Depeche Mode / Spirit exclusive edition

Out today is Depeche Mode‘s 14th studio album Spirit and fans in Germany have the opportunity to pick up an exclusive version of the deluxe edition.

Germany Electronics retailer Saturn (and Media Markt) are selling the tw0-CD deluxe edition in a lift-off lid box which also contains a special Depeche Mode pin/badge.

This pin is included in the Saturn exclusive edition

The same retailer did a very similar thing with David Bowie‘s Blackstar in January 2016. Unfortunately, there is no international shipping, so you either have to live in Germany or know someone there to whom you can get one of these sent!

Spirit is released today. Order the Saturn exclusive here. All the widely available editions are listed below.

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Depeche Mode

Spirit 2CD deluxe edition


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Depeche Mode

Spirit 2LP gatefold vinyl


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Depeche Mode

Spirit CD





  1. Going Backwards
  2. Where’s The Revolution
  3. The Worst Crime
  4. Scum
  5. You Move
  6. Cover Me
  7. Eternal
  8. Poison Heart
  9. So Much Love
  10. Poorman
  11. No More (This Is The Last Time)
  12. Fail

Bonus CD in deluxe edition

Jungle Spirit Mixes:

  1. Cover Me (Alt Out)
  2. Scum (Frenetic Mix)
  3. Poison Heart (Tripped Mix)
  4. Fail (Cinematic Cut)
  5. So Much Love (Machine Mix)

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Antony Hudson

Available from Poland at alot cheaper price!! EBay!


Much better album than ‘Sounds Of The Universe’. IMO. I like ‘Spirit’ as much as I liked ‘Delta Machine’, and I gave ‘Delta Machine’ 8 out of 10 stars. It’s hard to say what the next single will be because there are so many songs on here that could be singles. My pick for next single would be ‘So Much Love’, followed by ‘Poison Heart’. I think it would be cool if they released ‘Scum’ as a single.

Jake Bowman

Great album. I’m not sure how much I like the song “The Worst Crime” yet, needs a few more listens. I would agree with Doris more on her opinion that Depeche Mode have consistently released quality music over the years on each album release (They have been going strong since 1993’s SONGS OF FAITH AND DEVOTION) but yes I have read some people complaining. But I think more people are loving their music than hating, and I agree less with this guy Neil’s opinion. He has posted a few times now to say the same thing. We only need to hear your opinion once, we get the picture. But you seem to want to keep driving it in, not sure what is the point of that. Except to call it trolling? Maybe?

But he’s on a mission I guess. I myself can’t imagine why anyone who has ever liked Depeche Mode’s best work in the past, I can’t imagine why they would not enjoy this album. Stand-out tracks for me are:
1. Cover Me
2. Where’s The Revolution
3. Poison Heart
4. Scum
5. Eternal
6. So Much Love
7. No More (This Is The Last Time)
8. (so many great songs here, I also like ‘You Move’ and ‘Poorman’

Poorman is a stand-out on this album.

Looking forward to seeing them Live.


I hardly think disagreeing with somebodys post can be classed as trolling.

Andrew Robinson

Media Markt don’t ship internationally, but a package from them just arrived here safe and sound here in Worcester, Worcestershire, UNITED KINGDOM, Germany.

Doris Howard

It’s a shame that obviously some people never actually sat down and really listened to some of DM’s last few album’s, yet they spew hatred over it. Why have an opinion if you really just flipped through a few of the uploaded songs on YouTube and formed an opinion?

Some people are just so quick to judge, and enjoy it a little too much in my opinion. Where they get off on being as hateful as they can. On a band they once loved or say they still love…

Depeche Mode’s past four album’s before Spirit were actually all very good albums. Playing The Angel having the most obvious “hits”, but not one album since Ultra has been bad. And while maybe not every song on every album is their best in some’s opinion, there are plenty of key tracks to pick out on each album.

Spirit is an excellent album, if you actually sit down and listen to it from beginning to end. Maybe even a couple of times. Otherwise, your opinion is not valid. That’s just how I feel. I would say Spirit is right up there with Playing The Angel, Black Celebration, Ultra and Music For The Masses.

I am looking for another Violator or Songs Of Faith And Devotion. But I might just appreciate Spirit a little more than those albums, because we all see and feel things differently. Just my opinion.

Favorite songs on Spirit at the moment (in the order of my most favorites) are:
1. So Much Love (the urgency of this garage-punk track reminds of 80’s New Wave)

2. Where’s The Revolution (I think this is Spirit’s big single, and I love it)

3. Poison Heart (could this be Spirits second single? Sure has the potential. But it sure has dark, hateful lyrics. But the little glimmers of pop are in there to make it a great single, imo)

4. Scum (Dark, hateful, Industrial, Punk.. With enough pop thrown in to make it listenable. this is not to compare to Nine Inch Nails, like some have said, because it’s got some actual Pop mixed in, but it’s DM’s most hard-core industrial-punk sounding song since 2009’s Wrong or 2001’s The Dead Of Night. This album is clearly an anti-Trump album, dare I say, and I for one appreciate that)

5. You Move (This song is the biggest surprise for me, because it sounds like DM to me, but a different DM that we haven’t really heard before. Probably the most current and up-to-date sounding song, with it’s Trap Music beats, it almost sounds like a current boy-band effort, it’s just fresh, and fun, and casual… and it’s not creepy to hear Dave singing “I want to see you move tonight”, it actually works, bringing DM into the current sounds while retaining their own classic sounds (I hear Violator’s World In My Eyes in there, or even It’s No Good synths) the hip new beats really suit them in this song, and all this even while they are in their 50’s, and sounding sexy, but in a credible way. This works)

6. Ok, before I list all the songs, it’s clear I love the whole album. No More (this is the last time) could also be a single I think. It’s classic Mode. I love the simplicity of the drum machine’s and the open space allowed for the music to really breathe on this album.

Eternal is right up there with Martin Gore’s best. If you liked anything of his off Black Celebration, this track sits right along side with his best efforts.

A personal favorite is the song Poorman. Which a few people have hated on.

Every time DM release a new album it will always get hated on by some. For different reasons. It’s to be expected. Playing The Angel was criticized harshly by some. So was Violator when it came out. It’s all part of how it’s always been.

I give Spirit 9 stars out of 10. Not one bad track. There is no huge “Enjoy The Silence” moments on here. But Where’s The Revolution is already a classic DM hit in my opinion. And I see me going back to this album to listen to in 5, 10, 20 years if I’m lucky.


You saying that their past 4 albums are very good and that Spirit is an excellent album is just your opinion and i’m pretty sure there will be plenty of people who disagree with you. I listened to Spirit all the way through and not on YouTube and it is nowhere near excellent in fact it’s close to the worst album they have released which was Exciter in my opinion. I don’t recall Violator being criticized when it was released unless you read different music magazines at the time. Playing the Angel was criticized for being compressed to death and rightly so because it was an ear bleeder.

Antony Hudson

Thank you for your honesty my friend.

I also am a huge Depeche Mode fan.

Great read!!

Antony Hudson.

Antony Hudson

Great read thank you!


I’m another who just doesn’t like it yet. It may be a grower, and several of DM’s great albums are growers – Construction Time Again, Exciter (yes) certainly were. There’s a couple of tunes on here which are good, but in all good honesty, they probably would have been rejected from Playing the Angel 12 years ago. It may well be a better album than Delta Machine, but that’s not saying a lot.

I’m past paying money to see them live too. It’ll be the same formula – couple of new songs, 3/4 of the set from 86-98, pretend the last few albums didn’t happen (even the band know how bad they are), and a token from the first three albums. The inevitable live album and DVD will track Dave Gahan’s increasingly annoying American accent and weird phrasing.

Actually, Gahan’s solo ‘Hourglass’ from 2007 is very, very good. Excellent, in fact. As was Martin’s covers album from 2003. If you’re missing good DM, there’s always those.

Julian H

Heard a lot of songs from the album on the radio and the only things that sounded any good were the album mix of Where’s the Revolution and Fail. The rest? Eh. Going Backwards was compared several times to Never Let Me Down Again. I find that a pretty strange comparison. NLMDA has development, strong hooks and melodic/harmonic twists. Going Backwards is pretty much two chords and the most uninteresting melody imaginable…

Troy Dickenson

Another amazing album! Not one bad song. My least favorite song on here might be The Worst crime. But it’s still a good song. My favorite song on here is Where’s The Revolution. Followed by No More (this is the last time), Eternity, You Move and Cover Me. 4 out of 5 stars!


I take no pleasure in slating DM albums as they were one of my favourite bands when i was younger but this run of terrible albums starting from Exciter onwards has been going on far too long nearly 20 years but you cannot force yourself to like something and this new album is just a total bore. Keeps me in mind of U2 who went in a downhill spiral after Zooropa. I just wish they would go back and remaster DM back catalogue properly and should forget about releasing new albums.


I would recommend anyone buying this to get the 2cd edition. Fail cinematic mix is one of the best things they did ever. The rest of the album is quite good, but needs a few listens. E.g. You move is great but you need to get over the fact the odd timing of the beats.

Disclaimer – I actually think exciter is their best album, and sounds of the universe and delta machine are great as well.


Hmmm to my surprise given the mixed reaction here, this is actually getting their best reviews in ages: http://www.metacritic.com/music/spirit/depeche-mode

I skipped Delta Machine after Sounds of the Universe was so-so, but may check this out after all. Their late albums usually have at least some replay value and a few standouts, more than you can say for a lot of other groups that have been around as long! Though they really need to get of Anton if this is the best he can do for cover art…


Don’t be that surprised, everyone is entitled to have their personal opinion about an album however time put things into place, DM has great, good and average albums, if we part from Violator being a great album, Spirit is pretty much an average one, perhaps even good for some not more.


Yes but Metacritic aggregates reviews from many sources – so it provides more of a consensus. It’s not actually “a personal opinion” but an average of many. One good review, sure, but it’s still unexpected to see it rating so high as a general trend.


The ebay copy looks like a Polish version. Apparently they are selling this edition as well and slapping on that extra side sticker.
I saw the Media Markt version the other day as I ventured far out, and it didn’t look attractive enough for me to buy as an occasional fan who only played Delta Machine once.
There is no embossing, no glossy bits, just the most simple box with a backing card slipped in the back.

Tim Weldon

Oh my goodness! Dreadful album. Depeche Mode are now the musical version of Arsene Wenger. With each new album they continue to ruin their legacy. It pains me to say this because DM through the 80’s and 90’s are a strong part of my life, but guys, please, let it go. Retire the DM brand gracefully.


It’s really quite a good album. They always surprise me each time they release a new album because I find they are most always very well done and quite good. I think “So Much Love” should be a single. And also No More (This Is The Last Time).


I have to admit I went in to HMV today to buy the deluxe edition but at £17.99 they can stick it, It’s no wonder record stores and physical product are struggling when you get hit with pricing like that.


Last Pink Floyd euro compilation The Early Years is still 19.99 euros and was released last year, i agree with your comment… oh wait now it has a discount is 19,94 off!


You can buy this “exclusive” box edition in Poland in empik-shop: http://www.empik.com/spirit-deluxe-edition-box-depeche-mode,p1137265593,muzyka-p
They send to many countries and you can pay by paypal.


Giving the live interpretations a shot… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc9QG2kR_ZE
First thing is that Dave needs to ditch the John Waters look immediately! Though to his credit, he really does look like a dirty old man.
I’m honestly curious as to how Dave and Martin feel about the end result of the album (couldn’t give less of a toss about what Fletch has to say since he does next to nothing other than a few hand claps here and there… he makes a performance by Kraftwerk look like a physical workout)…
do you they feel that this material is strong? did they think the same about “Delta Machine”?
What did they think about this warm-up gig and audience’s less than enthusiastic reaction?
Nice to see Peter Gordeno hop on bass but the new take on “A Pain That I’m Used To” is as weak as the new material (so technically, it fits well with the set presented).
I suspect their camp now consists of one too many yes-men, approving anything with a DM stamp and potential financial gain.
After watching the gig, I still “feel nothing inside”.


Does Fletch actually plug his keyboard In?, I’m sure Alan Wilder alluded to such.

The Little Chef

I think Fletch just opens up some software on his laptop and does the band’s accounts. He claps when the subtotals tally.


The first DM album I won’t listen any more.

Delta machine was too bad.

After Ultra the feeling has gone.


IMO Ultra and Exciter were kind of similar, PTA even tolerable, but the last 3 albums have been pretty average.


What made Depeche Mode a great singles band in their heyday (=81-90), was their consistent delivery of excellent B-sides and brilliant 12″ mixes (of both A & B-sides!) mostly done by the production team.

They have sadly abandoned that pattern for a quarter century. Since the early 90’s, every time a new album gets released, I hope for this to come back… in vain.

Antony Hudson

Totally agree… Antony

Nigel Day

I would be overjoyed to hear full band versions of Leave In Silence, Shake The Disease, Dangerous, and Happiest Girl.

I suspect I’ve more chance of winning the lottery.


Some really mixed reviews here on “Spirit”. I have been a big fan since 85, having been introduced to them via their Singles 81-85 collection which I absolutely love – the sleeve notes back then showed the apathy/mixed critical reviews they received and nothing has really changed since. I personally see them as a great singles band – album wise, I am struggling anything beyond their 86-90 heyday which has come close to being outstanding yet the singles always seem to stand out for me regardless. However, nobody can deny, this band has an incredible back catalogue of material and in terms a live set, they certainly can still pull in big crowds and I think most folk of a certain age would be happy to hear them trawl through their biggest hits as I would, including People Are People!

Mr Olsen

Where did the tunes go?


People – what are we thinking?
Good question – terrible record. No melodies. Flat lyrics. Nothing catchy.
Bored out of my mind.


Agree with most of the others, some interesting noises, but no tunes. Glad I opted to listen online before buying, as I won’t be doing the latter. Only interesting bit about the listen was comparing the album tracks with their alternative mix counterparts.

Gary Hunter

Absolutely dire, void of ideas, void of melodies, sadly they are past their sell-by date, not one song on this album grabs me, a huge, huge disappointment.


Good to see the UK Amazon price come down nearly £4, as the deluxe was never worth £18.


I would also love to hear “People Are People”, but that ship has sailed. DM are more interested in suiting themselves than the fans. As soon as any band states they won’t sing “this or that” song I start to get turned off. Spirit has yet to really capture my ear (yet), but I am thrilled with the Ewan Pearson remix of Where’s the Revolution. It is giving me classic DM vibes.


There is a different sticker on the front of this ebay edition, it’s in english, the Saturn/Mediamarkt is a german sticker. So this pin edition should be available somewhere else.

Nigel Day

I’ve listened to it half a dozen times and am not feeling it at all. Dreadful lyrics ! What’s gone on there ? Like a sixth form sociology students notes. Some nice sounds but not enough to keep me satisfied.

Going Backwards is ok, but you can still sing In Chains over it.
WTR ? Didn’t like this when I first heard it and still feel the same
Worst Crime – Well, it needs to be near the end of the album, not track 3. And it needs finishing.
Scum. Silly.
You Move. Bad. Sounds broken.
Cover Me. Tuneless with a so-so last couple of minutes
Eternal. Quite like this one. Martin channeling Nico. But it ends too soon

The next 3 or 4 tracks. Really dull.

Fail. Not bad, but if one word could sum Spirit up for me …….

I thought Exciter was iffy but this makes Exciter sound like the future.

I might do one of Paul’s famous un-boxing videos except in reverse cause at the moment all I want to do is stick it back in its packaging and send it back :(.


the pin edition is on ebay if you want to part with around £30 for a little pin http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/282380348558?roken=cUgayN


I do sympathize with the set list comment. The set lists for the Angel tour and the Universe tour were so similar that I passed on the DeltaMachine tour.

It is about time that Depeche Mode follows the Kraftwerk pattern:
1.Stop making new albums.
2.Play concerts that focus on one particular album, for fans to hear what they want to hear.


Just like U2


1. I truly miss them playing “People Are People” live. That has to be my all-time favorite Depeche Mode song. It’s a sentimental thing. Brings me back to 1984 when I first heard it and fell in love with this band. The lyrics have good intentions. The music to “PAP” was so cutting edge and ahead of it’s time back in 1984.

2. The lyrics throughout the new album “Spirit” I feel are all somehow connected to Political messages directed towards Donald Trump becoming President and how it’s affecting people, and the band. This is a Political album through and through. But it’s done well. The lyrics on “Spirit” aren’t on “cruise control”. There is a message here. I do agree that perhaps the last few albums don’t have a specific message quite as much as this one does. Which is refreshing.

3. I’m so over Alan Wilder. He did his thing. And it was good. But I moved on long ago, back in 1997 I let it go and moved forward.


First listen and not impressed… “we feel nothing inside”.
It’s as though the last three albums are on cruise control.
“Scum” needs a “pull the trigger mix”…”Poison Heart”, “Poorman”, “Fail”… decent tracks.
Always thought they should approach Wilder as a producer… even scale down for a tour, re-establish a connection with their fans, and do a “bare” set in smaller venues.
Regardless, any new DM material is better than a Dave Gahan solo project of one form or another and I’m now certainly looking forward to passing on this tour… unless they make “People Are People” a part of their 2017 live set… ’cause if Gore thinks THOSE lyrics were too simplistic, well then… and PAP would fit in so nicely with the overall “Spirit” concept ;)


I think this is the first time I’ve seen an AMG review rate an album higher than the fan reviews, 4.5 stars: http://www.allmusic.com/album/spirit-mw0003018716?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2017-03-17


I don’t know why it’s auto corrected ‘ish’ to ‘fish’. Although quite a few DM songs mention God, sorry cod.


I also think that because this album IS a political album (no matter what the bands says) it is indeed political. And I think some people, considering the Political climate these days, will automatically come out to hate on this album. Possibly out of anger.


Haven’t been too hot for their last few albums but this one is really different, and very good I think. I love Going Backwards and You Move and Cover me are sensational. The whole thing has a rough, grinding appeal. Sold!!


Given the album a few listens and whilst I think it’s a grower they do seem to be almost a parody of themselves. I read a review a few years ago where it said you could have a DM lyrics generator just by utilising the words sinner, pain, Angel, and a few others I cannot remember. Much as I’ve loved loads of their output, lyrically it has tended to be one dimensional imho and was heavily supported, or made less important, by the fantastic melodies and tunes he’d write, which seem to get rarer and rarer as times moved on. There seems to be a lot of coasting and lack of interest perhaps also indicated by the tired cliched artwork. Much as I like quite a few tracks since the mid noughties, and bought every album,the only one I’ve loved has been Precious, a beautiful tender song. Possibly due to its being a personal lyric about something specific to Martin Gore’s life This album does seem to have a specific fish set of targets though as opposed to vague no one understand me sentiments. Brevity has been mentioned in one or two places. Ironic given two members predominantly line in the States


I’m enjoying the album. While some tracks grab you straight away, I think overall the album is a grower. I’ve only heard the remixes once. Hmm, not so sure about them, but maybe they’ll grow on me too.

I’m looking forward to seeing them live when I make it to London later this year. :)


Love it. It takes a few listens to get into.
Cover Me is my favourite, love the way it moves into the instrumental section then Eternal.


How is the European packaging constructed? The US version has both disc pockets glued to the front and back covers so getting the discs out is a pain (like the 30th ann. edition of Aladdin Sane and much UNLIKE the mock-up in the picture above). I work at a record shop here and we opened 3 of the 5 copies we initially received the first two had light to moderate scratches on disc 1 and all three had the same GIANT gouge on disc 2 which seems to come from the manufacturing when the discs are put in there in the first place. Fortunately (I guess) the disc 2 gouge is outside the play area on the outer 3rd of the disc. We pulled them and I emailed our Sony rep to see what can be done. If and when I hear anything I’ll post back here. Why this type of packaging is still used (especially when the pockets are glued to the cover) is beyond me even more so when it’s a $20 “deluxe” edition. There are SO MANY other options for CD packaging that DON’T damage the discs. I’m curious to see how much of the US run has this problem. Anyone else with this problem should return the disc and contact Sony’s customer service to complain so *maybe* they’ll do something about it.


This is what people get for sticking to old formats, don’t get me wrong i’m a CD addict here but i’m aware i’m kind of a fool because still buying physical stuff, times have come to move completely to streaming or even iTunes files, i’m aware of that, still i haven’t be able to left cd’s behind, Depeche Mode being a UK i ordered the euro version but only for collecting purposes…


Terrible album IMO and yes I listened to it twice.

martin farnworth

Personally a new Depeche album is an “event” of sorts, but not nearly so as it once was having given up hope long ago of anything matching their 86-90 heyday. I am glad though they don’t release anything more frequently. The recent output lacking the strong hooks of the past i’d imagine the quality control would suffer quite a bit if they were more prolific.


I just bought the exclusive Saturn box here in Germany and they had it for 10 Euro (about 8.66 GBP) special offer :-)


if only i lived in Germany, shame they don’t ship to the UK :)


For me, their low points have been Playing the angel (low), SOTU (lower) and Delta Machine (scum).
With that in mind, this is their best release since Ultra. “Period”.
Yes, there the direst tracks in there but overall things are “singable” and engaging. Liking “going Backwards”, “Revolutions”, “Scum”, “So much Love”, “No more time” and “Fail”.

Footnote: had to listen to it SEVERAL times in order to get it…


I agree with Charles K. 100%, I question whether certain individuals ever even listened to the new album and or even tried to like it. It’s a great album!

The Great opener track “Going Backwards” is one of their best opening songs. “Where’s The Revolution” is a great first single. Fits perfectly in to the context of the album. Track three “The Worst Crime” is the acoustic track on the album, and it’s great right where it is. “Scum” is a bit of a surprise. Industrial, abrasive, angry… I quite like it. I see “Poison Heart” as a potential single. Same with “Cover Me”.

Martin’s tracks on the new album are just perfect, “Eternal” reminds me something from the “Black Celebration” era, while “Fail” reminds me a bit of “It Doesn’t Matter” from “Some Great Reward”. The music.

Also “Poorman” reminds me of something from “Construction Time Again”, the tone, atmosphere and music.

The last four albums have been great in my opinion. “Exciter” was actually quite good, mellow, but it was a good quality album. My favorite track off “Exciter” was “When The Body Speaks”… “I Feel Loved”, “Dream On” and “Freelove” were all great songs off “Exciter”. I still play that album.

“Playing The Angel” is still considered one of my all-time favorite albums. “Nothing’s Impossible” is a classic. Along with all the singles from that album… “Precious”, “Suffer Well”…etc…

“Sounds Of The Universe” in my opinion is a great album, with great songs, but the flow of the album did not quite work. Also too many songs on there, they should have kept it down to 10 or 12 tracks. Sometimes, or most times too many songs on an album can make it too much work to get in to, or turn it in to a “Playlist” instead of an album. I think that’s what happened with “Sounds Of The Universe”. I thought “Wrong” was a great first single. “Peace” was great, it should have done better as a single in my opinion. “Fragile Tension” was also a great single.

“Delta Machine” is an excellent album. From beginning to end. It did not have many big hits off it. “Heaven” was an interesting selection as a first single, but it’s a great song. The thing about “Delta Machine” is that it reminds me how good an album “Black Celebration” was, in terms of being an album. It flows really well, and every song is excellent. “Black Celebration” did not have many big hits off it, but it was a great album. Same with “Delta Machine”. It’s hard to pick my favorites off “Delta Machine”. I thought the song “Angel” should have been made in to an official single. Other tracks I love off that album are: “Should Be Higher”, “Alone”, “Secret To The End”… so many great songs. on there.

‘Spirit” sounds very fresh and exciting to me. It’s not a fast paced, dance album. There are a few upbeat tracks. But it’s consistent and flows well from beginning to end. I love the message here. It’s a step up from “Delta Machine” for me, not to say it’s better, but it’s maybe a slight better in my opinion….

So yeah, “Spirit”, Depeche Mode are once again back! And new single “Where’s The Revolution” is an exciting way to introduce this album. 5th track “You Move” is a nice surprise for me, to hear them be a bit playful and sexy. It’s the dance track on the album I would say. And it’s not as cheezy as one might expect when explained, but when listened to, it works, and Dave is so damn seductive singing to this, I imagine him movin’ and groovin’ in the studio while recording vocals for this one.

“Cover Me” is an interesting track, as it opens it reminds me of U2’s greatest, but it goes off in to this cool, trippy electronic journey, and that is what reminds us of part of what has always made Depeche Mode so cool and different from the others. I think “Cover Me” could be a single, if shortened a bit, edited. Maybe.

“So Much Love” reminds me of New-Wave Post-Punk Depeche Mode, the music sounds like one of their b-sides from the “Playing The Angel” era, yet this song is pretty top of the line, with banging pots and pans banging away in an industrial landscape, sneering vocals, a tough of sarcasm, goth, dread… punk, New Wave… it’s all there, in one song. Amazingly awesome.

“No More (This Is The Last Time)” might be my favorite track off this album. Actually I take that back, because it’s hard to choose. I do see it as a potential single. It’s really a great song, and very classic Depeche Mode, with it’s words about a relationship ending, and never giving it another try again. How could anyone in their right mind not like this song, these songs, this album is forever beyond me. Perhaps they didn’t take the time to really listen? maybe they are stuck. Who knows. Of course this is all just my own opinion.

Anyone not taking the time to listen a few times, and then not like this album might want to just consider themselves “Early-Depeche-Fans” liking only their earlier stuff, and maybe they should give up and instead go buy the new Britney Spears album (not that I have anything against Britney, LOL) but you get what I’m saying. Good night.


I totally agree with Neil, this album is hugely disappointing. One of their strongest suits used to be melodies. Now, for me, there are none. I thought that Exciter & Sounds of the Universe were by far the worst things they’d ever done, but I might have to revise that opinion in light of this. Frankly, their lyrics have never truly developed beyond adolescence either & opining ‘hey scum, hey scum what have you done for anyone?’ for example, doesn’t improve things in that department. The inventiveness & quirky sounds, the strange beautiful tunes have left, perhaps for good & been replaced by an ultra bleak, murky dirge. Horrible.


Not listened to it yet, but it’s worse than Exciter? Oh lord no….


This looks great.

They always do such great physical edition!!

Ron I


I disagree as a longtime Depeche fan. I’m liking it better than Delta Machine and find it hearkens back to older Depeche sounds that I love.

Hilarious that I remember this particular negative reaction for as long as Depeche has been around. When Violator came out, for instance, I remember the press just writing it off (one paper accused them of becoming “teenie fare,” haha. I knew then they were wrong and now it’s considered a classic.

So, if you don’t like it…oh well. Move on and don’t stress.

Jakob Rehlinger

Ha! Yeah, other than ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ they put the D in dire. That’s kind of their shtick.


Having listened to the album i found it completely dire which comes as no surprise. They seriously need to call it a day and one thing i noticed was that the deluxe edition should just have been a single disc with those Jungle Spirit Mixes included it clocks in at 76 minutes.

Charles K.

I disagree completely, their last four releases have been great with a few songs here or there unworthy. They’ve been dire for most of their career, did you happen to miss the brightly titled Black Celebration album? Just stop listening to them, I would much prefer that over them packing it in.


They have not been dire over most of their career! Their albums have certainly been mostly patchy for all of their career though, excepting the Violator to Ultra sweet spot.


I agree. It’s very sad to watch the artists you grew up loving, slowly run out of gas. I hated the last trio of albums DM released and Spirit isn’t much better. It’s not just that they’ve grown older, it’s the fact that there music seems to be devoid of any real melody. I don’t mind that the content is dour, they’ve always been a dark band but where are the hooks? It’s all very bland and samey.