Def Leppard / The Early Years 79-81

New five-CD box set • Early albums also available separately on vinyl & CD

Universal Music will release The Early Years 79-81 a document of the beginnings of British Rock band Def Leppard who would go on to sell more than 100 million records worldwide.

Executive produced by Joe Elliot, this five-CD box set includes remastered (by Ronan McHugh) versions of the band’s first two albums On Through The Night (1980) and High and Dry (1981) as well as a disc of B-sides and rarities, a CD of Radio One sessions and a previously unreleased and newly mixed live show from Oxford in 1980.

The box also includes a booklet featuring the history of the albums written by Paul Elliott (no relation) featuring personal insights from the band on the making and releasing of those early records as well as rare photos and images of memorabilia The remastered albums will also be available separately on CD and vinyl.

The Early Years 79-81 will be released on 20 March 2020. Good price in Amazon France at the moment.

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Def Leppard

The Early Years 79 to 81 - 5CD box set


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Def Leppard

On Through The Night - remastered vinyl LP


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Def Leppard

On Through The Night - remastered CD


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Def Leppard

High and Dry - remastered vinyl LP


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Def Leppard

High and Dry - remastered CD


The Early Years 79-81 – 5CD box set

Rock Brigade
Hello America
Sorrow Is A Woman
It Could Be You
When the Walls Came Tumbling Down
Rocks Off
It Don’t Matter
Answer to The Master

Let It Go
Another Hit and Run
High N Dry (Saturday Night)
Bringin’ On the Heartache
Switch 625
You Got Me Runnin’
Lady Strange
On Through the Night
Mirror Mirror (Look into My Eyes)
No No No

When the Walls Came Tumbling Down
It Could Be You
Rock Brigade
Medicine Man
Answer to the Master
When the Rain Falls
Sorrow Is a Woman
Good Morning Freedom
Don’t Matter to Me
Lady Strange
GetchaRocks Off
Hello America
Ride into The Sun

Ride into The Sun – The Def Leppard EP
Getcha Rocks Off – The Def Leppard EP
The Overture – The Def Leppard EP
Wasted -Single
Hello America – Single
Rock Brigade – Unreleased Nick Tauber produced version
Glad I’m Alive – Unreleased Nick Tauber produced version
Good Morning Freedom – Single
Let It Go – Single Edit
Switch 625 – Single Edit
Bringin’ On the Heartbreak – Single Edit
Me and My Wine – Original Version
Bringin’ On the Heartbreak – Remix
Me and My Wine – Remix


Andy Peebles Session – 07/06/1979
Glad I’m Alive
Sorrow Is A Woman
Answer to The Master

Friday Rock Show Session – 03/10/1979
Rock Brigade
Good Morning Freedom

Live at the Reading Festival – 24/08/1980
Satellite / When the Walls Came Tumbling Down
Medicine Man
The Overture
Lady Strange
Getcha Rocks Off

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Are On Throught the night and High & Dry new remastered versions or the same as CD collection Colume 1?


Ordered this via amazon a pair of days ago, and don’t ask me how buy i received this yesterday delivered in my country.
On Through The Night is my least favorite Def Leppard album (I’m a Hysteria, Adrenalize, Retroactive, Slang guy) but…part of the collection at the end of the day.

The CD Collection Volume 1 contains remastered cd’s, and yes they are the same. Well almost… no gatefold on these latest ones.

Definitely a rip off releasing the same two remastered albums in two different boxes, the same did with Hysteria anniversary editions….show us the money…


Nothing new really. All this stuff has been out in good quality on bootlegs.

Phil Wilson

Just listening to ‘Good Morning Freedom’ from the Oxford show on Amazon music (other streaming services are available). Sounds good quality, and to be honest, far better than I’d hoped for.

Andrew Greenwood

If anyone is interested in pricing, it is €49.99 on Amazon France and £67.99 on Amazon UK (16/02/2020). that is a reduction in France and a rise in the UK

This is the set I’ve been waiting for since they started doing the reissues, and yes, I already have a load more early stuff that isn’t on this set, but I suspect this is the best we’re going to get. I only saw the Deffies with this lineup, so it’s my favourite period (when I was a youngster, ha ha)

Larry Davis

Interesting, exciting and odd, simultaneously…I do want this stuff though…as for what’s on Vol 3 & 4, was thinking 3 would be X, Yeah, Sparkle & S/T…and 4 would be the live albums & DVDs of videos, concerts, docs, etc…


Now, THIS is the set I’ve been waiting for!
I already own the 2-disc Deluxe Editions, so I passed on the Vol. 1 box due to its minimal rarities. But this is the perfect companion to the Deluxes. Shame it doesn’t include ALL of their 1979-1980 recordings, but this is probably the best we can hope for outside of bootlegs. Can’t wait!


Kewl but too much mula$$$$

Michael H. Hughes

Loved the first two Def Leppard albums: they meant the world to me as a rock and roll obsessed American teenager in early 80s Kentucky. Excited about this release!


I only hope Vol 3 doesn’t get delayed because of this release.

This new box is mainly aimed to those ones who only like the first 2 Leppard albums, specially those ones saying they have never even listened to Hysteria lol…

I have Vol 1 and this box feels kind of pointless, despite of that i might buy it (hysteria boxset was worst and i bought it), however i’m gonna wait for its size first (i suppose it is like the sex pistols live ’76 one) but if it is bigger i definitely won’t.

This release will complete the deluxe editions of their first 7 albums….


Anyone thinks the 3 CDs here should of been part of box set #1? Volume 1 rarities was “thin”.
Over $100 US for 5 CDs? Ridiculous.
[Coincidently I was listening to volume #1 in the car this week.]

Stan C

Man oh man… You dudes are a cranky bunch of geezers. IT IS A MIRACLE THAT ANY PHYSICAL PRODUCT IS STILL BEING PRODUCED.


Right on all counts.


You are joking, yes? It’s always hard to tell in text with no inflection, but I think you’re messing with us. Everyone knows that vinyl sounds infinitely better than a digital sound file. It’s the audio equivalent of Ultra 4K vs. DVD. You get the highs, the lows, and the texture that is lost in digital. Music fans don’t stream their favorite stuff, they own it. Streaming is for background noise or to check out that song that your friend/girlfriend/coworker keeps telling you to check out. Besides, you can’t get a sound file autographed by the band…..

Charlie Waffles

The ring on the artwork is annoying. The price is too high right now. Pass.

Cosmo Castanza

Getcha Rocks Off was my fav Def Leppard song when it came out ….and still is.


I hope the next set has more High N Dry goodies…
Demos, rarities, a live Bluray etc…….

David Geldard

No all-vinyl box set then? That’s a let down.


Making the cover look like an LP with ring wear may be artsy, but I find it annoying.


Well, I’m tempted. But, if we’re judging by math, then exactly half these tracks appeared on the 2018 set, so this will have to come down in price $40USD from the list. I’ll wait for one of Paul‘s fabulous deal alerts!


This looks like a good set and will probably take a punt, but will wait to see what the prices are on other sites first. Doesn’t seem to be for sale yet on uDiscover despite having a link ready.
Shame that more of their early recordings from from Fairview weren’t included, but one never gets everything in these boxes.

Phil Wilson

Only bought the 2018 box set a couple of weeks ago (only paid £18 on ebay to be fair), to get the first two albums. Had I not managed to get them that way, this would look a pretty decent release (at the France prices). Hope the sound quality is good though on the live/ session tracks.


Assuming that OTTN and HaD use the same masters as the 2016 Volume 1 box, then this release is a bit of a slap in the face to the fans who bought Vol1, as discs 1, 2 and 75% of 4 are taken straight from the Volume 1 set.

As much as I’d love to get the Reading Set I can’t justify the price on this. I also naively thought that the live disc was going to be packaged as a 2 disc with OTTN (which I could justify buying) when I read the original thread about this release, to keep those who bought Vol 1 sweet.

A pass from me unless a deal alert springs, and even then it’d need to be sub £30 to make me bite.

I will get the forthcoming Vol 3 and Vol 4 boxes to complete the set, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are also subsequent ‘middle’ and ‘later’ years boxes like this that further duplicate content.

The Def Leppard re-issue campaign appears to be ill conceived at best, from a fans point of view, however the record company bean counter will see it as a work of genius


The Reading set looks like its only what the BBC would’ve aired on The Friday Rock Show… not the whole show.
I’m looking forward to the live in Oxford (1980) set as the show is similar to when I saw the at Newcastle City Hall on the same tour (my first ever gig!)
I will likely buy prob wait though until there’s a bargain to be had :-)


According to setlist.fm, When the Rain Falls and Ride into The Sun are not listed on the website. However, Let It Go is on the web site but not in this list.


Unsure if they actually announced a #3 and #4


The initial announcement was Volumes 1 to 4 and apparently Vol 3 is out later this year (X, Yeah, Sparkle Lounge and Eponymous)….so maybe this is Vol 4….or 3….or something standalone: who knows!

What with this and the standalone Hysteria box (and Hysteria singles box, and Hysteria 3 disc set), the Leps reissue programme is a bit all over the place


Could of done without the remastered albums.
I’m hoping they don’t do one of these for the Hysteria area. Would be my 4th copy of the album on CD.

Wolfgang Mintrop

Soory, but I do have difficulties with the first prices … 5 cd for a price > 55 GBP. The price of AMAZON FR with ca. 44 GBP is also to high, from my point of view.


44GDP works out at less than 9 quid a CD…. what IS considered a fair price in these days of ‘free’ music on Spotify? CDs were more expensive back in the 80s – I wish the price of petrol, car parts, food, etc. had stayed as immobile!


I think this was conceived for those (like me) who bought the 2cd deluxe editions of Pyromania/Hysteria/Adrenalize some years ago, but are not stupid enough to buy LP boxes of things they already have.

Very welcome is the Oxford show, smart incentive, if pro-recorded.

Since Status Quo released audience recordings on their “deluxe editions” I always wait after the release date to buy something,which is also useful for the,sometimes,mispressed first batch

Deaf Leopard

Jamie Crampton, thanks for the top tip re the OTTN & HND Blue & Red vinyl @ TSOV site! I was poised to order the Early Years CD box set from Amazon France (55 Euros inc P&P) when I saw your comment I stopped the Amazon France order in its tracks…..duly ordered from TSOV for £33 (inc delivery with 10% off for my first order). Thank you!

HND has always been one of my favourite DL albums……shame they missed ‘Bringin on the Heartbreak’ (Remix) and ‘Me and My Wine’ off this vinyl version which was on the “rebooted” HND CD Mercury released in 1984 but hey, I’m not complaining

Paul E.

My opinion, of course, but this latest Def Lep set is just a redundant mess. Having already purchased 2018’s “Volume One: The Eighties”, the only “new” material contained here is on Discs 3 + 5. Both remastered albums and nearly half of the B-sides/Rarities on Disc 4 were included in/on 2018’s box set.

This could have been released as a decent supplimental 2 Disc version. Or, better yet, just been included with Volume One [even if some of the material is from ’79]. They should rename this 2020 set “Wasted”.


Nice release but I would have preferred an all vinyl set. And also not sure how much this new mastering is different from the recent box sets. Which I didn’t buy because I have most of the original LP’s. I love the original period of the band when I was big on the NWOBHM movement.


I bought the first box set when it was on a deal, specifically to get the remasters of the first two albums and the early EP. Had I known this box was on the horizon I’d have waited, and there’s not really enough on here to entice me now at this price. Maybe if it drops in due course I might be tempted!


I’ll be buying this for the simply brilliant BBC Friday Rock Show Session that I recorded at the time (sounded great on a Sony metal cassette for many years!) , and transferred to CD later on. Plus hopefully the first two albums will sound better. I saw them at the Liverpool Empire in 1983 after they’d been to America, and people were booing them, Rock Goddess went down far better that night!


Really wish there was a matrix for all the Lep box sets and deluxe editions at this point. I can’t tell what is unique to each one at this point. Love the band, but afraid to buy any set and end up with 98% of what I already have each time.


check the listings on http://www.Discogs.com they should give you an idea of each release and their respective track lists


Was hoping for a full vinyl release on this box set – maybe RSD 2020 for the live show on vinyl?


Assuming this is the start of a series, might those who bought the recent boxes be a bit ticked off right now?


If they don’t complete the other box set series I will be – the four boxes will create the DL logo on my shelf and I’d hate for it to be incomplete.

But the amount of archive stuff added this time around is excellent so I’d be happy for more of this. The box this really shows up the missed opportunity for is the big Hysteria box with little new material.


Me too. What on earth have they done this for. Have they relaised they don’t actually have enough to fill vol 3 & 4 of the planned series.
Looks like my shelf will look very odd as well


OH WE MIGHT BE, SHAWN! What a confusing reissue campaign these guys run. It’s beyond frustrating. I’m sure the 4th Hysteria remaster looms on the horizon!

Ken Moore

The new Hysteria remaster is coming out right after the INXS – Kick 35 Anniversary box gets released.