Depeche Mode’s ‘Songs of Faith and Devotion’ 12-inch box available in the US

The elusive box set is available in America right now

Depeche Mode‘s last 12-inch box set, Songs of Faith and Devotion, is already very hard to get hold of, so fans might be interested to know that there’s some in stock available via Amazon in the USA.

This numbered limited edition replicates the two 12-inch singles originally offered in the UK for each of the four single releases: ‘I Feel You’, ‘Walking In My Shoes’, ‘Condemnation’ and ‘In Your Room’.

It’s all but out of print at this point in time, but for whatever reason, Amazon Stateside have some availability.

It’s listed at $153 which equates to just £114, although shipped and with the import fees deposit paid the ‘all in price’ for UK buyers is around £148.

You can pick this up direct from Amazon US, but for those in the UK, the better option is probably to order from the UK site, making the most of Amazon’s ‘global stores’ initiative and paying a flat rate of £140.

The box was issued at the end of October. The widget below illustrates how inflated prices are already being charged for this item.

Songs Of Faith And Devotion | The 12″ Singles contains:

  • I Feel You (12BONG21)
  • I Feel You – Remix (L12BONG21)
  • Walking In My Shoes (12BONG22)
  • Walking In My Shoes – Remix (L12BONG22)
  • Condemnation (12BONG23)
  • Condemnation – Live (L12BONG23)
  • In Your Room (12BONG24)
  • In Your Room – Live (L12BONG24)

I Feel You (12BONG21):

  1. I Feel You (Throb Mix)
  2. I Feel You (Seven Inch Mix)
  3. I Feel You (Babylon Mix)
  4. One Caress

I Feel You – Remix (L12BONG21):

  1. I Feel You (Life’s Too Short Mix)
  2. I Feel You (Swamp Mix)
  3. I Feel You (Renegade Soundwave Afghan Surgery Mix)
  4. I Feel You (Helmet At The Helm Mix)

Walking In My Shoes (12BONG22):

  1. Walking In My Shoes (Grungy Gonads Mix)
  2. Walking In My Shoes (Seven Inch Mix)
  3. My Joy (Seven Inch Mix)
  4. My Joy (Slow Slide Mix)

Walking In My Shoes – Remix (L12BONG22):

  1. Walking In My Shoes (Extended Twelve Inch Mix)
  2. Walking In My Shoes (Random Carpet Mix)
  3. Walking In My Shoes (Anandamidic Mix)
  4. Walking In My Shoes (Ambient Whale Mix)

Condemnation (12BONG23):

  1. Condemnation (Paris Mix)
  2. Death’s Door (Jazz Mix)
  3. Rush (Spiritual Guidance Mix)
  4. Rush (Amylnitrate Mix – Instrumental)
  5. Rush (Wild Planet Mix – Vocal)

Condemnation – Live (L12BONG23):

  1. Condemnation (Live)
  2. Personal Jesus (Live)
  3. Enjoy The Silence (Live)
  4. Halo (Live)

In Your Room (12BONG24):

  1. In Your Room (Zephyr Mix)
  2. In Your Room (Apex Mix)
  3. In Your Room (The Jeep Rock Mix)
  4. Higher Love (Adrenaline Mix)
  5. In Your Room (Extended Zephyr Mix)

In Your Room – Live (L12BONG24):

  1. In Your Room (Live)
  2. Policy of Truth (Live)
  3. World In My Eyes (Live)
  4. Fly On The Windscreen (Live)
  5. Never Let Me Down Again (Live)
  6. Death’s Door (Live)

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Still wish ANYONE would acknowledge the now endless questions of if we will also get a set containing all the non-album singles:

– Shake the Disease
– Shake the Disease Ltd
– It’s Called a Heart / Fly on the Windscreen Ltd Double
– Everything Counts (Live)
– Everything Counts (Live) Ltd
– Everything Counts (Live) 10″
– Only When I Lose Myself
– Only When I Lose Myself Ltd
etc etc etc.

Like why won’t that Daniel “BRAT” Barassi guy who directly helped put these together or anyone from the labels just tell us?? They obviously already know if it’s a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ – why do they dismiss & ignore the fans like this? It’s infuriating.

Marko G.

One of the main reasons why Depeche Mode won’t make an effort to release anything special regarding content from the vaults is because fans keep buying rehashed and repackaged old stuff for insane prices. And good for them. Who in their right mind would even bother with going through archives when fans still gobble up anything, just as long as the packaging is nice? Rant over. Enjoy these if you can. I can’t.


Why can’t they release CD versions of these box sets?


Very good question !!!!!!
I wonder the same everytime SONY reissue Depende Mode 12″ boxes in vinyl: What’s the hell Sony does not release in CD format ??????
The only answer to myself is maybe a huge CD box of singles is coming somewhere in the future featuring ALL THE MISSING MATERIAL from 1,2,3,4,5,6 boxes and add a lot more but as time goes by nothinhg happens and I get the point of stop dreaming. I’m just a diehard fan with crazy ideias and record companies do not care about us !!!!!!


Probably because these box sets are available in WAV format. Therefore you can make the CDs yourself.

Conversely, they also released MODE, the DM album discography on CD only (without bonus tracks) and not on vinyl so it’s not like they prefer the vinyl format.

I guess they may release the 12’’ singles on CD but probably as a compilation and not as CD singles.


Unlike all the other box sets in the series I got lazy and sat on my hands thinking I could order it at anytime … however it sold out within days in both Mute Bank and Amazon UK which was bloody annoying but my own fault … thankfully I obtained one from Rhino in the US for around £140 … phew ! … had to wait a few weeks though for it to arrive lol

Jeff D

I have done that a lot as well, thee latest being the Tears For Fears Seeds of Love box set. I had no idea it was a limited edition and now it’s gone.


I wouldn’t sweat it. Just wait awhile (few months or years), and they’ll repress it like they did with the other boxes.


As DM was on Mute Records in Europe and Sire Records in the US at the time, is there a label différence (and catalog numbers) on these UK/Europe and US box sets?

I know the Mute Europe box sets are faithfully reproduced with original BONG catalog numbers but I don’t know if it’s the same for the US or do they use the original Sire catalog numbers?


They should all be based on the European releases and cat numbers. All vinyl is based on the European releases. I have had a few Rhino releases for DM and all have been sent back due to problems…if you can, i would get the European releases


I am US resident and picked up the Violator (US edition) box over the summer. It is perfect in every way. The SOFAD (US edition) box I bought had lots of warped vinyl. I exchanged for another and while it’s better it’s still not perfect. Frustrating that the quality of these can be so uneven.


I have had a few rhino releases for DM and all were warped! Had to send them back. Really bad production.


Hope the “Violator” box appears again at a reasonable price – that went incredibly quickly (too quickly for me…)


I just bought a copy off amazon US for $120 last week.
Maybe they have more copies.



“…for those in the UK, the better option is probably to order from the UK site, making the most of Amazon’s ‘global stores’ initiative and paying a flat rate of £140.”

Plus £7.74 delivery makes the total price £148.52. More or less exactly the same as if you’d ordered direct from Amazon US.

Amazon’s “customs deposit” is a bit of a con. I ordered the Bowie “Loving The Alien” boxset when it was on offer a few weeks ago. I paid a “customs deposit” of around £24. But when it was delivered there was no customs declaration on the package, and when I asked for a HMRC receipt for the import fees, they said they could only provide me with a copy of my original invoice. So I’m suspicious that they avoid paying import fees and pocket the “deposit”.


This is also available on the US rhino website for $174.95. There shipping is normally free in the US (so included). I recently ordered the Bowie brilliant live adventures from the site & there was no shipping (different than the bowie.cim site). Not sure on the situation for international orders.



Amazon US doing immediate $10 coupon when you top up $100 so I did that to grab this, cheers P


You may be aware, that the American Versions are not the same as ther European ones, which are pressed by Optimal in Germany. The American ones of Violator were presses in Czech Republic, I guess these ones too…
I had no problems with these, but some said, the have.
Maybe the download will not work, when on registering you confess to live in Europe, as the have no right to give you the downloads, in Europe this has to be handeled by Sony.


This is a really good set, although some of the remixes of” I feel you” here are average verging on bad.
This is the beginning of the era where the remixes sometimes have no common point with the original song..
Anyway, there are a couple of good remixes from the ultra album, but they were mai KY available on CD format. There was a lot less on the 12″ from “Ultra” up to “song of the universe”.
Any news about date and content of the next boxes? They stick to the “reissues” approach and release a 4 discs set for Ultra or they go the “extra EP” way to include what was on CD only?

Gareth Pugh

It would be 5 discs for an Ultra 12″ set (if they stick to the commercially released UK/Europe formats)? I switched to CD singles from the Ultra era onwards, but I could have sworn there was a L12 2nd 12″ format for Barrel of a Gun and then one 12″ release for the other 3 singles? The Sounds of the Universe would be a very slim set unless they do what they did for ‘Dreaming of ME’ and create a never-was-at-the-time 12″ single for ‘Peace’?

Adam Timourian

Hi Gareth, you are correct regarding the 12 inch releases for Ultra. As you mention there were two 12 inches released for Barrel of a gun; the 12″ was a gate fold with the band on the cover and the L12 a normal 12″ sleeve, which was silver in colour. The other three singles had one single 12″ sleeve each. They also issued 2 promo 12 inches for Barrel of Gun and then one each for the other three singles; all in thin, custom sleeves. It will be interesting to see if they also include the two 12″ singles for Only when I lose myself in the Ultra set. As you mention I really hope they include a 12″ for Peace in the Sounds of the Universe box and also as a bonus a 12″ of Perfect, which adopts the style of the orange front insert they used for the one track US promo CD they issued. I really like that insert and the promo CD is so expensive to buy, nowadays. Best regards, Adam