Depeche Mode / Spirits in the Forest four-disc deluxe sets

Depeche Mode will issue their Spirits In The Forest documentary on blu-ray/DVD next month, packaged with two CDs of the ‘Live Spirits’ soundtrack.

Anton Corbjin’s documentary tells the story of six super fans from different continents – united only by their love for Depeche Mode and the influence of the band’s music on their lives. In between this footage are recordings of the final Berlin show (on the ‘Forest Stage’) of their Global Spirit Tour of 2018.

There are two deluxe sets; one with two blu-rays and two CDs, and the other with two DVDs and two CDs.

The first blu-ray (or DVD) in each set is the theatrically released Spirits in the Forest documentary (which runs for approx. 1 hour, 22 minutes) while the second video disc offers the full concert film (i.e. no documentary elements) which runs for just over two hours (this was shot on 23 and 25 July 2018 in Berlin). One presumes that a 5.1 audio soundtrack is available for both discs, but we await proper confirmation. The ‘soundtrack’ CDs are the audio recording from those same two final concerts during of the Global Spirit Tour.

If you don’t require the video elements, then Spirits in the Forest is also available as a standalone two-CD packge.

Fans first saw Spirits In The Forest at as a global  ‘one night only’ event on 21 November last year. The new deluxe editions will be released in ‘the summer’ of 2020 (likely to be 26 June. Previously was 1 May 2020 and prior to that was 27 March!).

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Depeche Mode

Spirits in the Forest - 2Blu-ray + 2CD deluxe


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Depeche Mode

Spirits in the Forest - 2DVD + 2CD deluxe


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Depeche Mode

Spirits in the Forest - 2CD edition


DVD/Blu-ray 1 – Spirits in the Forest documentary

DVD/Blu-ray 2 – Spirits in the Forest concert film

1. Intro
2. Going Backwards
3. It’s No Good
4. A Pain That I’m Used To
5. Useless
6. Precious
7. World In My Eyes
8. Cover Me
9. The Things You Said
10. Insight
11. Poison Heart
12. Where’s the Revolution
13. Everything Counts
14. Stripped
15. Enjoy The Silence
16. Never Let Me Down Again
17. I Want You Now
18. Heroes
19. Walking In My Shoes
20. Personal Jesus
21. Just Can’t Get Enough
22. Pimpf

CD 1
1. Intro
2. Going Backwards
3. It’s No Good
4. A Pain That I’m Used To
5. Useless
6. Precious
7. World In My Eyes
8. Cover Me
9. The Things You Said
10. Insight
11. Poison Heart

CD 2
1. Where’s the Revolution
2. Everything Counts
3. Stripped
4. Enjoy The Silence
5. Never Let Me Down Again
6. I Want You Now
7. Heroes
8. Walking In My Shoes
9. Personal Jesus
10. Just Can’t Get Enough

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Paul Shirley

Hi, I bought the blue ray 4 disc from Amazon, has anyone having out of sync problems with live concert?


I have this on preorder since June 21 on Amazon Spain, and so far i haven’t even charged…

The item appears as available with no delivery date on all Amazon’s Europe weird….


Got this in the mail the other day and I’m extremely disappointed in the package & presentation. Lightweight cardboard case that came bent, flimsy paper sleeves for the BluRay discs. No extras whatsoever on the concert disc, what they showed on YouTube last week is all there is. Really strange that they ordered the discs from right to left as well. The concert film is what should have been the theatrical release to begin with, but that’s a different story. It’s the reason I bought this package in the first place and was hoping for concert extras.


I agree, i mean at this point releasing something “physical” it is just symbolic…

I expect mine to come bend too of course Europe–>America (with Amazon packaging, only an envelope pretty much).


You can just order it from any decent record store in Europe, or buy it in their physical shop…


Not 5.1? Not interested. :(

The Misnomers

I agree! Moreover, why haven’t they included a 5.1 mix of the album?! Perhaps it’s a bonus on the blu ray? If not, this is a massively missed opportunity. Will Spirits end up being their only album (this far, obviously) to have no 5.1 mix?! That is a shame!


Amazon US now showing June 26 release date as predicted above.

Gary Hunter

Still can’t find anywhere that the concert is in 5.1 surround sound, I am starting to think this is just going to be a stereo release, if so, very disappointing.


Unfortunately released date change to 1st of May instead of 27 March 202o, Amazon updated.


Cheers Paul !
I went to the Bratislava gig and it rained !


Great band but they have run out of gas on recordings and on stage. I’ve been a fan since buying a 45 of New Life back in the day. They seem to be just going through the motions for the last decade or so. Playing The Angel had a few great tunes on it but the last two were very weak. It is just hard to remain creative when you have been around for as long as they have. Even their shows seem so stale dragging out the same old warhorses mixed in with weaker new tunes.


I agree. Seems like all they are doing is releasing box sets of remixes of their old stuff now.


They are 12″ versions of the originals not remixes


Great Band though whatever their age now.

René West

Their recordings have run out of gas, but on stage seriously?? Great live band!!!


I have really gotten into DM only about since Delta Machine came out… but ultimately, I really only love the early stuff up to Violator. I got Spirit when it came out, and had that rush of excitement of a new album, like with Delta Machine… but in both cases I lost interest shortly after apart from a couple of songs.
I did find it interesting and curious how all of the focus has been on the fans and cult of DM since Spirit came out. The fans running the social media each week for a year, the fans getting copies of the vinyl boxes to promote them, and now the focus on fans for the new film. It is interesting that with Spirit they basically moved to take the camera off of themselves in so many respects.
I have not seen the film. Given my track record, I will still kinda want this… probably like it for a little while then lose interest and go back to my 1980s records. But that is okay. I don’t expect DM to make another album like that. I do still love them for what they are now, but I can’t stay in that space for as long.


I saw the Spirits film on Sky Arts & to be honest I thought the fans stories were boring. I eventually bought the “Spirit” album, despite hating the “Where’s the Revolution ?” Song, perhaps a bit of long standing, perhaps the price of a fiver for the 2 disc package sealed the deal & it’s just so disappointing now. I’m not gonna buy this, the new songs are not a patch on the best era of the band 86 97, I’ve got everything I want live wise, that version of “Heroes” is just awful, I’m sick of Animal from the Muppets like live drumming, it should be more subtle for me. It is a bit pantomime from Gahan these days though there’s no denying he’s a brilliant frontman so I’m done here. The last great album for me was “Ultra” Somehow despite the problems they had at the time but the seeds of this snail like creative demise were sown when a certain Mr Alan Wilder left. He must have been so unappreciated!!. I’m sorry for this post seeming so negative but I’m grateful for the great stuff, it was magic but there hasn’t been anything new with more than 3/4 great songs for 20 years to be honest.


Playing The Angel had a few great tunes but overall you nailed it.


Still my favorite band!

I would really like to see the band performing old material that they were abandoned almost completely in the past 20 years, includes the songs they have never preformed live. It seems like on every tour since the Devontional tour, they tend to stick to the same songs as a base to their gig and the rest of the show is dedicated to the new material.

Any chance to hear stuff like “More than a party”, “In your memory”, “Dangerous”, “Sea Of Sin”, “Lillian”, “Get The balance Right”, “Newborn”, “Rush”, “Here is the House”, “The Sun and the Rainfall”, “Any Second Now,”, “Television Set”, “If you want”, “Love in Itself”, “Blasphemous Remorse”, “New Dress”, “My Joy”, “Sister Of Night” etc.

There is already too much of “Enjoy The Silence”, “Walking on My Shoes”, “Never Let Me Down”, “Personal Jesus”, “Everything Counts”, “Just can’t get enuogh”, etc.


Most of those are B-Sides and album tracks and Television Set was never even recorded / released so I can’t see them playing most of these. Although Martin did perform Sister of Night when I saw them on the Tour of the Universe.

Mark Porter

What I really want is Devotional full concert on double vinyl.

Dean Biggs

I agree and I would love a full concert film and cd from the amazing World Violation Tour.


I watched the movie recently and I found it quite touching, fans stories are well picked and all interesting. I’m an old fan from the 80s DM have special place in my heart although I’m not a “devotee” and I keep searching for new exciting music. It’s difficult not to think about time passing when you see Dave and Martin on the stage, and I find their production after Ultra not fully in line with my taste (but still, 3-4 tracks out of every album are still better than most of current electronic pop rock music). But watching the movie and the concert footage, well, it made me wishes they put another album out and make a tour so I can watch them again live and be there dancing at their songs and waving my arms… So I’m glad about this release, I’ll get it for sure, I’m just a bit disappointed they didn’t include more stuff, like 5.1 version of the album, videoclips, extra concert tracks and extra footage from the movie. But life’s not perfect (see Simple Minds SFY) not all deluxe editions are as good as TFF Songs From or Origin Of Muse… It’s just great that DM are still there and producing new music every 4 years (I’m sure a new album will be out this year….).


Whenever there is something new from DM, there invariably are posts how nothing they have done in the last 20 years or so is any good. If you feel this way, how long do you need to keep telling everyone ? I would have moved long ago…

To me, they are the one band from the 80s that is a) still around, b) still big, and c) still has me interested in their new releases. No other band from that time manages to have at least a handful of good songs on their albums. Heck, pretty much all new bands do manage at most one good song over their entire career, so DM still runs rings around the other stuff out there as far as I am concerned.

To me Sounds of the Universe was their best album since Ultra, so not sure why that one album in particular gets so much flak here.

As to this release, I wish they had released both albums in full, not sure why they aren’t doing that.


Here here


I like a few songs on Playing The Angel but Sounds of the Universe and the tour for that album is when I finally had enough. The songs and the production did nothing for me. Still love the older stuff, especially mid 80s to mid 90s but they have run out of gas.

Dave H

Forget Berlin, isn’t it about time Hamburg got an upgrade from VHS to DVD/Blu-ray with remastered audio and full set-list?


Yaaaawn. Gimme that 12″ Violator Box set!!!


It always amazes me how human beings can have such opposing opinions. For example Sounds of the Universe is one of my favourite DM LP’s,with even the outtakes they put on the deluxe boxed set being ace,yet others like DJ Salinger seem to think it was awful.Such differing opinions of the same thing!
I do agree that some DM set lists are a bit too formulated and predictable.They seem to lack the will to be surprising.For instance putting in an early tune like Dreaming of Me,Ice Machine or Puppets as the 2nd or 3rd song on their set lists,or even just moving Enjoy the Silence to the beginning of the show would at least give the audience a pleasant surprise. DM do tend to stick rigidly to a set list template with new songs and bangers like Personal Jesus/Never let Me down Again almost always placed in particular preset positions.And Photographic or Just Can’t get Enough always the only Vince tunes they ever play. Which does disappoint the fans that have followed them from their earliest days! And two early bangers like See You and New Life haven’t been in a DM set list for decades!Which is odd considering how commercially successful both singles were.


Way back when, probably when Woolworths was still about, I bought the big box set of SotU for £14. I took it home and gave it a listen and thought I’d spent about £13 over the odds. That album was so disappointingly boring and I’ve never bought another one by them that wasn’t some sort of compilation.


In no particular order:

1) I went to see the movie at the cinema. It was OK; nothing to go crazy about and even a bit boring in certain moments, but a nice effort. The band were not supposed to be the protagonists. The crescendo in length of the concert excerpts the more the fans were nearing Berlin was a very nice narrative idea.

2) For me 2005 was the year of getting back close to DM with the exceptional PTA. An album like that after 25 years career for my taste was a masterpiece. From then on, only disappointments. If we leave aside the (probable) truth of the band not really “not wanting” but actually “not being able” to produce something epochal as in the past, as all other bands of their age in their same position (apart from when something emotively shaking happens which is source of inspiration, see MLG’ s divorce for PTA), it dawned on me the other day that the various aspects of “bad (or lack of) production” of recent albums, equalled by many fans probably quite rightly with the demise of Alan Wilder, could maybe be summed up as a general “lack of sped-up rhythm” in all the songs. They are all slower than they should to make them the typically winning DM singles. “Wrong” is not slow, but it just plods on. “Soothe”, an obvious imitation of PJ, is not fast enough, and is let down by a disappointing chorus. And so on. SOTU, DeMa, Spirit DO NOT WANT to be toe-tapping.
Electro/grunge is out, as someone here said, but especially their brand of electro/blues (pure genius when they came up with it for the first time, but that was thirty years ago), particularly if it’ s just boring Soulsavers style and not winning John the Revelator mode.
If MLG writes weak songs and DM do not want to rely on serious electronics any more, they are FINISHED. They cannot be NIN, or Pink Floyd, or whatever.
The y could maybe only for the old songs: when MLG sings the old hits with the backing of only a piano, they sound great. But none of the new tracks could sustain that trial.

3) It is three years now, but I remember, concert tickets in hand, having severed all contacts at the time with the “external world” as regards anticipations, reviews, images, videos etc. regarding the World Spirit Tour. And, mine being something like the seventh date, therefore with Dave very fresh and energetic, I experienced one of the most beautiful concerts of my life, just as the first time I saw them for Tour of the Universe. This especially after the horrible experience of the Delta Machine record + tour.
They played my wish-setlist (Barrel of a Gun! Everything Counts!), and the total surprise of Heroes sung by an unrecognisably delicate Dave, who has long since abandoned his previous singing persona for the gravelly throated rawk showman (as regards his antics, yes he does resemble a demented chicken and does seem to take the piss sometimes, but he remains enjoyable and charismatic I believe).
And not having yet bought the album owing to its excessive price, also the new songs seemed wonderful to me (only to disconcert me later when heard on record: seems to confirm the lack of production problem).
I was therefore really looking forward to this DVD (after the disappointment of the dull TOTU in Barcelona), and I now see that the setlist is not respected.
SHAME on them. WHY???

4) @ Andy (with a capital “A”) I own and use, and carefully preserve, only a CRT television at my place.
And I bought a DVD player only in 2005, to be able to watch “Live in London” by the newly reformed Duran Duran in original lineup (i. e.: the Astronaut Tour).

DJ Salinger

Still love DM dearly but I feel they’ve fallen into a holding pattern this century, and we can now expect every album to comprise a lot of trudging, mid-paced material with no big singles in sight. Martin had an amazing track record for writing those, but maybe the well of bangers is now dry. I still find tracks to like on each LP but they can be a lot to get through in a single sitting. I find ‘SOTU’ particularly hard going. When does listening become a duty and not a pleasure?

At this stage they’ve essentially become the Rolling Stones of electronica – they have nothing to prove, they fill stadiums the world over, they’re not going to reinvent themselves or take risks. But wouldn’t it be nice if they’d actually break into a light sweat once in a while and vary the pace?


10 years ago I had expected Master and Servant and Strangelove (especially for it’s video projection) to be added as bonus material on a live in Barcelona dvd/blu-ray. It didn’t happen. 6 years ago It was the same for Higher love, Barrel of a gun, John The Revelator, Secret To The End. It would be so sad to miss some great tracks again, especially those who are not performed so often. But as i see it now it’s unfortunately going to happen again. So, I am asking – What is the point to film two shows in full if you have no intention to release them both, especially when there are so diferrent songs played in total? Why it’s not a problem for many other bands, such as U2?


Bizzarely, they had the cameras there on the first night but only filmed a handful of songs, not the whole show. And the first night had the best set list. Madness.

Richard in Adelaide

Lost opportunity in my opinion. All the songs played on the first night that were not played on the second night should have been extras on the bluray


10 years ago I had expected Master and Servant and Strangelove (especially for it’s video projection) to be added as bonus material on a live in Barcelona dvd/blu-ray. It didn’t happen. 6 years ago It was the same for Higher love, Barrel of a gun, John The Revelator, Secret To The End. It would be so sad to miss some great tracks again, especially those who are not performed so often. But as i see it now it’s unfortunately going to happen again. So, I am asking – What is the point to film two shows in full if you have no intention to release them both, especially when there are so diferrent songs played in total? Why it’s not a problem for many other bands, such as U2?

Marc Kleber

Spirit is DM’s creative worst period yet, so the material on the dvd/blu ray isn’t temping me for buying it and if I do it will contain just for 85% the same songs as on the other live dvd releases of the past, say 25 years. Digital, analogue, hd, blu ray, won’t the change the quality of music on it of that 25 years period, general its all the same. They allways claim being the first to do this , to do that, or tried that before anyone else did bla bla bla, but they have forgotten since Ultra to maintain their unique style, not repeating themselves over and over again, the problem nowadays is the money on the bank I guess, it’s a bad source for inspiration

Marc Kleber

On the other hand, if they would release the Berlin shows as a official Spirits live vinyl edtion, like they did with 101 incl. a good qualty printed photo booklet, it would be temping to me, even if its overpriced !


I guess I am in the minority in relation to the accolades the film has garnered but I find it to be rather lackluster. It tries way too hard to be Depeche Mode 102. I didn’t buy most of the “Super fan” stories and too much of the concert footage was interrupted with the fan dialog.

I wish DM would tour without a new album to support and revamp their set list to include deeper cuts. The war horses are getting pretty stale.

James A

As a Devotee since ‘84, actually saw these Berlin shows live, have my RnR HoF tickets, I have to say these shows were pretty boring in my opinion. It was like they “phoned it in”, “painted by numbers”, “didn’t care”, etc. I was shocked that they made a movie from these concerts and probably used the documentary to cover their lackluster performance. I’ll wait for it on the used market.


Let me just say thanks for not forcing an all-formats package on those who want any version. Video-wise the price is good even if the CDs were not included = should not trigger complaints


Well I’m just thankful that there is a Blu-ray option to go with the CDs. Far too many releases like this just seem to package them with just the DVD and then want to sell you a separate standalone Blu-ray forcing you to double dip – yes, I’m looking at you Nick Mason.

It’s f’ing 2020. If you can afford a super deluxe edition release you can afford a Blu-Ray player. Enough with the DVDs from HD and 4K sources already. Surely no one here owns a standard definition TV anymore?

Scott Sparks

Or…better yet, Tour of the Universe: Barcelona


With it’s 2-disc blu ray? Yes please… that was a good release! However the 2 CD version of it came with a DVD, ugh.


Actually, I do still own a standard-definition TV…


I gave up on Depeche when they went alt rock Nine Inch Nails. A sad decline for a once great band. Their last four albums have been awful IMO. Grunge/techno rock is over they need to move on.

Michael McA

Unfortunately I do have to agree. I yearn for the gorgeous electronica of the Exciter era …… and I hate to say it but I think things started deteriorating when Dave started insisting on (co)writing some of the songs (although Should Be Higher was ironically the best thing on Delta Machine).

I saw the Spirits In The Forest film at the cinema. Had the 2 for 1 Meerkat offer on cinema tickets but was not applicable to the DM film. £15 for less than an hour and twenty minutes – and was saddened to see it confirmed that – live – nowadays – they’re past their best.

Came home and watched Devotional. Now that was truly astonishing. DM at their peak.

Needless to say – won’t be buying.


A lot of negative chat on the DM forums about this release.
They played 2 nights in Berlin the first was the setlist from the first half of the tour (imo the best) the 2nd gig was the alt – hits heavy setlist as above, that they played on the last leg of the tour.
Everyone is pretty disappointed and holding their breath for any extras on on the Blu-ray disc.
They could have included the whole of the Highline Sessions (all filmed), the 5.1 mix of the Spirit album (as they have before) and of course both gigs, or at least the 10 extra songs from the first night -So much love / Barrel of a gun / Corrupt / Somebody / In your room / Wrong / I feel you / Strangelove / Question of time / Home.
It would have nicely wrapped up a record breaking tour for the fans, such a missed opportunity.
As for the documentary, it was a just OK . I wouldn’t watch it again.

At least it’s released on Blu-Ray this time (unlike the previous Live in Berlin – Delta Machine Tour film). And seems to be a reasonable price.


Price is reasonable because the package looks so cheap.

Mmmm another release in less than two months? why? i smell desperation. With Def Leppard is even more serious 3 huge new boxsets releases during 3 months in a row…(and we’re not even in Holiday season).

Coronavirus panic?, physical format dying?, who knows for sure, still from a collector’s point of view is so stupid so many releases one after the other… and don’t ask my wallet…$$


Totally agree. For me it’s going to be a third time when i expect some tracks played in a tour, and they are never released on dvd/bluray for some reasons. It’s happens since 2009, when they played Master and servant and Strangelove (with specially created video projection).


How many times can I buy a DM concert on CD/DVD? The last concert they released on CD/DVD had a 5.1 mix of Delta Machine, which is why I bought it. This time there is no such incentive. If they had included Spirit in 5.1 on the DVD, I would buy this. Now, I won’t and Spirit remains the only DM album not released in 5.1. Bummer.

Dave H

I guess they’re in the same boat as U2, Coldplay and alike who like to document each tour with a live release but at least it’s being released on blu-ray. The last Coldplay live release was only on DVD which I don’t get since it was probably recorded in HD with lossless audio.

Spirit in 5.1 would have also been an attraction to me since I’ve enjoyed listening to all the past releases in surround sound. Hopefully a 5.1 surround mix of Spirit will be released one day along with all the non-album singles that got forgotten about in the 5.1 reissues.


Exactly. What a raw deal. What were they thinking about.

I need this release in 5.1!!!


If there is no surround recording on the blu-rays i will not buy this.


If there is no surround recording of the album or the concert i won’t touch this.


Nooooooo!! Why did they leave out that wonderful rendition of Strangelove? And the epic singalong of Home?


I just tried to order Mode 18 CDs box !
Sony or Depeche Mode should do something about it and and state the news here or DM oficial site.
Make it available again please !!!!!

Pierre Pelletier

I just ordered on Amazon.CA, price is : CDN$ 183.75 and Only 9 left in stock (more on the way).


Thanks for the hint, mate :-)

Pierre Pelletier


2hrs later from Amazon Canada site : Available to ship in 1-2 days.

Tom m hans

Ordered and shipped, $150 to the lower 48. Thanks, mate. Deep discount cancelled my $120.00 order after 3 weeks.


Thanks for this hint Pierre. I placed my order around 27-Feb.-2020, 10:45 a.m. when it said it shipped in 1-2 days, and by 27-Feb.-2020, 10:55 p.m. it said it had been shipped. It is due to arrive sometime on 29-Feb, so will post the number when I get it. BTW: the entry in amazon.ca when it shipped had then said “Usually ships within 1 to 2 months”.


Have you been asleep? It pretty much sold out everywhere yonks ago, as well documented in different threads on this site for starters

les Oldfield

Being a Depeche fan for over 30 years, I enjoyed the film but found that the concert footage was a bit ‘meh’ as it was the same songs we have seen so many times. I looked forward to the official release of the full concert but I am disappointed to see that a lot of the newer songs haven’t been included? Apparently only the 2nd night was filmed in full but surely there are tracks from the 1st night that could be put on as extras? Having seen them live numerous times it always puzzles me that the ‘2nd leg’ of each tour is given the DVD treatment, even though they usually perform more songs from the current album on the 1st leg. this means us fans have stacks of DVDS with the same songs on time and again. as a collector I always buy every new Depeche release but it seems they are unwilling to offer anything new. Ill probably watch each disc once and then put it on the shelf. As for the live CD, that probably wont come out of the sleeve! Still love em though, but I must confess Dave’s stage antics these days border on the ridiculous, I know he gets lost in the moment but sometimes it seems like he’s taking the piss a bit!

Mark Porter

He does have a bit of ‘demented chicken’ about him.
Still great live though.


I agree
We are always left wanting more and never getting what we truly want
As a Devotee since ‘82 I will always buy what they release and add to collection (although I passed on the 18 disc set, couldn’t justify the expense)


Over the 2 concerts I think they played 10 other songs that aren’t on the cd or in the track listing for the dvd, I’m hoping they will put them on as extras.

Stephen Hunt

Is there a 5.1 mix of the Spirit album on the bluray, like they did with the last studio album and live release?

Rob Puricelli

That’s an important and disappointing omission for me.


Totally agree. What a shame and a missed opportunity. I want The album in 5.1… seems like not too much too ask.

Gary Hunter

Certainly a good price for what’s on offer, can’t stand the “Spirit” album but this looks very tempting.


wow its great