Deep Purple / The Vinyl Collection


Early in 2016, Universal Music Catalogue will issue The Vinyl Collection, a new Deep Purple vinyl box set

The seven-record box set will contain the seven studios albums released from 1972’s Machine Head onwards, including the two ‘Mark II’ line-up eighties outings, Perfect Strangers and The House of Blue Light.

All content has been remastered from the original tapes and these reissues will contain 180g vinyl pressings complete with original inserts and period packaging replicated.

The Vinyl Collection is expected on 29 January 2016.



In the box:

  • Machine Head (1972)
  • Who Do We Think We Are? (1973)
  • Burn (1974)
  • Stormbringer (1974)
  • Come Taste The Band (1975)
  • Perfect Strangers (1984)
  • The House of Blue Light (1987)

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[…] Deep Purple / The Vinyl Collection  (7LP box […]


What a waste.

Jonny Christensen

Btw…I am seeing the individual titles for release on the same date on Amazon UK.

Here’s Burn for example

Do we know who’s done the mastering on these?



Perfect Strangers and Hosue Of Blue Light deluxe edition?

Nigel Pond

Jonny and Gareth,

As Phil explained in post no. 3, Deep Purple’s back catalogue is effectively managed by two record companies. The early years, up to and including Fireball are on the Parlophone label, which is owned by Warner Music. The distribution rights to the seven albums in this box set are owned by Universal Music.

It probably won’t be too long until Warner Music release a box set of their albums including In Rock and Fireball.

Very few artists (in a long career) stay with one label / record company for their whole career so having complete box sets is going to be rare.


still sucks that a band like Purple have no say in release of their back catalogue.Two of their finest albums left out as well as made in japan.


no In Rock or Fireball means no purchase…who came up with this idea !!! Two of Purples best albums left out.Stick it universal

Mr Take Five

I definitly share your opinions: Gareth & Johnny. Just another stupid result of this bizarre globalization in the Music Business – Thanks Phil Cohen for the specification on the theme.

Jonny Christensen

Who’s bright idea was it to leave out In Rock and Fireball…in place of House of Blue Light??? Someone should be fired.

John Ireland

Why no In Rock or Fireball? If they had been included I would have been more tempted.

Phil Cohen

The specifics of how EMI was dismantled put the 1968-1976 Deep Purple recordings under control of two different record conglomerates.
Early recordings owned by “HEC Enterprises”(the albums up through and including “Fireball”) have gone to Warner Music worldwide, but later albums(owned by “Deep Purple Overseas Ltd”) have gone to Universal Music. That was as a result for HEC licensing specifically to Parlophone in 1968, but Deep Purple Overseas limited licensing the “Purple Records” label to EMI Music. At first, Warner Music was going to contest Universal’s claim to have the license on “Machine Head”, but they have apparently abandoned the idea.

David Bourgoin

Strange choice of albums. I would have thought a box covering the Mk2 era or the Mk2 and Mk3 era together would be more attractive than bits from here and there