Deep Purple / Purple vinyl reissues

Coloured vinyl • New transfers • Download codes included

Universal Music are to release coloured vinyl reissues of classic early seventies Deep Purple albums, each mastered from new transfers.

Machine Head (1972), Who Do We Think We Are? (1973), Burn (1974), Stormbringer (1974) and Come Taste the Band (1975) are the studio albums in question, but the memorable live packages – Made in Japan (1972), Made in Europe (1976 – we’re still waiting for the expanded reissue!) and Last Concert in Japan (1977) – are also included.

At least these offer more than just a heavyweight 180g coloured vinyl pressing – all the albums have been cut from new digital transfers of the original master tapes at Abbey Road Studios and they come with download codes (albeit they’ll more than likely be MP3s).

Artwork has been “faithfully replicated” to match the original pressings “in conjunction with the band”. These are touted as ‘limited editions’ but as no numbers have been given, it’s all but meaningless at this point.

All eight vinyl reissues will be released on 7 September 2018.

Machine Head

Side One

  • 1 Highway Star
  • 2 Maybe I’m A Leo
  • 3 Pictures of Home
  • 4 Never Before

Side Two

  • 1 Smoke on The Water
  • 2 Lazy
  • 3 Space Truckin’

Who Do We Think We Are?

Side 1

  • 1 Woman from Tokyo
  • 2 Mary Long
  • 3 Super Trouper
  • 4 Smooth Dancer

Side 2

  • 1 Rat Bat Blue
  • 2 Place in Line
  • 3 Our Lady

Made in Japan (2LP)

Side 1

  • 1 Highway Star
  • 2 Child in Time

Side 2

  • 1 Smoke on The Water
  •  2 The Mule (Drum Solo)

Side 3

  • 1 Strange Kind of Woman
  • 2 Lazy

Side 4

  • 1 Space Truckin’


Side One

  • 1 Burn
  • 2 Might Just Take Your Life
  • 3 Lay Down, Stay Down
  • 4 Sail Away

Side Two

  • 1 You Fool No One
  • 2 What’s Goin’ On Here
  • 3 Mistreated
  • 4 “A” 200


Side One

  •  1 Stormbringer
  • 2 Love Don’t Mean A Thing
  • 3 Holy Man
  • 4 Hold On

Side Two

  •  1 Lady Double Dealer
  • 2 You Can’t Do It Right (With the One You Love)
  • 3 High Ball Shooter
  • 4 The Gypsy
  • 5 Soldier of Fortune

Come Taste The Band

Side One

  • 1 Comin’ Home
  • 2 Lady Luck
  • 3 Gettin’ Tighter
  • 4 Dealer
  • 5 I Need Love

Side Two

  • 1 Drifter
  • 2 Love Child
  • 3 This Time Around / Owed To ‘G’ (Instrumental)
  • 4 You Keep on Moving

Made in Europe

Side One

  • 1 Burn
  • 2 Mistreated (Interpolating Rock Me Baby)
  • 3 Lady Double Dealer

Side Two

  • 1 You Fool No One
  • 2 Stormbringer

Last Concert in Japan

Side One

  •  1 Burn
  • 2 Love Child
  • 3 You Keep on Moving
  • 4 Wild Dogs

Side Two

  • 1 Lady Luck
  • 2 Smoke on The Water
  • 3 Soldier of Fortune
  • 4 Woman from Tokyo
  • 5 Highway Star

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Can anyone please post opinions about the “sound quality” of these purple colored pressings …. IN COMPARISON to the original green label Warner Brothers pressings AND in addition to any more recent pressings, some of which have been really bad, as us hardcore DP’rs know. Thank you!


Just got the first three albums. Yes, Universal has “faithfully replicated” the sticker mark on the cover of Machine Head )on the right corner over letter “L”). So no improvment in cover art, unfortunately!


And the vinylz are red, not purple.

elliott buckingham

any idea why machine head is the only one not available on amazon uk

elliott buckingham

surely all new vinyl are limited editions because they no longer press millions of each album

David Baxter

No In Rock; No Fireball ……….


How about re-mastering The Mark 2 Purple Singles album on Purple Vinyl again. I bet it would sound better than the first time around.


You can have any colour you want . . . as long as it’s purple.

Eliot Wien

How bout a Deep “PURPLE” Box set?????


Add me to the list of those wondering about a U.S. release.
I read somewhere (can’t recall where) that these releases are intended for worldwide EXCEPT the U.S. and Japan.
The licensing here appears to be a jumble. I’d be curious to know why In Rock and Fireball weren’t included in this group of reissues. These are being released by Universal. In the U.S., Warner/Rhino controls their catalogue.
Warner/Rhino released a clear vinyl Machine Head in 2016, but there has been no indication of any further U.S. vinyl reissues from them.
Are the U.S. and Japan going to get our own coloured vinyl reissues? Should we seek these imports out? Should we wait…possibly for naught and miss out?


In Europe Universal controls 1972-1989 catalog and Warner 1968-1971. Previously 1968-1976 releases were licenced to EMI, but this changed when EMI was sold to Universal and again to Warner…

Tony Orwell

my money would be on 5000 of each

Eric Ritchie

I would prefer In Rock and Fireball to be reissued. Real quality albums!

William Darlington

This is funny, for all those convinced of the superiority of the vinyl sound:
‘… vinyl pressing…from new digital transfers…’

Mark Sinclair

@William D, Interestingly I don’t think anologue is superior to 24/96 digital, in fact 24/96 digital is probably better than analogue in my opinion. However I think the critical factor is the quality of the DAC used in the playback chain. For digital the DAC sits in the individual’s playback system but for vinyl it sits in the vinyl cutting room and in general the DAC used in the cutting room will be far far superior to the DAC in the playback system.

Vinyl is on paper inferior to digital due to many limitations but a quality cutting, pressing, turntable, cartridge and phono amp can minimise these and may be more than off-set by the better DAC in the playback chain (i.e. the DAC in the cutting room).

Having said that it costs far more in my opinion to get the same playback “quality” from vinyl than digital but I like to physically own my music so vinyl plus 24/96 FLAC is the best of both worlds.

I have high quality vinyl and FLAC playback and on Peter Gabriel’s so the vinyl sounds marginally better to me than the 24/96 WAV which is the audio used to cut the vinyl. Conversely my 24/96 FLAC tip of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours (DVD-A) is superior to the box set vinyl, but they may be different masters….

Mark Sinclair

I just don’t understand why all vinyl can’t come with a free 24/96 FLAC/WAV download of the file used to cut the vinyl…….even in the rare case that the master is analogue it can quickly be turned into a 24/96 digital file. Obviously if the original recording was digital with resolution less than 24/96 then the download should be at the same resolution as the original recording can support.

Peter Gabriel did this with So and the Eurythmics have just done this (noting 2/6 Eurythmics albums were originally recorded digitally with resolution less than 24/96 and so were 16/44 and 24/44, but at least we got the highest resolution possible).


Was a box set not released so long ago that had the vinyls from Machine Head up to and including Perfect Strangers and HOBL…also didn’t include In Rock and Fireball
Maybe Paul might have some more background on this…


When EMI was sold to Universal in 2012, EU regulated the deal and they had to sell a big part of the catalog to Warner. Warner got rights to Parlophone (or actually EMI records Ltd.) releases, which in Deep Purple’case meant the 1968-1971 albums. However, Universal maintained rights to Deep Purple’s Purple Records releases 1972-1976 starting from Machine Head… So that’s why…

James K

Hey! What about us here in the US??? :-(


udiscovermusic.com now showing sold out.

Robert Lacyk

What ever happened to the Made In Europe deluxe set? Should have been out already.


Looking forward to get these, even though I already have the first pressings, anniversary editions and 2016 re-releases. Really hope that original cover art will be used instead of poor quality facsimile covers. Last Concert In Japan could be called “a surprise release”. What about Powerhouse? Maybe Deepest Purple compilation would have been more appropriate in this connection.


Have you any information about the upcoming vinyl issue of Celebrating Jon Lord? There are 3 albums, 2xRock and 1xComposer. It is a rehash of the 2014 box set. Available everywhere to pre order (some with blu ray) but not a single press release that l can find.



Paul Mann

Maybe it’s now too late to reply to this, Paul – but it’s not that complicated. There are three vinyl sets; 2LPs for “The Composer”, 1LP for the first part of “The Rock Legend” and a further 2 LPs for the rest of the “Rock Legend” set which included the DP appearance. 5 LPs in total. In each of the three sets there is a BluRay of the entire show. Also upcoming at the end of this week (21 September) is the Ear Music Vinyl reissue of the 1999 DP concert with the LSO at the Albert Hall. Apart from a short-lived and very limited issue on the a boutique Italian label some years ago, this is its first vinyl incarnation. 3LPs and Cd for about 25 Euros.

Elizabeth Ursula Hirst

Without “In Rock”, no Deep Purple set can be complete. I know there are licensing issues there, but it’s why I didn’t buy the black vinyl set and am unlikely to fully take the plunge here, although I might pick up one or two. Slightly surprised they are not offering these as a bundle.


Warner released In Rock and Fireball a little later on. That’s when I picked the complete mark I black vinyl 1970-1974 set!


And I meant complete Mark II and III black vinyl studio albums set! : )

Noel Bayley

I wondered when this news was going to appear. Nobody’s back catalogue has been plundered more often than Deep Purple’s and because of licensing issues this doesn’t include three each from Mk I and Mk II! Having bought them two or three times over I’ll pass but interestingly Purple were reaoonsible for the best live album (Made In Japan – mislabelled here as Machine Head) and the worst: Last Concert In Japan. No-one should have to pay £18.66 for that!


I’m assuming they are quite limited as with the upfront notification sheet from universal yesterday came the following sentence

Please be aware that I cannot guarantee supply of quantity due to them being limited runs.

which you dont usually see unless it’s pretty limited, in my experience.


Ha ! It’s just a ploy to shift these so called Ltd runs !

andrew R

These were all made available as double lps coloured purple
and numbered about 15 years ago . Flogging of the dead horse once again.
And digital files to analogue .Pointless .