Def Leppard / Hysteria: seven-disc super deluxe edition box set

This August, Universal Music will release a 30th anniversary reissue of Def Leppard‘s 1987 album Hysteria, across multiple formats, including a seven-disc super deluxe edition box set.

The album has sold 25 million copies worldwide to date and this new super deluxe offers a wealth of extra material. The remastered album (mastering handled by the band’s long-serving sound engineer Ronan McHugh) comes with two CDs of radio edits and B-sides, along with two further CDs which feature the audio from the 1989 video release In The Round, In Your Face

Two DVDs accompany this audio, the first of which offers promo videos and TV appearances (the Rock of Ages documentary will not be part of this disc, SDE has learned). The the second delivers the 2002 Classic Albums documentary.

The box set comes with four books: a history of the album written by journalist Paul Elliott, a complete discography of all the releases from around the world, a photo-book of Ross Halfin images and a facsimile of the original tour programme.

A three-CD deluxe edition combines the album with the two In The Round, In Your Face discs and this reissue is also available as a 2LP vinyl set.

Hysteria will be reissued on 4 August 2017.

CD One (Remastered Hysteria)

1. “Women”
2. “Rocket”
3. “Animal”
4. “Love Bites”
5. “Pour Some Sugar On Me”
6. “Armageddon It”
7. “Gods Of War”
8. “Don’t Shoot Shotgun”
9. “Run Riot”
10. “Hysteria”
11. “Excitable”
12. “Love And Affection”

CD Two

1. “Tear It Down” (B-side)
2. “I Wanna Be Your Hero” (Retro Active)
3. “Ride Into The Sun (Retro Active)
4. “Ring Of Fire” (B-Side)
5. “Women” (Radio Edit)
6. “Rocket” (Lunar Mix) (Radio Edit)
7. “Love Bites” (Radio Edit)
8. “Hysteria” (Radio Edit)
9. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” (Radio Edit)
10. “Armageddon It” (Radio Edit)
11. “Release Me” (Stumpus Maximus)
12. Classic Album – Hysteria (BBC Radio Documentary)

CD Three

1. “Rocket” (The Lunar Mix – Extended Version) (B-Side)
2. “Armageddon It” (The Nuclear Mix) (12″ Single)
3. “Animal” (Extended Version)
4. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” (Extended Version)
5. “Excitable” (The Orgasmic Mix) (B-Side)
6. “Rocket” (Lunar Mix) (B-Side)
7. “Rock Of Ages” (Live) (B-Side)
8. “Love And Affection” (Live) (B-Side)
9. “Billy’s Got A Gun” (Live) (B-Side)

CD Four: In The Round, In Your Face (Live)

1. “Stagefright”
2. “Rock! Rock!” (Till You Drop)
3. “Women”
4. “Too Late For Love”
5. “Hysteria
6. “Gods Of War”
7. “Die Hard The Hunter”

CD Five: In The Round, In Your Face (Live)

1. “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak”
2. “Foolin'”
3. “Armageddon It”
4. “Animal”
5. “Pour Some Sugar On Me”
6. “Phil Solo”
7. “Rock Of Ages”
8. “Photograph”


1 Rock of Ages: Def Leppard Documentary
2 Rocket – TOTP
3 Pour Some Sugar on Me – TOTP
4 Animal – TOTP
5 Pour Some Sugar on Me – Brit Awards
6 Women – Promo Video
7 Animal – Promo Video
8 Pour Some Sugar on Me – Promo Video
9 Pour Some Sugar on Me – US Version Live
10 Hysteria – Promo Video
11 Love Bites – Promo Video
12 Rocket – Promo Video
13 Armageddon It (Live) – Promo Video

DVD Two (Classic Albums doc)

1 Introduction
2 Animal
3 Hysteria
4 Rocket
5 Love Bites
6 Pour Some Sugar on Me
7 Initial Recordings of Animal
8 Rick Gets Hysterical
9 Hysteria (Acoustic Performance)
10 Drumming – Return to The Status Quo
11 The Album According to Joe
12 Sugar Stripped Down
13 Pour Some Sugar on Me (Acoustic Performance)
14 Guitars, Guitars, Guitars
15 Windmill II and The Gods of War
16 Mutt’s Vocals in The Mix
17 The Album Is Finally Released

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A real live performance as a bonus that has never been commercially released before in any format. Lets face it they sucked after Pyromania when playing live, especially on Hysteria tour. A raw live album with no overdubs is practically impossible back then and even now

Lee Realgone

What happened to the excellent ‘Rock of Ages’ documentary? It’s the main reason I wanted this set. It was advertised as being included originally…

Lee Realgone

Boo. Shame. It’s still the best ever Def Leppard documentary, even though it only goes up to ’87.


I notice that What Records can sell vinyl albums cheaper than Amazon Uk. Hysteria is £5 cheaper. https://www.whatrecords.co.uk/items/78248.htm
Delivery is a steep £4.80 though, making the difference negligible (and I’d get it next day with Prime). However, at £8 delivery for as many albums a you can buy it seems a great place to buy albums in bulk.
Has anyone got any experience of buying from What Records?

CJ Feeney

What Records are good retailers. Well packaged vinyl, good prices. Also good at responding to e-mails. Buy with confidence.


Thanks CJ, I appreciate the positive endorsement. I’ll surely give ’em a go.

Steve Rickard

I can second that, What records packaging is excellent. I recently purchased a few albums and although the postage cost was £8, the records were bubble wrapped then wrapped in cardboard and then bubble wrapped again, all items were received in mint condition. I have used them many times.


Thanks Steve, it’s always good to hear from others if you’ve never used a company before. I’m planning my order and it may leave a huge hole in my pocket!
Thank you.


The 3CD version should have had the “b sides” CDs instead of 2 live ones. Really strange choice.


Have most of DVD 1 and all of DVD 2. CD 1 and CD 4. Ordered the 3CD set. Not much else worth in this box set.


With a 5.1 mix, this would have been an instant buy for me. But I’ll have to pass on this & stick with my old CD.


Most modern recievers are typically equipped with a virtual surround setting. Compared to my SACDs, DVD-As and Bluray Audios, it stands up fairly well. I too would have really enjoyed an actual 5.1 release, it seemed a logical addition, so it’s strange they missed the boat on it.

peter chrisp

It is a little annoying that there is no 5.1 or at least In Your Round should or could have been a “visual” feast, but gee what an excellent price originally around 108 pounds then a decrease to 89 pounds and even better than the real thing thanks once again Paul 4 your updates i am so wrapped it’s now 60 pounds, i’ll take it, perfect.


Cancelled my order and reordered both this, at the alert price, and Ramones Leave Home for much less than the £125 they originally wanted just for Hysteria… £103 inc shipping to the US. With the price difference I ordered the 2-LP orange vinyl too. Thanks Paul!

As a heads up for any US people, iTunes site were selling the Classic Album documentaries (inc Hysteria) for around $2.99 each – had a blow out and bought them all.


This is the stuff i’m kind of “missing” from my collection:

5. “Women” (Radio Edit)
6. “Rocket” (Lunar Mix) (Radio Edit)
7. “Love Bites” (Radio Edit)
8. “Hysteria” (Radio Edit)
9. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” (Radio Edit)
10. “Armageddon It” (Radio Edit)

12. Classic Album – Hysteria (BBC Radio Documentary)

Most of them radio edits but that’s all.


What it pisses me the most is the classic albums documentary, i mean, they are showing us all these alternate takes and demos but they are not releasing them in this 30th box? Don’t wanna feel scammed so i guess i’ll pass…


In all my time visiting this website and studying all those SDE releases, this is probably the biggest cash grab I have seen. The first 3 discs of this SDE are the same as the 2cd Deluxe version except for a few lame radio edits. And the 2cd Deluxe has 2 extra live tracks “women” and “elected”. “Women live” is on disc 4 but not sure if that is the same live version. If it is then still “elected live” is missing. As many have already mentioned above, there is no 5.1 nor Blu Ray. BBC radio documentary? No thanks. The live stuff was already released on dvd before. No unreleased live material, no demos, no surround sound. Shame on the label. This thing is dead on arrival. One of the laziest SDE’s I have seen. Not even a deal alert could trigger me to open my wallet for this.


Woman is the same live in the round version (Denver Colorado), also i don’t get why they are including 2 retroactive versions instead the original hysteria ones.


Doesn’t seem to be too much new stuff here that’s already ready been released. Some demos would have been good to see how things developed. It should have been remastered by Mutt Lange and Nigel Green who engineered/recorded/produced it. I wonder if they were approached to do it? Would be good to know if there is a foreword in the book from Mutt himself but he is known for being a recluse. And the audio from the ‘In the round’ concert is awash with all the reverb from the 80’s. I hope the ‘Classic Albums’ disc includes the extra footage as well showing the extra vocals from ‘Love Bites’ which is funny. But I’m still buying it. It is THE 80’s rock album.

peter wolf

Paul a massive thanks in regards to Def Leppard’s Hysteria update from 103 to 76 pounds much appreciative great stuff!!!!


Paul are you going to put up the price compare for the orange vinyl?


I was very excited when seeing this post but then very disappointed like everyone else seems to be with the lack of anything new and now with the rock of ages doco being pulled I wasn’t going to get this but then I’ve just seen the price has dropped to £73 so I thought I may as well

peter wolf

Wazza same as me 103 down to 73-76 pounds is pretty cool


This amounts everything else in the music industry (hopefully!) are intended to be re-released on Blu-Ray!!! At least at some point! Weeeee! I can’t wait! This is just an “in the meantime release”! Something to fill the void until all of that happens!!!! YES!!!!


A mixed bag that’s for sure.

Where is the genuinely unreleased material? Where are the Steinman mixes, for example?

The vinyl looks interesting as the original does not sound good.

Chris Squires

Just cancelled my order of the Vinyl.
I bought it stupidly thinking the 2nd LP would have some kind of bonus material on it, but as “fan” warned above it’s just the original LP stretched across 4 sides. There’s too much else that is so much better than that lazy effort. It should have been like Nick Cave / CAN being a triple LP if there was a real reason to stretch the LP across 4 sides. If they can release triples for the same price it just shows how poor a show this is…shame really.

Matthew Collier

Like many others, I was excited to see this, being a fan from way back but like many others, I was expecting a BluRay with hi-res in 2.0 and 5.1, but sadly, no…. (again! :( )

Again, why no video of In The Round on the DVD! Both should be included for the price!

Unless the price drops massively, and the master turns out not to be horrible, then I also won’t be buying – shame! :(


Why use the Retroactive versions of IWBYH and RITS instead of the original b-side versions? The aforementioned original b-sides and a live cover of Alice Cooper’s “Elected” are on the previous Deluxe Edition but not on this new SDE.

I’ll add my vote to those above: bring on the deluxe High N Dry!


Another thing, they are trying pretty much “copying” U2 with the 3cd’s deluxe edition album+concert however they U2 one has been never released, with the Def Leppard one they are just extracting the audio from an already old DVD.


A kind of useless release IMO.

1) First of all, is this gonna be a brand new remaster or the same from 2005 which suffered from horrible loudness levels?
2) Regarding CD2 and CD3 bsides and remixes i already own the deluxe 2005 hysteria deluxe edtion.
3) Why would i want right now the audio extracted from an old DVD that i already own? That makes not even worth the 3 cd’s version either.
4) Promo videos? i already own them all.
5) Classic album documentary? thanks but i already watch it years ago too and i only watch docs generally once.

So although i love Leppard i think i’m gonna pass this release this time sadly.

alan hansen

i’m only a moderate “greatest-hits” type fan of Def Leppard, but i’ll give them credit (to whomever the powers be) for a well thought out SDE, with appropriate purchasing options. kudos!


This is brilliant! Can’t wait.

Sad comments are always the same with these box sets. Be happy :)

Charlie Waffles

Does the Super Deluxe Box Set have every track from the wonderful Deluxe Edition that was released ten years ago?

High n’ Dry needs the Super Deluxe Edition box set treatment before Hysteria.

A cash grab from Ume.


Same content? no, i don’t think so, i assume all the same bsides will be there but not all the remixes. Personally i don’t care about the remixes anyways.


Have the Hysteria from Vegas set which includes audio CD’s as well as video of concert, so no reason to buy this if no hi res included. Although the recent release has Vivienne not Steve C playing guitar of course. Which is precisely why they should have put the concert on one of the DVD’s.


Reading the headline and before reading the details, I couldn’t imagine 7 discs without some sort of 5.1 version of the album included. Leave it to the record marketing geniuses to out-imagine me.

Carlton Fisher

OOOOOOOO……but can I really justify this much money for what is really only a guilty pleasure? Will I still love me tomorrow if I drop $125 on this?

Too many decisions. And all of a sudden, there’s this huge outpouring of SDEs that I really, really want.


No unreleased material !?
It doesn’t even look like they tried to replicate the 12″ singles that assembled to form a giant picture ?

Steve Lowe

£84.99 at uDiscover Music Store

Steven Roberts

Gobsmacked there is no 5.1 in this set….


Love the album but it is a bit pricey.


Hysteria: Exclusive Orange Vinyl with poster is on pre-order on the The sound of vinyl website !!!
Very limited edition they say so fans have to be quick


These are going for up to $150 on eBay right now…


Do something with High N Dry PLEASE?!?!?


The price is “hysterical”
At 70 pounds i will order !
Anyway, High and Dry is number one for me


This album was a huge experience in the 80s and I saw the tour, watched all the vids, wore the music out, etc. Like others, it is sort of disappointing that for everything in the box, almost all of it is available elsewhere in some form or another. I have the CD singles so most of the mixes, live B-sides, etc are on those. I have the live show on DVD so can’t really justify the need for the 2 CDs that cover that material, I have the album itself in both the deluxe version and MFSL. As much as I’m a fan I simply don’t know if I can justify spending $100 on a handful of tracks I don’t have.

Paul E.

Keeping my 2006 “Hysteria” Deluxe Edition and awaiting Mr. Sinclair’s deal alert on this 2017 SDE. They certainly have more than two acoustic offerings from this era – and how ’bout sharing those demos too?


So that’s great. Hysteria. Yay.

I guess High and Dry will be next? Just in time for the 40th Anniversary.

Dan T.

Too bad they didn’t provide resolution higher than 16/44 for the audio portions.

I’m not buying until I see the waveforms or a reliable entry at the DRC database. I refuse to believe this remaster isn’t brickwalled/compressed beyond all recognition…

CJ Feeney

Release Me – the greatest b side ever! Brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Tears of laughter of course.

Tom M Hans

Not sure if the 2 live discs and dvds justify the expense. Everything else seems to be readily available on other discs. Did we really wait for this? Get me a Pyromania SDE, please. If at all.

Marc I Federman

agree with all comments, i was excited when i saw 7 disc, then i saw no BD Audio or DVD-Audio 5.1 or even high rez stereo, come on Universal, have you abandon Pure Audio – not buying it.


Just hope they use the proper extended mix if Animal, unlike the last deluxe edition which used a truncated version.


I don’t have a copy of this so the 3 CD version is looking good to me.


So the audio from In The Round, In Your Face will be included on CD, but the video won’t be included on DVD? What’s the point? I’ll probably pick this up if or when a great deal shows up but it’s not a must-buy right now.


Aside from the 5.1 mix – which would of been obvious to include, why include the audio CDs to In The Round, In Your Face and not the video itself?
The video [upgraded in audio] should of been a separate set with the 2 audio CDs with hopefully extra material [not in front of me but it was in an era where most videos didn’t go past 90 minutes].
The typical Classic Albums doc lasted 60 minutes.
Could of done without “Classic Album – Hysteria (BBC Radio Documentary)” if the remaining B’sides and mixes would fit on a single CD [be close].


I thought the idea of CDs was to try and put as much on each disc as possible. It seems the opposite is the case here and the result is more discs than anyone needs

Gary C

Should have put the concert DVD in there on 5.1 plus the album too.
I’m pretty sure I have the vinyl reissue froma few years back; was that all edits to fit on a 2 LP?


Is the vinyl 45rpm or 33rpm?