Deacon Blue to release Live at the Glasgow Barrowlands


Deacon Blue are to release a Live At The Glasgow Barrowlands next month, a new live album recorded on the last night of last year’s Believers tour.

The album will be available as a ‘limited edition’ two-CD+DVD combo, on blu-ray and as a 2LP vinyl set. It showcases 27 tracks from the familiar hits to more recent output, including seven tracks from the last year’s Believers.

Talking of which, the box set version Believers album is very cheap right now –  it’s just £21 which is the lowest it has been.

Deacon Blue / Believers deluxe box set

Live At The Glasgow Barrowlands will be issued on 31 March 2017.


1. Come Awake
2 Gone
3 Your Town
4 Bethlehem Begins
5 Raintown
6 Chocolate Girl
7 The Outsiders
8 Your Swaying Arms
9 This Is a Love Song
10 Real Gone Kid
11 The Believers
12 Cover From the Sky
13 Birds
14 Town to Be Blamed
15 Delivery Man
16 The Hipsters
17 Loaded
18 Wages Day
19 Fergus Sings the Blues
20 That’s What We Can Do
21 I Will and I Won’t
22 When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)?
23 I’ll Never Fall in Love Again
24 Dignity
25 Twist and Shout
26 Queen of the New Year
27 Forever Young

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Simon H

Just received my copy of The Believers box set. Disappointed to find that download code for the 1988 London show doesn’t work. Anyone else experienced this problem?

The Ragman

Delighted that the full 27 concert is being released rather than greatest hits highlights.

14 of the 27 tracks have not featured on the Big Picture VHS/DVD recorded in 1989 or the DVD recorded in Edinburgh in 2007. It’s very welcome to have an outstanding old album track like “Town To Be Blamed” make its DVD debut and have a good selection of the excellent new material from 2012-6 as well and an official release of the popular cover of Dylan’s “Forever Young” as well.

With so many great album tracks and some select B-sides as well as a smattering of hit singles and Radio 2 playlist favourites fans can argue long and hard about the perfect Deacon Blue setlist but “Live at the Barrowlands” does give a very good overview of the first 30 years of the band’s material and showcases the band in their element, live in front of a hometown crowd who were good listeners during the new songs and quiter selections and as raucous as you would hope for during the anthems.

Maybe next DVD they’ll do Ragman and Peace & Jobs & Freedom… prices very reasonable again.


Neil … I was thinking just the same about the 2CD+BlueRay. Is it any easy way to pass the audio from the Blueray disc into two CDs?

Even in the official page there is no bundle formed by DVD and BlueRay only.

Anyway, I will buy both Blueray and 2CD+DVD, for the quality and the bonus in the BR.


DVD’s are easy to rip with the likes of DVD Audio Extractor but then if you bought the bundle with the 2CD then there is no need to do this unless there was extra on the DVD which there isn’t. I bought an external BD-ROM drive to rip Blu-rays which can be done in DVD Audio Extractor as well but the big problem with that is that is trying to find a program which will take off BD+ copy protection as any i have tried keep crashing my computer.


Thanks Neil!!

Both DVD and Blue-Ray will be ordered from the official shop. :-)


Here is some info about the DVD and Blu-ray
DVD specs:
Concert: approx. 135 min. / Screen Format: NTSC 16:9 / Audio: PCM Stereo, DTS 5.1 / Region Code: Free / Disc Format: DVD-9

Blu-ray specs:
Concert: approx. 135 min. / Bonus: approx. 50 min. / Screen Format: 1080i/30, 16:9 / Audio: PCM Stereo (96 KHz/24 Bit), DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (96 KHz/24 Bit) / Region Code: A, B, C / Disc Format: BD-50


Thanks for the heads up on The Believers box set Paul. That’s mine ordered!

Paul E.

Awaiting “The Ragman” comments in earnest.


Believers is a cracking album and well worth picking up and i got it for £2.99 in HMV recently which was a bargain. Just a word of warning to anybody going to buy the box set to get the download of the concert from the cassette you will get 192 Kbits MP3s which is shocking to say the least. I will be buying just the Blu-ray of Live At The Glasgow Barrowlands and it’s just a pity they never had a 2 CD + Blu-ray option instead of the DVD. Just to say as well you can get a signed version of the 2xCD&DVD for £15 from their official store compared to the £22.45 Amazon are asking for an unsigned version.


Really glad I never went for the Believers boxset now.
I only wanted the gig and I’m amazed they’ve only made it available in mp3.

The Ragman

The 1988 soundboard was also available on cassette at full resolution from the original digital transfer.


Amazing cover photo!


Would prefer releases of their BBC concerts from the late 80s. I used to have them on cassette, even transferred them to digital but think I lost them somewhere along the way.

The Ragman

The band had a lot of live in concert broadcasts for BBC and Radio Clyde and TV appearances where they played live (eg almost an hour for STV in 2001 on the Boxed Set series of programmes) and many of those radio and TV programmes would make nice official releases. My understanding is that the cost of licencing material from broadcasters in prohibitive for most bands. For example a few years ago I contacted the BBC about a different artist to enquire if they still had footage and find out how much it would be to buy / licence the material. The figures I was quoted were, for use in a film shown at a film festival £250 per minute, for a film shown in different countries around the world £7k per minute, and for a worldwide DVD release £1800 per minute. I’m not sure what the Beeb’s going rate is for radio sessions and live in concert radio broadcasts being released on CD but I am sure that with falling sales of CDs and DVDs the licensing fees mean the band might lose money or have to sell tonnes of DVDs just to break even to put out the Boxed Set gig on DVD (Licencing fees in the region of £100k+ would mean that the first 5k DVD sold would pay the broadcasters fee, and then you have the manufacturing costs, advertising, royalties to pay as well before the band make any money). Deacon Blue playing to a crowd of 250k on Glasgow Green for 30 minutes in 1990 and broadcast live on Channel 4 would likely cost the band £50k for the rights to sell this on DVD. Would many Deacon Blue fans want a 30 minute set on a DVD where all the songs are available on other live DVDs?

I would also argue that the current line up of Deacon Blue are doing concerts which are the equal or better than many of the gigs they did in the 80’s or 90’s. (I saw the band several times at the SECC, Barrowlands, Concert Hall, Glasgow Green from 1989-94). With 8 proper studio albums and lots of extra material to choose from I think it has got harder with each new album to find regular spots for great album tracks like Ragman, He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now, The Very Thing, Love’s Great Fears, Town To Be Blamed, Circus Lights, Orphans, James Joyce Soles, A Brighter Star Than You Will Shine, The Wildness, I Will See You Tomorrow, Bethlehem’s Gate, Peace & Jobs & Freedom, Bound To Love etc in the setlist nevermind throwing in B-sides like Riches, Just Like Boys or Kings of the Western World compaed with when the band had 2 or 3 albums in their discography. For some of those attending gigs, Deacon Blue are a nostalgia act and there is a big demand to do Chocolate Girl, Loaded, Dignity, Real Gone Kid, Wages Day, Queen of the New Year, Your Swaying Arms, Twist & Shout and, not so much, Your Town. Overall the band do a decent job of balancing hits with deeper cuts from the back catalogue and blending old favourites with new songs.

I think when fans get hold of “Live at the Barrowlands” and have the opportunity to compare it with “The Big Picture” recorded over 2 sold out nights at the SECC (December 1989) or the BBC “Sounds of Eden” 40 minutes highlights broadcast from Inverness in April 1989 that the 2016 setlist and band performances will hold up very well against their 1989 counterparts.

The Ragman

And I think as well as the licencing fees BBC have to agree as do the band and also the record company the band were signed to at the time of the recordings, and with the band now changing labels with nearly every album releasing old archive projects might also mean trying to thrash out agreements with CBS / Sony, Papilion, P3 Music. Demon, Warners and Ear Music, and ex-band members from the different line ups.


This is fabulous! They are easily the finest Steely Dan tribute band in the entire world.