Demon Music advise T-Rex fans to re-order Born to Boogie pre-orders


Demon Music are advising their customers that their T-Rex Born to Boogie orders are not going to be fulfilled. In a statement, the music group said “due to circumstances beyond our control, we are no longer working with our retail partner MyPlay direct, as a result the T.Rex official store and the Demon Stores are now closed”.

This affects fans who have pre-ordered items that haven’t been released yet, namely the T-Rex Born to Boogie products…

You are affected if you have ordered any of the following products:

  • Born To Boogie Poster
  • Blu-Ray
  • 2CD+2DVD Deluxe edition
  • 7” Children Of The Revolution single

MyPlay are expected to communicate in due course to each customer affected, but the message appears to be that all orders have been cancelled and no payment will have been taken.

Demon are have now listed these products on Amazon, with the exception of the poster which is no longer available. So if you are affected, you need to re-order as below. Any questions, you can email Demon Music at info@demonmusicgroup.co.uk.

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Wow!!! This is why us Bolan fans are ‘rabid!!!!’
I personally think Demon did a good job on most of the stuff, but there is only so much you can get out of a product. Drop the prices and include more ‘unreleased’ things. That was the way forward.
Looks like someone dropped the ball………….


My play has totally jumped the shark. Recently popmarket.com (Ran by my play) recently told me I had to register because hey DELETED ALL ACCOUNTS AND ALL ORDER INFORMATION!!! When I asked what was the deal they just said they’d deleted the accounts and that you had to re-register. Amateur hour to the nth degree. How hard is it to maintain a website? A bunch of $-grubbing fucks who can’t even treat their customers with respect.

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Fat Old Bloke

Got the original deluxe 2 x DVD set from 2005
That box is beautifully presented and produced. I’m happy with that. This is not much more to offer it seems. There was also a 2 CD set produced from those 1972 concerts issued at the same time.


If you go to the Demon Store it still seems to be up and running but very, very, very slowly.


What annoys me is when most deluxe boxsets include vinyl which I am not interested in, this case is the reverse where the Blu-ray is excluded from the set, you only get the inferior DVDs. I won’t buy both, so they lose a sale.


I completely agree, as a huge Bolan fan I have every version of this film/CD and the only way that I would have bought it again was if I saw it hugely reduced on the online store as happened with The Slider box set. That obviously will not happen now.
I am usually a tolerant person but just what inch of clowns is in charge of all thing Bolan these days? To exclude all content from the blu Ray edition proves just how much thought goes into these releases, very little.
After the crappy T.Rex complete albums box set, with missing b- sides to the earlier singles and cheapo packaging I thought things couldn’t get any worse, but now we have this.
It wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if the content on these new ‘Boogie’ releases was a deliberate attempt to get us dedicated Bolan fans to buy all of the available versions/combinations. After all they have been fleecing us since Marc’s death 39 years ago, why stop now.
Absolutely shamefaced rip off.

David Rubin

I will not get this because it feels I just got the dvd set that I still need to watch!!!


I will not buy this one… but I didn’t get it at all… is the problem about T-Rex or about the demon music store Vs My play direct ?