Derek and the Dominos / Layla 50th anniversary sets

4LP vinyl and 2CD sets

Derek and The Dominos‘ 1970 album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs is being reissued for its 50th anniversary as a deluxe 4LP vinyl set and across two CDs.

The original album has been half-speed mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios and, being a double, is pressed on two LPs. Two further records of bonus material (not half-speed mastered) make up this 4LP deluxe box set.

The vinyl box comes with a 12×12″ book of sleeve notes taken from the 40th-anniversary edition. A 2CD edition will also be made available which is effectively identical to the double-CD edition issued in 2011.

The big 40th anniversary box set (which was 4CD+DVD+2LP) featured a surround sound mix on the DVD. Since that is now very hard to get hold of, it’s disappointing that the DVD hasn’t been included as with the two CDs to make a triple disc package.

Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs will be reissued on 13 November 2020.

Layla 4LP half-speed mastered box set


LP1 / LP2 original album

1. I Looked Away
2. Bell Bottom Blues
3. Keep On Growing
4. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
5. I Am Yours
6. Anyday
7. Key To The Highway
8. Tell The Truth
9. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?
10. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
11. Little Wing
12. It’s Too Late
13. Layla
14. Thorn Tree In The Garden

LP3 / LP4 – Bonus Material (*denotes previously unreleased on vinyl)

1.Mean Old World – Layla Session Out-take
2.Roll It Over – Phil Spector Produced Single B-Side
3.Tell The Truth – Phil Spector Produced Single A-Side
4.It’s Too Late* – Live On The Johnny Cash TV Show, 5th November 1970
5.Got To Get Better In A Little While* – Live On The Johnny Cash TV Show, 5th November
6.Matchbox with Johnny Cash & Carl Perkins* – Live On The Johnny Cash TV Show, 5th November 1970
7.Blues Power* – Live On The Johnny Cash TV Show, 5th November 1970
8.Snake Lake Blues* – From April/May 1971 Sessions For The Dominos’ Second Album
9.Evil* – From April/May 1971 Sessions For The Dominos’ Second Album
10.Mean Old Frisco* – From April/May 1971 Sessions For The Dominos’ Second Album
11.One More Chance* – From April/May 1971 Sessions For The Dominos’ Second Album
12.High – From April/May 1971 Sessions For The Dominos’ Second Album
13.Got To Get Better In A Little While Jam* – From April/May 1971 Sessions For The Dominos’ Second Album
14.Got To Get Better In A Little While* – From April/May 1971 Sessions For The Dominos’ Second Album

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Hey Paul quick question. On the 2010 remaster of this, on “Have You Ever Loved A Woman” when there is roughly a minute and some left in the song after the solo before/when Eric starts singing the last vocals of the song there is a skip like sound a couple times over the song. It’s not an actual cd skip, just something that goes over the track. I looked the song up on YouTube and you can hear it on that too. Not sure if the uploaded used the cd or not. I’m curious if anyone else has noticed this, and if it’s just the way the track is due to the original or if it’s a defect of some kind. Just wanted to see if I was the only one. Thanks!

Bernard Parent

Is it a 180 gr vinyl or the usual lousy ?


I might be wrong but, unless it is alternate takes, all the alledgly previously unreleased tracks on vinyl claimed by this set have been previously released on the 1988 6-LP boxset “Crosroads”, except the 4 “Johnny Cash TV Show” tracks and “Got To Get Better In A Little While Jam”.
If “High” has been previously released on vinyl, I don’t know on which release.

Gijsbert Viskil

check Mick Boy remaster : 10 of 10 ,not muddy – guitars in front mix

Mathew Lauren

What kind of punk-ass move is this, UMe?!

A Grammy-winning 5.1 24/96 mix by Elliot Scheiner has already been completed. It’ in one of my ALL DISC players right now! Of course it’s a “dumbed-down,” basic dts 5.1 codec on DVD-V, poorly authored and stuck @48khz, capped @1.5 mbps, however my AVR reads the digital flags and upscales!

My Jpnses 4 SHM-cd / 5.1 DVD boxset was to be a stop-gap! This was the year for UMe to finally release the ES-5.1 (mix) of “Layla…” in its lossless glory!

Don’t care if it’s (24/96) Blu or (DSD ) SACD, as long as it’s the STANDALONE, lossless, Grammy-winning ES, 5.1-MIX of “Layla…!”

The work is done.

What gives UMe?

The standalone, lossless, ES-5.1 of “Layla…” would sellout (again)!

The dreck being offered here is insulting to fans – another regurgitation of something every-fan either has, or can EASILY (already) obtain!

No matter how you package this, UMe, it’s always been “wall-of-sound” soup in 2.0 ‘til the ES 5.1! Again, what gives?


Graeme ewan


Neil Wilkes

Me Too.
Talk about another wasted opportunity – AGAIN!

bruce kelso

this could of been a great box set . cd 1 mono u.s, promo lp , cd 2 original mix, cd 3 remix, cd 4 spector 45 and outakes,cd 5 alternate masters mixes,cd 6 jams, cd 7 tracks for 2nd lp with no overdubs, cd 8 live fillmore east,cd 9 fillmore east,cd10 fillmore east. disc 11 dvd/blu ray ,johnny cash show.with a nice hard bound book with session tape boxes, studio recording history and photos. a added bonus is NO liner notes by david frickle. is their any thing i left out ?

John MC cann

Hi Bruce,as basically the sixth stone,,,, did you also have Clapton connections,,, please tell!

bruce kelso

hi john , sorry no inside connection on clapton but had the pleasure of meeting eric ,jack and ginger various times in the 70s,80s and 90s. eric was distant ,ginger was well ginger disgrunted, and jack was super. he let me ask any question i wanted.

John MC cann

That’s because he’s Scottish like me,I’m from Glasgow,can’t remember where jack’s from,I think Clapton is aloof with everyone, bruce,I once read Rory Gallaghers bass player’s autobiography and he said he always found Clapton aloof,but at the time Rory was winning a few best guitarist awards so maybe that’s why .I presume you where a music journalist ? Ever meet Bobby?

bruce kelso

hi john, not a journalist but was in the music bussieness in the 70s, till 2013. bobby who? dylan?

John MC cann

Well just checked jack Bruce was born in bishopbriggs, I was born in springburn,so we where born half a mile apart,spooky,

John MC cann

Yes mate Dylan,did you think I meant davro?

Neil Wilkes

Yes – you missed out Elliot Scheiner’s Grammy Winning 5.1 mix (that got the Grammy even though at the time it was already out of print!!)

mark browne

This is the one time I’d like a 2 LP version. And what about some hi res files!?


What does everyone think of the sound quality of various releases? I ask because the SACD was a huge sonic disappointment. Then I went back to the original (US) vinyl and that sounded like garbage. Sow’s ear, and all that. Has there ever been a really good-sounding version?


This was never a particularly good sounding record: indeed I’m not sure that many Tom Dowd engineered records sound that good (compare John Coltrane’s Atlantic albums with his Impulse or Prestige releases). The production is “wall of sound” and muddy – only the 2003 SACD and 2011 DVD (SDE) version separate out the instruments well – and you can really appreciate the beauty of Duane Allman’s playing. For what it’s worth (and assuming that 10/10 is the best this album could sound – here is a sound quality summary for the various versions that I have:
1984 2 x CD sound = 6/10
1990 20th Anniversary Box Set – Remixed sound = 7/10
1996s Remixed CD sound = 7/10
2004 SACD (2.0 and 5.1 mix) sound 2.0 = 7/10; 5.1 (surround)= 9/10 (best digital version)
2008 Back to Black Vinyl sound = 6/10
2011 Deluxe Edition 2xCD sound 7/10
2011 Super Deluxe Edition sound CD = 7/10, LP = 6/10, DVD = 8/10 (lossy 5.1)
2013 Pure Audio Blu Ray (stereo 24-96) sound 8/10
2017 Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Vinyl sound 8/10 (best vinyl version)

This new vinyl version will likely be cut from the same digital master as the 2011 Deluxe Edition and 2013 Blu Ray. I would really love a fully remixed audiophile version, even if they have to digitalise the multi-track tapes (e.g. recent Sgt Pepper and White Album box sets) to get rid of the mud and separate the instruments.


Rashers — how would you rate the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab CD release?


“2004 SACD (2.0 and 5.1 mix) sound 2.0 = 7/10; 5.1 (surround)= 9/10 (best digital version)”

So what is your ultimate evaluation of this SACD’s 5.1. sorruound mix, then?!

Bobby Whitlock

Personally, I think that the original is the best in every way…It sounds exactly like the recordings…BW


We have to listen to Bobby – he was there and know exactly what is best or not. If he say the original is best – well – then it IS the best…


Agree, Bobby is a straight-up guy! I have asked him several questions and he always gives a straight answer!


Another rerelease of a classic album. The record companies know that a good number of classic rock fans are addicts who will ingest whatever is offered.


I’m not sure I would call this a ‘deluxe’ box set. The book is not hardcover and the box looks like a slipcase, not a lift-off. Obviously it’s the music that matters most, but I was very disappointed by the recent Flaming Pie 3-lp box set which had the flimsiest of slipcases, not deserving of the ‘deluxe’ label. I hope this is more substantial, but until Paul does his unboxing video (hint) it’s going to to be hard to know.

The Squire Presents

What a waste of time. Nothing new on it what so ever. The compilers could have at least released the Jim Gordon songs that were recorded for the second album, or Devil’s Road. What about the outtakes from the 20th Anniversary set that could have found a home with people who missed out on that. As it is, another retread of an album that has been rereleased many times over and a massive rip off in price as well.


What a let-down this reissue. Shame on them. Hard pass.
No DVD or BluRay w surround sound, while it is readily available. Very shotty job.


Of this is one of my all time favorite discs. Lets count where we are at before this release
4 – Lps (ATCO & Polydor pressings)
1 – Cassette (RSO)
1 – CD Remaster
2 – CD Deluxe remaster
3 – 2oth anniversary
1 – High Definition Pure Audio
1 – Reel to Reel
1 – 8 Track
2 – LP RSO record club
Ok so I have 16 copies of this & please do not tell my wife. World wide there have been 263 releases over the years. I think I will pass for obvious reasons but you never can tell.

Paige Jalbert

You have the 8 track as well? Man, you are a collector. What do you play the 8 track on?


I have 2 players. One in use & one in the shop. A Pioneer HR 100 & Akai GXR 82


Already have 2CD RSO West Germany; Layla sessions 3CD box, 1993 gold MFSL CD, 1996 EC remasters CD, 40th anniversary 2CD and 40th anniversary 2LP. I think I have enough of Laylas to choose from :P

Joe Donato

Other than “High” and the Johnny Cash show live tracks, most of the this set’s second disc was part of the original 4CD Clapton Crossroads Box Set (the first ever Rock Box Set?) from 1988, which I bought when it was released. Actually, with all of the various reissues of Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith and Clapton solo albums, most of Crossroads’ then unique tracks have been re-released. in the past 25 years or so.

Steve Fjeldsted

I think the first Rock Box Set is Donovan’s “A Gift From a Flower to a Garden.”

CJ Feeney

What a poor way to mark a 50th anniversary.

A box with the live album, hi res stereo and the 5.1 mix, footage of TV appearances ( EC looking so awestruck when meeting Carl Perkins on The Johnny Cash show was an eye opener) the sessions outakes.

Loads of stuff is readily available that could be gathered in one box. It wouldn’t take more than 5 CDs and a Blu Ray and a really good book to round it off.


Thanks Rich, that’s cool then! I suspected might be the case because as you say the box came out in 2010 but the pic discs have 2013 on them. Even I forget they are in the box now!
Oh well nobody came back to me about it ! LOL


Andy – Looks like the pic discs are going on ebay for about £100 (or at least that is what someone has a set up for on buy it now in Italy), so if you find you’re not bothered about them at some point in the future you may have a slush fund for further box sets from your windfall!

Mark B

Curious at to why no Fillmore tracks are being released as part of this 50th anniversary set. Very disappointed to see no expansion of the Fillmore shows, yet – I am very very hopeful of a 50th anniversary ‘In Concert’ release (I guess in 2023!) having the full live shows in what ever form available…

Al Rearick

You and me both.

Steve F

I don’t have this on vinyl and do appreciate the sound quality of half-speed masters, but have little interest in the out-takes. So a half-speed master 2LP for £25 would have me ordering it now. At over 80 quid for 4LPs, I’m much less keen.


I have the 40th Anniversary edition which I bought second hand on Ebay and its flawless mint so I’m very happy with it.
Question – It doesn’t say on the box anything about picture discs included, but inside as well as the 2 black Polydor vinyls there are 2 picture discs in a gatefold plastic sleeve with 2013 Polydor UK on them. Is this right or did I score something extra that’s not meant to be in the box?
I’ll buy the 50th Ann for the extra vinyl tracks anyway. Love Eric/Derek from this period.


Andy. I have the 40th Box. You got a little extra there as the box was out in 2010, so must have been a safe place for the careful owner to store them. Probably wondering where they are!

Mark McKendrick

I’ll still my 20th anniversary 3CD, my 30th anniversary remaster, and 40th anniversary remix album and CDs.
This is nonsense – particulary at the price. What? There’s a book?

Jarmo Keranen

I own the 20th version (3x cd) and 40th version (4x cd, 2x vinyl, 1 dvd, book, badge, plectrums, sticker, art print, tickets). I also own Life In 12 Bars collection which have some unreleased Derek And The Dominos material. I think i’ll wait for the 60th version and see if they found some unreleased material by then. I’m 71 years old then if i’m still alive and hope my hearing is still in good condition!


Anyone know or fancy a guess as to why the vinyl is available to ship from Amazon UK to the US but the CD isn’t? Not a big deal for this release as I’m sure it will be listed on Amazon in the US shortly. I’ve just seen this same thing for several other releases that aren’t listed in the US recently and I don’t get it. What’s the reasoning or logic behind restricting formats of the same release? How do you say, yeah, let’s ship the heaviest, most fragile format but under no circumstances should we risk shipping a CD?

That Wort

Isn’t it obvious? There’s much more profit in selling the vinyl.

Nick Love

Layla is one of my Top 5 all time albums. That being said his excellent solo debut, released the same year get unjustly overlooked. Especially considering the nucleus of the Dominos played on that album, I would have loved to see a comprehensive 1970 box with live and studio material from both included.


“Unavaiable on vinyl”?! Really?!
What about D&tD 2nd album tracks, D&tD SP – released on vinyl back in 1988 on “Crossroads” BOX?
New re-mixes or what?


Have they missed a trick here? Does anyone else have the six CD ‘The Layla Sessions 30th Anniversary Edition’ (‘Substance Vol.1) and ‘Substance Vol. 2′ (Unreleased Second Album’)? There are bits and pieces from these on the new set but surely more could have been included. Especially on something like a 50th Anniversary box.


I have both. Do you know if anything is unreleased? Can’t wrap my mind around this one.

paul wren

There doesn’t seem to be too much love here for this vinyl package whereas I think for vinyl fans the vinyl “extras”are rather good if a little pricey. It’s a buy for me when the price drops a little bit.

Ken A.!

Not sure if I’ve asked this side step question here on some other forum, but would you guys reckon the 1990 Layla release was the first box set centered around one album? Or maybe at least the first to gain any popular notoriety and traction? It was the first to pop on my radar as such when it came out, but I’d be curious to hear of other titles.

graeme ewan

yeah. i reckon it was. 3 CD or tape. i got it from Tower online all the way from USA around that time to Scotland. what a strange experience. no internet at home, ordered via a break at work etc!!! truly exciting to buy anything that way.

Bill D

I’ll pass too. I’ll stick with my 20th anniverary 3CD set, digitally remixed.


Bah humbug! When I preordered the CD version of this on Amazon yesterday morning (B08F6PMZHJ) it was listed as a 3CD set. That’s one fast demotion!

Phil Cohen

If there were some new content, there would be reason to buy it, but there isn’t so I’ll pass


I have an amazingly good sounding bluray pure audio of this album. But there is no 5.1 on my bluray… I would have gone for a surround mix on blu-ray the 5.1 mixes of “slow hand” and 461 are really good, I would have hoped for an as good mix for this landmark album

Steven Campbell

I bought the 40th anniversary version on double cd second hand and as observed here there’s nothing new apart from the first of the double albums being half speed mastered that’s it and £93 is a bit much. It’s not like Clapton needs the money! I don’t have the surround sound version but I bought the Derek and the Dominos live at the Fillmore double cd remastered which was the second part of the original box set and so as I had 4 of the discs bought separately I got it cheaper. I would recommend the double cd to anyone that hasn’t got it as the extra material both unreleased and live from the Johnny Cash show are worth hearing.


Missed out on the 40th edition so will more than likely spring for the 2CD set. Wish it was beefier, though, as I think this album warrants it. That said, I am happy to get an anniversary edition that won’t cause me to go without lunch for a month…or anger the wife.


I bought the 40th anniversary version, the mobile fidelity 2x LP, the 2 CD deluxe edition, the 30th anniversary box set and the SACD.
The 40th was a gorgeous box set but cost €150 – and the only compelling content was the Surround sound DVD. Unfortunately that surround sound was in lossy Dolby digital. The SACD surround version was, in my view, far superior – and a far better mix than the original LP that is quite muddy. The various vinyl reissues (including this one here) are digitally sourced and no better than the high res files that you can buy online. The best option, if you can’t get the SACD, is the 1990s CD or the MOFI vinyl.


I bought the 2LP yellow vinyl version not long ago and I thought that sounded really good!


Yes, the SACD surround mix was very good, and can still be had at a very reasonable price.

Alan B

According to an email I received today from uDiscover Store it says the 4 vinyl box set is an exclusive to them and Sound of Vinyl (same company) but I see from above it is available from Amazon too. They really are naughty with these emails.
So what do we have here? According to their blurb the 2 discs of the album have been remastered at half speed but the 2 discs of extras have not. And a 12 x 12 booklet with sleeve notes already used in the 40th anniversary edition. You do get a certificate of authentication apparently. Why I have no idea. All this is yours for £93 from their stores. The only thing they have pushed the boat out for here is the price.


I had the same email and noted the exclusive comment. I’m checking with my local record shop as the owner generally has the inside track on these things.

David B

Fully agree Paul .. when i saw the headline i immediately thought yippee it’ll have the surround sound included .. i was quickly disappointed .. a missed opportunity here me thinks .. still the 2 cd set isn’t too bad – i’ll pick that up .. thanks for the posting ..


The bonus material has one song, High, that was not on the 2011 2-CD release.

Also annoyed about the lack of the DVD surround sound version (good point Paul). Anyone have the SACD version from the 00s? Curious if SACD made any improvements to the sound quality.

Otherwise, the most disappointing aspect of this reissue (and the 2011 reissue) is the non-inclusion of the Crossroads box set version of Got to Get Better in a Little While, without the Whitlock overdubs. The guitar solo is scorching, the best thing about the song, and the 1988 version had the guitar solo track high in the mix. Whitlock’s overdubs are okay, but the 2011 version buries the guitar solo deeper in the mix, which makes the song less enjoyable for me.

Nick Love

I bought the soundtrack that included High specially for that track and was very underwhelmed. Even if it was included on the 50th 2 CD set I still wouldn’t recommended anyone that has the 40th to pick it up.

Jarmo Keranen

Maybe they trying to sell Life In 12 Bars soundtrack. One of the Derek And The Dominos tracks there is High!

wayne k

Yeah without the surround DVD, I’m not interested as I have these elsewhere. I realize there are some limitations with the set but they put a bit more work into this.

graeme ewan

a real question. How many times has this been released in various formats. No prize to the first correct answer other than my thanks. thanks in advance.

Paul Taylor

I’m not entirely sure how a massive jump in price between a 2-vinyl set and a 4-vinyl set is justified. Goats Head Soup is a recent example; £25 for double and £85 for the 4-LP (Record Store prices – and they’re one of the cheapest). Steel Wheels Live 4-LP is £46 (again RS, the cheapest). I would’ve happily paid £50 for GHS, but I can’t think what can be in that set that attracts a premium of £60+ to get a double live album. I must be missing something.


you’re not missing anything, it’s companies taking advantage of the vinyl craze right now. that’s it

Paul Soper

A pass from me. I’ll stick with the 40th anniversary box. The 5.1 DVD in that set is excellent, surpassing the previous 5.1 mix on SACD. It seems such a waste that they went to the effort to produce that mix in DVD for such a limited release.


Great album. Almost bought the 2-lp this week. No interest in the cd. But the vinyl is a bit overpriced for what you’re getting. Probably waiting till a price drop