Depeche Mode / Black Celebration & Music for the Masses 12″ boxes

Depeche Mode / Black Celebration & Music for the Masses 12" boxes

More 12″ box sets • Seven records in ‘Masses’, five in ‘Black Celebration’. 

Depeche Mode continue with their 12-inch vinyl box set reissue campaign with packages around the singles pulled from their fifth and six albums Black Celebration and Music For The Masses.

Black Celebration was issued in March 1986 and with the band apparently bored of creating hit singles, saw a move into more gloomy atmospheric soundscapes. The three singles (‘Stripped’, ‘A Question of Lust’ & ‘A Question of Time’) didn’t reward them with any top ten hits in Britain, the album did peak at number four in the UK charts – a new high.

Music For The Masses (it’s title deliberately tongue-in-cheek) was issued in 1987 and co-produced by Dave Bascombe (best known at that point for his work with Tears For Fears). Less dense than it’s predecessor, this album managed to deliver some classic singles in (particularly in ‘Strangelove’ and ‘Never Let Me Down Again’) even if, again, they weren’t massive commercial successes at the time. Music For The Masses is a personal favourite for this writer – managing to be intimate, cinematic, and industrial all at the same time – and this album and the 101 tour very much laid the groundwork for the next album Violator which of course was massive, both creatively and commercially.

Black Celebration: The 12″ Singles features FIVE ‘maxi singles’ on vinyl; one for ‘Stripped’ (five tracks, 25 minutes of music), two for ‘A Question of Lust’ and two for ‘A Question of Time.’ The second 12-inch was actually a cassette-only release in the UK. This box also comes with a poster.

Music For The Masses: The 12″ Singles breaks new ground by including SEVEN 12-inch singles; two for each of the first three singles and one for slightly forgotten fourth single ‘Little 15’. It too includes a poster.

All audio was remastered at Abbey Road Studios and these come with download cards offering 16- bit WAV files. I have to say the quality of the sleeve reproduction was amazing on the last two sets, in particular (check out the unboxing video here).

These are released on 31 May 2019.

Black Celebration: The 12″ Singles

A1 Stripped (Highland Mix)
A2 But Not Tonight (Extended Remix)
B1 Breathing In Fumes
B2 Fly On The Windscreen (Quiet Mix)
B3 Black Day

A Question of Lust #1
A1 A Question Of Lust
A2 Christmas Island (Extended)
B1 People Are People (Live)
B2 It Doesn’t Matter Two (Instrumental)
B3 A Question Of Lust (Minimal)

A Question of Lust #2
A1 A Question Of Lust
A2 Christmas Island
B1 If You Want (Live)
B2 Shame (Live)
B3 Blasphemous Rumours (Live)

A Question of Time # 1
A Question Of Time (Extended Remix)
B1 Black Celebration (Live)
B2 Something To Do (Live)Mixed By – Gareth Jones
B3 Stripped (Live)Mixed By – Gareth Jones

A Question of Time #2
A Question Of Time (New Town Mix) 6:50
A2A Question Of Time (Live Remix) 4:21
B1 Black Celebration (Black Tulip Mix) 6:36
B2 More Than A Party (Live Remix)Remix 5:12

Music For The Masses: The 12″ Singles

Strangelove #1
A Strangelove (Maxi-Mix)
B1 Strangelove (Midi-Mix)
B2 Fpmip

Strangelove #2
A1 Strangelove (Blind Mix)
A2 Pimpf
B1 Strangelove (Pain Mix)
B2 Agent Orange

Never Let Me Down Again #1
A Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix)
B1 Pleasure, Little Treasure (Glitter Mix)
B2 Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)

Never Let Me Down Again #2
A Never Let Me Down Again (Tsangarides Mix)
B1 Pleasure, Little Treasure (Join Mix)
B2To Have And To Hold (Spanish Taster)

Behind The Wheel #1
A Behind The Wheel (Remixed By Shep Pettibone)
B Route 66 (Remixed By The Beatmasters)

Behind The Wheel #2
A Behind The Wheel (Beatmasters Mix)
B Route 66 (Casualty Mix)

Little 15
A Little 15
B1 Stjarna
B2 Sonata Nº 14 In C#M “Moonlight Sonata”

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Disappointed the “A Question Of Lust” (Flood Remix) is not what I was expecting. I already have the remix. There is a rare alternate 7″ version of this song and I thought this was it. Nope.


yeah it the Robert Margouleff (Remix Edit) (12” PRO-A-2504)


Well got this box set and the Black Celebration box set well the download code for music for the masses does not give you all tracks in 320 some are missing

and for black celebration my outer shell and question of lust sleeve is damaged and i cant find any information how to get replacement ones.

also does anybody know how to contact Rhino uk my Alphaville deluxe boxset one of the cds had a defect need to replace it without having to send the whole damn thing back anybody have ideas


Are these the Rhino or Sony Music releases? My Sony releases had two options for download in each set. Uncompressed WAV or mp3

Only the WAV sets are complete. The MP3 set seems to be a subset.


With 2 Shakes the Disease 12″s and 3 It’s Called a Heart’s, there should be a STD/ICAH box of it’s own.

Even though I have almost all of these so far and up to the Violator ones, I too love the look of these and if I had the money to spare, I’d probably get them.
But thankfully, apart from the 2nd A Question of Lust, I have all of them already!
I’m gonna get the SOFAD one though!
That’ll be 9 discs!!

Gareth Pugh

Steve, I think SOFAD would be 8 discs if they are going to replicate the 12″ single formats from 1993-4: IIRC, each single had 2 x 12 releases, some in gatefold sleeves so it’ll be a chunky old box when it arrives, all the same). There *were* 9 separate CD single releases across the album campaign however, ‘In Your Room’ had 3 CDs.

Violator was indeed 9 x 12″ singles (3 for Enjoy the Silence). I’ll be interested to see if they replicate the heat-sealed blue (so-called) ‘gel pack’ PVC outer sleeve for World in My Eyes ltd 2nd 12″ format (with the ‘violate here’ dotted line – always found that little detail very funny).


The only justification for the omission of the “Shake The Disease” and “It’s Called A Heart” singles that I would be OK with is if they were going to release a box of non-album singles that included these. However, their decision to add “Get The Balance Right” to the Construction Time Again box when that wasn’t on that album doesn’t leave much hope. It’ll be interesting to see if they include “Only When I Lose Myself” to the Ultra box.

It’s interesting to note that on the digital re-releases of the DM albums on iTunes, they added “Get The Balance Right” as a bonus track to Construction Time Again, and they added “Only When I Lose Myself” as a bonus track to Ultra, but did not include “Shake The Disease” or “It’s Called A Heart” to either Black Celebration or Music for the Masses.

Nigel D Day

Don’t forget – Dreaming of Me was also a non album single that made it onto the first boxset.


I think they just needed to fill some space for Construction Time Again and that’s why Get the Balance Right was included.
On another note, I received my box sets from Amazon Spain today and apart from a white rubbing mark on the Stripped sleeve, I’m very happy, especially for the price, like, the price different is actually significantly lower than the UK. Thanks Paul, let’s hope the same for Violator and SOFAD, then I may be content to end my collection then, hmmm, maybe Ultra.


No CD no deal, i prefer my flacs then.


1. Even though I have most everything there is to own by Depeche Mode, including much if this on vinyl, just seeing these releases gets me all excited. I do not have the Flood Mix of “A Question Of Lust” and had never even heard of it until now, so that is very exciting.

2. I agree with so many that it’s ridiculous that “Shake The Disease” and “It’s Called A Heart” are not included, and it appears to be BRATS decision, if it’s true he compliled these, which would make sense, he doesn’t always make the best decisions. Although Daniel did a good remix of “Mercy In You” I will admit, I am baffled by his decision to exclude the two 1985 singles from this collection.

3. I think I am most excited to get the Violator/Song Of Faith and Devotion era vinyl remixes since I am missing a few on vinyl (I do have it all on CD and digital though) and also “Playing The Angel” era and anything after that is new on vinyl for me. Yay.


Brat has stated multiple times on the Depeche Mode forum that he’s “the archivist not the producer” suggesting that he isn’t the one who’s made the decision to leave out “Shake The Disease” and “It’s Called A Heart”.
Regardless of who decided, I think it’s a bad decision and the silence from the record label, who must have seen all the fuss is pretty contemptuous, considering these are aimed at hard core fans.

Nigel D Day

Multiple times ?????


On the hopeless official forum anyway. Can’t find any other excuses elsewhere

Nigel D Day

I emailed the label about this and the response pretty much amounted to “ Tough!”

Antony Hudson

Flood mix of A QUESTION OF LUST c BONG 11 cassette



Kevin Galliford

Sorry if anyone has raised this but on the 2007 reissues, the “Black Celebration” one has both “Shake the disease” & “ It’s called a heart” & on the docu they talk about both extensively so don’t know why they are missed off here if it’s what the fans want. The “Fly on the windscreen” mixes are brilliant. Just watching the docu now.

Tom from FIN

Exactly, Kevin. That’s why this is no go. Though originally both were to promote same year singles collection release, including those had been logical.

However, Fly on the Windscreen was already a B-side here and clearly paving the way to landscape and sounds of Black Celebration. A magnificent artistic achievement that is. They started recording almost right after the compilation was launched!

Needless to say that era 12 inches have been taken care of in my libra

Paul Foster

Why isn’t black celebration box black ? The grey looks the same as some great reward.

Gareth Pugh

I have wondered if they are keeping the use of black up their sleeve for when they get to Violator

Daniel Rodriguez

Amazon.ca (Canada) has this Black Celebration box pre-order for $88 CAD (or 66 usd, 59 eruo, 50 gbp) before taxes. Just ordered two!

paul widdows

just thought i would let everyone know i ordered both new DM box sets from amazon spain and the total cost so far [including taxes etc] is 141.31 euro which at the moment is £121.74. Which is £60.87 per box set.I paid £74.99 each for the last two box sets so at the moment thats the cheapest option.

paul widdows

i ordered from the amazon spanish website and only 3.59 euro postage for both. also I have a german 12inch pressing of the uk cassette version of a question of lust which comes with a cd sized booklet. i assume that its that version included in the boxset! [without the booklet of course]


So they’re not releasing these in US anymore? :( Nowhere on US Amazon. I guess I’ll have to pay a premium for an import.


There now on the USA site. Prices are high.


Sitting in the US, I often can get the exact same things imported for less than amazon prices. Amazon will reduce price by VAT for export (15-20%) but will add shipping, but the total can sometimes be less than US amazon price (to which sales tax will be added). Be sure to use a credit card that doesn’t charge a currency exchange fee, and select local currency (EUR) rather than USD at checkout to avoid the ripoff rate offered.

The only downside I find is that all the shipments from amazon EU are in weak cardboard boxes and invariably arrive dented or worse. Unfortunately returns to amazon EU from US are bad because it is not free shipping return either, but amazon will reimburse some cost but unless the package is under 1 pound it will not come anywhere close to covering the postage.


If you mention these boxes benefit the Water charity, people may have more of an excuse for buying these. You could say ‘I’m giving to charity and I get a free DM box in return!’

Nigel D Day

Im still Mr Aggrieved about the omission of those two singles . It seems such a bizarre oversight.
Box 1 has the reproduction flexi disk included, which suggests to me that this is going to be a serious set of releases. The sleeves and labels are period perfect, as far as I can tell, and the same goes for the next 3 boxes in the series.
Box 3 & 4 included the beautiful limited 12”s right down to the textured sleeves on the live Hammersmith releases.
We also get Dreaming of Me and Get The Balance Right – Two non-album tracks, which logically leads me to expect the same treatment when they got round to Shake The Disease and It’s Called A Heart. So, what gives ?
Another thing I find odd is the lack of concern by the DM fan base. I’ve checked out a couple of forums and hardly anyone is battering an eyelid. I’m sure if,say, The Cure or the PSBs released a load of 12” box sets like these if, for example, they missed out Charlotte Sometimes and Lets Go To Bed 12”s, or So Hard and Being Boring 12”s all Hell would break loose :)
Oh well, nice that a charity is benefiting from these releases but sorry Mute/Parlophone/Whoever, my debit card is staying in its wallet.

Martin Jonathan Sanchez

AHEM, , I have a point of order to make but I do believed that the tour DM did in support of Music For The Masses wasn’t called, umm how’d you put it, the 101 Tour. It was named Tour For The Masses and the 191 about was a show called Concert For The Masses. I am one of 60,000 was just barely offended, slightly, it your faux pas.


Paul, is there any chance you can reach out to Sony and ask what the plan / problem is with the missing discs? It would be nice to know.

Nigel Day

Yes, I’d be curious too. Their omissions has spoilt these boxes for me, and the 4 I’ve got now are nothing but investments now which I’ll flog on eBay when they’re OOP.
Yeah, ICAH is a bit pants but it’s still part of that run of singles and STD is a bonafide classic. What’s next ? Removing the maxi mix of Strangelove for one of Daves new songs ?

Ed Jones

Perhaps the plan is to issue a “Singles 81-98″ box featuring STD, ICAH, EC (Live) and ETILM. A nice little earner as STD and ICAH would require two 12″s apiece, EC (Live) and ETILM would require three (if the 10” of EC Live is included) . That’s a wallet-busting 10 pieces of vinyl.

Still, I agree with the previous post regarding the first and third boxes – why include the non-album singles in these if you have no intention of following suit with the rest of the series.

Bizarre and a massively clumsy oversight, in my view. Either do the job properly and consistently or not at all if you want to please the fans.

I propose a boycott of the latest two boxes until they put things right!


Here here (or is it hear hear?)

Richard Hanson

It’s hear hear, as in “hear him, hear him”.


If you look at the singles you can make a whole thick boxset of there own from STD ICAH ECL SL88 i dont think they forgot them i just think there going to put them in there own boxsets after the album releases plus you still have ETS04 ETILMS PJ11 MART BTW11 thereis another boxset in itself plus JCGE DirtySouth ETC off the best of remixes they are just trying to figure out how to fit them in the place holders

Nigel D Day

Well, the omissions have put me off these now so at least I’ll save some money.

Antony Hudson




This is bizarre. Why not just release STD and ICAH plus the singles from Black celebration? if the last two are 2 discs anyway that makes a seven disc box set anyway. Then release all the MFTM singles plus EC (live). Thank God I’m not interested in purchasing these rip-offs anyway as I’d be very pissed off now if I’d already bought the first four.


I agree completely. This is very inconsistent, especially as the non-album track “Get The Balance Right” has already been included in the series. As nice as the artwork of the boxes is… at these skyhigh prices and with these inconsistent decisions, it is a clear “no” for me.

Nigel D Day

The limited 12” of Its Called A Heart was a 2 x 12” thing so we’d be looking at an extra 5 slabs of vinyl including the 2 STD 12”s.

Not that I’d mind !


For the pleasure of who, like me, have already collected the entire 12″ sets at the time, should be great the chance to buy only the empty boxes :-)

Antony Hudson

Also Lttle 15 never charted in France.
just a little detail.
UK number 56 on import sales alone.

Dave C

Espana seems to have gone up a few Euro. Not to worry, being in Australia paying a premium is nothing new ;)

Amazon AU does not list the new boxsets yet, but JB HiFi who have supplied me with the previous four have them listed BC $130AU and MFTM $155AU. This does not include postage. I have to say though that one of the boxes went missing on me – ordered before Christmas last year, and it did not turn up until early February. Their customer service was essentially useless – it’s coming – wait another week – etc. and only until I lodged an official complaint with their deliver company that it “was found”.

I wasn’t initially so fond of the box artwork, but it has grown on me. They are presented beautifully. Also waiting for a cheaper boxset here is not really an option. Only so many are imported, and sometimes trying to buy something after initial release sees whopping postage added.

Peter Webb

Far too expensive for vinyl that has been released before without anything special for fans.

Keith Ainsworth

The cassette version of A Question of Lust is a unusual package. The badge has the word Lust with a question mark around it (no mention of Depeche). There is also a very nice booklet inside with photos of the band and lyrics to the songs. This was one of the first things I bought at a record fair back in the 80’s. And what a slippery slope entering that world of collecting was ;)

Duncan Day

That was a lovely thing. I really liked the 7’ packaging. Would have been happy with some more like that. I think apart from the filofax issue of Everything Counts all their other CD singles were either standard jewel cases or digipaks


Ah, these are the DM boxes I’ve been more intrested in, even though I already have many of these in 12″ from back in the day, my copies are not in great shape. I ordered at the spanish prices, hope they come through OK – thanks for the heads-up on this!

I’m surprised they are not doing the very similar CD single boxes, perhaps they can do these also again (re-issue DMBX1 through 6, and issue 7 through whatever gets to current day)

Now if we can get DM to play these albums in their entirety in concert, that’d be great. I’ll be happy with just some great reward through violator.

Nigel Day

I think that trend of playing albums in their entirety is in decline. Used to be every man and his dog would do the performing of an album thing but now if feels more gimmicky and outdated. I certainly don’t see DM doing anything like that.

Gary Smith

Sorry these are away to expensive for most people.
I have got the previous 4 boxes way cheaper,you just have to be patient and wait for a special offer especially the German 3 for 2.

I for one will not purchase at almost £200 the pair.

Gareth Pugh

To Glen’s point, I really could see an odds and sods box of two cropping up at the end to gather together some of the ‘orphan’ singles 12” formats – there’s quite a few now where you take into account the singles to promote the 2 remix collections, Martyr, Only When I lose Myself etc.

Violator could end up being a mammoth box with all 9 commercially released 12” singles from that album; but then again Sounds of the Universe risks being fairly thin – Wrong had just a single 12” format, a double pack for Fragile Tension/Hole to Feed – and no 12” release for Peace. I’ll be interested to see if they do anything to plug that gap when they reach that box set…


Sound of the universe had wrong 12” and the fragile tension/hole to feed double 12” but as they seem to be upgrading 7” single and cassettes Peace would get an upgrade. But would they include Martyr?

I think it’s mad that they have put those two singles in there. Interested to discover the reason.

Duncan Day

Be nice to have an odds and ends box. I just wish they hadn’t released DOM as a 12” and GTBR and kept those for this box of oddities. Not sure I want to buy anymore of thes now if important content is to being released.

Nigel D Day

Maybe we can pretend Sounds of The Universe never happened ?


Przemek, FYI A Question of Lust #2 (Flood Mix) was issued on vinyl in the UK as part of the Remixes 81-04 6 disc set which currently goes for well over £100 on Discogs


Thanks, I totally forgot about that I also learned in the meantime from depmod.com that AQoL cassette was actually issued on vinyl but in Germany!


yes it was released on yellow vynil with a mylar slipcase to hold it with the black and yellow wrap around banding on it it was pretty cool

Eric Slangen

Bought Black celebration from Am.es good price.
I maybe wait with Black masses.


Flexible (Remixed Extended Version) – the b-side of the Shake The Disease 12″ no.1 (there is also another version with different mixes) is probably one of the most treasured possessions in my collection. Simply adore the curious nature of that track. Especially this particular mix.

And its a wonderful grey marbled vinyl release (DE).

Nevertheless, would still love to get the re-issues.
Shake The Disease itself – one of my favorite single releases of 1985.

Nigel D Day

I’m trying to keep my annoyances as not including STD and ICAH to a minimum level :) it’s not easy finding good condition second hand copies of Heart as the white sleeve on the limited version is usually grubby. Find this very strange they’re not in these boxes: especially as I don’t think I’m wrong to say that STD is one of DMs most important and mature singles.
And a big fan favourite ‍♂️


Can anyone advise please on two questions – are the download files that accompany these
releases hi-res (higher than CD files) and do the individual tracks have their original sleeves
as per the 12″ releases or just all tagged with the boxset art? Thanks, Gerry


Just checked mine and they are 1411kbps WAV files. My understanding is that you can’t tag art onto WAV files.


Thanks for the info. I was hoping the individual tracks would have their correctly assigned sleeves. Looks like a very nice set otherwise


You can with MP3tag

Gerry Forrester

Thanks. Derek when you play the file does it just show the box art?

Glen Withonen

These DM vinyl box-sets do look lovely with their ‘street art’ design; I’ve purchased all the previous 12″ sets and really admired them for their attention to detail & completness. However, it is a real shame that ‘Shake The Disease’, ‘It’s Called A Heart’ & ‘Everything Counts (live)’ have all been omitted from this round of releases.

The future Violator & SofF&D sets will need to run to 9 & 8 discs apiece to include all the contempory 12″ discs, so I don’t see why these Black Celebration & Music For The Masses sets couldn’t be stretched to 8 & 9-10 discs (depending if the EC 10″ is reformated as a 12″), so as to be entirely complete – yes, they would obviously be more expensive, but they could always be released individually instead of in pairs.

So as it stands, the 12″ series will either be incomplete, or require an odds’n’sods box to collect all the stray singles – neither of which is preferable to including them in their period sets in the first instance. Though I’m rather disappointed by the current ommissions, I’m still looking forward to the future DM 12″ boxes.

Josh Higgins

Each box set contain the singles from their respective album only.

Glen Withonen

No, that’s simply not true Josh Higgins.

‘Get The Balance Right’ was included in the Construction Time Again 12″ box,
despite never appearing on that album; same goes for ‘Dreaming Of Me’ in the
Speak & Spell box – it wasn’t on the original album. However, both singles are
considered part of those respective eras, so they were (correctly) included in each
of those respective box-sets.

Both ‘Shake The Disease’ & ‘It’s Called A Heart’ were included as bonus tracks on
the 2006-7 collectors edition Black Celebration & discussed in the accompanying documentary, becuase they are considered by DM & most of their fans to belong to
that period, not the previous SGR era; the latter single contains the original mix of
‘Fly On The Windscreen’ which was remixed for inclusion on the Black Celebration
album – it’s quite clear that both singles are part of a larger 1985-86 era & should’ve
been included in the BC 12″ box.

Similarly, the ‘Everything Counts’ live single was recorded on the Music For The
Masses tour – and as there obviously isn’t likely going to be a 101 12″ singles box,
including those EC live single formats in the MftM 12″ box makes perfect sense,
as it’s clearly a part of that era, not a seperate stand-alone period distinct from
that album.

Antony Hudson

but not included on the vinyl 2007 remaster.

Antony Hudson

eta or not a 101 box would be plain silly.
I can name everything they have put out and make up boxes quiet easily.
Sony money machine my friend.


they should have put on 81-85 singles box but like SAS box very light and Black Celebration box set

Then the next pair would have been music for the masses and 101 lightbox

Then the next pair would have been Violator/Songs Of Faith And Devotion

so on and so on but dont get huffy they still can do a massive boxset for both singles comps and best of since the singles would be 81 – 98 prospectively

Nigel Day

Like Get The Balance Right ? What album is that from then ? And Dreaming of Me ?


Little 15 wasn’t supposed to be released as an official single by Mute records. That’ s why it doen’ t have the regular ‘bong’ catalogue Number. Even the 12″ was unDepeche Modeish with only an extra bonus track on the b side in stead of exclusive mixes or live versions. But at last history gives it its correct place in the catlogue. Fine! As well for the Question of Lust limited cassette single (with button!). A Nice opportunity to get that rare remix of AQOL finally on vinyl.


To summarize:
– Shake The Disease and It’s Called A Heart should have been included. The b-side track Fly On The Windscreen ended up on the LP Black Celebration. It could have been an opportunity to reissue the Emotion Remix and Emotion Dub of It’s Called A Heart, available in the US at the time.
– Both US versions (7” and extended) of But Not Tonight were different (remixed by Robert Margouleff) and were not available elsewhere.
– C Bong 11 (The Flood remix of A Question Of Lust plus live tracks) was actually issued on cassette in UK but it was also released on vinyl in Germany (INT 126.844 C Bong 11) in 1986. Another remix of A Question Of Lust by Robert Margouleff (again) was available on a promotional vinyl in the US (PRO-A-2504).
– Behind The Wheel: a Dub Mix was released in the US and only on a promotional vinyl (PRO- A-2952)
– Behind The Wheel/Route 66: along with the Megamix and the Megadub made for the north american market was released a Mega-Single Mix for the 7”.
– For a long time I thought that we in France were some kind of lucky ones but no, the single Little 15 was issued in the UK (7” and 12”) with catalogue number LITTLE15, so it was not an ‘EU only’ release.

A lot of missing versions indeed, but these boxes only reissue the 12 inches released in the UK. And for the completists, searching is fun and most records of that era are still affordable, which is not the case for some 12 inches issued in 1990 and 1993/4…

See you next day!


I was wondering how they would fit in the two non-album singles here, but obviously the answer was to not to. I though the original idea behind these releases was to experience Depeche Mode and there music through a medium they were renowned for, i.e. vinyl and more specifically 12″ singles. So missing two of them out seems to go against that. Wondering if they will mop them up with the 101 live single (and any others) to create a randoms box? Probably not.
Including GTBR had to be done, so you got all 3 Live limited editions really, otherwise there would have been outrage!
Anyway have been looking forward to these 2 as MFTM is my favourite and was hoping that Little 15 would be included. Not so happy about the price though, but not unexpected! That Spain pre-order is looking mighty tasty!


Like others have already said these releases have now proven to be hit n miss and pick n mix. Dreaming of me/get the balance right but not shake the disease or it’s called a heart and various missing mixes that would seem obvious to include. I only recently obtained the first box set after it came down to a reasonable price and while it looks and sounds great I’m glad I haven’t dived in with all of them as I would’ve been furious to get to this stage and have stuff start going missing, depeche are probably mr favourite band in a lot of ways and I’ve spent a fortune over the years on their recordings and seeing them live. If the other box sets ever come down in price then I’ll probably purchase but I’m sure this is gonna leave a bad taste in a lot of DM fans who have already committed to buying all the previous boxes

Elizabeth Hirst

We’re getting to the point where I am going to have to make a decision. I have every DM 12″ up to the end of MFTM, when the SOFAD box comes out I will need to decide whether to climb aboard to complete the collection.

Steve Bryant

Amazon UK prices are up now ….don’t look!!!!! Paul is right , if you want these – go for Spain!

Paul Foster

Nice to see a question of lust limited 12″ that was only issued on cassette in the uk. Still sad about shake the disease as the remixes were great on both 12″. Could Daniel Barassi disclose which album these boxes will run to and whether the latter remixes albums will feature .

David Johnson

Are all the versions of these 12″ variations on the 2004/2005 CD BONG X reissues?
If so, those CD singles are much better value.

If not, then £80 – £100+ for a box of 12″ singles easily available elsewhere is way too high. No thanks.


This is a superb opportunity (despite the price) to have A Question of Lust #2 on vinyl as back in the day it was only issued as a limited cassette :-) AQoL Flood Mix + live tracks – awesome!!!


I really love the look of these boxes, but unfortunately they’re way too expensive for me. :-(

Strange that they omitted two non-album singles, but anyways these are not exhaustive collections of all versions of these eras.

Chris Squires

Hi Urs

Agreed, but with a bit of patience they can be obtained for a half decent price, which still might be too much but it’s a fun game to play, particularly as the numbers for these “limited edition” sets are relatively huge (10,000+) and they will not disappear for a long time. My price paid is below (including postage from Am.DE and I am sure someone here can beat these.
Speak and Spell – £35.99
A Broken Frame – £41.21
Some Great Reward – £49.58
Construction Time Again – £49.58

Paul Taylor

Hi Chris,
You really did get these at great prices! Funnily enough I was in HMV in Manchester yesterday and noticed the last 2 box sets on sale ( Some Great Reward & Construction Time Again), both at which were selling for £84 respectively.
I have the 1st 2 boxsets, and agree with you, it’s a waiting game. If I can get any of these under £50 then I will part with my cash. Until then, it’s a waiting game as you say.
Thanks for the tip off for the website am.DE – will keep them in mind.


Seriously no Shake the Disease? They’ve tagged this song on previous Black Celebration reissues (SACD for example) so why not to this? I was looking forward to having this as part of the package! Plus Fly On the Windscreens original version on the b-side ties this in to the release even more?


PS: without Dreaming of Me and without Get The Balance Right (2×12″), the first Boxsets would have been too thin, the 5th Boxset incl. +4×12″es too thick and too expensive imho…..


Actually, it’s Album 5 and 6 ;) Uunfortunately, the Non-Album Singles Shake the Disease and It’s called a Heart are missing …. I hope for an extra Box (including Everything Counts Live 3x, Only When I lose myself etc…)


So they managed to put “Get The Balance Right” and “Dreaming Of Me”, non album tracks but they forgot about “Shake The Disease” and “It’s Called A Heart” ? It makes no sense. And what about the US version of “But Not Tonight” ? I’m a bit disappointed here. :/


US Version of But Not Tonight doesn’t make any sense at all …. (same tracklisting as Stripped)

Steen Hansen

Not Correct. The US 12″ is an entirely different mix of But not tonight.

Antony Hudson

correct by RM


The US version has a different 12” mix of BNT which is different to the Extended Remix on the UK Stripped, so it would be relevant

Rob Puricelli

*fifth and sixth ;-)


Black Celebration was the moment I started getting more interested in DM while MFTM was the “wow” album which I played to death until 101 came out and confirmed this band was the real deal. I’ve only seen them live once (Devotion tour) and they were up there with one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen. Sadly, they’ve never made the trek down under ever since. As for these box sets, they are pricey but I might just jump on board. I’ve got many of the 12 inch singles from these two albums but I like the idea of a nicely packaged set for two of my favourite DM albums.

Out of curiosity can anyone tell me what the sound quality of these releases are like?


Sound Quality is superb !


Thanks very much Michael.


No Behind The Wheel / Route 66 megamix.

Lee Carson

No because it was on the US 12″ release


What?! Neither of the 1985 singles? Are they mad? This will drive some people up the wall.