Dead Or Alive / Fragile coloured vinyl

20th anniversary • 2LP 180g red vinyl • Original configuration

Dead Or Alive‘s final studio album Fragile is reissued as a 20th anniversary 2LP edition pressed on red vinyl.

The album was originally issued in Japan-only, in 2000, and this is the first time that the it has been commercially released on vinyl in its original configuration, with original playing durations (a re-worked version was included within the Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI box set in 2016).

Fragile features the single ‘Hit and Run Lover’ (this 2LP set features the remixed single version) as well as s well as re-recordings and remixes of past hits.

This new 2LP red vinyl pressing of Fragile includes printed inner sleeves and will be released on 31 July 2020, via Demon Records. Like previous DOA coloured vinyl, this is available via the SDE shop using this link or the button below.


Side 1
1. Hit And Run Lover
2. Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [2000]
3. Something In My House [2000]

Side 2
4. Even Better Than The Real Thing 2000
5. I Paralyze
6. Isn’t It A Pity?

Side 3
1. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [2000]
2. Just What I Always Wanted
3. My Heart Goes Bang [2000]

Side 4
4. Lover Come Back To Me [2000]
5. I Promised Myself
6. Blue Christmas 2000
7. Hit And Run Lover [Hit Remix]

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Michel Banen

I love that the whole vinyl box was clear vinyl and differnt (flimsy) covers. These re-issues form “the vinyl box that never was”. I have the CD box as wel as the original Japanese CD’s so I’m VERY complete :-)


I too would love to see these on CD. I have the ‘Boom Box’ set, but – as Paul mentioned – some of the ‘Boom Box’ CD configurations of the later/rarer albums are different to the original CD configurations.


Cool that it has a bonus track to the LP in the Box Set. And I too am hoping they re-issue all the albums on CD – in the hard book cases with all the bonus tracks. Yes please.


I am sure that the reissue of DOA albums has a good reason for being vinyl-only and it’s not just some gimmicky reason. There are a couple of very obvious potential ones.


No, this was where they started scraping the barrel. Dreadful album, and it only got worse after this. Coloured vinyl won’t improve this turkey.


I don’t understand the lack of CD options when it comes to Dead Or Alive. It cannot be much more expensive than these gimmicky vinyl options.

I would like the chance to explore these albums on CD at a more considerate price [ie, not having to mortgage my house for the Box Set].

I would like Mad Bad & Dangerous To Know on CD but the ludicrous prices on demand make it a no go.


There’s a copy of ‘Mad, Bad…’ on Ebay for £8, hardly an outrageous amount surely? It’s an excellent album too.


Ordered! I’m enjoying discovering Dead or Alive with these vinyl reissues.

Michel Banen

Ordered ! Damn…. I already have the Boom box CD and vinyl sets and yet I’m persuaded in buying all the vinyl again…. These are just too good to resist !

Edward Andrews

I totally understand it. The vinyl reissues are so beautifully done….they are works of art…the colored vinyl and artwork…even more exquisitely done than the vinyl box set….Pete would think they are beautifully done but being so practical he would say they cost way too much…