Dido / Still On My Mind signed CD

Amazon in the UK are selling Dido‘s forthcoming album, Still On My Mind, as SIGNED CD edition.

Her fifth studio album is out next month and features the song ‘Give You Up’. There is no premium over the unsigned CD, so this is a great deal at £9.99.

It’s available on vinyl as well and is released on 8 March 2019.

1. Hurricanes
2. Give You Up
3. Hell After This
4. You Don’t Need a God
5. Take You Home
6. Some Kind of Love
7. Still On My Mind
8. Mad Love
9. Walking By
10. Friends
11. Chances
12. Have to Stay

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Thanks a lot for the heads up Paul, I just ordered the signed CD

Kevin Galliford

Her last album was so dull it put me in a coma for 2 months so not for me sorry. The time Q magazine put her on the cover years back was one of it’s lowest ever selling issues. ‘Nuff said.


I have to agree with this. Her first album was tremendous second good then after that it’s been a snoozefest.


Ordered late last night thank you Paul…They are still available this morning 8.10 am
This is going to be a brilliant album she’s got such a beautiful voice..I’m big fan of her music can’t wait to hear the whole album.


As recently as yesterday Dido posted a pic on Instagram of signed CDs stating she had another 960 to sign….this I found confusing at the time as the only signed goods on her web store was for a cd/lp and signed art print and when I checked yesterday there was no sign of a signed cd on Amazon so I’m glad SDE has been so helpful

A. Vogt

She releases albums so seldom that it’s clear she treats music like a part time hobby, which is annoying since I’m a fan of her work, particularly the 2nd album.

alan hansen

as a moderate fan of Dido and a non-fan of autographs (even if the signature is gratis – i prefer my artwork untainted), i will happily opt for the standard cd edition. but i’m confident this will thrill a few other collectors, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Thanks for that Paul – I already had it pre ordered but cancelled it for the signed edition


Weird…I was watching Love Actually last night (for the first time…I know! I’ve been missing out) and when Here With Me came on, soundtracking poor Egg from This Life’s continued heartache in a different drama, the missus and I were wondering as to Dido’s whereabouts.


My goodness! I can’t believe that they were still available to buy! I am usually far too late (i.e. by the time I read these alerts, the item is usually well gone…)


There were coloured vinyl editions of this along with a signed print a month or so back via the Dido website..looks like she’s been busy with the sharpie!!