Dead Or Alive / Nukleopatra 25th anniversary 2LP coloured vinyl

Dead Or Alive / Nukleopatra 25th anniversary coloured vinyl

25th anniversary • First time on vinyl • Original configuration

Dead Or Alive‘s 1995 album Nukleopatra is to be issued as a special double coloured vinyl pressing and it will be the first time that the album has been commercially released on vinyl in its original configuration, with original playing durations.

Nukleopatra was the band’s sixth studio album and was initially released only in Japan in 1995, although subsequently released in different versions– track listing/versions/durations/artwork – in eight other countries between 1996 and 1998.

It contains the singles ‘Rebel Rebel’ And ‘Sex Drive’. The album was not issued at all in the UK, until a re-worked version was included within the Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI box set in 2016.

This 25th anniversary vinyl edition replicates the original Japanese version, which features longer versions ‘Nukleopatra’ And ‘Sex Drive’, along with re-recorded versions of ‘Unhappy Birthday’ And ‘Gone Too Long’, which appeared on Fan the Flame (Part 1).

This new 2LP blue vinyl pressing of Nukleopatra includes printed inner sleeves and will be released on 26 June 2020. Like previous DOA coloured vinyl, this is available via the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

LP 1

Side 1
1. Nukleopatra 7.03
2. Unhappy Birthday 6.13
3. Rebel Rebel 4.17

Side 2
4. Sleep With You 5.32
5. The Right Stuff 4.06
6. I’m A Star 4.54

LP 2

Side 1
1. International Thing 6.57
2. Picture This 4.53
3. Spend The Night Together 9.06

Side 2
4. Gone Too Long 5.01
5. Getting It On 7.19
6. Sex Drive 6.40

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Tiz Cal

Wonderful release. All 4 vinyl reissues from DEMON (Fan The Flame, Nukleopatra, Fragile, Unbreakable) sound fine and crystal clear, without any previous audio glitch or issue from their 2016’s CD counterparts.
The album covers and the artwork are truly superb and astonishing.
This is a “MUST BUY” for any Dead Or Alive/Pete Burns fan out there.

David T.

I truly hope a remastered CD edition will be released since it was butchered for the box set!


Always found the mastering of this initial Japanese release a little odd, not very punchy on some tracks, and later international editions did sound better. Hopefully they’ve sorted that with the mastering/cut to vinyl. Great to have full length title track and Japanese only version of Unhappy Birthday see the light of day again, though.


Hello Paul
Are the dead or alive albums remastered?

Michel Banen

I have both the Boom Box vinyl and CD sets but all these vinyl releases on colored vinyl (Youthquake, Mad bad an dangerous to know, Nude, Sophisticated boom boom, Fan the flame and now Nukleopatra) seem to be even better…. How to trick people into buying the albums they have again ? Well…. this certainly works for me as all these new releases are beautifully done and in way better covers. Those in the Boom box vinyl box warp like crazy.


Can we please just get the long rumored but always cancelled remixes album? Either reissue all the singles with all the various mixes (edits, remixes, extended, etc.) or a set of all of them?


Nude with the original Japanese chains sleeve would be nice as a future release too :-)


“that’s what people want”?
Maybe thats what you want. Dont speak for “people”.
i also doubt that peopke want mixes reissued on vinyl…


Yes what else do Dead Or Alive have left to reissue on vinyl?

Rip It Up
Nude Remade Remodelled

I would certainly buy Rip It Up (please do it with the USA picture sleeve) & Nude Remade Remodelled. A couple of box sets of the 12″s would be nice as well. It’s mainly remixes from the 2nd & 3rd albums that people want.


“Unbreakable” was reissued in 2017 on clear 2xLP for RSD (with great new artwork):


Probably the best album of the post-hits era, looks way cool too…

Neil Lorentzen

I am glad they went with the Japanese track listing of this album along with the artwork. This is my favorite Dead Or Alive album. I look forward to getting this from the SDE Store. Thanks for making these available and for packing you records so well when you ship them out.


ok so this one i am getting even though i have the gloom box


I’m loving all the Dead or Alive reissues and write ups. Thanks Paul!!

Peter Nicholas

Thanks Paul, ordered. Very pleased to see they are releasing this in its original Japanese version.