Dawn of the Dead soundtrack / 40th anniversary deluxe bundle re-edition

A reinterpretation of Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin‘s score for George Romero’s 1978 cult horror zombie flick Dawn Of The Dead is being issued as a highly limited fan bundle which includes all sorts of goodies.

The deluxe bundle comes in a green bag and is limited to just 199 copies. In it you get a limited green vinyl pressing, a double CD, the original comic book Hotel La Muerte, a T-shirt, postcard, posters and one of those things you hang on the back of your door in hotels (except this one reads “Zombie Zone – Do Not Enter”!).

The video above will give you a feel for it, but the music is described by the label as “Claudio Simonetti and his Goblin playing and reinterpreting the score of one of the most famous horror movies of all time”. Check out the track listing, below.

This 40th anniversary deluxe bundle is released on 1 June 2018. A limited edition grey vinyl version is also available, as is a standalone two-CD.

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Claudio Simonetti's Goblin

Dawn Of The Dead Ost [VINYL]


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Claudio Goblin Simonetti

Dawn Of The Dead (Limited Grey [VINYL]


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Claudio Simonetti's Goblin

Dawn Of The Dead Ost


CD 1
01- L’alba Dei Morti Viventi
02- Zombi
03- At The Safari
04- Torte In Faccia
05- Zaratozom
06- La Caccia
07- Tirassegno
08- Oblio
09- Risveglio
10- Zombi Sexy
11- L’Alba Dei Morti Viventi (Live in Tokyo)
12- Zombi (Live in Tokyo)
13- Zaratozom (Live in Helsinki)

CD 2
01- Dawn of The Dead / Zombi By Arcana 13
02- At The Safari Remixed By Ketvector
03- La Caccia / Zombi By Stemage
04- L’alba dei Morti Viventi (Live) By Daemonia
05- Zombie Zone By Simonetti Horror Project
06- Zombi Remixed By Autogeddon


L’Alba Dei Morti Viventi
At The Safari
Torte In Faccia
La Caccia

Zombi Sexy
L’Alba Dei Morti Viventi (Live in Tokyo)
Zaratozom (Live in Helsinki)

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Richard Cosgrove

Love this, but not at that price. I’d go to maybe £75 at a push but £200? Shoot it in the head….


The fact that this is still available means that there are more than just 199 copies, or hardly anyone wants it. You’d have thought the flippers would have been all over it.


Can anyone explain to me why we are offered a “reinterpretation” of the Soundtrack? Why not the original Soundtrack? I want to listen to the Music that can be heard in the movie, not some other stuff, especially not in this Price range. Is this a new trend? After rebooting movies and tv Shows will we now see the Age of rebooted Music? Other People delivering reinterpretations of Queen A Night at the Opera?


Am I reading that correctly, limited to 199 copies. I have pre-ordered a copy, the joy of Amazon, not having to pay until its posted out.

Auntie Sabtina

I hope for a vinyl reissue of the Dawn Of The Mummy ( What a Great Soundtrack) by Shuki Levy. Impossible find a original copy


Does anyone recall a similarly extravagant super deluxe version of Family’s Music In A Doll’s House, from maybe 10 years back?
I had all the images from it saved on a computer that “went to god”, but there were scads of facsimile bits and pieces, at least two CDs, etc. Pretty sure the label in the pics was Warner, but if it was a “third party” release, that might not mean anything.
Been chasing it ever since the one I saw on eBay sold while I was still reading the listing.

Paul Mac

Since I missed the Waxwork re-issue of the soundtrack recently, and I have a voucher sitting in my amazon.com account for about six months, I think I’ll go for this, thanks Paul…

Simonetti's Goblin

What Dean said.

Le Samouraï

Awesome set – looks great – preordered! Thanks Paul!!


Can’t resist anything Zombie related just ordered from states $110 all in with shipping and vat

Paul Waddington

I’m another Dawn of the Dead fan, having bought the film 5 times at the last count. I have other DOTD related stuff knocking about the house and adorning the walls, but I think my wife would turn me into a zombie if I bought this. I can’t imagine I’d listen to the music very often, so I’d only be getting it cos I love the film and it looks nice. I’d rather not have known about it though, as there’ll always be a part of me saying “buy it!”, but I guess that’s what Romero was getting at in the film.

Douglas Deacy

If you pre order does Amazon take the money from account immediately?

Gis Bun

Amazon will bill only when shipped.


Yeah. Needlessly extremely limited, and therefore priced too high.

Gis Bun

Considering the very limited quantity, I was expecting something way higher. Expect a few on eBay for ridiculous amounts.
You buy one and then you give it to someone in your will. :-)


With respect – if you can’t take Day of the Dead with you to the grave, what can you take? LOL

Peter Muscutt

Oooh, I’m a sucker for anything Dawn of the Dead related…mind you, having examined this a bit closer I was disappointed it wasn’t a combined Bluray/CD/LP bundle – similar to the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ set that came out a while back. Only went for the grey LP version, and was a shame there wasn’t an option for CD/LP bundle. The all-singing version worked out over £100 when shipping to my neck of the woods in UK, and can’t justify that with my first child arriving next week! I do wish there was a complete soundtrack set with the original Goblin score and ALL of the incidental/background library music cues. If that came out as a coloured vinyl set (perhaps some nice ‘blood spatter’ vinyls…) I’d be in!!!