Depeche Mode / Sounds of the Universe

Now sold out.

There’s a rare sale on over at the SDE shop. We’re clearing out our remaining stock of the box set edition of Depeche Mode‘s 2009 album Sounds Of The Universe. 

The video below tells you everything you need to know. It’s a stunning set with album, demos, 5.1, remixes, two books, badges and more.

These were an already cheap £30, but are now on sale for a barely credible £15! This will be primarily of interest to fans in Europe, since shipping further afield is rather prohibitive (sorry).

Buy the Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe box set for £15.

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Antony Hudson

Bought mine for £28 delivered sealed from London in 2014. WAIT


I paid about 12 quid for this way back when Woolworths (remember them?!) was still going. I still feel ripped off to this day, despite the apparent value. A terrible album.

Charlie D

Sorry for the dodgy details, but I seem to recall a download that had a further 15 or so remixes, that were exclusive to the download.
I coincidentally revisited this album recently, and it’s much better upon revisit than memories of it! Dave sounds great.


I bought this when it came out, but ultimately ended up selling it as it took up too much room, I settled with the vinyl + CD edition.
I always enjoyed this album, wasn’t too sure why it used to get so much stick, but when you compare it their albums 1986-1997 production-wise I can see the reason now.


Oh, this album. I optimistically bought this edition when it was released because I had just gotten into several tracks on Playing the Angel, which I felt was a partial return to form (the last album of theirs I owned was Violator). And when I was reading that Martin was using all old synths, I just expected a lot more than the generally drab and dreary sound of this album. I eventually parted with the set on eBay, and haven’t cared for anything DM has done since. But it was a nice set, if only I would have liked the album.


great box set I bought this awhile ago, also paid £15 at that time


Such a great album, “Sounds Of The Universe “, with songs like “Fragile Tension”, “Peace”, “Wrong”…. I felt the album suffered a little bit from the order of the track listing, but the songs themselves are all great, I probably would have taken out “Hole To Feed” as the second track to make it flow a little better, but I will say some of the bonus tracks on the extra discs are worth buying the box set just om their own…. Tracks like “Ghost”, “Oh Well”, “Light” are amazing. Some fans have complained about this album. I just don’t see where this album fails, except the order of the track listing.

Dr Michael Leek

Once the ‘old stock’ (nearly typed ‘old sock’) is sorted, will there be room for new TL stock (please Paul)

David Keener

I feel very lucky for getting a used but NM copy (including outer cardboard promo liner) for $47 (including shipping)!

Steven Roberts

Paul, just a thought – you might want to consider removing the items that are Sold Out from the store. As it stands, it reads a bit like a modern day equivalent of Bullseye:-

“Have a look at what you could have won.”

Alan Tennie

Touche hahahaha


Wow, incredible deal. I bought the box from you last year. Very heavy box. The remixes are so so but the demo disc is fantastic. Really worth it. Especially at that price.

Jay Senese

Andrew – sorry to bother you, but where is your post on the Bowie box sets?

andrew r

Wasn’t a post was a comment on how ltd boxes were . I questioned
the whole ltd concept with an artist of bowie’s stature.
Had to eat my words as the vinyl ones are. really limited The five years vinyl box now selling second hand in the £300 price bracket on Discogs and unavailable elsewhere.


Hi Paul

Is Paypal the only payment method?

tom m hans

I bought the disc only last year – are there any boxes left?

Tom M Hans

What is shipping to the US just for the box?

Tom M Hans

You got it. Thank you though. Great website. Just snapped tpau deal. My wife hates you…lol

Mar Wolfgang

Not to be posted!

If you can wait until mid November, when I visit UK (live in Iceland), then I will take 2 copies. If not, no problem.

Best, Mar Wolfgang

Mar Wolfgang

I assume they were sold out when this message went through, right?


Yeesh — you’re right about overseas shipping! £53!

I didn’t recall this including those demos so I may have to seek this out elsewhere (wasn’t too enamoured with the SOTU album, however).

andrew r

Bagged Paul thanks . Thanks for all the heads up box set activity the last couple of days.
By the way have you read my comment on the ltd status of the Bowie boxes?


was all set to order til I got to shipping – a tenner!

Daniel Lalla

PS: I’m not complaining, I know shipping for a box set isn’t cheap !
If you think of another way, please let me know


Daniel Lalla

Would love one, but the shipping to Canada is 53 pounds!
I would do it for a cheaper shipping method.

Derek Langsford

Mailing costs are killing the ability of small sellers to ship internationally. Based on my research large boxed sets with heavy books inside (eg. Kraftwerk 3-D Catalogue) would cost £73 to ship via ParcelForce from the UK to USA (Royal Mail will not ship items over 2 kg). It forces people to use Amazon UK which only charges £3.08 shipping for a single item, be it a cardboard cover CD single or a massive boxed set.


Here’s a good example of crazy shipping prices. I ordered the Goerge Harrison vinyl boxset from amazon uk – shipping was 3.58 pounds ($6.25 Aus) but if I ordered it from importcds.com the shipping would have been $80.00 US ($110.00 Aus) due to the weight. it weighs around 18 pounds. International shipping cost are crazy and because of this I have stopped ordered from some US retailers such as Elusive discs etc. Keep up the good work Paul. You are tops for helping people save money with these alerts.


£80.00 to Australia???
How much does it weigh???


I post international all the time and was prepared for expensive, but was expecting £30-40. I’m not unhappy about it, it was only going to be an impulse purshase.

regan judson

That is an amazing deal! Well worth it for the 5.1 mix. Bolus the demos in this set are not only songs from this LP, but from other periods off their career as well!