Depeche Mode / Violator: The 12″ Singles / Limited edition box set

Violator: The 12″ Singles is a 10 x 12″ vinyl box set

Depeche Mode / Violator: The 12" Singles vinyl box set

Next month Depeche Mode will release Violator: The 12″ Singles, the seventh box set in the ongoing series which will showcases the remixes and B-sides across the four UK singles pulled from their 1990 album.

Those singles are of course ‘Personal Jesus’, ‘Enjoy The Silence’, ‘Policy Of Truth’, and ‘World In My Eyes’. In this box there are two 12-inch vinyl singles for ‘Personal Jesus’ and ‘Policy of Truth’ and three each for ‘Enjoy The Silence’ and ‘World In My Eyes’.

Violator: The 12″ Singles – click image to enlarge

The 16-min The Quad: Final mix of ‘Enjoy The Silence’ is the third 12-inch (XL12BONG18) and this comes with the B-side etched, while the remix 12-inch of ‘World In My Eyes’ (L12BONG20) comes sealed in a blue translucent plastic sleeve. Both elements are as per the originals.

This new set slightly breaks with tradition by including a bonus promo 12-inch of ‘World In My Eyes’ (P12BONG20) which features the Mayhem Mode remix of that song along with the Pulsating Orbital Mix (an instrumental) of B-side ‘Happiest Girl’.

This set is a numbered limited edition and comes with a digital download code and a poster. Violator: The 12″ Singles will be released on 17 July 2020 (was 24 April 2020).

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Depeche Mode

Violator - the 12-inch singles box set


Violator | The 12″ Singles contains:

  • Personal Jesus (12BONG17)
  • Personal Jesus – Remix (L12BONG17)
  • Enjoy The Silence (12BONG18)
  • Enjoy The Silence – Remix (L12BONG18)
  • Enjoy The Silence – Remix (XL12BONG18) – Etched
  • The Policy Of Truth (12BONG19)
  • The Policy Of Truth – Remix (L12BONG19)
  • World In My Eyes (12BONG20)
  • World In My Eyes – Remix (L12BONG20) – Blue sealed edition
  • World In My Eyes – Promo (P12BONG20)

Personal Jesus (12BONG17):

  1. Personal Jesus (Holier Than Thou Approach)
  2. Dangerous (Sensual Mix)
  3. Personal Jesus (Acoustic)

Personal Jesus – Remix (L12BONG17):

  1. Personal Jesus (Pump Mix)
  2. Personal Jesus (Telephone Stomp Mix)
  3. Dangerous (Hazchemix)

Enjoy The Silence (12BONG18):

  1. Enjoy The Silence (Single Version)
  2. Enjoy The Silence (Hands And Feet Mix)
  3. Enjoy The Silence (Ecstatic Dub)
  4. Sibeling (Single Version)

Enjoy The Silence – Remix (L12BONG18):

  1. Enjoy The Silence (Bass Line)
  2. Enjoy The Silence (Harmonium)
  3. Enjoy The Silence (Ricki Tik Tik Mix)
  4. Memphisto (Single Version)

Enjoy The Silence – Remix (XL12BONG18):

  1. Enjoy The Silence (The Quad: Final Mix)

The Policy Of Truth (12BONG19):

  1. Policy Of Truth (Beat Box Mix [Edit])
  2. Policy Of Truth (Capitol Mix)
  3. Kaleid

The Policy Of Truth – Remix (L12BONG19):

  1. Policy Of Truth (Trancentral Mix)
  2. Kaleid (Remix)
  3. Policy Of Truth (Pavlov’s Dub)

World In My Eyes (12BONG20):

  1. World In My Eyes (Oil Tank Mix)
  2. Happiest Girl (Kiss-A-Mix)
  3. Sea Of Sin (Sensoria)

World In My Eyes – Remix (L12BONG20):

  1. World In My Eyes (Dub In My Eyes)
  2. World In My Eyes (Mode To Joy)
  3. Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Mix)

World In My Eyes – Promo (P12BONG20):

  1. World In My Eyes (Mayhem Mode)
  2. Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Mix [Instrumental])

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Luke Underwood

Any left anywhere?

James Davies

Almost impossible to get these now for less than £200, sellers advertising them on eBay £300+

Stephen Robert Bailess

did you find one?


Anyone wonder that if this Violator set wasn’t delayed, which would have probably meant that we’d also have the SOFAD singles set by now, that we would have gotten a dual release of the Ultra & Exciter sets by the end of the year?

Violator was the first set NOT released in tandem with another one (SOFAD) likely because of the significantly higher price, but I can’t help but think it was slated to come out early 2020, SOFAD likely would have been scheduled for the summer, and then we’d get back to the double releases with Ultra & Exciter around Nov or Dec.

Just wondering out loud because DM or their label never tell anyone squat, and we all know Daniel “Brat” Barassi is arguably the internet’s biggest asshole that only talks down to DM fans that ask him questions, so we can only spitball I guess ;)


I didnt pre-order this one – as i expected stock to be around for a while (as it has been with the other boxes) – but went to order last week after payday – and was a bit panicked to see Sold Out pretty much everywhere – tried loads of indies / HMV and all the European Amazon sites. Emailed Mute bank and they confirmed it was all sold out on pre-orders. Was considering ebay prices – +£200 …
Anyway, despite Amazon UK saying out of stock i took a punt and ordered and surprised to see it has been despatched and is due today …. they are still showing ‘Temporarily Out of Stock’ – so i would say if you are wanting to still get a copy and want to avoid ebay etc then place an order with Amazon UK and give it a go.


Arrived today from Amazon in great shape BUT one of the 12″s missing (ETS Quad Final Mix). Looks like I’m not alone from Amazon reviews. Anyone else have the same thing happen to them? Amazon now sold out (so can’t send a replacement), requesting feedback from the label.


Well, another gorgeous set, but this is the SIXTH one I have now had to replace through Amazon. First copy of S&S had a smashed corner and wrecked the sleeves inside and then the second copy of of it was damaged from the glue for the back card, first copies of ABF, CTA & SGR all also had smashed corners that damaged the sleeves inside, first copy of BC had white tears/scuffs all down the spine, and now Violator shows up where everything looks great except an inexplicably bent & crinkled to hell copy of the yellow ETS: Mixes. That’s a terrible f*cking ratio that has become beyond exhausting to deal with. Cripes.

All that said, this is by far and away my most anticipated set (for obvious reasons) and is hands down the best looking of the bunch. I *LOVE* what a monster it is with all that weight & heft thanks to *10* pieces. They really outdid themselves here – especially with all the little touches like the “limited edition” sticker reprints and the gorgeous foldout of the PJ imagery that was only available per each individual release (CD, cassette, 7″ & 12″).

Though, like many others, I still wonder damn near every day if we’ll also ever get proper reissues of the 2 x Shake The Disease 2 x It’s Called a Heart, 2 x Everything Counts (Live) and upcsaled version of the 10″ Everything Counts (Live) singles… not to mention the USA versions of It’s Called a Heart, Behind the Wheel (Megamix) and Strangelove ’88. That could/would make for one hell of a”85-89 Singles” set. That’s 7 pieces if it’s just the UK versions, and 10 if the US versions got included.


Hi Chris, I am sorry to hear of all the issues you have had but at the same time glad I am not the only one who has had issues with the quality of these sets. I have S&S, CTA, SGR & BC. All of them had to be replaced due to damage to the sleeves of several of the records inside. I gave up on the MFTM box after the second box I received also had records with damaged sleeves in. Like you all ordered from Amazon. To give them credit they do replace the damaged boxes and price them pretty competitively but what should be a pleasure in collecting these boxes as a long term DM fan has turned out to be pretty stressful. I actually have the Violator box on order from Amazon but am thinking of cancelling because I have no confidence it will arrive with the record sleeves in perfect condition. I also wish they didn’t have to stick the information sheets to the back of the boxes. Ideally I would remove them but fear the box will be damaged where the glue attaches them. Other than the quality issues, I must admit I like the concept of the remasters even though I have the majority of the originals. Best regards, Adam. PS my first time leaving a message on this excellent site from Paul.


Geeze, I’m not happy to hear you also experienced so many issues, Adam, but I am “glad” that it wasn’t just me getting hit with these quality control issues set after set after set.

Forgot to mention in my original post that my second or third replacement of the Violator set was also missing the ETS: Quad Mix LP *and* one of the replacements that Amazon sent came in NO shipping box whatsoever – just a courier label directly stuck to the cellophane wrapping which was all torn off and dropped at my porch like garbage.

For how expensive these sets are, and given the how they’re supposed to be high end collector’s pieces, I’m astonished at the lack of care so many have evidently gotten from the manufacturing plants and from Amazon warehouses collectively.

Already anxious how bad my first copy of the SOFAD set will likely be…


Since Wednesday no changed situation. “1-2 months”, “not available” or marketsellers with “nice” prices.
But I do agree with Tim C in one point: pre-orders crashed it all and there should be no reason to not fill the stock again now.


So, sold out almost everywhere worldwide. After one week. Was this expected? Yes…
I agree: “1-2 months delivery” often ends up in “sold out”, anyway.

But it does not happen like this always. I recall the “The Police” album box set (half speed). This was longtime not available, then re-pressed, then not available, the re-pressed….and so on. And still available for the same bucks, nearly. Of course, as they are official retail offers.
(I do not want to pay horrendous prices as they are to be found, already, by “third party” sellers)

So, let’s hope.

Tim C

It’s available. Distribution was slow and retailers had to fulfill preorders first.


any word if more are being released? unavailable on amazon as others mentioned? is there just a delay in boxes being sent to amazon and other outlets


Recurrent theme here – FNAC to the rescue! Picked this up at FNAC Aix-en-Provence today for €132. To the naysayers (grabbing hands – really?), this is beautifully packaged. Also bought Transmission which I missed first time round – to sit alongside my pristine originals of Atmosphere and Love Will Tear Us Apart. At €13 for the Joy Division 12 inch, the price for Violator makes sense to me.

Christophe Bornier

Hello again… Just to confirm the downloads have now been properly updated. The customer service from wearevinyl even sent me a new code if needed. All is fine. Enjoy…The music . Thanks


This seems to be sold out everywhere! I don’t recall this happening for the previous 12″ Singles box sets so is this just that initial quantities have sold out and more are coming? I hope so.

And to those who have got their copy, does the PoT Limited 12″ come in the gatefold sleeve like the original did?


Depeche mode have a huge worldwide fan base. Violator is considered by many to be the pinnacle.
I was rather expecting this set to be popular & this appears true!
In answer to your question, yes – Policy of truth Ltd is indeed a gatefold.


Thanks Matt, that’s great to hear on POT L12

It’s come back on amazon uk… with a 1-2 month delivery date but at least orderable


From my experience those 1-2 month dispatch listings always end up getting cancelled due to no stock.


Got my violator box set last week Absolutely fabulous

Christophe Bornier

Hello everyone ,i’ve got my box yesterday from Fnac in France, very strong box and the quality and care given in the production of it are undeniable. It looks stunning…however i have an issue with the download code from wearevinyl.com. It says on the coupon you get a 16-bit WAV download but actually when you enter the code, all you get is 10 tracks (out of the 29 tracks included in the box) and in Mp3 version!!! On previous boxes (black celebration and music for the masses), you got indeed a selection of tracks in mp3 quality but then you also got all tracks in a WAV format!!!… I did send a message to wearevinyl website but so far no reply from them. It seems i am not the only person having this problem. I am going to listen to the vinyls but i was under the impression this a new remaster hence my interest with the download too…. And for this price, you would expect the same content than with the previous boxes.
Paul, would it be possible for you to forward this issue to whoever contacts you might have at Sony? And by the way, carry on the good work with the blog. Thanks, Christophe


Thank you, i thought i was the only one. By the way, what happened with this release ? It seems we couldn’t find it anywhere anymore. Amazon FR says it would be available at 287€ (!!) in 8 weeks. Hopefully i grabbed one of the last copy at the FNAC in France for 131,99€ yesterday.

Marko G.

The price is crazy. Especially when you consider that it’s just a re-release of the material that’s readily available. I don’t know where they get these prices from. Surreal. The grabbing hands grab all they can…

Matt W

I don’t think you understand the economics here. You’re not paying to just have the songs.

You’re paying to have a very high-quality reproduction of the original vinyl records (TEN of them), on 180g vinyl, with high-quality packaging, plus at least one poster, and individually-numbered boxes of which only a few thousand are probably being made. Do you understand how expensive it is for them to make these, esp. as a small run?

In the US at least it comes out to about $15 per record, so not too bad honestly in 2020.

It’s fine if you don’t want to buy this, no one is saying this is cheap. It’s a collector’s item that only a few fans will be interested in. And that’s fine. A lot of major bands are doing releases like this these days. But now you know “where they get these prices from.”

James Davies

But, if you were buying these in another way how much would you be paying for the same condition? A lot of money, a lot more than £140

Mike t

Lovely set. Just a shame the Timo Mass mix of “Enjoy the silence” on the six LP remix set. Then us a 9 minute mix but highly recommend from an excellent producer.

Gareth Pugh

Mike t, agere about the Timo Maas mix – and i remember a really good one by Ewan Pearson too (I think?) at the same time but that was 2004 for the Remixes album project – not a part of the original Violator campaign at the time. Capitol/Sony definitely intend these sets to be about recreation (of the original discs and packaging) rather than compilation (of all the mixes and tracks that *might* be associated with the songs themselves, but from other eras, or from other formats from the time… that said, the inclusion of the P12Bong 20 WIME promo 12″ sort-of does the job of mopping up the mixes that were exclusive to the remix CD single from 1990…)

Mike T

Yea really good point actually Garreth. I actually bought thay vinyl from Amazon back then and stumbled across the digital download after all these years which put me in mind of it!


If I’m in the UK does anyone know if I can order from Amazon FR?

ian whiteford

Yes, very easy to do


It looks like this has sold out on Amazon UK and HMV, either they’ve pressed less this time or there is a lot more demand for this one. I’m glad I preordered when it was announced!

Nigel Day

I’d buy it if they included the Bomb The Bass mixes of EC & Strangelove plus the limited 10” of EC. Hate it when bands miss things out (See also Shake The Disease and ICAH. Why go to all this trouble to produce nice quality releases then forget some. They even screwed the See You 12” up as that’s a mono mix


Way too expansive (sigh…)



What’s the issue with this DM box? Here it states 17th Jul as the release date, but I got mine last month, on the 22nd June…

Ant in NZ

Juno records must have got early samples because I got an email notification from them on the 19th of June that I got buy it. Unfortunately they all sold out within a few hours so by the time I got home from work it was no longer available!
Mutebank have put up the price from the early bird price of 130 to 140GBP


Thanks Paul. I got mine off Juno actually, the “release date” then on their site was 19th June.

John 79

I received my Violator boxset Wednesday the 13/7/20,
It’s a beautiful boxset,just like all the others,it is an expensive set but in this day &age £125 including postage & packaging costs,which I purchased from Zoom, I mentioned the retailer because of how well it was packaged,it was packaged in it a fitted cardboard box then put in a much bigger box then very well padded with paper and bubble wrap, it arrived in perfect condition unlike my previous order of MFTM purchased from Amazon it was sent in its retail packaging inside a large box with no protection, result badly damaged DM boxset!
So well done to Zoom,no I don’t work for them,I’m just a relieved DM fan who was worrying about the condition my boxset would arrive in.


Still no sign of this appearing for Aussie markets. Amazon AU does have it listed on and off for a whopping AU$496, which is a good AU$200 more than Amazon UK are selling it for. Of course we can’t purchase from the international stores. Very disappointing.

John MacDonald

This was finally made available for order on Amazon.ca. it has been listed as unavailable for about a month now.

Price was pretty good at $182.63, lower than the other Amazon market places after conversion.

Codie Dean

Did you try ordering through Sanity or JB Hi-Fi? I pre-ordered mine at Sanity for $183 AUD, but you might have to wait a bit longer for it to get here.


I am really looking forward to SOFAD and Ultra.
Does anybody know if there are plans to continue with the singles box sets? I would safely assume they would reissue the previous boxes as well, while at it?


AFAIK, they’ve worked up until Exciter for these box sets.


These ten 12″s would have cost around £35 when they first came out! I remember getting most of these from Penny Lane in Chester for £3.49 each


Again, just like Def Leppard 3 major releases so close each other? why?

1) Mode boxset (January)
2) Spirits in the forest (March)
3) Violator singles (April).


Dave wants a new Lamborghini,Martin wants a new Ferrari and Andy wants a new Bentley.




Paul –

Is your interview with Daniel Barassi still to be published – or was it pulled?


Mark Porter

Have I missed this interview or are you putting it out there this week?

Paul Foster

Thought violator might have got a black outer box but if you look at the colours of the cds from the new mode box set they match the boxes of the same vinyl sets
Purple next then for songs of faith and devotion. Give something back to the fans sony and put SOFAD live as a bonus vinyl!

Ant in NZ

It seems to be a very popular pre-order (not surprisingly!) – the Amazon Fr site shows “Unavailable” at the moment. JPC had a buy limit of 1….

Although the full version of the Happiest Girl remix is worth including, I question the decision to put in P12 Bong 20 and to leave out P12 Bong 18 (Enjoy The Silence) which had an unedited version of the Ricki Tik Tik Mix (available on the CD Box set though). Just seems a bit inconsistent that’s all!

Anyway, I’ve secured my copy!!

Gareth Pugh

Not meaning this at all cynically, but as well as this being probably one of the pair of ‘career apex’ albums in terms of their ‘mega’ period – so this ones probably likely to attract a few more semi-casual sales than others… but I also wonder if the surprise sell-out on pre-orders alone of the recent MODE box might help focus the mind for those wanting this one (where previous titles in this 12” box set series haven’t sold out yet). That going-out-of-print of MODE caught a lot of fans in the hop, it seems, and it might edge some to pull the trigger, at full price now, and not risk waiting for a deal. I’m not suggesting it’s been a tactic, but it might help early sales of this?

Stephen K

Going by the track times on Rhino’s website, Policy of Truth and World in My Eyes mixes are the same as the original 12″s (or Lcdbong for those “promo exclusives”). That’s different to the CD5 box sets, which used alternate length mixes. on the other hand, the Enjoy the Silence mixes match the CD singles, not the original 12″s! Personal Jesus didn’t have any timing/edit differences between the 12″ and Cd5 releases.

Robert van Dam

I hope that Depeche Mode will release these box sets on CD.


They already did. With extra tracks singles box 1-6 box sets. have a look on eBay and Discogs
Only goes up to Dream On though.
You want singles box 5


Or look on eBay for the US import cds of the Violator singles. They had pretty much all the tracks on each of them

Robert van Dam

Thanks for your reply & answer. I am going to take a look at Discogs and eBay.


I think it’s visually beautiful!!! I have all of this material on cd already……and a really amazing set of dishes I never use in a box in the attic already.


So do i.


Pass. I only buy CD editions. Though I doubt DM will go back to reissuing their CD-single box sets.

It seems like the next logical step would be deluxe expanded editions of the albums on CD, with ALL B-sides/non-album tracks/remixes/single versions on separate CDs (*not* DVDs!). If they can do something like this, they’ll win me back after the disappointing, overpriced MODE box set (there’s no way I’d pay so much for a handful of rarities and no new mastering).


Idea ?
Issue CD boxsets 7, 8 & 9.
The singles released after DREAM ON will fill them easily.

Mikey Roberts

Enjoy the silence is very possibly my favourite single by any artist, ever. I’m in.

Loving all the recent updates Paul, esp. the Roland Orzabal interview

Alone With Strangers

PS Happiest Firl & Sea Of Sin were not ‘b-sides’ since the ‘single’ they appeared on was called an e.p. by Mute at the time.


Oooft! Started a war of semantics here I think!

Lee Carson

It wasn’t an EP release so “b-sides” is 100% correct


Ordered despite the steep price, though I take some solace in that ordering from amazon UK and shipping to US removes VAT so it’s a mere 120 gbp including shipping (which, amazingly is only 3gbp, I wonder how much amazon will lose on the actual shipping cost of this thing).


I wish all these nice outer boxes would be available empty. I could store all these records I already purchased back in the day.

More importantly, when will the 6-CD single box sets take up where they left off? I guess the answer is sadly and funnily enough”: Dream On!

John 79

I’ve bought all the other DM vinyl boxsets and I will probably purchase this one too as like many others it’s my favourite album release,the price is too much as yet,it really needs to be no more than £100,I understand it’s a beautiful release with 10 singles but…

I wish they would reissue the singles CD boxsets again but with every official releases, I would definitely buy them,I know you can buy the original cd singles boxsets on various auction sites second hand but your not certain on the condition of the set until you receive it, so I would love them to be re- released by the record company.


This is why I am only a casual vinyl buyer…. All these over-priced “limited” edition releases.


I know and agree. But I love records i’m a junkie for them and I love box sets.

Nigel H

Still no release for the promo video version of Enjoy The Silence then?


I have 3 of the previous boxes and they are all lovely and sound perfect. I am just unclear why some non album singles were included and some were skipped in previous sets. But this looks lovely. I will be tempted.

Gareth Pugh

I guess it’s because the sets are conceived as mirroring exactly the 12” releases that tied into the parent albums only. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a mop-up box or two with ‘orphan’ singles when the campaign ends.


noice but i prefer my CD singles box sets. maybe they’ll release post-Dream On on CD before i keel over.


record stores buy loads of records every week and don’t play them. they sell them instead. collectors often buy items to resell later. there’s loads of inanimate objects people buy and collect for various reasons that do nothing apart from just sit there. you can look at the artwork for example, frame the cover. some people just can’t think outside of their own worlds. that’s why when people do, they can create and invent fantastic things


“Something for your nieces and nephews to sell when you die” is how i like to think of it

Chris Squires

I looked at it that way for a while too. Then I looked at my wife and my children and I thought “they don’t give a flying toss” Selling will be way too much trouble for people disinterested in physical music. Typically they would get a teeth sucker come ‘round who would say there’s “no market for this any more but I’ll give you a grand to take it off your hands”. So I basically sold 90% of it. If it hadn’t been played in the last year, if it hadn’t even been opened yet…. it went. eBay is a nightmare to be a seller on, really, if you haven’t sold anything in the last few years you have no idea. The only way to get any kind of return is to do it yourself. £57k later… the wife is chuffed as she has three rooms back, she has the money to revamp the house and I feel less psychotic as I can now let stuff go however much of a bargain it seems to be. I have my life back. Only buying what I really want and will listen to. It’s probably not that different to giving up crack cocaine. SDE is a moreish place.


Did you sell it in one lot or piece by piece?
I’m faced with a similar dilemma. Family doesn’t care about this and don’t want them getting short changed upon my exit. I know what this stuff is worth. You had the right idea to sell what you hadn’t played in a year. I could keep what is important and let someone else deal with my over indulgence.
I’m concerned that I would keep buying.

Chris Squires

A bit of both BillyD. I had sold about 15% – 20% of my collection on a one by one basis when I was contacted by someone who wanted to buy everything I had up on eBay right there and then. Alarm bells were ringing, I’ve seen Hustle (The Three Socks and Mickey Bricks version – i.e. the best version) and thought I was going to get scammed, my wife was convinced I would get taken for a ride (thanks for the confidence), but the day before he came the money appeared in my bank account as a transfer, so I googled “can money be returned from a bank transfer”. It can’t. Then the same buyer came back and said they wanted to buy everything else that I had left. Again “Hustle” was kicking in and I thought the first deal was the sweetener and NOW I am gonna get stung. But no, all went smoothly again, keeping back what I really wanted to keep. The selling of the first 20% took about 13 weeks. It was mostly positive. The hardest part is dealing with postage issues. Out of about 200 items, 8 had post issues, from lost to damaged and eBay really isn’t on the seller’s side. You have got to buy decent boxes (Music Max), bubble wrap and wide tape and recorded / insured delivery for everything! DHL managed to lose both the Wings 71-73 limited box and McCartney I SDE at the same time. Took them 4 weeks to find the box and they didn’t even say sorry.
So if you can imagine that pain being transferred to a grieving family faced with all your “crap / priceless collection*” to dispose of it was still worth it. Having someone buy the whole lot cut short the process from what would have been about 18 months to 3 months.
I kept perfect records of prices paid by me, by trawling through amazon and eBay records, so I could work out whether the last 6 years of collecting and re-collecting had been worth it. It was, just, even after costs of about 20% are taken into account (Paypal, eBay, postage and packing).The selling of the whole lot to one guy saved so much time and I’m pretty sure a lot more pain. It was a bonus that he was an honest and decent chap.
Do your research. Use fixed price or nearest offer, do not use the auction process. Most of these things will only be really wanted by one or two people at any one time so there won’t be a mass of bids. But I found that the one or two people… really wanted that thing and were prepared to pay what was being asked, give or take. Be patient and you will get the price you want as long as you are realistic-ish.
Michael – below – lucky fellah. To not have that addictive personality is a blessing.

One thing I have learned from the whole process is that I have no time for people who bleat on about eBay sellers making profits. It’s such a painful business, you are not helped by eBay in the least and the postal service is either smooth or disastrous with little in between. eBay is an expensive platform to sell on in a professional manner. Yes if you are asking £600 for a £50 item, but it won’t sell. Anyone who buys at £50 and sells at £80 won’t be making much or anything after costs, time and postal issues. Better off stacking shelves at Sainsbury’s.
Would I buy it all again… probably no, I would be much more like Michael and only buy what I really want. However that restraint can still build up to tens of thousands over a number of years.
To be honest BillyD, the reason I sold it now wasn’t just because I feared dying and inconveniencing my family, it’s just my wife pointed out that people who want this stuff ARE dying out. Who will want to buy Moscow to Mars in 15 years time? The world is changing…. Not one person I come into contact with from friends and family was remotely interested in this superb, wide ranging, perfect condition, collection of treasures. They just look at you like some kind of throwback. Or at best they go Oh, A-Ha… I liked Take on me…..


Personally I buy things if I want them and sell things or donate when I have lost interest. I do not get the hoarding collector thing. Glad to hear you broke free of it.

Chris Squires

Jeez, apologies. Lost track and went on too long. And off topic too. Double whammy.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the story of your sale. For some reason the ‘reply’ button is missing from your later post.

It was fascinating to read about your sales process and the cathartic nature of it.

Was there any artists off limits in selling, like Kate Bush? Did you get what you considered market value? You must have sold literally thousands of items! It is good to have amazon / ebay to refer back to see what prices were paid. What amuses me most is when I come across items I had no idea I had them. That alone tells me I have too much stuff.

I’m (very slowly) inputting my items into Discogs to log what I’ve got, but I find this a chore, so the thought of getting quantities of stuff listed for sale, and as you say, going through the whole sales administration process, is enough to put me off doing anything; not that I currently have plans to do so.


Chris Squires

Hi Quante (apologies for taking up more space)
Discogs was key to the whole process. It was a conversation with the SDE editor back in Christmas 2016 that pointed the way. Paul suggested using Discogs to log my collection. A feature I had no idea about. It took all of that Christmas holiday to break the back of the work, the barcode scan feature saved the process from failure, without it I am sure I would have given up. From that point every new item was added to the list. That’s where I set up “price paid” as part of the list. It was when the “Maximum” sale price started to hit £80k I thought this is stupid.
No artists were spared. I kept my best copy of my favourite albums. Getting rid of about a dozen versions of The Kick inside” just keeping one UK original and one remaster version. I let a similar amount of Tubular Bells go as well.
Using the fixed price sale allowed me to only sell at a price I would be happy with. The best offer process gives you some leeway and it allows you to never feel you have lost out or given it away. You will get chancers who offer stupid money, like someone who offered me £150 for my Beatles in mono Vinyl set.
Costs can rack up and, if you get rid of your nicest items early on, do expect a hefty eBay bill. When the bulk of the items went to my “buyer” we negotiated a 25% discount from the eBay sale price and I was happy with that as that is roughly what I would have lost in fees / postal losses anyway but I gained 15 months of my life, saved an awful lot of hassle and a lump sum that felt good rather than drips and drabs. Through diligent paperwork I was able to do the most important thing of all…. show the Mrs. that the last 6 years hadn’t cost us a penny and we actually made some money, certainly better than leaving it in the bank. Plus it was huge fun…. before it started to get a bit out of hand. I’m left with about £7k of my favourite bits and bobs, a few hundred records, rather than a few thousand.

Mike the Fish

Nice work, Chris!

Edward Quant

Hi Chris,

your sales process is really interesting reading.

Here’s the conundrum. My head says do what you did; my heart says pre-order the divine comedy, pre- order the new bruce springsteen tunnel of love live set and so on! It’s a fun hobby and addictive, but at least there is a physical return with actual product that can be re-sold if so desired. It has certainly led to a life of great aural entertainment.

BTW – Abba live from France with postage = cheaper than the UK, not much, but enough to do it . I’m having fun with the Prince April releases, with bits coming from Germany, France and the UK. It makes it quite a bit cheaper, assuming the pound doesn’t completely tank against the euro. Paul’s price matrix with the different countries pricing is a really good way of trying to get the best value with purchases. I use the matrix when I go back to consider purchasing older releases. It’s an invaluable tool.

Richard S

Already pre-ordered on Amazon. Looking forward to this one, although I already have 5 of these. Will be nice to have another WIME in sealed PVC as I opened my original one :o
Personally, I could’ve done without the promo and had a slightly cheaper box. But glad they didn’t release SOFAD at the same time as that’ll be a big one too. Yikes!

Gary Smith

Not sure why a promo in this box and not the others.
Would have made the others more desirable.
130+ is a big old price although yes you are getting more vinyl than the other boxes.
All the previous boxes i purchased far lower than the original price so just basically play the waiting game for maybe a German 3 for 2 or similar.
Aiming to get one for 90-100 whith any luck.
Patience hopefully will be rewarded.
A lovely box though.


Ordered but ill cancel. The price is crazy for prevrel stuff. They sure found a nice vow to milk. Ill just track down the cd singles i want.


I don’t do vinyl but if I were to ever change my mind, this would be the reason. Beautiful box with gorgeous artwork. Very well done!


Didn’t the reissue cd singles from about 12 years ago put all the mixes in one place? I’m sure Ive got a 9 track CD single that includes all versions of Enjoy the Silence. CD BONG 18X

paul widdows

Early bird price on mute is £130+postage.have pre-orderd from Amazon untill a cheaper one comes along like last time

Scott MacFarlane

Interesting to note that xl12bong18, l12bong19 & l12bong20 should come with inner sleeves. So the latter should be housed in 3 sleeves! The Pulsating Orbital Mix (instrumental) of Happiest Girl was exclusive to the promo vinyl. The Mute promos at this time were very nice but quite thin vinyl and in a thin sleeve so will be nice to have as a heavyweight replica (hopefully).

Scott MacFarlane

Ps. L12bong19 should be a gatefold sleeve. Yes it’s more expensive than previous boxes but because there’s 10 vinyls. Per disc the prices are similar (approx. £10-13 depending where you buy from)


The instrumental mix is also on the CD singles box 5. It’s just not specifically called the Instrumental mix. The other mix included is called the Vocal mix.


Was also on the ‘Remixes 2’ 3 CD and 6 LP releases


actually its not.

World In My Eyes
Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Mix) 6:28
Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix) 7:58

that first mix is an edit, so the one on the vinyl,
is the full version.


Richard Fisher

These are very nice sets. As always I think it’s a case of waiting for the price to come down a bit before ordering.

Frank Bruce

I’m a big reissue fan but where have they pulled this price from? £140 for 10 12″ singles? Too much, £90 too much


My original copy of L12BONG20 is still sealed… it’s nearly 30 years since that came out. I think that’s clearly where my collecting problems started!

Very expensive box but highly desirable. £70 would be my buying point.


I bought two at the time but only have the one I opened now. Don’t recall selling the other, so I reckon someone probably helped themselves to it and did the honours on my behalf!