Deep Purple’s Whoosh! delayed

New album moved back to August

Deep Purple‘s new album Whoosh! will now be released later than planned, in August.

The Bob Ezrin produced long-player was scheduled for 12 June but due to the COVID19 pandemic it will now be issued on 7 August. Various physical versions of the album are available including a seven-disc box set. More details are available on this SDE post.

Whoosh! 2LP vinyl

LP 1

Side 1

1. Throw My Bones
2. Drop The Weapon
3. We’re All The Same In The Dark
4. Nothing At All

Side 2

5. No Need To Shout
6. Step By Step
7. What The What

LP 2

Side 3

1. The Long Way Round
2. The Power Of The Moon
3. Remission Possible
4. Man Alive

Side 4

5. And The Address
6. Dancing In My Sleep

Box set exclusive 3 x 10-inch vinyl: The inFinite Live Recordings Vol. 2″

10-inch #1

Side A
1. Highway Star
2. Pictures Of Home

Side B
1. Bloodsucker
2. Strange Kind Of Woman
3. Don Airey’s Organ Solo

10-inch #2

Side A
1. Lazy
2. Birds Of Prey

Side B
1. Don Airey’s Key Solo
2. Perfect Strangers

10-inch #3

Side A
1. Space Truckin‘
2. Smoke On The Water

Side B
Peter Gunn/Hush

Whoosh! CD+DVD mediabook


Throw My Bones
Drop The Weapon
We’re All The Same In The Dark
Nothing At All
No Need To Shout
Step By Step
What the What
The Long Way Around
The Power of the Moon
Remission Possible
Man Alive
And the Address
Dancing In My Sleep

DVD (160 min running time)

Roger Glover and Bob Ezrin In Conversation
(Filmed at British Grove Studios, November 2019).

Deep Purple – Live At Hellfest 2017 – Full performance

  1. Time For Bedlam
  2. Fireball
  3. Bloodsucker
  4. Strange Kind Of Woman
  5. Uncommon Man
  6. The Surprising
  7. Lazy
  8. Birds Of Prey
  9. Hell To Pay
  10. Don Airey’s Solo
  11. Perfect Strangers
  12. Spacetruckin‘
  13. Smoke on The Water
  14. Peter Gunn/Hush
  15. Black Night


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From the cover, sure looks like Thanos got to him…


Jarv Is’ Beyond The Pale LP has moved from May to September. Disappointing – Q have just given it a five-star write-up!

I think Sparks are doing it right.
New LP digital release date remains, physical later.

Philip John Birtwistle

As Bruce Springsteen once said,

“The release date is one day, the music is forever.”


Thanks for telling us, Paul. On the subject of Purple, I think that Ritchie Blackmore is right when he says that one last Mark II show would have been a good idea. Ritchie commented on the passing of Jon Lord (RIP) and he said nobody knew who was going to go next. One last gig would have been great for us fans. Ian Gillan won’t have it though. I’d love to see Ritchie with the band one last time, but I would also love to see Blackmore with Coverdale and Hughes on stage again, with Paicey on drums, of course.

Uncle Meat

You won’t see it happen. Ritchie wouldn’t pass the audition, among those other well known things!


I think we can live without it and worrying that it’s going to be 2 months late is small fry compared to what we are trying to do to keep safe right now…But you would think they would at least put out the streaming or download version for the fans with physical versions released separately in August…Anyway there’s plenty of other music out there to discover online.


No I just think some fans will worry and be peeved off that it’s been delayed me I’m not as I’m not a fan but it is to be expected that releases are going to be pushed back, concerts too look very doubtful for the autumn I do think more and more artists will turn to social media to connect with fans doing mini concerts in the stay safe mode, for those artists who haven’t yet taken on that medium it might be a very good idea to start ASAP, Also for a lot of artists nowadays concert touring IS their bread and butter to stay afloat.


Talking of ‘reporting’, you seem to have totally missed the recent CD box set by The Primitives even though I ‘reported’ it to you twice.

Alan B

Every pre order I have had been pushed back either to June or September. This is the first one moved outwith those two months. The release schedule is going to get clogged up in the next few months.
I see the Strokes new album vinyl has been pushed back 2 weeks but the CD and cassette are being released as per original release date this Friday citing a manufacturing delay.