Depeche Mode / Spirit

Depeche Mode / new album Spirit

Depeche Mode will release their new album Spirit next month.

The 12-track album will be available as a casebound book two-CD deluxe edition which features a bonus disc with five remixes and a 28-page booklet of exclusive artwork and photos.


Spirit will also be available as a double gatefold vinyl package although the music is only pressed onto three sides, with side four featuring a special SPIRIT etching.


Spirit will be issued on 17 March 2017.




  1. Going Backwards
  2. Where’s The Revolution
  3. The Worst Crime
  4. Scum
  5. You Move
  6. Cover Me
  7. Eternal
  8. Poison Heart
  9. So Much Love
  10. Poorman
  11. No More (This Is The Last Time)
  12. Fail

Bonus CD in deluxe edition

Jungle Spirit Mixes:

  1. Cover Me (Alt Out)
  2. Scum (Frenetic Mix)
  3. Poison Heart (Tripped Mix)
  4. Fail (Cinematic Cut)
  5. So Much Love (Machine Mix)

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Currently some new copies of the double vinyl are going for under £15 plus standard Amazon UK seller postage. Cluster of EU sellers, so you wait a couple of weeks, but if you were tempted might be worth checking. Amazon UK currently not selling, after message that withdrawn for sale due to reports from buyers about mis-listing or similar (they currently list as 2 discs but then describe each side is a disc in its own right).


Best album since “Delta Machine”! Love it!


Their worst album cover design by quite some way. It makes ‘Speak & Spell’ look like Van Gogh!

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Where’s the 5.1 mix of this album !?

Phil Baker

They’ve continually disappointed since “Ultra” in 1997, their last good album. The odd track has excited me, but on the whole it’s always hugely underwhelming. U2 have followed a similar path since “Zooropa”, a succession of average records. Twenty years is a long time, so i highly doubt either band will produce another great album.


Agree 100%, except for me SOFAD was their last best album…root cause Wilder left.

U2 not as simply…root cause… difficult to top Auchtung Baby…

Julian H

The single sounds just like the previous two lead singles (Wrong and Heaven) did – catchy but sluggish. The sound is too crowded…

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Mark R

I like the song but agree that it does sound like one of Delta Machine’s. I didn’t like Delta Machine or Sounds Of The Universe ( The only DM albums I don’t have physical copies of) but this is good. Hope the album is better than the previous two.
And yes, Alan Wilder is still sorely missed.


I remember when DM used to have the best graphics for their covers. Now, I could design better cover artwork in my sleep.


1. Does anybody know when the new single is released? I read it was Friday February 3, 2017.

2. Alan has been gone for so long. Not sure why anyone would even bring him up and complain about what happened in 1994. If you don’t like Depeche Mode’s music after that, maybe it’s time to move on.

3. I have enjoyed everything before and after ‘Ultra’ and ‘Exciter”. ‘Playing The Angel’ has turned out to be one of Depeche Mode’s best albums. It’s a classic. ‘Sounds Of The Universe” has some great songs on it, although I do feel the flow of the album wasn’t as good as it could have been, in terms of the order of the songs. But ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ was a pretty great album.

‘Delta Machine’ was excellent, right up there with ‘Black Celebration’ IMO, but it did not have any real big hits on it, that is true, but it’s still a great album from beginning to end, and it flows really well as an album.

I am looking forward to this new album ‘Spirit’, with it’s new Producer on board, and I have to say, ‘Where’s The Revolution” is now one of my top Depeche Mode singles, it’s a great first single, love the Chorus, Love the part about the “Train is coming”, love the Lyrics, has that classic Depeche Mode sound. I am very excited to hear their new album. Not sure why anyone would ever complain about DM, they have been putting out high quality music consistently, long after Alan left.

I truly just feel sorry for people when I read them complaining, because they find reasons to hate on Depeche Mode. What’s there to hate? Whining and complaining won’t change the chpoices the band are making from what I can see. “Oh Well”.


This is far from a top DM single. Hoping I am “Wrong” in thinking the new album will disappoint.


I haven’t actually seen one single post here where somebody says they hated Depeche Mode more the fact that they have been releasing poor albums over the last 20 years and you asked why people have been going on about Alan Wilder well i don’t think it’s just a coincidence since he left that the rot set in and is still continuing to this day. I would rather now they would go back and remaster their back catalogue properly instead of releasing new stuff. One more thing Playing The Angel sounded so bad i’m surprised anybody can like anything from that mess.


Is is just me, or are Depeche Mode releases more and more sounding like Dave’s solo output and less and less like Depeche Mode?


They are but DM wouldn’t exist anymore unless Dave was allowed to contribute a few songs to each album. He has said that himself in a few interviews.
I haven’t really liked any of Dave’s stuff I would rather they were still around than n0t to be honest.

martin farnworth

doesn’t improve with repeat listens


Since Alan Wilder left it’s been a downhill spiral although Ultra is good but from Exciter onwards they have been terrible. One of the comments here mentioned the bad mastering on their albums and the worst offender certainly goes to Playing The Angel which if it has any redeeming tracks on it at all are all buried under a sea of loudness. Where’s The Revolution which is plodding the same territory as their recent output doesn’t even sound like a single and would be more suited as just an album track. It’s very sad because i used to look forward to new DM singles or albums being released but now i know their stuff is going to be crap before i even listen to it.


The 2 disc PTA had a PCM stereo version that wasn’t a brick walled mess like the CD and is easily made into a CD if you care to hear it without loudness wars mastering.

Max Harper

Well i read all the comments before i listened to the single, & with all the negativity i was expecting to be disappointed but :-
I rather like it. At the press conference they gave us a snippet which sounded a bit glam rock & i wasn’t sure, but in full the synths are more coherent, with a nice loopy tune through the verse, with the glam-y more raucous bit saved for impact on the chorus.
Plesently suprised.
N.B. Since violator, depeche have often released a lead single which is rockier/more raucous than the rest of the album so this may only be a hint at whats on ‘spirit’


After listening to the new song a number of times I really love it. I thought I read the new single was released today. I am excited for the new album. Been a fan since 1984, and been a fan since. The album’s sleeve art is fine. Simple. Leaves it open to interpretation.

Paul E.

Thanks for the info Paul as this one really flew under my radar! I love the (57+) comments generated already and the tall stack of claims suggesting DM is not relevant anymore. I suppose I’m just not fan enough having first seen this band in concert in 1984 (@ The Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, IL. @ the age of 13). My novice opinion is that this song is pretty good and recollection of “Delta Machine” was that it topped sales charts in no less than 12 countries. I’ll be buying the 2 CD deluxe version as is always the case and repurchasing (soon, I hope) on Blu Ray. No comment necessary with regard to Side Four’s “etching” although this could be a blatant attempt to sell more CDs (apologies to the vinyl faithful). The artwork critiques seem to be coming from those same “names” who went on about Sting’s latest album- if you dislike it so, than my advice is to hold out for the next release before you get your tattoo.


Has anyone noticed that DM has been at the forefront of brickwalling their music. Regardless of whether the songs are good or not, they are recorded so loud that it is painful to listen to them. This single is no exception. I am afraid that after skipping the Ben Hillier albums, I will skip this one too. In the Alan days, the music used to be a feast for the ears but I would agree with what one fan wrote years ago: Ben Killed Depeche Mode. The Tom Ford production doesn’t sound much different unfortunately.

Kevin Farrow

I wonder if it will be another Depeche Mode “by numbers” album? The last few have unfortunately been pretty formulaic.

Warren Mason

Completely disagree with the negative comments about the lead track. It is a good mid tempo song in the Depeche Mode tradition. Lyrics are timely as well. I do think it is more of an album track and that the message of the song probably drove the decision to release it as a single.

As inconsequential as cover art is these days cannot believe all of the focus there. With that said, I like the artwork. Their cover art has always been simplistic. My hunch is that a lot of you will warm to it, especially when you see it with the packaging.

Graeme Hatton

Shocking cover, but I quite like the song on the first listening. Certainly better than Heaven!

paul griffiths

is “wheres the revolution”available to buy as a physical cd or vinyl???

Lee Carson

Physical copies and “B-Sides” are likely to follow shortly


I don’t think they’ll be winning any awards for that sleeve design.


Depeche Mode’s new single “Where’s The Revolution” is released TODAY (Friday, February 3, 2017),…. spread the word. So exciting!

Ron I

So it’s safe to say based on the comments here that most Depeche fans are a very unhappy bunch haha.

I’ve only disliked Exciter and Sounds (I need some hooks, man) and am personally glad they’ve gone back to more interesting songs. I enjoyed their last album and don’t mind this single at all.

I’m guessing a lot of fans set themselves up for hate. Oh well, good luck with that.


No, a lot of fans really want the band to be as good as they have been & can be. Especially in their autumn years. Feelings that they are not are very common for a reason – they really are not.

paul griffiths

cover is great……but that’s it…if you want good DM you need alan wilder,he was the key.they need to get the balance right…he…he………………….and dave’s song writing skills are shit to say the least


This new Depeche Mode so called song is without any doubt DULL and UNINSPIRING…I remember as a kid all the happy pop ditties they did back then but now they have become darker and more morbid sounding as the years have gone on…I’m gonna put on the new OneRepublic album to cheer me up at least it has a load of decent tunes on it that are MELODIC…Are Depeche Mode capable of making a happier more tuneful song ever again? I think NOT…I rest my case.


They used to be my favourite band but this sounds like a track which didn’t make the cut for the last album (which sounded like tracks which didn’t make the cut for the one before that…and so on back until ‘Exciter’). Sounds like a demo that needs someone to breathe some life and energy into it. Was Alan Wilder really that important to their sound? Am starting to believe he was.


Q: Was Alan Wilder really that important to their sound?
A: Yes.

Lee Carson

He was important to their sound at a particular moment in time


Alan’s main function in the band was on the sonics – sounds used, textures and rhythms plus the programming of it. That is a role that nobody else in the band has the talent, interest or can be ar*ed to learn to do (Andy F here is pointing to you…). Therefore since Alan left the role has had to be filled by the production teams employed and the programmers they bring with them, hence no real continuity of progression or direction since SOFAD. It has all been a bit all over the place. Not all disasters though, I think Tim Simenon and his team did a fantastic job with Ultra. It sounds as good as anything done with Alan to my ears. But overall they have never really recovered from his departure.


And an all ’round nice bloke to boot!!!

Fletch on the other hand is completely talentless, doesn’t even put up a decent pretence when he is miming on-stage (ffs he can’t even clap in time!) and is arrogant and unpleasant. He was a key reason why Alan left the band tbh.

Fletch is perhaps the most fortunate person in music to have been in the right place at the right time by being Martin’s mate from childhood/ school and has made a fortune from that alone.

I speak from very long term, first hand, professional experience.


Yes, agreed. Andy F is a lucky boy. He has no inherent talent, but I suppose he injects something into the dna of Depeche… What that is heaven knows!

Glenn Roger

What’s up with this new album cover art?! I am impressed that Depeche Mode is still going after all these years, as I am the same age as they are, but this album somehow feels forced and not very creative in a sense. And that includes the cover art which is dreadful. Dave Gahan sounds as if he is singing after just waking up after an all night binge. At least that’s what I took from the new song. Their early material is strong and still exciting but it’s hard to get excited for something that does not promote excitement. I only hope they convey a different reality once they hit the road to promote these new songs in concert. But so far, I am not impressed.

Mark Jensen

I love this new cover. It is simple and awesome! The new song also sounds really great.


Gawd! What is with their desire to make plodding art rock. The new single sucks. It sounds like a cast off from their last CD. Their last good album IMO was “Exciter” (even though many fans hate it). I’ve only liked one of their songs post Exciter and that was “Precious”. They used to be so inventive and creative, it’s like they no longer make an effort at writing good songs anymore.


They don’t bother making good music anymore because they know they have enough of a fan base that is going to say “I love it! It’s the best they’ve done in a while”, regardless of the regurgitated boredom that it might be. And I cringe when the eventual claim of “masterpiece” or “growth” start appearing. Like all of their eventually frowned upon albums, it will hit the top 10 and there will be loads of blind 5 star reviews on Amazon and iTunes. Hooray for zombie followers! I did love the complete Singles DVD collection that came out last year, despite the poorly designed packaging. But I really only wanted Disc 1 and that was enough for me.


I’d echo most of the comments on here.

The artwork is just plain bad. I long for the ‘clean’ artwork of the old days (Music For The Masses etc.) and hate the ‘scrapbook’ style artwork that the band have used constantly since Violator.

As regards the music, I feel that they really need Wilder back. His contributions were immense (arrangements, production etc.) and the music has suffered since his departure.

I don’t particularly like the single (it plods along and goes on for at least a minute too long) but I’ll give the LP a go. Can’t see me ever not buying a DM album. They have given me so much over the years and I really want the LP to be good.


Just looked vinyl up on Amazon and its standard 12 tracks – no remixes!!! Release date for vinyl is 17th March on there vinyl and CD

Johnny Feathers

New song’s not bad, but I’m hoping there are better tracks on the album. I really didn’t like Delta Machine over all, but the live show was still really good–even the new songs sounded fresh in a way they didn’t on the album. But they still continue to use some very dry production–pushing Gahan’s voice out front, making the synths sound tinny and retro, when their best stuff wasn’t like that at all.

I’ve already pre-ordered the deluxe CD set, and will be seeing them on their tour when it hits the US.

Why can’t they manage a decent album cover anymore? Every 80’s album was cool and evocative. Then things went south after SOFAD. This is likely their worst yet.


Although I agree SOFAD was a terrible cover and PTA forward have been equally unimpressive art wise, I liked Ultra & Exciter’s covers and do not mind Delta Machine’s either. Their best artwork (and albums) were 1986-1990.


No matter how talented or famous Mr. Corbijn is, I find the artworks he creates for DM a total disaster. The new cover is no exception, it’s just plain ugly.

I like the new song, though.


After following the band from the VC years, DM lost me at “Delta Machine” and that was the first tour of theirs that I passed on. I still haven’t bought the album and have no regrets about missing the gig (their setlist has become progressively boring as of late for someone who has attended most of their tours).
SOTU was the last good material I heard from the group (In Chains, Wrong, Little Soul, Peace, Come Back, Miles Away – Truth Is… all great tunes IMO).
I have to agree with all the comments regarding Anton Corbijn’s recent work… not too impressed… and this cover for “Spirit” should be the cover for the “Where’s The Revolution?” single.
I can’t say I’m a big a fan of Gahan’s songwriting… and as much as I like Peter Gordeno and Christian Eigner, it’s just too predictable and kind of boring.
I’d prefer seeing Alan Wilder back in the mix or Gordeno performing with Gore on solo shows again. Wait and see.


Really exciting!

The new single is awesome!

Certainly a time for a revolution and new world order – bring it on!!!



I’m crying inside. This is MY band and I hate to say it, but I am overall as disappointed as most people here. Where’s The Revolution is not a proper single. It’s an album track. I have more than a 1000 records, cds etc. and I will not part with my collection. But I am sad.


Oh dear. Terrible cover

Michael Ettengruber

and a terrible song…

Gary Hunter

I have had concerns about what the new album would be like and this single confirms my fears, it is awful, one of their worst singles yet. I’ve been a fan since the “Speak And Spell” days, slowly I have drifted away from their music, that said “Delta Machine”, I thought was a good album.

This single is a plodder and has no direction and to much of a “rock” element in it.

Can’t see me getting “Spirit” and feel that perhaps they should call it a day, as this new material sound the same as much of their previous work over the last few albums.

A huge disappointment!


also disappointed by comeback track don’t get me wrong I like it but its exactly like something from there last album. Im hoping there maybe better to come

Andrew F

I know that most ‘singles’ these days tend to be regarded as ‘focus tracks’ that you can purchase singularly or get to download when you pre-order the digital or physical format. For me, the beauty of Depeche Mode is that they’re a great singles band.

My iTunes playlist of the 56 singles is my most-played collection of songs since I started compiling them in 2004. One of the special things about DM singles is that – with the exception of the lead single – they’re usually different to the album versions. The band’s singles aren’t just clumsy radio edits, but thoughtful reproductions or alternate mixes. I hope that there’s a separate single release (even if only digitally) for the Revolution track. Maybe this will land once the video is out there.

I appreciate that with an album to land next month, the label want fans to stream or purchase the track from the elpee, rather than a digital single. I guess that commercial radio play is no longer the holy grail for the band, however, at 5 minutes it’s a long single – the longest since Walking In My Shoes, I think.

If we’re not getting a ‘proper’ single release or a single version then it’s a little underwhelming for those of us who like to collect music physically. I love vinyl, but I get the impression that the deluxe CD is the better purchase unless there’s a deluxe booklet in the gatefold vinyl that hasn’t been referred to. I suspect not.

I’ll buy this album. I just wish I was feeling a little more enthusiastic about their return than I am.

Michael Fortin

I was a bit underwhelmed by Delta Machine, but I’ll still pick up the 1 CD version. The 2-CD version looks nice (I have the 2-CD Delta Machine) but don’t need the remixes this time around. Good to see the boys still making new music and trying to remain relevant.


I’m anxious to hear the new album and like the single…but totally underwhelmed by the artwork. may have to just do a download for this one. It’s a shame with so many interesting physical releases these days. I might have gone for the 2CD if disc 2 contained some acoustic versions or b-sides…kinda like when Queen put 3 rare songs on a CD as a bonus disc with the remasters. A waste of a lot of space!

Stephen K.

Visuals are an important enhancement of music. The music needs to stand on its own two feet, but the visuals influence how the music gets in your head and how you relate to it.

Anton Corbijn did a fantastic job for Music for the Masses and wasn’t a slouch for Violator, either. But everything after that has looked rather half-hearted in effort. It’s a shame the Depeche Mode felt their early videos were crap and only Corbijn “got the band”, because there’s nothing inspiring since then. Corbijn’s nephew might as well have designed everything since Violator. He was a great photographer, and he did interesting work with U2, too, but the time period was about the same. What has he done since then??

I love Depeche Mode, but I don’t know what I would need to see to get excited about a new Depeche Mode release. But probably something a little more artistic.


Anton didn’t do any artwork for Music for the Masses. That was T&CP Associates. The good old days of proper typography that was hand written like a child! Violator was the perfect blend of lovely Anton visuals and a proper design team. Oh, to have proper design on a DM release again!


I was hoping that the change of producer – after a too long relationship with Ben Hillier – would result with something refreshing, something different than Sounds Of The Universe or Delta Machine…

I was hoping for Anton Corbijn to deliver a strong timeless photography based artwork, as opposed to a weak illustration/typography exercise that fits best on ephemeral singles…

I was hoping for an exciting single released in advance of the album, in multiple formats, with one or two great B-sides, and remixes done by the band/production team…

…And I am still hoping for proper SDE of all of the band’s albums from Speak & Spell to Exciter.

Charles K.

Artwork for their albums since PTA have been terrible, but the music, however, has been stellar. Mode and Duran have both been on a terrible cover/superb music cycle for the last four albums. I love the latest Duran album immensely but man is the cover embarrassing. Looking forward to this!


Have to agree that the Paper Gods is a horrible cover and also feel it’s a horribly sequenced album despite every song being great. It’s mastering is sad as well. I did not mind their other album covers. RCM sounds like a bunch of half baked demos but the cover is cool…Nite-Runner is very embarrassing but really the other songs are good, but the production is lacking. I love every other Duran album.
Depeche’s Delta Machine for me was a fine cover, but yes the other recent ones are lame. And PTA for me was depressing and like Duran’s RCM was horribly produced. The b-sides and remixes outshine the album by far as does the out-take Martyr. And besides that I love their whole catalog. Delta Machine could lose a couple songs to tighten it up and those and the bonus tracks would’ve been better served as b-sides. Really, the old vinyl standard of a 46 minute album tops makes for the best albums usually.


Does the vinyl edition feature a booklet as well or it it the exclusivity of the 2-CD package?

Daniel ( from Berlin )

After the songs of DM getting more and more disappointing over the last 20 years
now the cover art gets more and more ugly and primitive. Done in a half hour ?
( Maybe the same time as the songs were done for the album ? )
The last albums sound to me like going in the studio and play the full album in one day or two.
Ohh not so good result ? Okay lets put some old demos on the “Deluxe Edition” like
with “Sounds Of The Universe”. Bad idea. Those tricks make me really angry.
On my opinion the last ( complete ) good album was “Music For The Masses” and their last really good single was “Precious”. After that…. boring songs without any good melody.
I saw no new “spritit” in the last years… I’m NOT interested in any new DM stuff. Sorry.
Too much disappointments in the new century.
Better would be a complete “Deluxe Edition” release with all the good albums from the 80’s.
There are so much good songs / remixes / bonus tracks.