Did It Again: BMG ‘improve’ the Kylie hits set you bought three months ago

Kylie Minogue / Step Back In Time 3CD set

In a move that even Paul McCartney might have considered as ‘overdoing it’ BMG have announced a new triple-disc version of Kylie Minogue‘s Step Back In Time hits compilation little over THREE MONTHS after they issued ten different physical variants the first time around.

What was originally subtitled the ‘definitive collection’ now becomes, er, more definitive as a three-CD edition is offered with a bonus disc that includes extra tracks (including ‘Chocolate’, ‘Did It Again’, ‘Some Kind Of Bliss’, ‘Word Is Out’) and a new “40 minute party megamix”, containing 18-tracks in one continuous mix by James Wiltshire (F9).”

In what must surely be a new record, there will be less than five months between the release dates of the original and this new ‘improved’ version.

Expect your ‘old’ Step Back In Time compilation to receive it’s P45 in the post. It will be officially redundant on 22 November although please note it will not be required to work its notice period. The label would like to thank it for its valuable contribution (to the coffers) but its services are sadly no longer required. Best of luck for the future.

The special 3CD edition of Step Back In Time is out released on 22 November 2019.

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Kylie Minogue

step back in time - 3CD edition


CD: 1
1. Can’t Get You out of My Head
2. Spinning Around
3. Love at First Sight
4. Dancing
5. In Your Eyes
6. Slow
7. All the Lovers
8. I Believe in You
9. In My Arms
10. On a Night like This
11. Your Disco Needs You
12. Please Stay
13. 2 Hearts
14. Red Blooded Woman
15. The One
16. Come into My World
17. Wow
18. Get Outta My Way
19. Timebomb
20. Kids (with Robbie Williams)
21. Stop Me from Falling
22. New York City

CD 2
1. Step Back in Time
2. Better the Devil You Know
3. Hand on Your Heart
4. Wouldn’t Change a Thing
5. Shocked (DNA 7″ Mix)
6. Especially For You (with Kylie Minogue) – Jason Donovan
7. I Should Be So Lucky
8. Celebration
9. The Loco-Motion (7″ Mix)
10. Give Me Just a Little More Time
11. Never Too Late
12. Got to Be Certain
13. Tears On My Pillow
14. Je ne sais pas pourquoi
15. What Kind of Fool? (Heard All That Before)
16. What Do I Have to Do?
17. Confide in Me (Radio Mix)
18. Breathe (Radio Edit)
19. Put Yourself in My Place (Radio Mix)
20. Where the Wild Roses Grow (2011 – Remaster) – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds & Kylie Minogue

CD 3
1. Into the Blue
2. I Was Gonna Cancel
3. Chocolate (Radio Edit)
4. Did It Again (Radio Edit)
5. Some Kind of Bliss (Radio Edit)
6. Word Is Out
7. If You Were with Me Now (with Keith Washington)
8. It’s No Secret
9. Step Back in Time (Section) [F9 Megamix]
10. I Should Be So Lucky (F9 Megamix)
11. What Do I Have to Do? (F9 Megamix)
12. Hand on Your Heart (F9 Megamix)
13. Better the Devil You Know (F9 Megamix)
14. Shocked (DNA Mix) [F9 Megamix]
15. Step Back in Time (F9 Megamix)
16. Confide in Me (F9 Megamix)
17. On a Night like This (F9 Megamix)
18. Your Disco Needs You (F9 Megamix)
19. Spinning Around (F9 Megamix)
20. Love at First Sight (F9 Megamix)
21. Can’t Get Blue Monday out of My Head (F9 Megamix)
22. The One (Instrumental) [F9 Megamix]
23. Slow (Acapella) [F9 Megamix]
24. The One (F9 Megamix)
25. All the Lovers (F9 Megamix)
26. Dancing (F9 Megamix)

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Rip the megamix from online when it turns up and bung it on a CD-r .
If you must have a physical copy.
OK, it’s a little soon for the same-but-different again but how is this really any worse than a squillion other acts ‘releases’.
No one forces you to buy anything ?

Kylie Fan

I was pleased when I saw there was a third disc version. Plenty of space to make it rather closer to ‘Definitive’ I thought! But to fill disc 3 with a few extra singles and then a mega mix just seems ridiculous. The third disc could have been a real gift for the hardcore fans. On top of including Finer Feelings, Giving You Up, etc, could have released rarities like White Diamond, digital only singles, some of the many collaborations. GBI anyone?? Or even the most popular unreleased, but widely known favourite tracks as bonuses. There was so much scope to do something great. I’d rather something more appealing at a higher price point. This is priced as an impulse buy in the supermarkets at Christmas. So many tracks for under a tenner! Make a perfect stocking filler…!

Alan Graham

Hi Paul. A further contender for releasing an updated version of their album is Jamie Cullum with an expanded version of his latest album being released just mths after original release. Just in time for Xmas and featuring some original Xmas songs.


I like Kylie, but how many “greatest hits/best of, definitive collection” has she put out already?


Is there really a point to debate the definitiveness of anything, must less a comprehensive collection of an artist that has been releasing music non-stop for more than 30 years? It’s just impossible, and nobody will be satisfied, so quite clearly this is yet another revisitation of the subject so, just get with the program. I mean, all of you who are mentioning The One, Finer Feelings, probably have it already in digital format so why don’t you make your own? I know, probably would want to have Parlo create your personal playlist and press it on a cd for all the world to see that is how, In Your Eyes, her definitive collection looks like, but that is highly subjective. We will never get a world-wide single collection, which is probably the only definitive collection there can be so let’s just be glad we are getting a new Kylie product to purchase and not a tenth format version that brings nothing new?


Excessive? Certainly, but isn’t this the sort of marketing ploy that to a lesser degree is endorsed somewhat by the very nature of deluxe editions? After all, music lovers of a certain age have already possibly purchased vinyl, tape, cd, live recording, remastered version, coloured vinyl, box set, deluxe edition etc..What’s more, it’s a ploy that is on the increase. Current Jeff Lynne album has three vinyl variations, the last Judas Priest album Firepower had at least five coloured / signed variants. SDE exists, from my humble consumer view, to provide information and debate on these new / different variations. However, when it gets to this sort of level, as a consumer, you can’t help but feel things have to come to a conclusion of sorts. One things for sure, record companies won’t pass up an opportunity for a fast buck but consumers with shrinking wallets will see through the shallow ‘value’ of such editions..

Cholmondely Featherstonehaugh

As the umpteenth Kylie kompilation, “Step Back In Time” wasn’t terribly exciting to begin with.

A third disc with 20 more hits rather than a 40-minute megamix would have made it nearer to “definitive”.

Fingers crossed for some more interesting releases in the future. As others have suggested, a Kylaborations kollection of all the duets not on her own albums would be great! As would a CD compilation of all her download-only tracks.

And with the 20th anniversary of “Light Years” coming up next year, perhaps some Parlophone-era deluxe editions?

Better yet, a multi-disc set to compile some of the many outtakes from that Light Years-Fever-Body Language-Ultimate-X-Aphrodite decade. And give gems like “That’s Why They Write Love Songs” their chance to be a hit!


Those have been already released years ago. Each in 2CD edition. Plus there were 2 additional compilations with Impossible Princess remixes.


This is not a great reissue. A handful of additional singles but still excludes finer feelings which was a T20 hit yet includes the dreadful I was gonna cancel which didn’t even make the T40. A mega mix is included too but I’d rather have unreleased tracks or new material to make this worth buying as a life time fan.

Jeffary Fudge

As a Canadian fan that had to put up with scrapes for years. I’m excited that I’m getting a 40 minute mega mix but I wonder if we are going to get another release of F9 Freemasons radio edit? Dub? Before Christmas???

Phillip Fogel

Jeffary: As a Canadian fan I get that too. I remember my best friend having to buy “Rhythm Of Love” and “Let’s Get To It” on import in the early 90’s which was very hard to find and expensive. We never got “Impossible Princess”. I was ecstatic that “Light Years” got a release but EMI/Capitol Canada did no promotion which prompted me to start my kyliecanada.com website all those years ago.


I always said you can’t have enough Kylie…but I take that back.


Maybe she’s been hanging around with Ellie Goulding – ‘Halcyon’, ‘Halcyon Deluxe’, ‘Halcyon Days’, ‘Halcyon Days Deluxe’…

This is why I’ve become wary of buying new albums…I see it in a local store, but I don’t buy it. Instead I check on-line in case there’s a special edition, then I check for a Japanese edition with bonus tracks, then check for a Japanese special edition with MORE bonus tracks, then check for a US Target edition with bonus tracks, then check if Target bonus tracks are same/different to Japanese or special edition bonus tracks, then check if I can find all the various bonus tracks on a Russian bootleg edition. Then wait for 6 months ‘just in case’…6 months later, I decide that local shop and Russian bootleg can give me everything I need. So I go back to local shop – no longer in stock! :( Look online for Russian bootleg – triple the price of an official copy! :(

Johnny Spasm

Every artist does this to their fans. I’ve lost track of how many copies of “Kings of the Wild Frontier” I’ve purchased over the years. I don’t see why the speed with which she did this is relevant. If anything, there are fans out there who may have been holding off to purchase until the holidays whom she has just done a favor. I know I didn’t buy it, and may now.

Johnny Spasm

The fact that she rereleased this package so soon after the original is actually helpful to the fans who hadn’t gotten around to purchasing it yet. Any clue how much time was there between the 2 versions of A Blitz Of Salt-N-Pepa Hits Remixed?

Ian Smith

Possibly going off on a tangent here, but Moby did this all the time, release an album, then several months later release it again as a 2-disc special edition with new tracks, remixes etc. I was a fan and like a sucker l bought them again.

Eventually I realised I was being taken for a mug, either by Moby or his label. I don’t buy his albums anymore, original release or special edition.

Gareth Jones

I think you’d be pretty safe buying his last couple of albums. Sales were so low that l’m pretty sure his label would have no urge to put out 2CD versions to generate zero sales!


Are you THE Gareth Jones?

Phillip Fogel

Her biggest fan here but this is ridiculous. I already have the vinyl and the long book 2 CD edition. Can’t see getting this and it’s still not complete. One of my all time favorite non album tracks “White Diamond” should have been included since it’s not on any other compilation. Not to mention The One, Finer Feelings, Put Your Hands Up and Flower, and the fabulous Turn It Into Love a #1 Japanese single.

Jakob Rehlinger

When I saw the word “3CD” I thought “Ok, maybe the non-Christmas version of 100 Degrees will be on it this time.” Nope, so this is still a superfluous release for me. I hope they get the 4-disc version right.

Gareth Jones

I feel l’m the only one here who can make a positive comment! I’m certainly a “casual” fan, but equally l was annoyed in June that it didn’t contain ‘Some Kind Of Bliss’ and ‘Did It Again’, as l remembered that period very well. l was a student into Britpop at the time, so by collaborating with the Manics, l liked “lndie” Kylie! So when those singles weren’t included on the so -called “definitive” collection in June, l refused to buy it. But now l will! So l’m pleased, personally. But l feel bad for everyone else who puchased it the first time.

Now, super Kylie fans, plwase can you confirm, does the 3rd disc now contain all the remaining UK singles that were physically released? Yep, l know digital singles and international singles are the only way to make this collection truly definitive, but, like l say, l am a casual fan. So am l getting all the singles that were released physically in the UK?? That would be definitive enough for me at least!


Just to answer your question Gareth…. no, you’re still missing several physical UK releases…. Finer Feelings, Where Is The Feeling, Giving You Up, Better Than Today, Put Your Hands Up and Flower. Plus, more UK digital only singles.


Same here. I’m glad I waited; I’ve had it in my hands in the store but those missing song meant I put it back on the shelf :)


One of the most genuinely lovely pop stars. Yes, this is a cash grab for Xmas but 99% of artists do it. I’m just pleased she still releases physical content.
The music snobs can sod off.


I agree

Chris Squires

I disagree with Lee (above) and below, Shane… intensely.

I have read every single post in this thread and not one person, not one sentence has dismissed Kylie as an artist. There are quite rightly many posts criticising this release and decision to double dip, but no-one has been critical of Kylie as an artist or Pop music in general, just the industry and what it is plainly trying to do.

On several previous posts on “Pop stars” there have been defensive posts near the top of the thread when the poster either hasn’t read the full thread or has read it in ultra-defensive mode where criticism of the decision or release is de facto criticism of the pop star and ultimately criticism of their music or talent. Personally I think people don’t bother to read threads, they just assume that the object of their desire has been dismissed or criticized because victimhood is now a currency, when no such thing has happened.

It’s unfair to the readers and posters of SDE to make claims that we are music snobs (although that can rarely happen it hasn’t happened here). Or posting that we are criticizing the artistry and legacy of the artist, in this case Kylie when it just hasn’t happened.

If you are going to make such claims please, at least, read the posts and respond to a particular post it has far more impact tackling an individual than a wild claim that is actually false.

SDE is routinely the fairest with criticism as Paul rarely allows stupid posts and they quickly get put right. Criticism of the product in this case is absolutely fair, although it is mitigated by the cheap price.


Come on, there is always an air of snobbery when it comes to an artist like Kylie. She makes pop music… the thing is though Kylie has dabbled in near enough every genre of music and has collaborated with many alternative artists, all the while co-writing most of her work and performing live.


I don’t think she’s lovely. *


They could reissue the bloody picture disc, the only version more people are after!
Anyway, it’s 10 pounds guys, there isn’t much complaining to be done.
However, it is a bit disheartening to read all the jokes at the expense of Miss Minogue.
Why do you hate her so much? What’s she done to you? Is pop that offensive to you?

Wayne Olsen

Sony did this with their “Essential” series which was a 2 cd series of all their artists.
A year later they released “Essential 3.0” which added a bonus disc of 10 or so tracks.
So if you were a fan of Bruce or Santana or Barbra, you had to buy the darn thing again.
As for Paul McC, does anybody have info on the bonus tracks issued exclusively in Egypt?

Larry Davis

re your Essential comment…not every title got the 3.0 treatment and those that did, the bonus tracks are a mixed bag, usually missing singles & rarities, some never on CD before, and better cardboard packaging…one thing about it that is a bit cheap is many times, Sony took a prior artist’s 2CD anthology & reissued/retitled it Essential…and some that were digital only got the physical 2CD treatment on Real Gone under new titles in limited quantities…


Don’t know about any other Essentials , but the Bruce one had 3 discs on release , I got it that very day .


Essential Bruce was issued in 2 and 3 disc versions from the start, both subsequently re-issued – but there was a later 2-disc “updated version” with a significantly different tracklist.

Larry Davis

The Bruce one…the only difference between the original 3CD Essential & 3.0 is the packaging…hard ugly fat jewelcase vs thin cardboard case…then they reissued it as a double without the bonus disc in a thinner double jewelcase…


This is a shameful release but the two normal caveats apply, if you dont like it, dont buy it – and it is cheap. I think it might backfire as the general public will have been using to seeing the various versions in the shops since June and may not even notice (or care) it has additional tracks..

Glen Buchanan

Hi Mike- My thoughts exactly.


i’m guessing the golden tour cd/dvd is aimed at the hardcore and regular kylie fans but the g/h rerelease is for the suckers at the store who need to find a last-minute gift for their neice/nephew or secret santa co-worker.

but yes, count me in as one of the “suckers” who will buy this :-(

am still really cheesed off that they

a) couldn’t even use a new photo for the album cover
b) didn’t include the other 8 “official” singles on the original release yet still have the nerve to call it a “definitive” collection

while some/most of the money made from the sale of the g/h (and rerelease) will go to kylie and her management i’m still not quite sure how involved she was with the producing of the album despite the amount of press she did before it’s release…..

i assumed it was a “end of contract” obligation more than anything else


But what is love without the finer feelings…..

Larry Davis

I have mixed feelings about this new redone set…yes I have the book and when I read about this new triple, I was like oh no, but was curious if they added the right missing tracks, and they did add most of them…still no Xenomania collaboration Giving You Up, which coulda been valuable as the only way to get that one physical is on the 2004 comp Ultimate Kylie or a rare expensive CD single…to be honest, BMG coulda removed that megamix (only play those once, if that) and added Giving You Up and other more rare & digital-only singles not in physical form…just saying…I did preorder this triple cuz the price was cheap… depending on the booklet, I may sell the book or not…the book has shots of original single sleeves, international ones too…and the regular one did not…so that all depends…but yes, I do agree this IS a cash grab & shoulda been out in the beginning as another choice…but I do want it & happy it’s only 10 pounds…so the pain is minimized… will eventually get Golden Live too…

Matteo Leoni

mmm… no, I’ll wait for the 4CD edition.
Christmas is not so far, after all.


Since they couldn’t release another reworked version of the already reworked Christmas album we get this now? I love Kylie but…In Sane. Who is managing her at this point? Is this what we call Heritage Artistry? Like others have said, if you’re gonna do a retrospective, do it right, and the omissions are what have held me back from buying something I would have bought right away in the past. I guess the images are nice but even my friend who bought the prior deluxe CD complained how small the images were compared to the size of the pages. Come on, BMG…


At least it’s at a reasonable price. If it was a Queen of Bowie release, for instance the price would be far greater [or am I just an old cynic?]


Not sure if it is the artist, the label, the management, or ????, but, honestly, this is quite a cash grab on their part. No shame. Hard pass from me. I think I am about done with releases like this, and artists that push them. Others will buy and enjoy this, and they should if they choose to, but, it’s too much for me.


Do we need this ? No! Will I buy this ? Hell Yes ! Do I feel ripped off? NO!!! I ordered already a few of the previous physical formats: the Picture Vinyl, the green Vinyl, the double Cassette and the Deluxe 2-CD-Book. And now this 3-Disc-Set for a reasonable Price with a unreleased Bonus megamix… I am excited about that !!! As a collector, I love those various formats. Reminds of the golden pyhsical era, with various CD Maxi/CD Singles. If you found a rare CD Maxi with an unreleased Kylie Megamix on back in the days, would you have bought it??? Ask yourself as a collector…. :-) :-) :-)


This would make more sense if they were adding some of the download-only singles that were never on albums (like “Skirt” and “Crystallize”) and some of the collaborations with other artists, rather than just dumping some more tracks on it that are easy to find elsewhere (including on previous hits compilations). This may be the first time I don’t buy a Kylie release.

Paul E.

Come on Kylie…doin’ the two step D-Lux double-dip in the same year! Sting would never do this to his fans.


Just In Time for Christmas! LOL Blatant Money Grab Just like all the other Re-issues popping up anytime soon!


Maybe a future version could have an “extended” 79.5 minute F9 Megamix.


(Edited) quote from Paul Sinclair: “Expect your ‘old’ Step Back In Time compilation to receive it’s P45 in the post…Best of luck for the future.”

So it’s not a clock on the cover, it’s a gold watch. ;)

It’s not the first time a CD I got as a birthday present was revised/reissued and became a Christmas present, but this will be the first time it’s happened in the same year!

And it’s still a half-arsed effort: 8 not-quite-rare singles and a megamix, but no sign of obscure non-album singles (some download-only).

Come on Kyles, how ’bout a CD+DVD/blu-ray of your Kylie Christmas concert(s)!


Don’t give her label ideas of a separate DVD and BR editions and after a combo DVD/BR edition. :-)


It is deeply unpleasant how every record company and artist seems willing to rip-off their fans like this. i.e a true fan just want the biggest and best super-deluxe on offer,not to get conned into buying either an original basic release or deluxe release that miraculously gets expanded into something bigger and better only a few months AFTER the fan has already bought the original version. This is real nasty commercialism as the passionate fans that buy on initial release day get a lesser version than the re-released version that arrives months later. Not a nice way to treat your dedicated fans and their wallets.Why can’t record companies let fans exchange their old edition for a newer expanded edition at a reduced price?

Charles Christopher

Hah! Now this the kind of witty blog-post that keeps me coming back to this site, and reading even the posts about artists I don’t have any interest in! Good job, Mr. Sinclair!


“Cashing in on Crissmas, here those cash tills riiiing”

Ray Oakley

A bit of a shame for those who purchased the previous version (I bought the book version) but this new edition is currently very cheap in the UK and arguably worth those interested buying again for the content of the third disc. I am sure it will sell in droves in the supermarkets in the run up to Christmas, which is clearly what it is aimed at. On the subject of Christmas, don’t forget the expanded release of the Kylie Christmas album, I think a year after it was first released, so there is form here!

Ade Swatridge

Oh well I’m sure they won’t offer disc 3 separately to us suckers who bought the 2 disc version so it will be download for me as I’m keen to hear the megamix.


Macca’s “Egypt Station Reimagined” box(car) set is expected before (wonderful) christmastime.


I didn’t buy it first time round, I created my own “Spotify” version. I might buy it now.

I would love to know the reason why tracks are left out.

Reminds me of when “True Blue”, my favourite Madonna track, was left of the Immaculate Collection, gutted, but still bought the CD back in the day.


There’s also the Golden Live 2 cd / 1 dvd coming on 6 December advertised on her website for £15 – I’m not one to comment on hard up pop stars but……


40 Minute party megamix that people will listen to once. For people that bought the 2cd 3 months ago. Piss poor. And £10 would mean something to a charity in need.


Oddly, Breathe moves from CD1 to CD2 and the previously “hidden track” New York City moves from CD2 to CD1.


That’s the track listing for the original standard edition, it was only the deluxe edition which had that strange hidden track on CD2 and Breathe on CD1.


Ah, fair enough. I only picked up the deluxe version recently and didn’t realise the standard version was different.


And the Spanish version of ‘All The Lovers’…


The collection should be called Minogue a Trois

Martin Power

Ha ha ha the term used to be ‘You could not make it up’ however in this case it is all too familiar. No wonder loads of people still illegally download. I picked it up on vinyl so less of a prob but a total P***take

Colin Harper

Really, ‘definitive’ collection should be everything Minogue ever released :-) Expect that around January…


“Really, ‘definitive’ collection should be everything. . .”

May be we will start getting “literally-definitive”? – Seriously though, are these companies just trying to p*** people off, or do they “literally” have no idea?

Colin Harper

I vaguely recall a Radio 4 comedy show in the 80s having some joke about the titling of these sort of albums. The subject was Jimi Hendrix – there must have been a spate of hyperbole-titled best-ofs. No idea what the punchline was, but I do recall chortling at someone saying ‘we’ve had the Essential Jimi Hendrix, the Even-More-Essential Jimi Hendrix, the You-Wouldn’t-BELIEVE-How-Essential Jimi Hendrix…’ :-D

In the real world, I always smile when I see compilations called ‘The Essential [Whoever] Volume 2’ :-)


Good point. I am so mad everytime I see one two singles missing from any collection

Shame theres no vinyl for this. Coloured one would be more than welcomed


Only bought it for the cover anyway :-)


Well, what’s new. It’s no more cynical than those deluxe / extra tracks / bonus DVD reissues that regularly used to follow a standard release, often after barely six months.

Commercially, it’s an understandable attempt to shift a few more units at the fag end of an album’s shelf life; morally though, it’s a bit shoddy to make fans essentially buy the same product twice.

Chris Squires

The Internet age brings us all sorts of phenomena that we aren’t quite able to grasp hold of yet. One thing is instant feedback. I am guessing that this is the compilation that many would have wanted from the (awful phrase alert) “Get-go”.

The question is…….. Is this new package a reaction to criticism and a belated attempt to give the market something it was wanting and the company listened and delivered?


Was this planned as part of the campaign and a cynical attempt to force people to double dip?

It would be nice to think that people who get paid to understand the industry they work in would have realised this should be part of the original campaign.
It’s that real old political chestnut…. If you knew about it then you are duplicitous, if you didn’t know about it then you are stupid. Either way you shouldn’t be in your job.

Michael Anderson

This was always part of the original campaign and was stated on Kylie Forums that an Expanded Edition would be released closer to Christmas. I agree that this is the release that should have originally been available to the general public (let’s face it, there is nothing new for collectors here), but with Glastonbury a major milestone following on from Golden, people were happy to spend £9.99 on a 2CD release because it contained a lot of Kylie’s more recognisable hits from her catalogue.


Sadly they had the opportunity to get it right the first time around!

A ‘DEFINITIVE’ collection should be exactly that!

Here are the missing tracks they could have rammed into a multi-disc collection bursting with hits!

UK Singles
1. Word Is Out
2. If You Were With Me Now
3. Finer Feelings
4. Where Is The Feeling
5. Some Kind Of Bliss
6. Did It Again
7. Chocolate
8. Giving You Up
9. Better Than Today
10. Put Your Hands Up
11. Flower
12. Into The Blue
13. I Was Gonna Cancel
14. Crystallize
15. Skirt
16. Golden Boy – record store day
17. Golden
18. Raining Glitter
19. Lifetime To Repair
20. Music’s Too Sad Without You

International Singles:
21. Locomotion – Oz version
22. It’s No Secret – Japan
23. Turn It Into Love – Japan
24. Cowboy Style – Oz
25. Butterfly – USA
26. All I See – USA

Christmas Themed Singles:
27. Only You – Christmas
28. 100 Degrees – Christmas
29. At Christmas – Christmas
30. Wonderful Christmastime – Christmas

Guest Vocal / Duets:
31. Keep On Pumpin It – Visionmasters
32. GBI – Towa Tei
33. Higher – Taio Cruz
34. Beautiful – Enrique
35. Right Here, Right Now – Giorgio Moroder

Antony Hudson

Visionmasters track is class.


You forgot Lhuna with Coldplay…