – as do some of their fans. Pop and soul reissues usually get it right.


Would love to have seen a disc of the various remixes by members of Orbital and Prodigy, plus others

Andrew Greenwood

Considering what has come out recently, £20 seems a bit steep for a 2CD set