Dead Or Alive / “Youthquake” limited edition purple vinyl pressing

Now back in stock at the SDE shop

Dead Or Alive‘s 1985 album “Youthquake” will be reissued on limited edition purple vinyl next month.

The album was of course the breakthrough for the band and features the UK number one ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)’. ‘Lover Come Back to Me’ and ‘In Too Deep’ were also top 20 hits in Britain.

This new purple vinyl edition is limited to just 350 copies in the UK from a worldwide allocation of 1500. This will be released on 5 October 2018 and at the same time the SDE interview with Pete Burns (his last for anyone) is being made available as a limited run printed ‘keepsake’ booklet edition. You can order both the vinyl and the booklet at the SDE shop (or use the buttons below).


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Hey Paul,

Thank you for making these available.

Do you think Youthquake will be available again or maybe there is an odd copy floating around that I could buy?

Are there any plans to issue Rip It Up on coloured vinyl?

One thing I have noticed is most reissue vinyl companies have stayed away from releasing picture discs. Is there any reason as to why this is the case?

paul griffiths

out of stock again!!!??

Michel Banen

The tricky thing with Music on vinyl is that the actual product often looks totally different than the final product. Their ‘Purple’ is often so dark that it only has a purple shine to it when held against bright light. Alice Cooper’s “Last temptation” was advertised as a bright yellow flaming color and the actual product was orange vinyl with a little white….

If they manage to produce this in the advertised color as seen in the photo above it with be stunning so I couldn’t resist.


I have this edition. The colour is a lighting purple but looks smart. Disappointing is that there is no gatefold sleeve as on the original. They have included an insert with those photographs on but it’s a bit of a missed opportunity. The sleeve is glossy and slick. No lyric sheet as with the original but another lost opportunity in my view. It is also a marker that mad, bad and dangerous to know, released later this month will also be without its gatefold.


Purple vinyl is tempting but I already have this and the successive LP and several of the 12″ remixes on vinyl.

Count me among those who eagerly await a 3-CD Youthquake and a 3-CD Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know if they include all the period remixes of “My Heart Goes Bang” and “Something In My House” in particular, which I’ve long found more enduringly entertaining than the bigger hits off their respective albums.

Is it sacrilege to say that if the purple vinyl had offered a code for high-quality downloads of the remixes, I would’ve leapt at it?

Steven Roberts

Would be very surprised if they were to offer hi-res downloads of remixes not on the album, but in this day and age there really is no excuse for not including a hi-res download code for the album tracks…..


sure wish someone could get to the bottom of the 12″ collection. again. shades of 2005. arghhhhh.


Second record ordered today.

All from news on this site.

Empty wallet.

Damn you Superdeluxe !


Brilliant ordered thanks Paul . Not the greatest doa fan but love your writing Paul and a lovely package to have. I hope ordering from you supports the website in some small way? Thanks for all the site does once again.

Kai Karkkainen

Would have bought the booklet and the vinyl anyway, but it’s also important for me to support your fabulous website. Not a day goes by without a visit, so thanks again for the valuable service you provide.


Hi, can you advise on any links for stores that may carry the purple vinyl release in the US (or anywhere with any stock left?)
Thank you!


Was too late here für the purple vinyl but got my copy on eBay.

Looks like that japanese 12″ collection (again) isn’t happening after all. On cdjapan it says “release cancelled”. Familiar much?


That japanese collection is just the 2005 bootleg trying to be
released again. With the exact same tracklisting.

There wasn’t any chance of it being released back then either.



>This new purple vinyl edition is limited to just 350 copies in the UK
>from a worldwide allocation of 1500.

Hi Paul, thanks for your amazing work!
It looks like the UK version is sold out. I live in the US – would you know
where I will be able to order the US version?


Bought the maxi single of YSMR when it came out and listened to it hundreds of time, but never tried to listen to the other tracks. Now it is done and i will stick to my maxi single, because in my humble opinion, the lp is not so great…


the maxi of YSMR was the first maxi i purchased. loved the fact that there were two completely different but BRILLIANT extended versions on the same purchase. (it was the Oz version, so might be different to other versions?).

Auntie Sabrina

UK had The Performance Mix which was a limited release, then the Murder Mix if I remember correctly…

Michael Khalsa

Pete referred to it as a bag of shit. But the remixes were great. I agree. The cover & gatefold are amazing as well though. Pete told the record company when they were saying things such as that people would people would think that the bands name was Youthquake because of the size of the lettering of the title that “this is a record sleeve not a fucking cure for cancer”. Anecdote is from the designer of the of Dead Or Alives sleeves from You Spin Me onwards. Same guy said a labourer who was visiting his office when he was working on the sleeve for Turn Around & Nude said about Pete “She’s beautiful”.

Ronald van Veen

Ordered both just now!
Looking forward to receiving them!


Brilliant offering Paul
And remember the album having being loaned it and never returned ha ha

Really looking forward to his one

Steven Roberts

As of 21:10, whatrecords.co.uk are showing that they still have stock…I just ordered a copy from them….


OMG !! It’s in stock again !!

Just placed my order, that’s a brilliant idea to get a purple vinyl. Pete would have loved it for sure. Bless him and Steve, we so miss them both.

Thanks Paul for this fantastic offer !!



Ordered thanks for the heads up, didn’t know you did vinyl exclusives, hope you do more doareissues please


hi i place my order with you or division super deluxe shop for the Dead or Alive / “Youthquake” limited purple vinyl and Pete Burns: The Last Interview – Limited & numbered ‘keepsake’ booklet. i read amazon uk have just the new black edition vinyl its true??? thanks for your answer paul its very appreciate.


thanks paul i place my order on your store super deluxe for the purple vinyl i read its very limited now i relax all its ok


hi paul i have question this dead or alive vinyl are gatefold sleeve or not? thanks again for all Paul kind regards Janick


That interview is a nice companion piece to the Dead Or Alive Sophisticated Boom Box I have, hence, ordered! Thank you Paul!!!!


What a wonderful thing (the vinyl and accompanying interview booklet!). ‘Youthquake’ is one of the best albums of the 80’s and that last interview was quite incredible and genuinely moving. Ordered both – for me and my mum!

Miss Pete / DOA terribly still.


Ordered both…Great start to the week…THANK YOU PAUL
The Roxy Music Issue was a great read and keepsake. I know this will the same.


recordstore.co.uk .. got mine their on Friday 31/08/18..they have sold out also..just checked


Order placed just now :)


Another example of needing a deluxe CD version.

That huge box set was great, but was really expensive if you only are looking at an album or two of output.

Of all their albums, this one screams for a 2 or 3 CD set with all the different versions of the songs. And with a good, proper remastering.


I agree with you… the box set was good, but not without it’s flaws. And I am happy that we finally got that after so long, but I agree with you that “Youthquake” definitely needs it’s OWN very SUPER DELUXE EDITION, with everything from that era available, including stellar liner notes too, and excellent quality photos! Personally, I would like to see “Mad, Bad…” get the same treatment too! :-)

Michel Banen

The box had just that, a multiple disc set for Youthquake. I was not familiar with most of the Dead or Alive music but the multiple CD set it had of the Youthquake album made me get the box and now I have to admid that the Mad, bad and dangerous to know album might be even better. Long story short; I’m now absolutely a fan, bought the vinyl box too as well as these 2 upcoming releases, Jappanese Cd’s etc.

paul griffiths

none left??

John in NYC

My order from New York City just went through.


Both ordered! Even though I have the original vinyl, CD issues, the box set versions…




I had to hand phone in at work so when left tried straight away but poxy paypal wasnt letting me order this..Paul I am so frustrated..


Boo, sold out ☹️


Phew nearly all sites sold out already! Talk about getting a sweat on. Ordered here thanks Paul.
Looks like there may be a black version a week later. Can’t confirm though.


Ordered both
Early birthday present
Love this when it came out and never got the vinyl only cd


Ordered. Thanks Paul.

Peter Bates

I KNOW I already own it as part of the Box Set of clear vinyl, but it’s ordered now… Thank you for the heads up on this Paul – already sold out on The Sound Of Vinyl after two days!


I completely missed out on the Sophisticated Boom Box amid the errors etc. What’re the chances of seeing individual cd deluxe editions of DOA’s albums?

Stevie B

Ordered both. A great musician and twitter buddy. Sadly missed.

Stephen Cooper

Ordered both, thank you.


UK only? Can’t get it to go thru for the U.S.


That did the trick. PayPal wasn’t working, but debit card did.

David Gawdunyk

Hi Paul. Is the vinyl only available through SDE? I’m very stoked about this:)

Michael McA

Great album – and certainly by far the best and most interesting of anything SAW produced.

Mark Sinclair

@ Michael McA, whilst I agree regarding this being by far SAW’s most interesting work I think that the “spoof” single Roadblock is also up there on a par with this, but it’s just one single….


That album they did for Princess a year later comes fairly close but yes, ‘Youthquake’ was rather special.

John 79

Excellent, ordered both straight away,A classic 80s album,
Thanks Paul

Paul Taylor

Ordered the album straight away, thanks for that

Steven Robertson

Ditto, both ordeded :)

Michel Banen

Immediately ordered both, great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!