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Depeche Mode will issue a third physical single from their Spirit album in October, when Cover Me is released on 2 x 12-inch vinyl.

Where’s The Revolution was issued in the spring and Going Backwards is due out this week. Availability of the latter is a bit limited right now, although you can pre-order the Going Backwards CD single from the SDE shop.

The track listing of the double 12-inch of Cover Me on Amazon isn’t offering up any details, but it’s fair to assume of the seven versions of Cover Me included, at least six are remixes. So Much Love will likely be a remix too. [Update: Track listing updated – thanks to SDE readers!] A CD single is also likely to be issued but no news on that right now.

Cover Me is listed for release on 6 October 2017.

Pre-order Going Backwards 8-track CD single from the SDE shop.



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Depeche Mode

Cover Me (Remixes) [12" VINYL]


12-inch #1
1. Cover Me (Ellen Allien Remix)
2. Cover Me (I Hate Models Cold Lights Remix)
3. Cover Me (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
4. So Much Love (Kalli Remix)

12-inch #2
1. Cover Me (Erol Alkan V1.2)
2. Cover Me (Texas Gentlemen Remix)
3. Cover Me (Warpaint Steez Remix)
4. Cover Me (Josh T. Pearson Choose Hellth Remix)

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Backwards CD single received today. First order in SDE store, Thank you Paul!

[…] the end of August SDE mentioned that the third single from Depeche Mode‘s Spirit album would be Cover Me. At […]

Stephen smalley

Amazon UK now has the cd single up for pre order


A space landing ship from the live screens on the tour I think.

Matteo Leoni

What is that object on the sleeve?


Haven’t even opened my 2×12″ of Where’s The Revolution after listening to it digitally first. The remixes were awful and I’ll not be buying any more. I only hope my vinyl goes up in value so I can pass it on to another unsuspecting victim, but I can’t see that happening…


I’m listening to the Going Backwards singles on Apple Music and i can barely stand them. The latest DM album IMO is not bad but not great either IMO and the singles are even worst, 100% remixes….times change….

Paul Foster

Why does the official website not carry any news about this?? Anyway great track and great choice for the Single


I enjoyed nearly all the various remixes of Going Backwards. I’m looking forward to to hearing remixes of Cover Me as it’s one of my favorites from Spirit. I’m a big fan of Ellen Allien and Nicole Moudaber. Those are the two I’m most interested in.


The Belleville 3 remixes of going backwards are also superb. Great to see the combination of Kevin Saunderson (inner city), Juan “magic” Atkin and Derick May back in the studio again. And a strings of life sample in their mix of depeche mode to boot.

There must come a time soon when a superdeluxe release extends to 80/90s house albums. Inner city releases could stretch to 2 CDs. How about early orbital and beloved albums too (easily 2/3 disc affairs).

Some of these albums are seminal to modern dance culture but not a decent remastered version exists anywhere.

Surely this is where some royalty money exists, rather than remastering and releasing new versions of albums released in the last 7 years (aka PSB – which I will also buy)


I was hoping “So Much Love” or “Poison Heart” would be the next single. But I love “Cover Me” enough to be happy, and I am curious about these remixes.

Although I liked “Going Backwards”, I didn’t love it, but after hearing those amazing remixes I am a fan of the song now. Have one full listen of the “Solomun Remix Radio Version” and It’s classic DM all the way and takes the song and makes it a real winner for the dance -floor. I love the lyrics and it’s now a favorite, that remixed version.


I’ve given DM slack for 4 albums now and sadly they have disappointed each time to varying degrees.

Unfortunately, Martin simply can’t write quality songs like he used to. Some may will insist ‘doesn’t want to’. I say ‘can’t’.

Comparing recent output to their classic period when they were amazing is just rather saddening.

matt harper

Thanks paul,
Going backwards cd ordered from you! (It only seemed to appear on amazon for a short while then disappeared again).

Michael Bird

When slicingupeyeballs.com launched their recent poll for the most popular Depeche Mode songs of all time, three of my 25 were from Delta Machine. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have put anything but those three into contention for favorites, and truly, apart from those highlights for me, Delta Machine rarely gets additional listens. I have followed them since “People are People.” I am no “Saint Alan” loyalist. I have appreciated all eras of the band, truly, with a now glaring exception.

I listened to Spirit in full only once. I recognize that it has its fans, but I am genuinely confounded as to the love that exists for “Going Backwards.” The arrangement and melody are probably the laziest I can recall in the band’s extensive catalog. At its best you might regard it as Don Henley-style, adult contemporary pap. The sentiment behind the song’s lyrics is so broad and obvious, it could have been titled “Sky Is Blue.” I did pick up the remixes already, hoping it would enhance my appreciation for it. It only underlined how much I don’t care for the original and that most generic, electronic musicians cannot polish an inadequately-written song.

I don’t mean to sour anyone’s sweet and I don’t even begin to believe that my opinion is definitive. If you love it, I wouldn’t tell you you’re crazy. I’m glad it has its audience. Obviously, every comment above mine belongs to fans with no less history than mine, and I have no doubt the faithful will rush to defend the merits they see in it. But just in case you were wondering if it was just you, it isn’t. This is the *first* Depeche Mode album I can recall not loving at least one song from. I wanted to, but damn did this album disappoint me.

Paul E.

I hope “You Move” is up next. Enjoyed the “You Move (Latroit Remix)” on “Going Backwards” so I’m eager for more versions of the song. I just wish the CD release included ALL of the available remixes – I understand they may exceed the time constraints of a single disc, but, I’d buy a part one / part two CD option if presented to have everything covered. Downloads are absolutely my second choice to the physical [insert CD here] product [guessing that holds true for most of the folks reading this]. Mode should know their fans by now and offer up multiple CD formats of the same release…it’s hard to be an obsessive collector when they don’t/won’t. I bet the “Spirit” Deluxe CD format outsold the regular edition which is probably not the case for most bands but only serves to validate the point I’m trying to make or convince myself of anyway :)


Somehow I don’t think there’ll be a fourth single from this, but that would definitely make a great single. Personally I feel quite a few songs on this album could be singles (You Move, Poison Heart, So Much Love, No More).

I wonder if they intend on remixing/editing Cover Me down for the single, as its quite a lengthy track. The edit of Going Backwards was quite superb, as was the promo-only one of Where’s the Revolution.


Thanks Paul!
Ordered ‘Going Backwards’ from SDE :)


I am still listening to Depche Mode’s new album and loving it. The remixes for “Going Backwards” are so good, so I am looking forward to the release of “Cover Me” remixes


Ordered Going Backwards from your store, thanks!

David Carter

Not a great album, but I really enjoyed this track and was glad they included it in their recent tour, easy purchase for me.

O(+> Peter B

I’m really enjoying the album, which may be their best since Ultra for me.

martin maclean

I agree best albulm for 20 SOFAD .Dont get people on here saying its a turgid affair ,utter nonsense

Már Wolfgang Mixa

By far the best song on the latest album, which is generally a turgid affair.


Odd that there was such a huge gap between WTR and GB and then we get CM just a few weeks later…

Paul Jones

pity they don’t re release the singles box set things they did years ago….i can only seem to find USA ones at silly money!!


I miss the occasional live track(s) they used to put on their singles.


Side 1
A1 – Cover Me (Ellen Allien Remix)
A2 – Cover Me (I Hate Models Cold Lights Remix)

Side 2
B1 – Cover Me (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
B2 – So Much Love (Kalli Remix)

Side 3
C1 – Cover Me (Erol Alkan V1.2)
C2 – Cover Me (Texas Gentlemen Remix)

Side 4
D1 – Cover Me (Warpaint Steez Remix)
D2 – Cover Me (Josh T. Pearson Choose Hellth Remix)


Going Backwards and Cover Me are so much better than Where’s the revolution. Unfortunately they won’t get that much attention because they are not the first single from the album. Also a bit weird to promote a third single when the second one is not easily available.

Rob Puricelli

And yet we still are waiting for the promised Going Backwards vinyl?

Still, thanks for the heads up, as always :-)


It’s listed on HMV for pre-order, released 15th Sept.