Diana Ross / Supertonic mixes

New remix album with Eric Kupper twiddling the knobs

Universal Music is to release Supertonic mixes, a new Diana Ross remix album in June.

The remixes are by producer Eric Kupper and are all created from the original multi-track masters taken from the Motown vaults, although this shouldn’t be confused with remix projects that limit themselves to ONLY audio on the multi-tracks (e.g. Blank & Jones’ so80s ZTT) because that clearly isn’t the case here.

Tracks including ‘I’m Coming Out’, ‘Upside Down’, ‘The Boss’ and ‘Touch Me In The Morning’. Ross has been having chart success with some of these remixes with three number ones on Billboard’s ‘Dance Club Songs Chart since 2018.

This release is available on CD and on coloured vinyl (‘crystal clear’) vinyl.  Supertonic mixes will be released on 24 July 2020 (was 26 June), via UMC.

Compare prices and pre-order

Diana Ross

supertonic mixes - coloured vinyl


Compare prices and pre-order

Diana Ross

supertonic mixes - CD edition


Supertonic mixes vinyl LP

Side A

1. I’m Coming Out / Upside Down
2. Love Hangover
3. The Boss
4. Surrender
5. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Side B

1. No One Gets The Prize
2. It’s My House
3. Touch Me in the Morning
4. Remember Me

Supertonic mixes CD edition

1. I’m Coming Out / Upside Down
2. Love Hangover
3. The Boss
4. Surrender
5. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
6. No One Gets The Prize
7. It’s My House
8. Touch Me in the Morning
9. Remember Me

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Carlos Palencia

Love it.
It is very good.
This remix versión of No one gets they prize is fabulous. I AM 57 years old and still dance with it as a teenager.
Thank You for this album.

Jeff Maddocks

I have heard quite a lot of this already and my question would be ‘why’?. They add absolutely nothing, and I can’t see why anybody is going to rush for the 3 or 4 minute version of some of these, which sound way better in the original full length versions. I don’t see the point in releasing something that just makes you want to dig out the version you already have and leave this to the £2.99 bin.


I’ll pass on this. If you have room on a cd, why include just the edits instead of the long versions that were actually the versions that made it to #1 on the Billboard dance charts?

I do understand Universal wanting to cash in on these hits, but I would have loved to see someone like John Morales remix her songs, he has done some stellar work on several Motown releases in the past keeping the integrity of the original.

And shame on you, Universal, for refusing to release any further expanded editions of the remaining Supremes/Diana Ross albums but giving us this instead! And although I love the iconic photo they used, the artwork makes it look like a Christmas album, ugh!

Klaus Michael Jackson

Oh Yeah for Diana Ross Album, but in the end not good at all, as all the mixes are into only Radio Edits (stupid) and some already has been released.
Why not give us up a remix back catalog where we get almost every remixes that has been done for her full carriere, and not only a 9 track (nearly 42 min) long cd, waste of time to spend money on this :(

A better idear will be to release a complete Box set, for all the Albums + Alternative versions (Mixes, Demos, B-Sides, Live Concerts) she had made for different Record Labels, including the ones with Jackson Five – but maybe this had already been done, or I don’t know where to see if it exist already – Any knowing for such Box Set?
– An idear can also bee the same way to release his music as Paul McCartney do for his new Book versions, but for a price we all have to and can handle, or like the Donna Summer single box out few years ago :)

Maybe Paul Sinclar (Side owner) can set some idears up for some DR Box

Nasse Mopp

Hi Paul and thanks for a great web site.

“…this shouldn’t be confused with remix projects that limit themselves to ONLY audio on the multi-tracks (e.g. Blank & Jones’ so80s ZTT) because that clearly isn’t the case here”.

Can you explain this in a “idiotproof” manner, so to speak? As it`s written now it doesn`t make much sense – too to me, at least….

Ziv Barber

Hi Nasse Mopp,

“limit themselves to ONLY audio on the multi-tracks” = They can use only elements of the song from the original recording of the song. No new additional instrument/vocals.

Colin Childs

For an LP that’s a sort running time. Pass from me

Keith Brittain

I was going to order this, but then I saw how short the songs are. I’m Coming Out / Upside Down is all of 3:07: fuggedaboutit!


Love the artwork, pre-ordered both the CD and the LP. Nice to have something this summer, since her new album and tour have been postponed until next year. Hopefully the rumored re-issues of the four albums she did for Motown in 1989-1999 will also come out soon.


This is going to be another nightmare.
The remix album issues in the early 90s was also done by, among others, Eric Kupper and I know for a fact I’m not alone in saying they were an aberration.
As voiced above, I also find it tiresome that it’s always always the same tracks that get remixed.
I really have had enough of listening to I’m Coming Out, Upside Down, Love Hangover.
Especially when the originals will never be beat.
And the cover has been used before. Not only that but the really cheap font does not match the class of the photograph and pose.
It’s a definite no buy from me thanks and I’m a huge Diana Ross fan.
They probably also do a vinyl version with horrible cover. Sorry but a rehash of this kind only brings out negative feelings.


I love Diana Ross, I love remixes but Kupper has ruined all of these…


I gotta say that the Almighty team did a very good job with her catalog a decade ago. They turned Coming Out into a fun driven house anthem (never been a fan of the original feeling it never sorta takes off…). Ain’t No Mountain too. Just large, fun and upbeat without taking away the spirit (like Donna Summer’s remix album).
My fave is their Love Hangover treatment. Staying true to the original with the slow intro going into a full on clubslammer. Keeping the all the bits we love and adding some cool drops and breaks giving it drama.
Not available on Spotify for some reason…


Yes I agree. The Almighty Remixes were the Best.
The Eric Kupper Remixes are horrible and boring
and I’ll pass on buying them.


Have you even heard that Donna Summer ‘remix album’ ?
Most of them are awful and you hear better on YouTube and Souncloud all the time.
Guys like LNTG and Moplen and a zillion others do far better things than what was on that ‘album’.
And have done far better La Ross mixes than these sound like their gonna be ?


If they want to do it right, they should have asked Dimitri From Paris to do the Diana Ross remixes the same way he did the Chic remixes. Those remixes are true to the original production (so from the original tapes) but seriously refreshed. Here is the link. Many Amazon reviewers apparently agree too:


For the most part I like Dimitri From Pasis’s work, but his mixes often run toooooo long, stop & start too many times in their duration, and tend to lose context in their typical 11+ minute durations. I totally dig the aesthetic he can create with a mix, but 5-6 minutes of it are plenty enough for casual listening. 3, 4, 5 breakdowns in a single track is why the 3rd slice of cake just makes you sick of cake.


I love how over time the powers that be have created this mistique of “the Motown vaults”, it sounds so much better than deeply indexed and researched tape library. Updated remixes can be fun, but I really enjoy it when the mixes of a classic song are generally limited to the sounds that existed in the era it was created , there could be new elements, but they should be of the time, and mot a cheap plug in tool to give it a new spotify sheen, not unlike. what Blank & Jones have done before, similar results can be heard by Joey Negro on his Remixed with Love series. The sounds on a song like Love Hangover cannot be improved with technology, I don’t even know if it is possible to make a better mix than what already exists. This is 70’s Diana Ross, so I will have to give these songs a listen as they appear.

Massimiliano, Italy

I think Joey Negro is the best in bringing back to life old songs of the 70s – 80s. His remixes sound “of the time”, with only slight modern elements which blend in smoothly with the original material. I did not like Dimitri from Paris’ work on Chic because the remixes are too similar to the originals… and sped-up.


I have a couple of these remixes on ‘promo’ (i.e. ‘unofficial’) CD singles. I like them, but I’m really underwhelmed by the running time of this album. Nine tracks that average 4 minutes each? Diana’s music was MADE for dancing! These should be full-length remixes – remixes that take 4 minutes just to get started! I guess it’s short so they can all fit on one vinyl. God forbid the vinyl lovers ever miss out! I can’t wait for the CD revival…

I’d love to see Diana get a thorough remix collection, maybe even a series of multi-disc collections – one for her 70’s releases, another for 80’s, etc. Updated and ‘from-the-time’ mixes. A DMC collection would be amazing.

I *will* buy this, but I’ll feel like there could have been so much more. Perhaps the Japanese edition might get some extra tracks. I’ll see if these FLAC collections are available in Australia or on Juno:



Just listed to the Love Hangover remix on YouTube….it’s good enough for me to be interested in checking out this album. I do like remix albums – but of course, you do roll the dice with them. But if all tracks are at least to the quality of Love Hangover – I think I will be happy.
Will be a nice addition to the vinyl collection – especially with that gorgeous cover!


I’ll go against the grain here. I like these mixes. Kupper is the right man for this job, keeping the integrity of the songs & Diana’s contribution in the spotlight. (His mix of Judy Garland’s “The Man That Got Away” is clever & gorgeous for exactly this reason, too.) Many mixers these days are driven too much by ego & vanity, with their masturbatory techniques turning good tracks into unrecognizable hack. Too bad Kupper didn’t tweak “Lovin’ Livin’ Givin'”. My jury is still out on getting this & a few tracks other than Diana’s typical remix fare would have made this a must for me. On a separate note, I’d love to see a project like this for Dolly Parton. Each of her albums from New Harvest First Gathering thru Rainbow contain a track or two (or even three!) just prime for the mixing table.


For some reason, I never really felt that it was possible to do proper remixes of Diana Ross songs. They just dont like being mixed :-) and stand out so well, in their album version. This one – Long Hangover – did get my foot tapping a bit though.

Glenn Roger

I love that there are remix artists out there keeping the flame of Diana Ross alive, but, it’s always the SAME SONGS & remixes over and over and over. For example, how many remixes do we need of “I’m Coming Out” or “Upside Down”? And that’s just a couple. Ross has so many songs in her catalog and some popular, could these be looked at? It’s really not asking too much. As far as the vinyl version of the Supertronic Remixes, at least it’s on clear vinyl which makes it unique.

Herbert Mason

Right on. And I Ms. Ross case the Remixer never let the songs just be like Kupper has down with all of Ms. Ross joints so far. They are too choppy and lacks imagination


Gorgeous cover, I usually like remixes but I hated the Diana Extended album and this doesn’t sound great either. Will probably skip this.


I’m coming out / upside down was already released in 2018, a 7:29 mins boring copy and paste remix structure, that gets awfully repetitive after 2 minutes



I agree. I am not impressed with these re mixes at all. To me they are all boring.

With that being said, I am glad they have given her number ones on the Billboard dance charts.
We need a new studio album from Miss Ross.


From a DJ’s perspective these fit right in with what sound is happening with the likes of Defected/Glitterbox are churning out. I’ve had some great feed back & where did you get that mix from queries.

IMHO Eric Kupper has done a fantastic job of refreshing some of her best dancefloor fillers. Not so keen on the other remixers attempts.

Some of the longer versions can be found digitally on itunes etc. However they are not on her main page on Itunes confusingly & annoyingly. Best to search for the song title & sort by length.

Herbert Mason

I have to disagree, I find the mixes Eric has done thus far is just tired. They has all sounded like some cut and paste boring-ass crap. Which may have produced a hit but lack any kind of love of the artist, creativity or imagination. I wish she had given these joints along with joints like “Once in the morning” “ain’t been licked” ” fight for it” ” gotta be free” “sugar-free” ” lovely day” “I want you” among others to artist like David Morales, Dj Beloved, and especially Timmy Regisford. Who seems to understand keeping the integrity of the joint while still being able to breath new life into a joint. Maybe its just me


Wow. That remix sounds sooooo dated. Spiller “Groovejet” from 2000 springs to mind.

Jeremy Awuah

A new album planned for 2020 is worth waiting for


Sorry Paul but I must be being a bit thick here. Could you explain what you mean by “limit themselves to ONLY audio on the multi-tracks because that clearly isn’t the case here.”


Gotcha! Thanks

Steven Chia

It’s great to have updated mixes by Eric Kupper but a deluxe edition with extended mixes of all the tracks would be excellent. There is limited resource to verify if this a continuous mix or unmixed tracks. The following timing was retrieved from the Amazon Canada website.

1. I’m Coming Out / Upside Down 3:07
2. Love Hangover 3:45
3. The Boss 3:38
4. Surrender 3:06
5. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough 4:05
6. No One Gets The Prize 5:20
7. It’s My House 4:40
8. Touch Me in the Morning 4:18
9. Remember Me :40

Auntie Sabrina

Remember Me is 3 mins 40.


I”ll give it a chance it is always a mixed bag with these projects. I have a few other Diana Ross remix compilations Diana Ross Extended The Remixes from 1994 and a Japan only relmix compilation from 2007 there is also a very rare release from Almighty Records which have som very high energy remixes

Massimiliano (Italy)

A question for SOREN:
can you please give more details about the “Japan only remix compilation from 2007” ? I have never heard of it. Thank you.

David McCallum

Probably Diana Ross & The Supremes ‎– Remixes from 2007:

Remixes are good overall, from japanese DJs, I think. A few have their tempo pumped up to fit in your neighborhood moshpit. LOL


This is it some good mixes and som bad but it is all about personal taste.

Massimiliano (Italy)

Thank you very much David.
Going partly off topic…. some very good remixes for “Love Hangover” were made in the 90s for the Pauline Henry version… the Joey Negro remixes are especially good in my opinion.


With a running tiime of under 40 minutes why aren’t there any bonus long versions?
And the remixes that I have heard are not a patch on the originals,how this person could make “Love Hangover’ sound o. un – sexy is amazing..

Philip Marshall

Should be worth a listen but I have been rather underwhelmed by these mixes so far especially Love Hangover. Give them to Jonathan Peters at Soundfactory and I’d be much more excited.