Depeche Mode / The Best Of Depeche Mode, Volume 1: triple vinyl reissue

Sony are to reissue Depeche Mode‘s 2006 compilation The Best Of Volume 1 as a triple vinyl set in August.

The 18-track release was the third major (non-remix) hits compilation for the Basildon band, after the 1985’s original The Singles 81-85 (issued as Catching Up With Depeche Mode in the USA – with a slightly different track listing) and the two singles compilations issued in 1998 and 2001 respectively.

The Best Of from ’06 includes at least one song from each of the band’s studio albums issued at that point (2005’s Playing The Angel was the most current at that time) with the notable (controversial?) exception of Black Celebration. The compilation also features the non-album track Martyr, which was issued as a single at the time.

It was released on CD and as a CD+DVD combo pack in 2006, but early in 2007 Mute issued a limited edition triple vinyl version, with the 18-tracks spread over six sides of vinyl. That edition can now command three figures on the used market, so fans should welcome this reissue priced at around the £30 mark.

The Best Of Depeche Mode Volume 1 will be reissued as a 3LP vinyl package on 25 August 2017.

A1 Personal Jesus 3:47
A2 Just Can’t Get Enough 3:43
A3 Everything Counts 4:01

B1 Enjoy The Silence 4:14
B2 Shake The Disease 4:51
B3 See You 3:57

C1 It’s No Good 5:58
C2 Strangelove 3:46
C3 Suffer Well 3:52

D1 Dream On 3:41
D2 People Are People 3:46
D3 Martyr 3:25

E1 Walking In My Shoes 5:00
E2 I Feel You 4:35
E3 Precious 4:09

F1 Master And Servant 3:49
F2 New Life 3:46
F3 Never Let Me Down Again 4:18

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Antony Hudson

What us fans actually need are the cd boxsets 7&8… Job done!!


I like when an artist takes an existing greatest hits and builds upon it. For example, Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Songs to Learn and Sing” turned into a multi-disc, updated set. The Depeche Mode “The Singles” in the UK and “Catching Up With Depeche Mode” in the USA. Having those sets expanded beyond the last, blue cover singles set from 1998 or whenever it was…


This album was the starting point of a new obsession for me, but yes, after digging deeper into their back catalogue I realised the sequencing is quite random, I wanted this on vinyl but I’m left wondering why it’s spread across 6 sides? I love vinyl but the less flipping the better for me.


I agree with most of the above. This is a sub-par compilation only being re-released on vinyl to cash in on that format’s current popularity. It could easily fit on two discs, too, so the triple disc format seems to be a way of getting an extra few quid out of punters, rather than some sort of audio enhancement.


Another ‘zero effort’ reissue…
I sympathize with many previous comments; what we need:
– A third volume to the “The Singles 81>85” + “The Singles 86>98” set, where left off; something like “The Singles 01>13” (i.e. from ‘Dream On’ to ‘Should Be Higher’).
– The continuation of the 6xCD singles box sets, where left off (i.e. from ‘I Feel Loved’ onwards).
– And for the sake of completion more than anything, “The Best Of (Volume 2)”.


It’d be be 01-17 now since they have a new album with 2 singles currently released from it.


They should definitely re-release 2LP of The Singles 81-85 (cat# LMUTEL1) and 3LP of The Singles 86-98 (MUTEL5) – they include all the hits and presented in beautiful design by Intro.
This compilation is cheap in all meanings – it doesn’t include many hits and has these awful design: a white rose on white background, “genius”.


What should be “fixed” on “The Singles 86>98”? It contained the correct single versions of both “A Question Of Time” and “Policy Of Truth”.

Robert Plunkett

According to discogs
All tracks on disc 1 are 7″ versions. Enjoy The Silence (Single Version) is missing a drum sound present on beats 2 and 4 on the original album version, single version and video version. (This version missing the drum sound also appears on The Best Of Depeche Mode, Vol. 1.) Policy Of Truth (Single Version) has its left and right stereo channels reversed from how they appeared on the original US CD5 and US Singles Box Set. (Similarly, the left and right stereo channels of the album version of Policy of Truth on the 2006 remastered Violator are reversed from how they appeared on the original album release.)

A Question Of Time (Single Remix) is sped up and pitched higher versus previous releases including CD single INT 826.986 and the US Singles Box Set 3.

Track 2-07 is the original album version of Home plus 7 additional seconds of fade-in at the beginning. This version also appears on Singles Box Set 6.


I wouldn’t say Black celebration had not hits. Question of lust, question of time and stripped were all hits and are still played live.

I have no interest in this compialtion spread out over 6 sides though. Seems a bit pointless. On the other hand I would have interest in a physical version of their latest single Going Backwards. But it seems this will be one of their first singles to not have a physical release :(


I guess it was more the impression I got from the documentary on the 2007 reissue of “Black Celebration” that led me to believe they weren’t hits. Makes me wonder why they were left off then as those songs, at least in my opinion, are up there with their best, hit or not.


I’m a bit confused with this one. For me I found this compilation to be a pretty satisfactory introduction to DM, but after getting into more of their output I found it to be lacking a lot, especially after listening to Black Celebration which is still my favourite DM album to date (I understand there were no ‘hits’ from this album but it’s a rather essential album in my opinion).

I’d love to see some proper reissues, with all of the B-sides and mixes, as well as some of the rarer promo mixes, preferably on CD. The videos including the ones left off the recent collection would also be great. Not fussed about bluray, DVD would be fine.

I love their newest album (and I feel I may be in the minority here), which for me is up there with “Black Celebration”. I do wish the radio edit of “Where’s the Revolution” was available for purchase though as I prefer this over the album version. I’m hoping they release a proper CD or download EP single for “Going Backwards” but it doesn’t look like it.

As for this one, I’m surprised they’re reissuing it rather than releasing a second volume, or even better, a complete singles collection. Even a third singles compilation similar to the 1998 sets would be great, and maybe a ‘fixed’ version of “The Singles 86>98” with the correct single versions of “A Question of Time” and “Policy of Truth”.


I’m a fan of Best Of compilations as they can provide a nice entry for new fans as well as something convenient to listen to for long-term fans. I also prefer the compilations to be sequenced in order of release as it shows the development of an artist from their early formative years to their current style. This is especially true for a band like DM whose style has changed significantly since their early years. As much as I’m a collector of vinyl (and especially those from my favourite artists) this release simply doesn’t tick enough boxes for me. For starters the track sequencing is off and far too many of their significant tracks are missing.

I’m not sure why the track listing is so sparse. A triple disc vinyl should easily fit 5/6 tracks on each side with no discernible loss of quality (IMHO) and you’d end up with double the songs here and thus a far more ‘complete’ reflection of their output over 35 odd years. I’d like to think that this might be on the cards somewhere down the line.

Anyway, I suppose this is aimed squarely at the ‘intro’ fan and possibly hardcore collectors who need to own every DM release. Sadly, it’s one I’m going to let slide.


I was extremely disappointed with the remastered sound on the CD version released back in 2006… I was like listening to the music through a cloth when compared to other DM singles releases. I assume it’s the same “remaster”. Even as their # 1 fan I would advise against wasting money on this. The remastered sound on the singles collections as well as the singles box collections were much much better


Omissions aside, this is sequenced so badly. Who on Earth would want to listen to Personal Jesus and then immediately afterwards to Just can’t get enough?


Someone in the US who only know a couple of their songs.


Erm, Depeche Mode sold out the 90,000 seat Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California in 18 minutes in 1987. You know that “101” record where the entire crowd is screaming every lyric? You know how they chose a US venue to release as a record vs a U.K. Venue? Bite your tongue about “lesser” US fans…

Antony Hudson

Not forgetting the video and DVD!!


Surely Stripped or A Question of Time in place of one of the two from Playing the Angel would have created a more accurate overview, showing the progression from the pseudo-industrial Some Great Reward to the goth pop drama of Music for the Masses.

Mostly, isn’t it time for best of volume 2 and/or the next installments of the singles boxes/collection 3?

elliott buckingham

a decent 12″ collection is needed not these awful remixed modern day mixes but the original 80s-90s 12″ versions

Antony Hudson

You can still buy the 12″ versions and cd versions of these


Wow, play flip the record every 10 minutes, don’t like that at all.

One of my favorite examples of a band doing the right thing was The Decemberists on their Picaresque vinyl edition of the album putting the Picaresqueties EP on side 4 of the two record set to enable a fair deal with an adequate running time per side. On their 2015 What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World, they had three sides and an etching to enable a respectable running time per side. You can tell the band cares when they do that.

Tim W

Why on earth would you release a compilation like this, minus a track from one of their best albums – Black Celebration. Especially in view of some the average tracks included – Martyr, See You, Dream On, Suffer Well. Yeah right.

Steven Roberts

Wow, short running times on each side…Paul, do you know if this is a 45 or a 33?


I think I’m rich now! My 3LP Vinyl Package from 2007 is still sealed! :)

Steve Rickard

Me too


Same here


How sad…buying vinyl and not playing it
:-( hail speculation​?