Dead Or Alive / Fan the Flame (Part 1) 30th anniversary white vinyl LP

30th anniversary • White vinyl • Original configuration

Dead Or Alive‘s 1990 album Fan The Flame (Part 1) is issued as a standalone vinyl record for the first time in May.

The album was only ever issued in Japan originally, but formed part of the content of Demon Music’s Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI box set in 2016.

This followed 1988’s Nude and was the band’s fifth studio album. It was only ever released on CD (in Japan) where it reached #27. The singles were ‘Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness)’, ‘Unhappy Birthday’ and ‘Gone 2 Long’, all of which reached the top 20 in Japan.

The record features contributions from UK pop band Londonbeat, the London Community Gospel Choir and Billy Currie.

This new white vinyl pressing includes printed inner sleeve and will be released on 29 May 2020 (was 22 May). Like previous DOA coloured vinyl, this is available via the SDE shop using this link or the button(s) below.

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Dead Or Alive

Fan The Flame part 1 - white vinyl LP

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1. Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness)
2. Unhappy Birthday
3. Gone 2 Long
4. Total Stranger
5. Lucky Day
6. What Have U Done (2 Make Me Change)
7. And Then I Met U
8. Blue Christmas

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Harrison Moccio

I received mine a few days ago and it’s beautiful! The original and restored album artwork looks great as does the physical record itself. Fan The Flame is probably my second favorite DOA album after Nude, so it’s awesome to have it in a format other than a Japanese only import CD from 1990.

If Demon Music Group is out there listening, I really hope that they can get in contact with Marina Zacco Coy and release Part 2 of Fan The Flame one day. It was recorded but never released, and Steve Coy showed some interest up until he passed away a couple years ago (of course I’m talking about the actual Part 2 and not the acoustic bootleg cassette that’s been floating around forever).


Mine arrived today. Pure white vinyl without any dark splodges, so looks great and pressing sounds really good too. However it is slightly warped, which their box set vinyl discs often were too. Shame as the Music On Vinyl reissues were all flat. Not sufficient to send back to supplier as plays fine, but it will make me think carefully before buying Nukleopatra or Fragile.


See Demon have put back the release date to 29th May now (and Amazon are currently not committing to an estimated delivery date, based on the email they sent me!). Looking forward to getting this as the original artwork and coloured vinyl match will look very nice. Just hope its sounds as good as the MOV DOA coloured reissues.


Please, there’s a VERY important audio issue to talk about here.
The 2016 CD versions of “Fan the Flame (Part 1)”, “Nukleopatra”, “Fragile” and even “Youthquake Live” – contained on the “Sophisticated Boom Box” set – are plagued with “click noises” popping here and there on most of the tracks… they are not 100% evident, but I can hear them, and I’m not the only one. I’m afraid that the issue is inherent to the DAT masters that Steve Coy provided the label with, because the original CDs are uncontaminated.
Have you fixed this issue for the vinyls? Hopefully yes.

Julian De Backer

‘Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness)’, eh? Title resembles the MC Hammer song :)

Adam Smith

Never knew Billy Currie played on this.I wonder how that happened?
I am guessing the solo on Unhappy Birthday is his electric viola..?


It would be great if conditions allowed for a new online retailer to swoop in and steal amazon’s music customers while they are busy refocussing their priorities over the virus.
I mean, I see no reason why these releases should not come out.
I see no reason why the music industry should use this as a reason to move completely to streaming. Amazon is not the world.


Yeah ! Remember Londonbeat s 9am what a tune !!

Joshua P. Durr

I was living in Sydney in 1990. A few months before Fan The Flame (Part 1) was released in Japan I went to the Sony Music offices in Sydney to pick up some Cyndi Lauper promo photos I had requested and whilst I was there I asked if there were any updates/news on Dead or Alive (who have been one of my favourites ever since I heard That’s The Way (I Like it). The A&R manager had been sent a copy of the album from Sony Japan and sadly, he told me that the label were not going to release the album in Australia. He excused himself and came back with the CD and gave it to me. I remember rushing home to play the CD and was totally blown away by the album from start to finish. Pete’s vocals are absolutely stunning. It was on heavy rotation at home and on the walkman over the next few months

It was fantastic to see Fan The Flames (Part 1) with new artwork included in the vinyl boxset. After the release of DOA’s first 4 albums on coloured vinyl I am thrilled that Flame The Flame (Part 1) is being issued on coloured vinyl to celebrate its 30th anniversary

As Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know was re-issued on white vinyl my only grip is Fan The Flame (Part 1) also being issued on white vinyl. Either a clear vinyl with the rose & flames on the back cover for the labels or a mottled splattered colour looking like flames would have been magnificent

My next wish is for picture disc LP’s all the albums including Rip It Up


Very good album, inexplicably only released in Japan at the time… I have the original JP CD (with its obi strip in perfect condition!), and still enjoy it to this day.

It has apparently been a smart move from Demon Records to release this album back in 2016 with a new artwork, as part of “Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI (The Vinyl LP Collection)”. This gave them the potential to re-release it on vinyl with the original artwork for the first time. Which they just did. One can now foresee what may come next from the label: the albums “Nukleopatra” and “Fragile” on vinyl with original artwork for the very first time…

I own the SBB vinyl set, and purchasing this LP again only for getting the original artwork I already have on CD isn’t enough of an incentive. If this new release would have been a 2-disc LP+12inch set, expanded with the bonus period tracks featured on the CD version found in the SBB 17CD+2DVD box set, then I would have been tempted: “Fan The Flame (feat Gina X)”, “Total Stranger (Remix)”, “Unhappy Birthday (Heavy Metal Version)”, and “Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) (Instrumental)”.


It says currently unavailable but is a best seller :(

Michel Banen

I guess it will be back for pre-order soon. No mention of it being a limited edition so there’s hope it will be back up soon. Maybe they made a number of copies available for Amazon to check if demand is good and now that it was quickly a best seller Demon might increase the planned number of copies to be pressed ? Just my sugestion and pure speculation.


Great stuff, I love Fan The Flame still have my import JP copy. I think Nude is their best album, but FTF really has a great bunch of songs that are up there as some of my most favourite of their whole catalogue – Your Sweet, Unhappy Birthday, Total Stranger, Blue Christmas.
The production is less Hi-NRG and more House influenced than their earlier albums, but it’s very melodic with great song writing and Pete’s usual themes of lust and heartbreak. We really missed out here in the UK by not getting FTF or even by not have the earlier Nude singles perform better, this was artistically their best period imo and it completely passed us by.


I have the Boombox vinyl set but I’m a sucker for shiny new things…so hello!..and welcome to my collection.
I really want the CDs to be released as individual deluxe sets. I never bought the CD Boombox set (colour me with regret) in the hope of Demon’s book bound deluxe reissues. With that set selling out…why are they not milking Dead or Alive & doing so?! Hopefully this LP will be the first of many.
Really wish MOV had continued their reissue campaign as well but they may not of been able to. Their Youthquake is fantastic. Always on my turntable…sounds so good.

Gary Clutterbuck

I wish the Sophisticated Boom Box collection could be made available again. I couldn’t afford it at the time of release.


Is this a Music on Vinyl release the previous four?

Michel Banen

Good to know ! The Music on vinyl releases are always available from a few local outlets but then this one won’t be. Thanks for the info !!!


Hope Demon will reissue all the albums on CD too, eventually.


Great to see this coming out Paul, just ordered.
Was wondering if they would continue with the series. Have the Boombox, but the completest in me, needs these too!
Thanks again.


Awesome! Thank you for this!

george glazener

“Dead or Alive”….REALLY????

I think I’ll avoid this one for a few months until I actually become one or the other….


London Beat are not unknown. They were at the time of Fan The Flame but they shortly after had a number one with I’ve Been Thinking About You.

Glad to see this album is being released in it’s original cover. Dead Or Alive always had such great record sleeves done by Andie Airfix who also did Thompson Twins amongst many others. Pete Burns was his favourite client. He would tell record company people off when they tried to interfere with his decisions ‘THIS is a record sleeve not a cure for fucking cancer’

Pete was also responsible for artists on cbs to get paid for sales of 12″ records. The record company tried to say they were for promotional purposes. He challenged them & won. He is missed.

Massimiliano, Italy

I’m so glad that these luxury reissues are continuing…. just ordered. Thank you Paul for your site… impossible not to check it out at least 2 – 3 times a day.

Michel Banen

Yes, many of my purchases and excellent deals the past few years were found due to this site. I check it daily as well !


This only available in japan only very rare vinyl promo stickered gold sleeve.
Is a beautiful reléase with original artwork , and not the boombox different sleeve
Love it
pete and Steve forever

Chris Squires

Londonbeat – little known UK / American pop soul band….. BUT… two of the three original members of Londonbeat were Jimmy Chambers and George Chandler who became Paul Young’s backing singers for the latter half of his Golden era taking over from the fabulous Fabulous Wealthy Tarts halfway through the recording of The Secret of Association. So you will have heard their sound on the brilliant self penned Everything Must Change and the Hall and Oates cover Every Time You Go Away (and can be seen all over the video on YouTube). Plus if you don’t like Paul Young (Shame on you) you might have heard their work with Deacon Blue, particularly on When Will You (Make My Telephone ring).

Nik Yeomans

Not forgetting The Stranglers Aural Sculpture of course… for which the also supplied their backing vocals (including the singles No Mercy and Let Me Down Easy).


I don’t think Londonbeat are that unknown, I think their four albums did ok and they had quite a few big hits, 9AM, I’ve Been Thinking About You, A Better Love spring to mind?


I remember IBTAY being massive, well, in Canada.
Still on my phone and play it often.

Rod Masf

The new acoustic version is amazing!

Chris Squires

Blimey (Michael / Mike) – I said “little known” not “unknown”. There is a difference.
Compared to the better known Dead or Alive or Paul Young. I am a fan, not trying to put them down as you would have got from the rest of my post.