Diana Ross / Diana clear vinyl LP


Culture Factory USA are producing a limited edition clear vinyl edition of Diana Ross‘ 1980 album Diana.

Produced by Chic members Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, the album was a massive success and spawned three big hit singles including Upside Down and I’m Coming Out. A deluxe edition of this album was issued back in 2001 which included a bonus disc that featured the original Chic mix of the record before it was remixed (without Rodgers and Edwards’ knowledge) for the official release. This new LP release is the well-known standard version of the record.

This vinyl edition features the original gatefold jacket, reproduced inner sleeves and OBI-strip and is limited to 1000 units. Culture Factory are donating a dollar for each unit sold to the OneOrlando fund.

Diana will be reissued on 2 December 2016.


Side A

  1. Upside Down
  2. Tenderness
  3. Friend to Friend
  4. I’m Coming Out

Side B

  1. Have Fun (Again)
  2. My Old Piano
  3. Now That You’re Gone
  4. Give Up

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Picked up the colored vinyl reissue. It sounds terrible


I just picked this up today at B&N, I guess the release date was moved up.


I might get this – already have the original vinyl and the original deluxe CD but it looks like a nice little addition to my giant Diana collection.


It is only available at Barnes and Noble in the US.


So I take it this will be strictly available at Barnes & Noble here in the U.S.?
I echo the sentiments about Culture Factory producing rubbish brickwalled CD’s. C.F. actually has a few coloured vinyl reissues out there – I saw a few by Ted Nugent at a few different stores over the past few months. Curious about the sound of their vinyl releases, as I’ve never heard any reviews on them.

Graham Piazza

Buyers beware – these guys produce rubbish. I have some of their Robert Palmer re-issues and they are the worst sounding CDs in my collection. There is no indication on the sleeve saying how this was made – it may have been mastered from a cd. You have been warned.


I was thinking of buying the Diana vinyl reissue but have read lots of negative reports about culture factory releases being distorted from Over mastering. Have you heard any of their vinyl releases please?


Hi, yes. I have all three Diana Ross reissues and I can say they are fine. I compared the sound of Diana 1980, Baby it’s me 1977 and The Boss 1979 and the sound quality was actually BETTER than the original releases back in the day … although probably this is because they transferred the UM/Motown enhanced digital remasters done in the 1990s back to vinyl rather than did a remaster from original tape sources.

DJ Control

Thanks for the reply guys. It’s not a put on. The discs have normal screen printing om label side but the discs are cd-r. The compact disc digital audio logo is also absent from the packaging. Was offered a refund if I returned but had to pay for return shipping from Australia to USA which costs nearly as much as the cd set. And it’s not a one off. Personally I don’t think it’s good enough.


Some video companies like MGM are producing DVDr ‘on demand’. I wonder if this set is the same?

DJ Control

Bryan, My point is I was not made aware that I was being sold a CD-r. If I had known that I would not have parted with my money. MGM ae very openly advertising the fact that they selling manufactured on demand product.


It does say ‘Barnes and Noble Exclusive’ on the sleeve sticker, so how come it’s available from Amazon?


Ah. Ok. Thanks.


I have just received the “Diana” album from France (Culture Factory) and it states 2,000 limited edition pressing. It seems that different numbers are being pressed in each UMe territories. As to the burned CD-Roms, Joseph may have been ripped off by a corrupt internal staff member to me as UMe (and I used to have dealings with them professionally) would never sell a product like this in this state. It sounds like a non-official copy to me. He should contact the record company.


I do remember the very bad compressed sound quality from this company with CD version(s) of many titles incl. Diana Ross so .. anyone who has other info .. ?


Daniel ( from Berlin )

Better would be Deluxe Edition of “Force Behind The Power” with all 12” remixes !

Adam shaw

I bought the 2 cd delux when it came out and it wasn’t a CD-R.
I’d have sent it back and looked on eBay for the original release .
Great release but I’ll give this a miss .
These vinyl reissues are very random .


Can’t see the time to have it again on vinyl. I bought back in 2003 the deluxe edition in digipack. Great reissue.

DJ Control

Bought a reissued deluxe edition of this album recently directly from UMe and to my horror it was on burnt cd-r’s and in a standard slim 2cd plastic jewel case. No digipak. I emailed them thinking I’d perhaps been sent a promo by mistake but evidently not. What does SDE and fellow posters think about major labels issuing product this way? I was mortified!


But you did survive the shock, right?


Seriously? Not a put-on? If marked as promos it might actually not be a bad thing. Regardless, hard to believe it was anything other than a one-off mistake.

Mike the Fish

CD-R of a previously released album from a major label doesn’t really feel like a product to me.


The same happened to me recently when I bought a mew and shrinkwrapped copy of the 2007 re-issue of ‘Extricate’ by The Fall. Nothing to indicate on the packaging that the discs were CDrs. I bought ‘Shift Work’ at the same time and it was the manufactured CDs.

Universal must have decided that this is how they want to go about keeping some of their catalogue titles in print, for whatever reason they’d rather do batches of CDrs than manufacture 500 at a time. That’s entirely fine, but they should have the decency to indicate as such on the packaging.

James fuentes

Very shocked. I bought mine on digipak. When did you buy this?

Mike the Fish

I think they did know as Nile said (possibly in the sleeve notes for that issue) that he considered getting his name removed from the credits. There was also some re-recording of her vocals for the approved mix.


A classic re-issue! A nice surprise from Culture Factory.