Davy Jones / Rainbows

500-only limited edition • Red vinyl single

UK-based label 7A Records, who specialise in Monkees-releated releases, will next month issue Rainbows, a new Davy Jones seven-inch single.

The 45 features two country-flavoured tracks (Rainbows and You Don’t Have To Be A Country Boy To Sing A Country Song) and will be pressed on red vinyl.

The label have been working with the Estate of Davy Jones and this will be their second single release, after a rare performance of Daydream Believer (from his 1981 tour of Japan) was issued on yellow vinyl in February.

Rainbows will be released on 8 June 2018.

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Davy Jones

Rainbows - red seven-inch single

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Davy Jones

Daydream Believer - yellow vinyl seven-inch single

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1. Rainbows
2. You Don’t Have To Be A Country Boy To Sing A Country Song

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I think 7a records is run by broadcaster/DJ Iain Lee

Paul Taylor

Daydream Believer up to £18.50 on Amazon UK A bit much

Colin Harper

Surely the only thing super deluxe about this item is the price?

Kevin M

To be fair it’s ressonably pricey to have vinyl pressed, even a 7”. Much more than CDs. Which cost around £1 each to have manufactured by a reputable company, INCLUDING standard booklet / artwork…

David M

Exactly, I think they may have trouble selling as many as 500 of these.

Neil Parnell

label is run by monkees superfan tv’s Ian Lee


Jesu,s I fall for all sorts of sh-it these days and it makes me happy but between spending twenty to thirty U.S. dollars for this or Zeppelin’s RSD pretty little yellow vinyl single…I think not. I mean there have been box sets and or quite expansive compilations for that much money. I guess it’s all part of the CIA’s experimental project to see how far they can and we will go, huh? :) Next.

Ken Murphy

He looks like a younger Alan Partridge on that single cover.
“The Monkees? They’re only the band The Beatles could have been.”



Dr Michael Leek

How is it possible that Amazon DE can sell something at just over £4, yet it costs over £10 here from the same retailer?


Yes, you need to pay particular attention to Amazon Marketplace seller postal charges nowadays. They’re not standardised anymore.

Steven Robertson

Just under £10 for Daydream Believer from the US seller via Amazon Germany. I think thats OK.