Depeche Mode / Construction Time Again & Some Great Reward 12″ boxes

The next two albums • Six vinyl records in each box this time • A price hike

Depeche Mode continue with their 12-inch vinyl box set reissue campaign with packages around the singles pulled from their third and fourth albums Construction Time Again and Some Great Reward.

As predicted when the first two box sets were announced back in June, the ante – and the price – has been upped this time around because while both 1983’s Construction Time Again and 1984’s Some Great Reward albums still only had three singles apiece, each of the new boxes contains SIX 180g vinyl records in order to replicate both the original UK 12-inch and the limited edition 12-inch singles with the latter normally offering new mixes, and in these early days, quite a few live tracks.

And what singles they were. While Depeche Mode would wait a few more years for the widespread critical plaudits received by long-players such as Music For The Masses and Violator, the singles circa 83-84 were almost uniformly excellent. ‘Get The Balance Right,’ ‘Everything Counts,’ ‘Love In Itself,’ ‘People Are People,’ ‘Master and Servant’ and ‘Blasphemous Rumours/Somebody’ was a brilliant run of 45s – arguably their best.

In the case of ‘Blasphemous Rumours’, the second 12-inch in the new Some Great Reward 12-inch singles box set actually replicates the seven-inch EP that was issued at the time. As before these boxes include a poster.

Construction Time Again and Some Great Reward The 12″ Singles box sets are released on 14 December 2018

Compare prices and pre-order

Depeche Mode

Construction Time Again - The 12 inch Singles


Compare prices and pre-order

Depeche Mode

Some Great Reward - The 12-inch Singles


Construction Time Again | The 12” Singles

Get The Balance Right! (12BONG 2)

A Get The Balance Right! (Combination Mix)
B The Great Outdoors!
C Tora! Tora! Tora! (Live)

Get The Balance Right! (L12BONG 2)

A Get The Balance Right! (Original Mix)
B My Secret Garden (Live)
B See You (Live)
B Satellite (Live)
B Tora! Tora! Tora! (Live)

Everything Counts (12BONG 3)

A Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts)
B Work Hard (East End Remix)

Everything Counts (L12BONG 3)

A Everything Counts (Original 7” Mix)
B New Life (Live)
B Boys Say Go! (Live)
B Nothing To Fear (Live)
B The Meaning Of Love (Live)

Love In Itself (12BONG 4)

A Love In Itself•3
B Fools (Bigger)
B Love In Itself•4

Love In Itself (L12BONG 4)

A Love In Itself•2
B Just Can’t Get Enough (Live)
B A Photograph Of You (Live)
B Shout (Live)
B Photographic (Live)

Some Great Reward | The 12” Singles

People Are People (12BONG 5)

A People Are People (Different Mix)
B In Your Memory (Slik Mix)

People Are People (L12BONG 5)

A People Are People (On-U Sound Remix By Adrian Sherwood)
B People Are People (Original 7” Version)
B In Your Memory (Original 7” Version)

 Master And Servant (12BONG 6)

A Master And Servant (Slavery Whip Mix)
B (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Release Mix)
C Master And Servant (Voxless)

Master And Servant (L12BONG 6)

A Master And Servant (An On-U Sound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic Re-Remixed By Adrian Sherwood)
B Are People People? (Re-Remixed By Adrian Sherwood)
B (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (7” Mix)

 Blasphemous Rumours (12BONG 7)

A Blasphemous Rumours
B Somebody (Live)
B Two Minute Warning (Live)
B Ice Machine (Live)
B Everything Counts (Live)

Blasphemous Rumours (L12BONG 7)

A Somebody (Remix)
AA Everything Counts (Live)
AA Blasphemous Rumours (Single Version)
AA Told You So (Live)

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John Cassidy

On L12BONG3 it is supposed to be the 7 inch version of Everything Counts but they pressed the album version on it. Not a huge difference but when you pay these huge prices you’d expect it to be perfect. I’ve emailed SONY support to see if they are going to correct this error but not hopeful they will.

Marko G.

I really hope these bomb as they’re way overpriced. No to spite anyone, just to teach the label a lesson.


The first 2 box sets are now down to $36 on amazon USA. A much more reasonable price. Let’s hope the UK price drops soon too.


I have all the original and in some cases splattery vinyl German copies , and the British and the Japanese cd box sets ,but for new fans seems the way to go , still sound great.

Paul Foster

Cost of forthcoming Violator box ??
Four singles world in my eyes , personal Jesus , policy of truth 6 x 12” Singles for them plus enjoy the silence which had 3 x 12” Singles . 9 in total . Cost probably around £120 !!

Tim H

The Violator box is the one I’ll probably buy! So many good mixes.

Nigel D Day

There were also the other odd mixes floating around: the Hazhmix Edit Of Dangerous, various different mixes of Happiest Girl and WIME that were spread over the ltd 7” Of PJ, the 2 12”s Of WIME And The 2 CD singles. Dunno where they will squeeze all those.


I bought every one of these when they were originally released (I had too much money in those days lol) and had them stolen along with most of my record collection when I got married in ’89. They didn’t cost anywhere near this price originally. But as a good+/near mint copy for each is well over £20 on discogs, and you’re taking a chance on the seller being honest about the condition, this seems a reasonable price to pay considering. I sort of went off DM following Some Great Reward and only became interested again when I listened to Violater some years later. But I think these will be my last buys anyway. I really can’t justify the outlay after these.


I totally agree with above comments that the DMBX sets would make great reissues on CD. I never knew about them and fortunately stumbled upon one of them recently so I picked it up. While I used to see little value in remixes, these were actually a lot of fun to listen to and were a great compliment to the b-sides/live tracks. Happy to see this project getting some love on vinyl, but the sheer number makes this an ideal release for CD – in my opinion.


Vinyl is fashionable and makes the record company margin. Despite still sales being considerably less tham cd.

Stephen Jackson

This seems as appropriate a forum as any to ask for help on a long-pondered query regarding the Slavery Whip Mix of ‘Master & Servant’, of which I’ve just been reminded.


Just after 1:47, there’s a noticeably different sound that flies in for a second, and again at 1:58.

Now, call me mad, but it sounds oddly like part of FGTH’s ‘Two Tribes’. It’s always stuck out upon listening, and I wonder if anyone else has similar thoughts, or knows any more. It seems rather extrinsic to the mix as a whole. Is it an engineers’ gag? Or, more likely, am I just a nutcase who’s obsessed about this insignificant tidbit for over 30 years?


with DM being my life and i also love FGTH, i know what sound you are talking about..but given the lengths that DM went to in producing Some great reward between January–August 1984 at Hansa studios in Berlin and most of the sounds created were sampled from real objects, i just think its coincidence…especially given that the producers for Master and servant and SGR were Daniel miller and Gareth Jones and their knowledge of sampling (especially Gareth’s) was just ahead of its time and i am sure Martin and Alan would have been doing a lot as well to get the right sound for the album along with Daniel and Gareth..plus with tracks like ‘Pipeline’ which is completely made up of sounds that they recorded.. i just think its coincidence…but that’s just me.

Fab Dave

Fantastic documentary about Hansa Studios, which shed a light about the important role of Gareth Jones and why there are many “shared” sounds in Depeche Mode, Einsturzende Neubauten and Fad Gadget records of that era. Great interviews with Miller, Gore and Jones around 40:00 https://youtu.be/njUnONhw1Zw


I’ve always thought the same about the “FGTH” sound. But wondered how it could be as it was released way after?!? DeLorean maybe?!?


Thank you so much for the info on M&S Steve, so the Black and Blue is by all means considered to be “US”, and therefore in the end “something else”… It is a shame as you say, I agree.
Even though if I make a (every year more difficult) effort to remember my sensations in those years I too did consider US remixes something special and “parallel” to the official releases. And that probably is even more true if the team/remixer were different from the rest of world 12″ (as in, say, Julian Mandelsohn for Level 42′ s Lessons in Love extended 12″ and Shep Pettibone for the US remixes).


I can still listen to “Love, in itself” and enjoy it. It’s the extended 12 inch mix of that song that I have a hard time listening to.

But honestly the real highlight of that 12-inch single is the B-side track ‘Fools”.

The song ‘Fools’ is great.

The single edit and the 12-inch remix of that song is awesome. and I just think it’s one of their best b-sides they’ve ever released.

I also feel the same way about the b-side “(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me”.

Good stuff.

I still enjoy ‘Work Hard” though I can see why some see it as a bit cheesy. It’s a classic slice of mid-80’s industrial cheeze-pop heaven if you ask me. LOL

I think my favorite single off ‘Some Great Reward’ still remains to be ‘People Are People’. One of the greatest hits on the radio to be released in 1984. It was a game-changer sonically no doubt.


It seems to me Some Great Reward is not that highly regarded, especially when compared to Black Celebration and MFTM.

I love SGR and think it was a distinct progression from Construction Time Again both sonically and lyrically.

I agree about “People Are People”. For whatever reason, DM hates it – I think I read they think it’s meaning is too straight forward or something. I think they last played it at the Rose Bowl in ’88, but I thought for sure with their obvious political stance on Spirit it would show up on the last tour, but it didn’t.

I really like “Something to Do” and “Lie to Me” and “Stories of Old” outside of the singles. And I can go with never hearing “Somebody” again. But I know I am in the minority on that one!


Maybe not as small a minority as you thought… listening to “Somebody” always makes me wince! I skip it ever time.

Andrew From Sydney

I too tracked down every 12″ – including promos – from e-bay a few years ago. It will be nice to have new pristine copies but I doubt I will open the box to play them and there is no way that I will buy two – one to play and one to keep sealed.


Construction Time Again is the main era I want from these boxes, so I preordered. Thanks for the notification.


Waaaaay back there used to be the CD singles of these released in six-pack boxes with numbers DMBX1 through DMBX6, each CD contained both the regular and limited edition tracks for each single, so each box actually wound up spanning more than one album. There are enough singles now they should be able to at least go up to DMBX9 in this same pattern, and hopefully they will consider doing that at some point. At least they could have included these CD reissues in each of these sets, if they didn’t want to (re-)release DMBX series. I notice that the box numbering for these new sets are 12DMBOX01, 02, etc. with 2-digits which implies they are expecting to go to at least 10 of these.


If they do reissue those CD singles box sets they need to remaster the first three (1981 to 1986). Imo

Would live them to also continue from where hey left off (Dream On)

I would buy those in a heartbeat.


I have the first three singles boxes, and love the content. I thought that they did re-release them at one point, remastered. Is that incorrect info?

Nigel D Day

Those old boxes didn’t include all the live tracks from the GTBR, EC and LII ltd 12”s though, so they weren’t complete

Nigel D Day

They didn’t include the ltd mixes of People and M&S either, so it was a really patchy release schedule. I don’t think ICAH included the Slow Mix either. Not that that’s a loss.


Thats my Christmas sorted! i know some people will complain about these releases and thats fine….don’t buy them…its that easy, but even though i have pretty much all the official 12 inch releases (including some of the german coloured vinyl) i can’t wait to get these. i didn’t particularly take care of my records growing up and then had them in storage for a long time…so to have them again like this…i am so happy.

Rune T

While I am a huge fan of Violator (one of my all-time top 10 albums), the singles and albums from this time period is DM at the top of their game from a creativity standpoint.

6 great singles and two albums in less than two years. Damn. I miss those days.

Mark R

Not a big fan if “Construction Time Again” but really love “Some Great Reward”. However, I’m already saving for the Chris Cornell Anthology SDE Box Set and cannot afford to splash the cash. It does look nicely packaged by it’s a little dear. £50 maybe.

Mark Sinclair

I have to confess I find most remixes and demos superfluous as they generally don’t add anything to the original track, although there are the odd exceptions. Most of the time I just want the “best” studio version of each track, so the album and any non-album single a-side and/or b-sides (excluding remixes and live versions). In the main the best version of any track gets put on the album and/or non-album single.

Strangely I feel no compulsion to own every song by any particular artist and certainly no compulsion to own every possible version of every track.

martin farnworth

a brilliant run of singles as described no doubt apart from maybe love in itself which hasn’t aged particularly well. though even that compares well with many of their more recent singles.


I love Love In Itself!

Nigel D Day

Good B side though

Gary Smith

To collect every box is going to need pretty deep pockets!
I will shop around for the best possible price before parting with near £75.
Really though the boxes i really want are from Black Celebration al the way to SOFAD.


Nice way to treat devoted fans. Fleece them for every penny they’ve got.
Yes, i know no one’s making you buy this, but many will with money best spent elsewhere.

Chris Squires

And the lovely Ms. Bush is asking £90 for just 4 pieces of (wonderful) Vinyl.
League of Gentlemen is turning up tomorrow with 13 pieces of plastic for £96.

There is no rhyme or reason to any of it.

If you like ’em, it’s worth it. If you don’t, it probably isn’t whatever the price.


i don’t need to do any market research. Just look at the track-listing!
Each to their own, but i’m a huge fan who still values content over style.

Craig Hedges

Are the non album singles going to be included, how can they ignore Shake the disease, can’t imagine there will be a box for The Singles 81-85, so will they be mopped up in Black celebration? Am I right I’m saying that there weren’t remix 12”s for the Black Celebration singles?


Not right. There were several singles for Shake The Disease and It’s Called A Heart… and I presume we’ll see them when the Black Celebration box comes out.


Hate to point out the obvious but GTBR wasn’t on an album and is included in the CTA box. Strange the band don’t like this single and never play it live, it is one of my favourites and the first DM single I bought.


Perhaps there will be a boxset for “shake the disease” and “it’s called a heart” on it’s own with four 12″ singles. Speak & Spell and A Broken Frame was “only” three 12″ singles each.
101 could also be a boxset on it’s own with three records if they count the 10″ single.

I am looking forward to the Violator boxset with excitement (and fear for my wallet and marriage). It could be a boxset with nine 12″ singles. I really hope it’s gonna be released alone.


I assume that the next batch will cover 85 – 86 with the two ‘the singles’ singles and the 3 Black Celebration singles (maybe 4 if they include But Not Tonight)


Thank the LORD I already have all of these too. All I need are the SOFAD ones.


I wonder about A and AA tracks of the 12″ replica of 7 Bong 7E, as there originally were 2 songs each side.

Without any kind of further identification, the L12 (2nd 12″) of “Love in itself” had the Single-Remix “2” lasting 17 seconds longer than on the original 7″ (in Germany at least), this was replicated on their CD-version in 1987.


Il must admit i don’t like the art choosen for the boxes. And somme of the art cover of these 12’’ are much more beautiful. Yes, Corbjin has done beautiful things (violator and songs of faith and devotion) but some photos from Brian Griffin were really powerful too.


The 12″ of Master And Servant (12BONG6) is one of my all time favourite 12″ singles ever. I got hold of it sometime in the late 80’s/early 90’s when I attempted to track down and buy up all the old DM 12″ er’s. This is the only one I managed to find, but what a find!


Hey Gerry, the first 2 boxes didn’t come with any extra download content. Nor will the forthcoming sets. All of that is available on cd and streaming sites like Apple Music.


Steve, the first box contained a download code which included the Flexidisc version of I Sometimes Wish I Dead (Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead), never heard before in such good quality. They should at least include an additional „rare“ track in each box, but I guess this will stay the only one.



I’ve just listened to it here and as someone who works with mixing and recording a fair bit, I think that there’s a clever cut-and-paste going on between the album version and the unique parts of the flexi cut. You can hear the background buzz from the needle fade in and out as those sections start and finish… which is poor imo


Tiny mistake Paul, both are titled Construction time again op top ;-)


Excuse my ignorance if it’ s there in the list with another name… But where is the Black & Blue Version of M&S?

Is it considered a “US remix” as Maxe refers to in his post lamenting their absence? The latter being unjustified, if I may say so, considering the “completist” approach that these objects seem to have…


Cris the black and Blue version was on the US 12″ single.
A 1. Master And Servant US Black And Blue Mix 8:02
B 1. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me US 12″ Mix 7:59
B 2. Are People People? Single Version 4:29
So not part of this collection which is a shame. The trouble is that some of the tracks would end up being duplicated of course. Which is a shame, as I always thought that some of the later US 12″ singles had better track listings with more tracks on.

Check out depmod .com for an extensive discography.

Neil Young

To be fair the US Black and Blue version and 12″ Mix of Set Me Free from the US 12″ single were just re-edits of the UK 12″ mixes, although extensive re-edits they are hardly new ‘mixes’.

paul widdows

i hope the downloads include the 7inch versions of the b-sides or will they be releasing 7 inch box sets in a few years time or hopefully an official complete b-sides compilation


“For the same money, you could go and buy very good copies of the beautiful marble issues on Mute Germany. ”

Good luck. I bet you couldn’t. Certain pieces are very expensive. Even with the original MUTE GB pressings, prices for the CTA L12s aren’t exactly low.

If you don’t have these, go for the boxes. They really feel like an artifact. Aiming to sound exactly as the originals (no remaster), these will be pristine, new copies.

John Barrett

This is a piss take, obviously. Aimed at hardcore fans who own this stuff already. Wouldn’t be surprised if New Order attempt this too (on Mute now also). Despite owning all their 12”s I could be very tempted by that, less 12”s than DM too so should be cheaper.

Steve Bryant

And Erasure ?


It’s Sony that are putting these out; DM’s current label. BMG otherwise handle most (all?) of the historic Mute catalogue (the stuff that EMI had).

New Order are with the current iteration of Mute (“Mute Artists Ltd”), which is an independent label again, as are the most recent Erasure records (but not their catalogue). New Order’s catalogue sits with Warners, other than what they’ve released on Mute.

I’d love a comprehensive Erasure b-sides compilation, with everything included. I’ve been slowly chipping away at collecting up various singles to compile it for myself.


Was disappointed that Erasure did a partial b-sides collection in their box set vs a stand alone complete release.


Glenn – so was I!


DM really are the master of the re-release and we, like obedient servants, keep on buying them.


Can anyone answer if the download version that accompanied the last two sets had any more content? I’m interested in these however the focus on the 12″ tracks only means there will be many ommisions

Gareth Pugh

Hi Gerry – no, the download cards just contained files for the tracks on the records in the box (so, not the 7” versions of B-sides if they didn’t appear on the original 12” format of the time). As Paul notes, in the Some Great Reward box, they have found a way to include some tracks that were on a 7” double pack back in 1984 by making a ‘fake’ L12” format for the box set that didn’t exist before and including those tracks on that. It remains to be seen if and how the concept for the series flexes -or not- over subsequent albums in this regard.


No single version of “Work Hard”?

Gareth Pugh

No. The organising principle being taken with these sets is to create replicas of the 12” singles exactly as they appeared in their day (albeit on audiophile vinyl and – it seemed to me with the first two sets – better quality sleeve materials), and if a 7” mix of a B-side didn’t feature on one of the 12” formats then it won’t be appearing in one of these sets alas. I guess what I’m saying is, the guiding thought when planning these sets is not about compiling the all the music for the music’s availability’s sake, but replicating the physical ‘things’.


That would make sense if they didn’t include a 12” of “Dreaming Of Me” in the first box set as there was never a 12” of this release

Gareth Pugh

True enough about there having been no Dreaming of Me 12” single in 1981. I suspect in a similar fashion, when they eventually get around to the box for Sounds of the Universe, they will create a 12” format of Peace, which didn’t get a commercial 12” single back in the day.

Paul Foster

7” version of work hard did not appear on any of the 12”. I expect all of the singles will get a Reissue after this sets completed knowing Sony!


I really, really, really, really, like these.
I hope the price comes down because it doesn’t fit my budget. But man this is so very nice.

Michael Lykke

I think the prices are ridiculously high, considered there is absolutely no new content. And it’s not even colored vinyl either.
Sony really uses Depeche Mode as a cash cow to rip of the fans.


I agree.


I am mighty glad I spent a year or so ebaying like a mad sod about 7 years ago to grab originals of DM 12″ singles right though to Violator (well, 7″ of Dreaming of Me but you get the gist!).

Total cost was around the same as one of these massively overpriced boxes.


There never was a 12” release of Dreaming of Me till this vynil boxset, so you’re probably OK – take a look at http://archives.depechemode.com/discography/singles/01_dreamingofme.html for comfort.


Yup, I did know, Renato! Hence the comment :D

Wish I’d bought them at the time, I was a fan at school but just permanently skint and my best mate’s older brother had them all so I listened too, and taped his!

Did snag a decent charity shop find recently though: Stripped: Depeche Mode by Jonathan Miller. A pretty comprehensive account of all things DM up to Exciter.


£50 for 3 12″s and £75 for 6 12″s kind of suggests they want £25 for the box…

Chris Squires

On one of the amazon reviews of the previous box set for A Broken Frame someone states that their limited numbered edition is number 11,835, so one would guess this is at least 15,000? Maybe 20,000?

These are going to be a game of cat and mouse as I have better things to do with the best part of £250 for 18 x 12″ records.

Don’t get me wrong, they look lovely and I would love to have them as this is DMs Golden era (for me) but with such a massive amount made there is no imperative to rush in.

Gary Hunter

So glad I have all the original 12 Inch singles.

David Carter

Very nice but sadly way too expensive, Ill hope for price cuts at some point but not holding out too much hope


… again the US-only remixes (Master & Servant) were left out.
I suppose they aren’t “canon”.


Construction Time Again actually had only two singles. Get the Balance right! was an orphan single.


I never expected them to include the green blue and red live albums. I so want this.


And it’s with the original, thicker (don’t know the exact word for it) covers plus the embossed text in gold as well. They look and feel fantastic


when did we get this on cd?


About 1987. And numerous times since…


These were overpriced before – but £70 for a box of 12″ singles is just ridiculous. For the same money, you could go and buy very good copies of the beautiful marble issues on Mute Germany. They’re beautiful sets, but so poorly considered. A real shame. One of my favourite bands.