Deee-Lite / World Clique deluxe edition


Cherry Red are to reissue Deee-Lite‘s debut album, World Clique, in February 2017.

The 1990 album spawned a number of successful singles including the should-have-been-a-UK-number-one Groove Is In The Heart.

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There was a multitude of remixes issued with the various singles, a selection of which is included on the bonus disc of this deluxe edition including radio mixes and extended outings. The booklet features an exclusive interview with lead singer Lady Miss Kier.

The World Clique deluxe edition will be issued on 24 February 2017.


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8. E.S.P.


1. GROOVE IS IN THE HEART (Peanut Butter Radio Mix)
2. GOOD BEAT (Turn Up The Radio Mix)
3. POWER OF LOVE (Turn Up The Radio Mix)
5. GROOVE IS IN THE HEART (Meeting Of The Minds Mix)
6. HOW DO YOU SAY…LOVE (A Delicious Joey Pal Dub)
7. E.S.P. (Ouijee Extended Mix)
8. WHAT IS LOVE? (Rainbow Beard Mix)
9. GOOD BEAT (Extend The Beat Mix)
10. POWER OF LOVE (Sampladelic Remix)
11. BUILD THE BRIDGE (Holographic House Groove Mix)
12. WHAT IS LOVE? (Holographic Goatee Mix)
13. GOOD BEAT (Pal Joey’s Shake Your Body To The Beat Mix)
14. GROOVE IS IN THE HEART (Jelly Jam Beats)

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I almost jumped for joy when I saw that this album will be rereleased. It’s very disappointing that they won’t add more of those remixes to this package! I wasn’t able to purchase any of them the first time around and don’t want to spend a fortune to do so.

I still miss them and hope we get deluxe editions (WITH MORE REMIXES) of “Infinity Within” and “Dewdrops in the Garden”!

guy mr kier

not perfect but good enough. 14 mixes is enough for me. would’ve liked videos and some pictures of the amazing, astrological Lady Miss Keir .

[…] Deee-Lite / World Clique (deluxe […]

Flex Witgert

Regarding all the missing mixes
there were a lot of samples used……. this might be the issue at warner bros…….


Got a tweet from Towa Tei saying he had nothing to do with the reissue and wouldn’t buy it.

Forwarded it to Cherry Red to see if that might help them get some leverage with the rights owner for more tracks. No reply, and Towa Tei then deleted his tweet, so maybe he got rapped on the knuckles.

I’m guessing it’s too late anyway, if the release is in February. :-(


Cherry Red just replied to a tweet I sent them, to say that if they haven’t included more remixes, it’s because the label (Warner I think) won’t give them the rights.

It’s weird that a major label would allow a re-release (essentially conceding that someone else is better placed to make it a success than they are) and *still* withhold tracks that would help make that release sell.

We are thirty years down the line. It doesn’t make sense unless they are asking for a big upfront payment and are not so worried about royalties, in which case they don’t care whether it sells or not.

Or perhaps it’s an artistic decision, but I’d be amazed if the group members had any say in how their catalogue is used now…

Carlton Fisher

Why do people feel the need to complain that there are more worthy releases? It isn’t as though there are a finite number of releases allowed in any one year, and World Clique will somehow prevent another album from being released. Just because YOU don’t fancy it, why does that make it a bad decision to have the album reissued? Does your own personal taste somehow trump the desire of other people who do want this CD?

I’m not arguing that there is no room for critical comments within the comment section–we’ve seen that comments about missing tracks or errors within a release have resulted in changes and corrections on more than one occasion. But to simply say, “There’s no reason for this release to come out,” is ridiculous. Obviously, from other comments in this thread, there are people who want it and have ordered it (I’m one of them). If you don’t like the album, that’s fine–count yourself lucky that there is an announcement on here that isn’t affecting your wallet and move on to what you do appreciate. I don’t expect the music industry or any label to simply cater to my own interests. Otherwise, I would be writing letters to labels complaining that they need to spend less time issuing Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones packages so they can focus solely on my expectations. That’s not overly realistic.

If you think something is more worthy of a release, that’s perfectly fine–rally for it with these labels. I saw a few people complain that Cherry Pop did not reply to their recommendations. I actually sent a recommendation to them not long ago, and while it took about three months to get a response (I imagine they have more pressing issues), I did get a personal response that explained that two of my requests (Tiffany’s debut album and the follow-up) were albums they have repeatedly attempted to get the licensing for and been turned down again and again, and that they had not heard of the third request (Seduction’s “Nothing Matters Without Love”) I had made but would be looking into it as it sounded like something they would be interested in pursuing if they could get the rights.

World Clique has very special meaning to me–it was the last album my mother ever gave to me before she suddenly died (about a week later) from a heart attack. The music means a lot to me just in the fact that I like the album in its entirety, but it’s also the last time my mother and I had a moment of music that we shared. I honestly never expected that it would be getting the reissue treatment, because I always figured it was too much of an under-the-radar cult album to get picked up by a reissue label. To log in and see this announcement was wonderful, and it also gives me hope that maybe some other obscure albums from that era will get some attention by some of the reissue labels.

I know there are plenty of people who respond to comments against their criticism with “I have the write to be critical,” but comments like “why are they bothering” are not critical comments. There is a major difference between criticism and negativity. Criticism is about the idea of critiquing and commenting upon a work, offering better ideas, or detailing the shortcomings of the work. “There are better things to reissue,” it not criticism–it’s simple dickish negativity that arises from some inherent belief that the commenter’s sense of taste and desires are the only thing that deserve any sort of attention and that anyone whose taste varies doesn’t deserve to be serviced by the music industry or reissue labels. I don’t know where people come across that sense of self-entitlement, but it’s really unattractive, and says far more about your lack of character as a human being than it does about the music, the label, or the industry.

Marco S

Well put. If I see something I’m not interested on the SDE wall I simply scroll past it, I don’t spend time and effort to bitch about it – I’m also potentially offending the fans of that act that are excited about the re-release. It’s an incredibly selfish attitude to take. ME ME ME, why am I not getting what I want. Meh.

mr cheese the nkotb alias

it’s been expensive getting 7″ and 12″ and japanese cd singles of tiffany to get b-sides but worth it.
her first two cds were amazing(even if tiffany “danny” sounds like kiss “hide your heart”)


A great album and I would be interested if at least the original album is remastered. It doesn’t say anywhere on Cherry Red’s website, so I assume it’s not remastered. :-((


Would also love dewdrops in the garden, one of the most underrated albums of the 90s.

Billy Dojcak



There are some much more worthy candidates for the deluxe treatment such as Steve Arrington’s Dancing In The Key Of Life or Amii Stewart’s first two albums. None of these has ever seen a official CD issue.

Matteo Leoni

I have some european and US cdsingles and 12″s but I’ve never bought the japanese releases (too expensive), so some of those mixes are new to me, like E.S.P. (Ouijee Extended Mix)
and GOOD BEAT (Pal Joey’s Shake Your Body To The Beat Mix).
I’ll certainly will buy it.

Deluxe editions of “Infinity within” and “Dewdrops in the garden” would be great too, especially because some of the mixes were vinyl-only (or in really rare promo cds, like “Pussycat meow”), but it won’t probably happen… :-(

Charles Christopher

I’m a bit iffy on this one.
I have a lot of affection for this album, encapsulating as it does a terrific time in my own life as well as exemplifying a moment when DJ/remix/club culture was so vibrant and creative.
If I’m being honest, though, all the songs I was really enthusiastic about are on the best-of they released about a decade ago – I still have that, but didn’t hold on to their debut album. The debut was more than just “Groove Is In the Heart”, but less than a complete album-length success, IMO.
However, some things don’t necessarily have to be deathless or ‘great’ to just enjoy them, and I may be tempted to buy this. I’m usually not interested in remixes at all, especially ones from this period where they tended to disembowel a song and barely resemble the original at all – but looking at that Disc 2 track-list, it sounds like a good night on the town c.1991. Tempted to give it a buy for that good a price.

Now, their second album, Infinity Within I’d be more interested in. Not only was it a really enjoyable album, but it wasn’t over-shadowed by a huge pop-hit.


As some people have noted, it’s puzzling to leave 30 minutes empty on the first disc. I’m guessing this was a contractual obligation, or perhaps just a way to reuse the initial master and keep costs down?

As for comments about whether there’s a market for this, Deee-Lite was absolutely huge on the club scene back then, and although the bonus material here was available over various CDs, putting it all together will appeal to many people.

It is however a shame that other remixes fell through the cracks, especially as there’s plenty of room for them. A Japanese CD from 1990 – still easily available – contains 7 of the 14 remixes included on CD2, and 22 minutes of other remixes that would easily have fit on CD1. Baffling…


So many interesting things to be reissue. I’m exhauted of sending messages to Cherry Red by the suggestions box in its website and I never get an answer. Sometimes I wonder why they ask for suggestions If none of them come true. Needless to say never get an answer either. What a waste of time about Deee…

Let’s pray for something better !!!


So happy to see this getting a deluxe release. The album was massive at the time and it is still one of my favorites. Will be getting this for sure.

elliott buckingham

i rememeber this being in the charts age hasn’t mellowed my repulse for this band at all nearly as bad as betty boo very surprised there is a market big enough to warrant these reissues I didn’t think they were mega sellers back in the day . why hasn’t there been a reissue of raw like sushi I’m sure her latest albums had a remaster treatment. also how about a deluxe reissue of that great duo London boys


Neneh Cherry did Raw Like Sushi. Both of Betty Boo’s albums have been reissued.


Very deeelighted! One of my favourites! Although it’s not complete with all mixes I definitly gonna buy this one! I’m also wishing for Infinity Within,
Dewdrops In the Garden. It’s a good start for 2017!

Paul Rymer

This album is important not just for itself but for its influence on Japanese pop and dance – it’s doubtful that the whole shibuya-kei / P5 / Cornelius / FPM thing would’ve happened without this. nor would the bossanova revival, the YMO reunion, Denki Groove etc – world clique liberally samples Japanese pop of the 70s and 80s and revived it in the 90s. Towa is still huge now in Japan as a member of MetaFive.

Mark A.

Come on Paul! Your knowledge of the the Japanese scene and YMO and associated members is well established, but to say that Cornelius and the YMO reunion is doubtful to have happened without this album is more than just a stretch, and even to say that Shibuya-kei was similarly dependent is a real stretch.


…no videos??? … again…

Peter Cross

An interesting choice of reissue.
My personal favourite is their second album Infinity Within, really loved that album when it was out.
Any word if that will get a reissue?


Fantastic news! Just pity they didn’t leave the radio versions and the Riding On Through B-side on disc 1 (there’s enough space) and squeeze more remixes on disc 2 since there are so many from that era to fill another 80min disc. Deee-Lite was very influencial on the dance scene at the time and whole album is worthy not just one song and the remixes were not just extended album versions but innovative new takes.

Greg Jelinek

I’m thrilled that this amazing LP is getting a well-deserved reissue, but if ur going to do it, why not do it right and provide all the material available! And how about a DVD of the associated videos please.


This isn’t really worth re-issuing. 1 good song, the rest very average. Nice at the time but not interesting enough for me. Always thought the remixes from that era were absolutely awful. The remixes in the 80’s weren’t really remixes but rather extended versions. If you liked a song, you knew you were going to like the 12″ version even better. In the 90’s they started doing over the top remixes and a lot of that stuff was hit or miss. Mostly miss. The extra production didn’t improve the songs. It often changed the original song into something awful. Anyway, this release is nice for the (few) Deee-Lite fans even though there is nothing new to CD.

David McCallum

There is some magic to Deee-lite’s debut that I’ll take over RuPaul or Madonna any day (but not Cyndi probably). Somewhere there is a great essay to be written about their NY-thrift-store-drag-queen/multi-culti/sampladelic/ecstacy-fueled music as some flipside to the movie Paris Is Burning, also released in 1990.


And a happy new year to you too ;)


I couldn’t agree less that there is only “1 good song” on this record. It is, in actuality, a great listen from start to finish and includes a number of songs that stood on their own as singles!

In addition, this album is unheralded at the time, as being as chocked-full of inventive sampling (hence the labeling of it being a “Sampladelic” record).

Only albums such as De La Soul’s “Three Feet High and Rising,” The Beastie Boys’ “Paul’s Boutique” and A Tribe Called Quests’ first two albums are as inventive and unique in their sampling innovations. Plus, Q-Tip of ATCQ showed up on the album!


I had the singles but never the album. I wonder if this isn’t so ‘of its time’ that something would be lost revisiting it now.


A shame there is nothing that isn’t already on CD, and having those two packed-out Japanese maxis from the era means I don’t need this, which is a shame. Bit of a waste to not put more mixes on CD1 to use up the space.


I agree with you.


My dream come true !!! Ordered !


There are enough remixes to make it a 3-discer, but this is still an awesome release!



First time I ever pre-ordered so quickly.


Nice, I am looking forward to this release. Definitely need some cheering up with some upbeat music!

DJ Control

Deee lovely news at the end of such a depressing year for the entertainment world.