Deep Purple / New album, Whoosh!

New album produced once more by Bob Ezrin

Deep Purple follow 2017’s inFinite with Whoosh!, a third consecutive album produced by legendary producer Bob Ezrin.

Described as the most ‘versatile’ record in their collaboration, Ezrin worked with the band – Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Steve Morse and Don Airey in Nashville.

The 13-track album is the Deep Purple’s 20th and is available across a number of formats, including with the double vinyl edition available exclusively as glow-in-the-dark coloured vinyl via the official Deep Purple store. Rough Trade in the USA also have a ‘crystal clear’ 2LP vinyl edition, which is limited to just 500 copies (also available in JPC in Germany and on the official Deep Purple store).

There is also a CD+DVD deluxe edition (in ‘mediabook’ packaging) and a Whoosh! box set. The details of the box have only just emerged and the it will contain the following:

  • 2LP black vinyl edition
  • CD+DVD mediabook edition
  • Three exclusive coloured vinyl 10″ records: “The inFinite Live Recordings Vol. 2”
  • An XL T-shirt
  • Three art prints
The Whoosh! box set features three exclusive 10-inch coloured vinyl records

The DVD in the CD+DVD set has a 160 minute running time and includes a full performance of Live At Hellfest 2017. This same DVD comes with the 2LP black vinyl but not any of the coloured vinyl variants.

The album can be pre-ordered now and the box is available from various channels, although the glow-in-the-dark vinyl remains exclusive to the official Deep Purple store.

Whoosh! will be released on 7 August 2020 (was 12 June).

Compare prices and pre-order

Deep Purple

Whoosh! 7-disc box set


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Deep Purple

Whoosh! 2LP vinyl + DVD


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Deep Purple

Whoosh! CD+DVD deluxe edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Deep Purple

Whoosh! CD edition


Whoosh! 2LP vinyl

LP 1

Side 1

1. Throw My Bones
2. Drop The Weapon
3. We’re All The Same In The Dark
4. Nothing At All

Side 2

5. No Need To Shout
6. Step By Step
7. What The What

LP 2

Side 3

1. The Long Way Round
2. The Power Of The Moon
3. Remission Possible
4. Man Alive

Side 4

5. And The Address
6. Dancing In My Sleep

Box set exclusive 3 x 10-inch vinyl: The inFinite Live Recordings Vol. 2″

10-inch #1

Side A
1. Highway Star
2. Pictures Of Home

Side B
1. Bloodsucker
2. Strange Kind Of Woman
3. Don Airey’s Organ Solo

10-inch #2

Side A
1. Lazy
2. Birds Of Prey

Side B
1. Don Airey’s Key Solo
2. Perfect Strangers

10-inch #3

Side A
1. Space Truckin‘
2. Smoke On The Water

Side B
Peter Gunn/Hush

Whoosh! CD+DVD mediabook


Throw My Bones
Drop The Weapon
We’re All The Same In The Dark
Nothing At All
No Need To Shout
Step By Step
What the What
The Long Way Around
The Power of the Moon
Remission Possible
Man Alive
And the Address
Dancing In My Sleep

DVD (160 min running time)

Roger Glover and Bob Ezrin In Conversation
(Filmed at British Grove Studios, November 2019).

Deep Purple – Live At Hellfest 2017 – Full performance

  1. Time For Bedlam
  2. Fireball
  3. Bloodsucker
  4. Strange Kind Of Woman
  5. Uncommon Man
  6. The Surprising
  7. Lazy
  8. Birds Of Prey
  9. Hell To Pay
  10. Don Airey’s Solo
  11. Perfect Strangers
  12. Spacetruckin‘
  13. Smoke on The Water
  14. Peter Gunn/Hush
  15. Black Night

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Got my boxset today from Amazon France. In my boxset the three art prints were missing. Somebody else is missing the art prints? Otherwise great value for money.

Philip John Birtwistle

Arrived. Played. Played again! Bloody marvellous!!


Ritchie should do an album and/or tour with David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes. Was always fond of the Mark III line up myself.

[…] Deep Purple‘s new album Whoosh! will now be released later than planned, in August. The Bob Ezrin produced long-player was scheduled for 12 June but due to the COVID19 pandemic it will now be issued on 7 August. Various physical versions of the album are available including a seven-disc box set. More details are available on this SDE post. […]


Versatile is right on, sounds more like Pop music than rock music. Oh well, keep on chuggin’ l suppose…..

John McCann

Self isolation Will lead to a lot of chugging


The Godfather’s of rock return with a brilliant follow up to Infinite… which was a great follow up to Now What… which was also brilliant.
Hail Purple

alan hansen

do we know if Ezrin co-wrote any of the material?


You have to look twice at the price of the deluxe set to check it is correct.
As mentioned putting to shame many other very wealthy artists.

I got into Purple with a double album MK I & II as a teenager in about 1979.
A disc of the sixties psychedelic version and the staggering rock behemoth that was version II.

Ordered ….. my first purchase of 2020 ……

Mark W

Great price for the super deluxe edition, so I’m going for that. Wasn’t too keen on ‘Infinite’, but I like ‘Throw my Bones’. Sounds like the album will be a bit different (and possibly more varied) than the previous album. I hope so anyway.

Good luck to all SDE readers and keep safe.


Like the Super Deluxe edition but not big enough fan to go for it. With glow in the dark, crystal clear and purple vinyl available, the rarest of all will be….the black vinyl :-)


The price on the box set puts other sets seriously to shame. Five vinyls, cd, dvd, shirt for under 50 notes! Love the artwork too.

Roel Glas

I’ve noticed the Super Deluxe has a size XL T Shirt. Usually these type of box sets had a size Large. Is this a sign of the times???
Anyway, the super deluxe looks like great value – Ordered


A sign of the times and a sign that I’m 57 and nearly that in the waist but hey ho.. Purple are still a great band and kudos to them for playing what they feel as opposed to Tricky Dickie churning out poor covers of folk songs. Steve Morse has more than paid his dues with this band in response to some posts here, and like Purple or not, regardless of the line up, we’ll certainly miss them as and when the time comes and music will be the loser.

Pieter van der Velde wzn

The title is not so bad if you are aware of thought behind it. It’s like a wet Fireball. I heard Throw my bones via Thehighwaystar website a few times and I love it. Can’t wait for the release even in these terrible times. Good Health to all people.


This bend is A JOKE! (tribute band) It has ben that way since 1993, there s NO deep purple without Richie. Great name has ben ruined forever.


I don’t really like Steve Morse’s way of playing lead guitar (and the lead break in “Throw My Bones” is a sum-up of all his worst features), but the band has still created a couple of good songs on each album (on the last one, All I Got is You, The Surprising and Birds of Prey spring to my mind). And the last two albums with Ritchie weren’t so great either, were they?

John McCann

Wish I could play a solo as worst as him,


About Luan’s comment “The bend (band) is A Joke!”
I love the Blackmore era too but isn’t about time you except that both Richie and Deep Purple have moved on. Ian Gillan talks about why it’s too late for a reunion with Richie on this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/b5HV6QHr3c8
Think of all the bands out there that could have called it quits after a member leaves or worse died but they decided to carry on for the fans(and some to pay the bills). Personally I think Steve Morse is the best thing to happen to Purple in years and has been in the band longer than Mr. Blackmore. I agree that some of the new music isn’t on par with some of their older catalog but I think it’s great that they are still out there and with 3 original members(some have one or none). If you go to a show you’ll see how much the fans still appreciate them and also how exuberant the band with this current line up. Don’t mess up a good thing!

Jarmo Keranen

If we go back to the day when Shades Of Deep Purple was released, Ian Paice is the only original member!


True. Gillan and Glover were part of the classic line-up that created In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head, Made in Japan, Who Do We Think We Are + later Perfect Strangers, though.

Rock Voorne

Deep Purple will not go down in history for the Steve Morse era.

Long after we will have died they will cherisg Live In Japan et all


Agree, but to be correct it is one original member. 3 members from the ‘classic’ Mark II lineup, nut only one original.

Michael J Raleigh

Ian Paice is the lone original member. Gillan and Glover came in to replace Evans and Simper.


I have to agree that the ‘Deep Purple’ sound was Jon Lord’s organ and Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar interation and riffs. Without those, it’s another band. They’re all great musicians, but that doesn’t mean they can cinjure the magic that MKII created. You need evidence? Play this single and then play anything from Machine Head and you’ll hear the difference.

Jarmo Keranen

Machine Head was released 48 years ago. Gillan, Glover and Airey are almost 75 years old. Paice is 71 and Morse 64. It’s impossible conjure the same magic at their age. It’s a miracle they still could provide music of this level!

Uncle Meat

I agree with you Jarmo!


You’re missing the point… Steve Morse isn’t Blackmore and Don Airey isn’t Lord. The Paice Lord Blackmore combo was key to Purple. Age doesn’t come into it – If Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore were still in Deep Purple, we’d be getting the classic sound still…


Are ‘House Of Blue Light’ or ‘Slaves And Masters’ the classic sound of Deep Purple?


Why ‘Machine Head’ ? Why not ‘Battle Rages On’ ? Isn’t it from another band as well?

Graham Streek

This is such a ridiculous comment. I am a huge Purple fan, and a equally huge Blackmore fan, but Morse does things with the guitar that are incredible. Yes Purple are different but the musicianship is actually better than ever. I remember seeing them live on Ritchie’s last tour and they were not enjoying it and it showed. Then I saw them with Steve Morse (who has been with them longer than Blackmore) and they were alive again. Purpendicular was as good as anything before it. You don’t have to choose what’s best just love Purple.


There appears to be a slight problem with trying to order one of the Rough Trade clear vinyl sets here in the U.S.:


The Super Deluxe Box Set from Amazon is a Cracking Buy for the money. You never know the price may drop as it get’s closer to the release date. So that will be a Double Bonus. Thanks for the Info Paul. Stay Safe Everybody.

Peter Muscutt

Agree on the price. Not a Deep Purple fan but if I was I’d be in like a shot for that!


I’m a little confused—The super Deluxe Edition does not look to be available anywhere but through the band’s online store so far, is that correct? The “vinyl box set“ listed first is just the 2LP vinyl plus a DVD third disc, is that right?


Don’t know if the music is worth it, but clearly the price is right, 59.99€ for what is usually offered at twice that price.. Might think about it..


Aren’t the 3 x 10″ coloured vinyl “Live Tapes 2” LPs in the Infinite box?

Dean F

Nige, I believe the 3 X 10″ records in the Infinite box set are the Now What!? tapes vol. 2.


Aye…. tis so, after I checked my box. Think I was also confusing them with the stand-alone Infinite Live Volume 1 too. ….it’s shiny…. ordered! Cheers.

Joe Embleton

There is also a white vinyl and glow in the dark vinyl version from the official store and purple vinyl from Nuclear Blast web site.


CJL how can you make the statement that it’s a “terrible album” when it doesn’t come out till June. Is this based on the one released track?


He said the title of the album is terrible (and I agree). Not that the album is terrible!


The album will be terrible always thought they were an overrated band in general, before you know it the album will be released then it hangs around for a week or two in the charts then completely disappears off the chart like a led balloon and WHOOSH it’s in the bargain bin, and within 6 months it will be in the 2 for £10 offer at HMV…Only saying.

Chris Squires

Thanks for the deep insight and thoughtful words for a band many here would admire. (not my cup of tea, but that doesn’t matter)
The bit where you think you are putting Deep Purple down could probably describe 99% of artists that people here love. I am sure my favourite artists would love a week or two in the charts (any charts in fact- The Falmouth Packet best sellers chart maybe)? So that’s no bad thing to be able to achieve that attempted put-down.
Hopefully people will be kinder to stuff you do like.
And…. “Only Saying….” really is the last refuge of the ignorant, rather like “only joking” or “saying it as it is”.
We should be better than that here on SDE.
If you don’t like an artist just steer clear of posts about them, it’s not that hard.

John McCann

Are you over the virus yet Chris,how was it,?did it hit you hard or did you get the light version?,hope your well

Chris Squires

Hi John

I think we got the “Light” version if there is such a thing, my wife is now ill, but (fingers crossed) it seems like a really heavy cold. So all three of us have been “Done”.
If anything it has at least cut the twitter feed pseudo-political-science bullshit coming from my 23 year old. She is taking it seriously now.
I know this isn’t the place for it but I despair for our young who live off a diet of feeds. I am trying to drill it home “Who is saying that, why are they saying it and what’s in it for them?” and my current favourite “Conspiracy theories are designed so that really stupid people can feel clever”. Or are they?
Thanks for the concern John, if anything it has enabled me to re-connect with real life. I am reading more, listening to more and, if current research is anything to go by the planet is rather enjoying the break too with city temperatures and pollutants all measurably down on seasonal norms. (Source BBC – I did ask myself, what’s in it for them!)
I hope everybody else here is safely navigating the restrictions and “New normal”.


He said “terrible album title”. Nor terrible album.

Joe Embleton

He said terrible album title, not terrible album :)


Was hoping for a bit more to happen at the end if the video I must say…

Steve j

Gone for the super deluxe box set from Amazon including the three 10” singles like the last Infinite Album Box Set
It seems that a lot of bands are now jumping on the bandwagon to entice their fans to buy numerous copies of the same album with these different coloured vinyl editions
IQ come to mind with their original Red Vinyl release recently and then suddenly a white and a blue version appear so another £60 if you want them
Somewhere you have to draw so thank you very much the box set will do me fine

Stay safe and healthy everyone


Think an “S” was accidentally dropped from Perfect Strangers on 10″ #2.

Didn’t these guys just come off a retirement tour recently? I mean, it’s great they still have the creative bug and keep producing material…but if they tour to support it after pulling a “Who’s Last,” I will be angry.

Roel Glas

The “Long Goodbye Tour” was just that – A Long Goodbye. Tour dates were already booked late last year for festivals etc in Europe’s summer which obviously won’t be going ahead. These guys will tour until they can’t and good on them!.


Terrible album title but fantastic cover.

Alan B

There is also a “clear white” version available from Townsend (i.e. the UK Deep Purple store) Very good price for the box set on Amazon UK. Compare the amount of content you get with the Manic Street Preacher’s deluxe Gold Against The Soul given the price is roughly the same (within a couple of pounds or so)


Great box set, excellent value. Amazon.de claim they have an exclusive edition of this, does anyone know if they really do or is this the version all others offer?