Dead Or Alive / Invincible 9CD box set

Post-1990 era revisited with albums and bonus tracks

Following a series of Dead Or Alive coloured vinyl reissues, Demon Music will issue Invincible a nine-CD box set which feature five albums and 60 additional mixes.

Invincible features the albums Fan The Flame (Part 1) (1990), Nukleopatra (1995), Fragile (2000) and Unbreakable – The Fragile Remixes (2001). All of them, apart from The Fragile Remixes, are expanded to two discs with bonus edits, remixes, instrumentals and more.

The fifth ‘album’ is a new two-CD collection called Spin Drive which features many remixes of ‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)’ and Sex Drive.

Invincible features the debut official release to ‘My Love’s On The Line’ after the master tape was discovered last year in Steve Coy’s archive. In total, this box set features 103 tracks and includes a 28-page hardback book.

Invincible is released on 9 October 2020. It can be pre-ordered via the SDE shop using this link, or the button below.


CD 1

1. Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) 5:49
2. Unhappy Birthday 6:46
3. Gone 2 Long 5:45
4. Total Stranger 7:04
5. Lucky Day 7:55
6. What Have U Done (2 Make Me Change) 6:15
7. And Then I Met U 8:04
8. Blue Christmas 3:55

CD 2

1. My Love’s On The Line -previously unreleased 6:27
2. Unhappy Birthday [Ninja Billy Mix] 7:31
3 Beats 2 Long 2:55
4. Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) [Instrumental] 5:52
5. Total Stranger [Remix] 7:06
6. MEDLEY: Turn Around And Count 2 Ten/Blue Christmas /Your Sweetness [Acapella] Live In Nagoya, Japan 29 November 1990 11:05
7. Unhappy Birthday [Japanese 7″ Mix] 6:02
8. Unhappy Birthday [Radio Edit] 5:08
9. Unhappy Birthday [Rockin In Instrumental] 4:45


CD 1

1. Nukleopatra 7:03
2. Unhappy Birthday 6:13
3. Rebel Rebel4:17
4. Sleep With You 5:32
5. The Right Stuff 4:06
6. I’m A Star 4:54
7. International Thing 6:57
8. Picture This 4:54
9. Spend The Night Together 9:06
10. Gone Too Long 5:01
11. Getting It On 7:23
12. Sex Drive 6:36

CD 2

1. Nukleopatra 4:20
2. Rebel Rebel[12″ Club Remix] 6:34
3. Sleep With You [Instrumental] 3:55
4. I’m A Star [7″ Mix] 4:20
5. International Thing [7″ Master] 4:22
6. Spend The Night Together 4:07
7. Getting It On [Instrumental] 5:49
8. Rebel Rebel[Safe Hands Remix] 5:17
9. International Thing [1st Degree Burns 7″ Remix] 3:45
10. Nukleopatra [Instrumental] 5:22
11. International Thing [NU-NRG 7″ Remix] 4:23
12. Rebel Rebel[12″ NRG Extended Mix] 6:28
13. International Thing [Nu-NRG 12″ Remix] 7:02
14. Spend The Night Together [12″ Master] 8:21


CD 1

1. Hit And Run Lover 4:41
2. Turn Around And Count To Ten [2000] 5:16
3. Something In My House [2000] 4:01
4. Even Better Than The Real Thing [2000] 3:06
5. I Paralyze 5:58
6. Isn’t It A Pity 4:45
7. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [2000] 6:06
8. Just What I Always Wanted 5:19
9. My Heart Goes Bang [2000] 5:05
10. Lover Come Back To Me [2000] 5:39
11. I Promised Myself 4:32
12. Blue Christmas [2000] 3:37
13. Hit And Run Lover [Hit Remix] 4:40

CD 2

1. Why’s It So Hard 5:09
2. Even Better Than The Real Thing 4:26
3. Pop Life 4:48
4. I Paralyze [Instrumental] 5:55
5. Hit And Run Lover [Instrumental] 4:42
6. Hit And Run Lover [Acapella] 4:09
7. Never Marry An Icon –Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:12
8. The Art -Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:28
9. Never Marry An Icon [Instrumental] –Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:11
10. The Art [Instrumental] –Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:30
11. Never Marry An Icon [Acapella] –Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:05
12. The Art [Acapella] –Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:08


1. Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [Y&Co. “B” Mix] 7:54
2. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Zi Zone Mix] 4:35
3. My Heart Goes Bang [Love Machine Remix] 5:05
4. Something In My House [Deadend Of Eurasia Mix] 5:42
5. Hit And Run Lover [Ventura Mix] 5:01
6. Isn’t It A Pity [Bustard Remix] 5:15
7. I Paralyze [B4 ZaBeat Remix] 6:35
8. Blue Christmas [P.K.G. Remix] 4:32
9. Lover Come Back To Me [Earthquake Mix] 9:31
10. Just What I Always Wanted [R.M. Hyper Techno Mix] 4:47


CD 1

1. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Sugar Pumpers Radio Mix] 3:40
2. Sex Drive [Single Cut] -Glam featuring Pete Burns 4:28
3. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [400 Hz -Kleopatra Remix] 6:45
4. Sex Drive [Scream Driven Radio Edit] 3:55
5. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Blue Sky Mix] 4:01
6. Sex Drive [Album Radio Edit] / [Original Mix] 2:54
7. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [The Vicious Mix] 8:13
8. Sex Drive [Peewee’s Radio Mix] 4:09
9. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Sugar Pumpers Extended Mix] 5:12
10. Sex Drive [Sugar Pumpers Extended Mix] 5:55
11. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Jail House Club Remix] 4:34
12. Sex Drive [Sexual Hard Mix] -Glam featuring Pete Burns 4:13
13. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [The Yummi 4am Mix] 5:59
14. Sex Drive [Peewee’s Remix] 5:55
15. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Edouard’s Mix] 4:05

CD 2

1. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [400 Hz -Marc Antoine Remix] 7:03
2. Sex Drive [Scream Driven Remix] 7:00
3. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Kalk’s Underground Mix] 5:17
4. Sex Drive [Peewee’s Extended Remix] 9:34
5. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Sugar Pumpers Pumpin’ Mix] 7:08
6. Sex Drive [7″ Instrumental] 3:55
7. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [D-Bop Club Mix] 7:15
8. Sex Drive [12″ Instrumental] 6:59
9. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Mark Moore & Mr Motion Remix] 6:20
10. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Punx Soundcheck Vs Princess Julia] 6:41

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Mike Graham

Just ordered this from Amazon UK and got the correct discs. This set is packaged much more conveniently than Boom Box as the discs are in replica album sleeves so great if i want to listen to them in the car as i can see the track listings unlike Boom Box where they were in an inconvenient 12″ x 12″ slip book. Don’t know why SDE are advertising the Amazon UK price as £105 cos it’s currently £47.86.


Just received the box yesterday from amazon germany,and everythings ok now,they correct the wrong cds

Duncan Crawford

We are pleased to inform you that the process of sending out the replacement discs has begun.
It will be done in stages over the course of the next week.
Please allow at least a week for delivery as we cannot guarantee delivery times during the pandemic.
With thanks

John 79

Im happy to confirm that today I received the 2 replacement Dead or Alive discs,as yet I have not played them but at least they have started sending them out, Fair play to them to honour what they said they were going to do, although it should not have happened in the first place.


Hi Guys
I just thought I would let you all know that Fragile disc one has the wrong version of My Heart Goes Bang. It’s The Original 1985 Vocal Version and not the 2000 Vocal Version which is on the original Japanese CD. I also find that the remastering is way to tinny, it should have more bass in the mix. I hope Edsel know about this problem and do a replacement disc as they are doing for the Spin Drive CD’s.


Just listened to my set today and caught the spin discs errors. Was happy to see this has already been acknowledged as pointed out here. I sent them an email ([email protected]) and also asked about ‘My Heart Goes Bang’ as per @Marcus.

Robert Lett

I emailed about the corrected discs I hope I’m on the list for the corrected discs.. (same with the Eddie Pillar discs) Do they acknowledge your request or just take your address? In any case just got the box and I’m really enjoying it!

John 79

Oh not again,we look forward to these boxsets ,we pay a lot of money for them and Demon are still getting them wrong, would it be to much trouble to have someone check a couple of random boxes,listen to them for incorrect mixes etc , surely a fan of the band would do this in exchange for a free boxset ,they need some sort of quality control at Demon and that would save us the buyers such a let down and Demon a great deal of time and money…
This has happened far to many times,with DOA & Heaven 17 to name but two!

Duncan Crawford


Thanks for contacting Demon Music.

We are aware of an error that has affected discs 8 & 9 of the Dead Or Alive ‘Invincible’ release. We take these issues very seriously and are working on correcting this fault ASAP.

In the meantime, please email us with your name, full address and contact number.

We will update our website once we have a confirmed timeframe of when the discs will be ready to ship.

Please accept our apologies and rest assured that we are resolving this problem as a matter of priority.


Thanks for your patience,


Anthony M

When can we expect new discs to be sent out?

Any word on this?


So, I read and heard all that is WRONG with this set… but what is GOOD about it? How is the quality of the audtio? How are the bonus tracks, etc. What GOOD things can be said about it?

Marc Peberdy

Mine is the same, just tried it, Spin Drive discs 1 & 2 play Fan The Flame discs 1 & 2, although the discs are clearly marked Spin Drive 1& 2. Why do Edsel keep making these stupid errors?!!


Mine too.. Fan the flame on 4 disc…

Glen Stobbart

My copy also has a mixup on the Spin Drive discs. Fan The Flame again, but with Spin Drive labels on both discs.

Darren Howard

I’ve not checked the disc as this only arrived at 10:15pm but…. my booklet is printed upside down.


Mine arrived today – CD1 of Spin Drive is actually CD1 of Fan The Flame and CD2 of Spin Drive is, guess what….CD2 of Fan The Flame!!! Although both discs are labelled Spin Drive correctly….anyone else???
So no Spin Drive cds.
The Fan The Flame album discs are both fine. Hrrmmmm…

Justin Day

Yes, same for me too

Think contact has been made to Demon about replacements so guess we wait for an update

Joseph Davies

Yes, mine too. What a disappointment. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

Duncan Crawford

I have emailed:
Hello Edsel /Demon
Just to say how disappointed me and thousands of people are at having ANOTHER mispressed box set…
When will you be replacing the faulty SpinDrive cds?
Don’t you check for MASSIVE errors like this?!
I await your reply.

Steve Calvert

I’ve asked them for a discount on the Gene cd box as a good will gesture.

Steven Lowe

Mine are defective too. Does nobody check the pressing before 100’s of sets are sent out! Poor.

Sean Calvin Parkinson

Mine too. Absolutely furious. I’ve emailed Demon Music about this.

Steve Calvert

Same as mine Absolutely ridiculous after the Boom Box cock up

Phil T

And mine

Anthony M

Just received my box set today and Disc 8 and 9 are exact copies of Fan the Flame Discs 1 and 2.

Honestly… how can they keep making these ridiculous mistakes???


Steve Calvert

Hesitant in ordering this. Looks awesome but having bought the Boom Box and Heaven 17 Play To Win sets with all the errors (albeit sorted out) I have absolute zero faith in Edsel/Demon not cocking this up too. They could have asked Carlo to supervise or at least confirm the correct mixes were being used. I’ll see if there’s any movement on the price I think.
Enjoy peeps

LOVE Pete and DOA

Lo and behold the curse of the CD problems have arisen once again on another Dead or Alive project! Time to work with a more reliable source!


How about releasing Sophisticated Boom Box? I almost bought it upon release but read about how terrible the quality was & how almost all of the discs were messed up, so I saved it to my wishlist until corrected version was available & it was withdrawn from Amazon…..but then it completely disappeared & was going for $2000 on 2nd hand sites & who’s going to shell out $2000 for defective product? Do they really think people are going to buy this, when they never even released a correct version of the 80s material?


My favourite DoA song is …Baby Don’t say Goodbye…..the remixes as soo good.


The reissued discs to replace all of the messed up ones and mailed them out to everyone who had ordered and received one before the issue was caught. They made right on all of them. You just had to send them an email with your address.

Jai R. Emmett

And they left off the previously unreleased “Fan the flame” title track sung by Gina X that was on the last box set, very odd

Michel Banen

These boxes are unsually not mass-produced as a ‘regular’ CD so although I have the Boom box CD set and the original Japan CD releases I did pre-order this. I don’t want to regret not having ordered this later.

David Tiberi

even though I have the Boom Box set, I have pre ordered this. Most of the tracks and the mixes are the Japanese editions that were not on the SBB set…and DOA were big in japan (no pun intended)


Reposting as I posted this yesterday and wanted to share…

Spent some time comparing this release to Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI and believe the following tracks are on Invincible but weren’t on the older box set. There are also tracks from the era on Boom Box that aren’t here and of course tracks that are missing from both box sets. Hopefully the quality control will be better than the prior box (believe they had to replace 11 of 19 discs on that one…).

On Invincible but NOT Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI:

Fan The Flame (Part 1) CD 2
My Love’s On The Line -previously unreleased 6:27
Note: Unhappy Birthday [Ninja Billy Mix] 7:31 is [Heavy Metal] 7:33 version on Boom Box
Beats 2 Long 2:55
Unhappy Birthday [Japanese 7″ Mix] 6:02
Unhappy Birthday [Radio Edit] 5:08
Unhappy Birthday [Rockin In Instrumental] 4:45

Nukleopatra CD 1
Nukleopatra 7:03 (Boom Box uses 4:20 version with album, Invincible has both versions)
Unhappy Birthday 6:13

Nukleopatra CD 2
?Rebel Rebel[12″ Club Remix] 6:34 (may be the [Hole Mix] 6:37 from Boom Box based on track times)
Sleep With You [Instrumental] 3:55
I’m A Star [7″ Mix] 4:20
International Thing [7″ Master] 4:22
Spend The Night Together 4:06 (US-only edit from Cleopatra’s 1998 Nukleopatra release)
Getting It On (Instrumental) 5:49 (US-only edit from Cleopatra’s 1998 Nukleopatra release)
?International Thing [1st Degree Burns 7″ Remix] 3:45 (may be [International 7″ Edit] 3:46 from Boom Box based on track times)
Nukleopatra [Instrumental] 5:22
Rebel Rebel[12″ NRG Extended Mix] 6:28
Spend The Night Together [12″ Master] 8:21

Fragile CD 1
Note: Turn Around And Count To Ten [2000] 5:16 track time ~1:30 min shorter compared to Boom Box
Note: Something In My House [2000] 4:01 track time ~1 min shorter compared to Boom Box
Note: Even Better Than The Real Thing [2000] 3:06 track time ~1:30 min shorter compared to Boom Box

Fragile CD 2
Even Better Than The Real Thing 4:26
I Paralyze [Instrumental] 5:55
Hit And Run Lover [Instrumental] 4:42
Hit And Run Lover [Acapella] 4:09
Never Marry An Icon [Instrumental] –Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:11
The Art [Instrumental] –Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:30
Never Marry An Icon [Acapella] –Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:05
The Art [Acapella] –Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:08

Spin Drive EP CD 1
Sex Drive [Single Cut] -Glam featuring Pete Burns 4:28
Sex Drive [Scream Driven Radio Edit] 3:55
Sex Drive [Album Radio Edit] / [Original Mix] 2:54
Sex Drive [Peewee’s Radio Mix] 4:09
Sex Drive [Sexual Hard Mix] -Glam featuring Pete Burns 4:13
Sex Drive [Peewee’s Remix] 5:55
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Edouard’s Mix] 4:05

Spin Drive EP CD 2
Sex Drive [7″ Instrumental] 3:55
Sex Drive [12″ Instrumental] 6:59


Thank you Glenn. A few small corrections and comments:

-Rebel Rebel (12” NRG Extended Mix) 6’28 is on the Boom Box but track time on Boom Box is 6’16.
-Even better than the Real Thing 4’26 is on Boom Box. It’s the 3’08 version that is not on Boom Box. Invincible has both.
-I agree that Rebel Rebel (12” Club Remix) and International Thing (1st Degree Burns 7” Remix) are probably on Boom Box under a different name based on track times.
-On a personal note, I never like acapella versions and love instrumentals. Invincible has many instrumentals not on Boom Box. That’s a reason to buy Invincible.
-16 remixes of You Spin Me Round but the one that I really want is still missing from both Boom Box and Invincible: the instrumental version.
-Don’t get the overkill of Sex Drive. At least You Spin Me Round was a worldwide smash, Sex Drive is average at best.



Thanks for the response.

Re ‘Rebel Rebel’, there are three remixes on both boxes as per the below. Could be that Club mix is Hole mix and the two Extended mixes are different edits of the same mix. We’ll have to wait to see.

Rebel Rebel[12″ Club Remix] 6:34
Rebel Rebel[Safe Hands Remix] 5:17
Rebel Rebel[12″ NRG Extended Mix] 6:28

Boom Box:
Rebel Rebel (12″ Extended Mix) 6:16
Rebel Rebel (The Hole Mix) 6:37
Rebel Rebel (Safe Hands Remix) 5:17

Good catch re ‘Even Better Than the Real Thing’. I didn’t make that connection between the longer version on Fragile CD 2 here vs what was with the album tracks on Boom Box.

Will be interesting if they do a box or separate SDEs for the earlier material. Re the Epic releases I believe the following were missed on Boom Box:

Anything (Dub) (from the ‘I’d Do Anything 12″‘)
You Spin Me Round (Short Mix)
My Heart Goes Bang (7” American Wipe Out Mix)

Would be nice to see a box set of their pre-major label releases as well.

Steven OLaf

Thanks for doing all this legwork, truly helpful.


I loved Dead or Alive through their goth and SAW pop days, but with the exception of the fantastic ‘Nukleoptra’ I thought all their post ‘Mad Bad’ output was dreadful. As a fan I have still bought it, bought both the Boom Box sets too, but never play them , and no doubt will buy this, for it to simply sit on a shelf..

Mino Gagliardi

Youthquake and Mad are missing! What’s this box for?‍♂️


I also tried to compare the Boom track list with this new release and gave up. Things started spinning. I read below that there were about 20 songs on the new box that are not on the Boom box. That’s not a lot. I hope for Demon they didn’t print too many of the new boxes because the real DOA fans already have the Boom box. I may get this on a deal alert if it is not sold out by then.


In lots of ways this makes perfect sense as a release and it does look stunning. The quite wonderful colour vinyl reissues didn’t have CD versions at the time, so this is a neat companion piece with a few bonus extra’s. It does look like quite a bit of effort has gone into this (as was the case with the colour vinyl reissues).

I’m hoping that coming next will be individual SDE versions of Sophisticated Boom Boom, Youthquake, Mad Bad & Dangerous To Know and Nude as all truly deserve it and there’s plenty of material to fill them.

Intrigued by the booklet in this set and will be great to have the likes of towering pop juggernaut Nukleopatra in all its full length, newly remastered glory. Some glaring omissions detract from it being a top drawer offering (e.g. the edits of Hit & Run Lover, Why’s It So Hard and Turn Around & Count 2 Ten), but this is a solid collection nonetheless.

By my reckoning, these haven’t appeared anywhere previously, though as is often the case, could be slightly different titles rather than tracks in some cases:

My Love’s On The Line – previously unreleased 6:27
Unhappy Birthday [Japanese 7″ Mix] 6:02
Unhappy Birthday [Rockin In Instrumental] 4:45
Rebel Rebel [12″ Club Remix] 6:34
Sleep With You [Instrumental] 3:55
I’m A Star [7″ Mix] 4:20
International Thing [7″ Master] 4:22
International Thing [1st Degree Burns 7″ Remix] 3:45
Nukleopatra [Instrumental] 5:22
Rebel Rebel [12″ NRG Extended Mix] 6:36
I Paralyze [Instrumental] 5:55
Hit And Run Lover [Instrumental] 4:42
Hit And Run Lover [Acapella] 4:09
Never Marry An Icon [Instrumental] – Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:11
The Art [Instrumental] – Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:30
Never Marry An Icon [Acapella] – Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:05
The Art [Acapella] – Pete Burns Vs The Dirty Disco 3:08
Sex Drive [7″ Instrumental] 3:55
Sex Drive [12″ Instrumental] 6:59


Is this limited in any way? Amazon as usual locks it from shipping outside the UK, and I think it will be unlocked closer to the release date, but I don’t wanna miss out on it.


This is the first time I’ve seen shipping restrictions to the US through AmazonUK. Is this because of health issues? Is it likely that this restriction will be lifted closer to the release date? I don’t want to miss out on this either!

Robert Lett

The restrictions have been there a little while, I guess because of Covid. I ordered mine off here that’s the only way I know to get it, unless you wait a while and it shows up on Amazon US if it doesn’t sell out.


Shipping to US from SDE is $34.72 (and I already have Sophisticated Boom Box), so I’ll have to give it some serious consideration.

Additionally, shipping from Amazon.DE is restricted when attempting to pre-order Christopher von Deylen’s (Schiller) new box set.


If Carlo from the right stuff is reading or someone from Sony can we please have Youthquake & Mad Bad & Dangerous To Know on expanded cd’s? With the Japan promo 12″s of My Heart Goes Bang & Brand New Lover? They were not on the Boom Box. I don’t even care if they are high quality needle drops.

It’s also my understanding that Pete Burns & Steve Coy wrote their songs on Fan The Flame acoustically. They did a performance on a UK talk show around a piano which was great. If these recordings exists I would buy those.

I would also like this song to be made available:


Thank you.


WOOT! Super excited for this. I missed out on the Boom Box CD set (I did manage to pick up the vinyl box set at a steal of a price) so this is a must buy for me. And it’s perhaps encouraging that the first lot of albums may get this treatment as well.

Overall this package is far more appealing in it’s layout than the Boom Box set – and if the first CD’s are also released in the “proper” CD packaging – then another Woot will be coming haha.

Someone mentioned that Jack & Jill was missing – but I have the 12″ of that, so not an issue for me. Also – I’m sure it will be added to some other DOA set at some stage in the future. No doubt many more releases to come – and whilst the crowd may moan – they will sell well. And are welcomed IMO. Why collectors complain about abundance I will never understand. No one has to buy them – but it’s great for them to be available.

A super deluxe of Youthquake would be a treat should they decide to do that. Love that album. The Music on Vinyl release of that album is the best sounding I have come across, it’s awesome! But I will buy another…it’s an addiction this collecting business. And I don’t see a support group in my future.


Looks like DOA is going the route of Depeche Mode and reissue re-re-remixes of their old stuff and put it in another box set.

Stevie B

No ‘Jack and Jill Party’ either.


Have to go through the track listing of this and compare to Boombox tracks before deciding whether to go for this. At first glance can’t see a lot of difference….


I estimate that there are about 20-22 tracks that are not included on Boom Box; the whole thing began to swim before my eyes going through the endless bloody mixes of Sex Drive. Certainly all the You Spin Me Round mixes are on Boom Box split between Rip It Up CD 2 and Fragile CD 3.
So is it worth snapping up? Nah, think I’ve got quite enough DOA with the Boombox set.
Nice packaging though.


The only thing that would make this salable for me is if
12. Rebel Rebel[12″ NRG Extended Mix] 6:28 is actually the vinyl-only promo version (called “Extended 12” Mix” on the label). The track length seems to correspond, and it’s the ONLY mix, in my opinion. Basically, a good old fashioned extended version that adds a left-field flamenco guitar intro to the already middle eastern flavored instrumentation. The Boom Box made me THINK it might be on there with its “12” Extended Mix”, but that just turned out to be the Hole Mix with a cold end (it was followed later in the track list by the Hole Mix with a fade out). The Hole Mix, two times, is two times too many, as it takes the song’s hook and turns it into a waterboarding session. The Safe Hands Mix is forgettable. So, Paul! Any way to confirm this is on there?

James Blair

The flamenco-fronted NRG mix you’re enquiring about was “reinstated” onto the BoomBox set via the replacement discs that Edsel sent out for free.
I suspect that this is the mix featured here but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. (I agree that the released remixes of “Rebel Rebel” were poor. The Hole Mix was clearly a misguided attempt to sound like Capella.)


When the replacement discs were sent out the Rebel Rebel (12” NRG Extended Mix) was corrected to the mix with the Flamenco Guitars.

More interesting (and slightly annoying omission alongside Jack And Jill Party) are the You Spin Me Round 2003 Metro Mixes… these appear to be owned by Sony judging by the copyright in the Boom Box which is a bit of a mystery… I guess when the deal was done for Evolution, Sony must have paid Metro to produce the new track and so retained ownership.

Larry Davis

I have the Boom Box, so for the most part, this new box is kinda unnecessary…however, with the unreleased track & expanded versions of some of the albums & different packaging & covers, and not being shipped to the US & more essential boxes out around that time, I’ll wait for a price drop to purchase…


Please re release Boom box on CD. I got swindled by Amazon and never recieved my pre ordered copy.
Charlatans are charging a ridiculous amount for a second hand copy.
Also, couldn’t a label just cut to the chase and negotiate release of unreleased tracks from Steves archives and PWL? – The fans know they’re out there somewhere.

Robert Lett

Ordered for SDE, looks like a great set to me!


Off the top of my head I can’t tell what’s unique to this from the last big boxset, but I’m guessing one or two of the FTF and Nukleopatra bonus tracks were missing on that.

Overall this is disappointing, the 2CD of Sex Drive and 90s Spin Remixes looks wholely unnecessary and the cover art makes the whole set look very cheap and shoddy. Use a picture of Pete from his last few years by all means, but this is the best one they had? It’s like something from those unofficial pop star calendars they used to sell in stationery shops.

And please god, stop putting out Unlistenable, errr, I mean Unbreakable, I refuse to buy that waste of a disc yet again (who am I kidding, I want the new track FTF era track at least!) – I think there are still Nude era mixes we’re missing on CD/reissue, why not cover that era instead of sticking in Unbreakable again?


The Original Rebel Rebel radio edit (Insternational Chrysis) is still not included, amazing…
So this is still incomplete.


Sadly a lot has been previously released though the boombox and more recently the vinyl releases, but of course I’ll preorder for an unreleased track and handful oh instrumentals.
I am hopeful some of the tracks won’t have errors as the boom box did

Jonathan Riley

Is this going to be a limited set or no
And will other retailers have it other then amazon uk since they once again wont ship certain preorders to America