Dire Straits / The Studio Albums 1978 – 1991 box set is finally issued on CD

6CD box set • Great value • 8LP vinyl set re-pressed

Seven full years after the vinyl edition was released, a CD version of Dire StraitsThe Studio Albums 1978 – 1991 is finally coming out.

The ‘deluxe clamshell box’ is a six-CD set and the six albums are: Dire Straits (1978), Communiqué (1979), Making Movies (1980), Love Over Gold (1982), Brothers In Arms (1985) and On Every Street (1991).

These are housed in vinyl replica card wallets and each album includes a poster with the original sleeve artwork (including lyrics and credits). There is no confirmation about mastering at this point in time (I’ve made enquiries). Update: The mastering on the CD box is confirmed to SDE (by the label) as the 1996 masterings.

Because it has been so long, the label are actually repressing the long out-of-print vinyl set too. When this first came out, after some SDE enquiries, it was confirmed that Bernie Grundman had mastered the first four titles from analogue masters, with lacquers cut by Grundman and Chris Bellman while Brothers in Arms and On Every Street were mastered by Bob Ludwig from digital masters, and cut by Chris Bellman.

As a reminder, the vinyl box is an 8LP set (Brothers In Arms and On Every Street are doubles). Also, the vinyl version of Brothers In Arms in this box features the full CD running times (the original contained edited versions of many tracks).

Both the six-CD and the 8LP vinyl box are released on 9 October 2020 via UMC/Virgin to coincide with National Album Day. The vinyl edition is available via the SDE shop using this link or the button below. For the much cheaper CD version, see the widget.

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Dire Straits

The Studio Albums 1978 - 1991 6CD box set


Compare prices and pre-order

Dire Straits

The Studio Albums 1978 - 1991 8LP vinyl box set


CD 1 / LP 1 – Dire Straits
Down To The Waterline
Water Of Love
Setting Me Up
Six Blade Knife
Southbound Again
Sultans Of Swing
In The Gallery
Wild West End

CD 2 / LP 2 – Communiqué

Once Upon A Time In The West
Where Do You Think You’re Going?
Lady Writer
Angel Of Mercy
Portobello Belle
Single-Handed Sailor
Follow Me Home

CD 3 / LP 3 – Making Movies

Tunnel Of Love
Romeo And Juliet
Expresso Love
Hand In Hand
Solid Rock
Les Boys

CD 4 / LP 4 – Love Over Gold
Telegraph Road
Private Investigations
Industrial Disease
Love Over Gold
It Never Rains

CD 5 / LP 5 & 6 – Brothers In Arms
So Far Away
Money For Nothing
Walk Of Life
Your Latest Trick
Why Worry
Ride Across The River
The Man’s Too Strong
One World
Brothers In Arms

CD 6 / LP 7 & 8 – On Every Street
Calling Elvis
On Every Street
When It Comes To You
Fade To Black
The Bug
You And Your Friend
Heavy Fuel
Iron Hand
Ticket To Heaven
My Parties
Planet Of New Orleans
How Long

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Darren Linklater

Absolutely pointless release on CD with mastering over 20 years old and not extra disk mopping up the stray tracks not on the album.

Wait a few weeks and this will be a tenner in all your favourite supermarkets.


No bonus tracks, ep and single tracks?
I will wait a few more years for the really complete set to come out.
Spotify will do in the meantime.

Chris S

very disappointed that no additional disk of b-sides and other released versions of songs from the band.


Hi @Paul,

Hoping you or anyone else who is able, can clear something up regarding this release?

Like someone else has stated below, I’ve ordered this from Sister Ray using first time sign up discount of 10%. When I was browsing Juno Records site earlier in the week, I found that there are two listings – both say forthcoming even though one has the original release date, but the original one is 8LP and the one imminent says 6LP – and when I’ve gone back to look on the SR website, it says 6LP. I am waiting for their confirmation so in the meantime thought I would post the question here to see if anyone can shed any light on it?


I was sure when this was announced, I read a couple of places saying it was 8 LPs, but the listings I’ve seen recently say 6, so I’m not sure what’s happened or what’s correct.


Thanks Paul.

Rodolfo Martin

It is listed in Amazon USA now


Just ordered the vinyl boxset via the Sister Ray website (UK). They have it for £99 but with free delivery and a 10% discount for new customers, it worked out at £90. Not a huge Dire Straits fan but found offer that hard to resist


Does anybody know which pressing plant is used for the vinyl edition? I’m in if Pallas is in.


A shame no bonus tracks like the Police box. At least the “Twisting by the Pool” EP would’ve been nice.

Jens Ole Poulsen

The original album release of “Brothers In Arms” contained edited versions of many tracks. Is it also available on CD ?

Laszlo Molnar

Thank you Paul for the update.
The LP box was supposed to be released December 2019. I was so looking forward to it but then, it was delayed. I ended up buying the individual MOFI 45rpm presses here in the US. Not a fan 45rpm vinyl, also had my reservations about the price but, oh boy… they do sound superb. On Every Street was not released for some reasons.
Still tempted to get this box set.

Wayne K

I’m happy with my SACD’s and original mastering for On Any Street.


So no bonus tracks, no remastering, and cheap cardboard sleeves?
That’s why the CD box is not expensive. With these conditions what IT IS expensive is the vinyl box though.


Dire Straits album CDs are less than 5€ second hand. And you get a proper Jewel Case and a lyrics booklet for it. So I do not see the value of this box.


A Fr is 110 euro and A Ca is 1100 euro, why such a price difference?
The original release stated mp3 codes with the vinyl box set, how about this release eh?
P.S. Ordered as my chrismas gift to me …happy happy joy joy


1724 Euros now!


This set uses the 1996 Bob Ludwig remasters. These are fine for what they are, but they are inferior to the orignal CD masterings.

Neil Kelly

Sounds great. 1996 is only 24 years ago too. Lazy!!


I disagree the 1996 remasters are superb and at almost 25 years old since they did them (can’t believe it’s that long) they do still sound Amazing, The original CD releases were NOT good.
But for whatever reason Mark will not be over seeing or even contemplating any new remasters with b-sides or 12”/CD single only tracks anytime soon, my advice would be go and hunt down those individual album remasters or have a punt at this new release, failing that go check out some more of Mark’s great solo albums or even better than that go and listen or purchase some of his very talented brothers music…Yes David Knopfler singer songwriter has made 13 studio albums and a couple of live/acoustic ones and 2 anthologies all well worth having in your collection.

CJ Feeney

90’s masters are usually good. It’s the era after the initial teething trouble of the 80’s and before the invention of the ipod leading to over compression in the 00’s.

The Pink Floyd 90’s masters sound better than the more recent masters (in my opinion).


Although this looks like a nice way to have all the albums in one cheap place (the poster insert is a nice touch-I am assuming this will mirror the original vinyl inner sleeves, so all lyrics & credits will be able to be read easily) I would also like to echo my disappointment at the missed opportunity to add a bonus disc rounding up all the existing stray material currently unavailable on cd. As mentioned previously most of the b-sides are now available digitally there are a few items left out that all together would have made a great cd (eg 2015 Honky Tonk Demos RSD, Solid Rock demo from 1981 Riding High Soundtrack, the unique tracks from the Money For Nothing comp-early version of Where Do You Think You’re Going, Portobello Belle (live) & Twisting By The Pool (remix) and also Think I Love You Too Much from Knebworth 90 with Eric Clapton). Ideally there should be deluxe editions for each of the albums-even if Mr Knopfler were reluctant to open the vaults to add unreleased demos, rehearsals, outakes, multi track live recordings (which is the likely case) there is enough material from the multiple concert radio and TV broadcasts (and regular TV appearances) the band did for each tour that make some worthwhile deluxe editions of each album – eg 1st cd with original album plus associated b-sides/strays, 2nd &/or 3rd cds with a live show, DVDs or BluRays with live show, TV appearances, promo videos and surround sound remixes. A complete Alchemy with the missing tracks would also be essential, as well as the one off 1988 Nelson Mandella broadcast. Packaging could also include a replica tour programme (these were always compiled well with great photos and detailed info) and band/crew recollections/memorabilia (eg John Illsley’s Q&A shows last year had some great stories and never before seen pics). Any unreleased studio items would be icing on the cake (eg the often mentioned Private Dancer from Love Over Gold). Although in many respects I can understand and admire Knopfler’s desire to move forward artistically and not constantly keep looking back on the glory days unlike many in his peer group, his apparent reluctance or disinterest in the curation of an enhanced/extended back catalogue is baffling and as a long time follower frustrating when I look around and see so much archive stuff out there from all the greats of that era but almost nothing from DS (only 3 releases in the nearly 30 years since the break up-Live at the BBC CD, Alchemy DVD, Honky Tonk Demos (vinyl only!). Given the astronomical sales figures constantly quoted for the band, any super deluxe release would surely be a viable option for Universal. They may also help to critically rehabilitate a band often unfairly maligned and misjudged – apart from the LPs it was also their live shows (with changing line ups and often new arrangements and additions to most songs from tour to tour) that was an equal part of their greatness.


Nice post mister-a. Dire Straits morphed from a from a band with a highly credible reputation to one your parents could equally like; which is a brilliant trick to maximise sales, but not so good for the reputation longer term. Brothers In Arms was so successful that their exposure was saturated, and a form of ‘ugh’ can set in when you hear them yet again. So much so that the actual brilliance of their music has never been celebrated or admired in the fashion of other top artists. Not bothering to re-sell the back catalogue hasn’t helped keep their profile high and perhaps Mark Knopfler is happy with that. He’s certainly thrived on being free of the burden of not being Mr Dire Straits; and as a fan, it’s great to see him happy to play plenty of Dire Straits songs in his concerts over the years.

That there has been no additional Dire Straits music released is at odds with how generous his solo outings have been, where with various formats of his more recent albums, he’s been pouring out the songs in abundance rather than holding them back.

How significant, good or bad, is it that the 1996 mastering so have been used for the cd box?

Chris Squires

When I started collecting again properly this was one of the first 4 vinyl box sets I bought. It may have even been the first. (The Jam, Nick Drake and The Smiths were the others). It sounds good. I then bought the stickered Pallas pressed re-issues from 2010 and they were very good too. It’s something that struck me when somebody talked about the Duran Duran double albums and how they were re-mastered in 2010 I think.
Whatever the companies did in the 1970s and 1980s they got it mostly bang-on-the-money. I really struggle to think of something I owned or have since bought / re-bought from those years that was done badly. It nearly all cases the originals sound really good. Like artwork from that era, companies invested money in it because they knew it would make millions. Now even a good remastering of a set will make maybe hundred’s of thousands at best or certainly somewhere south of what they want.

The early Kate Bush albums have really been improved, because she oversaw the project and invested money in it. Never has the sentence “Who did the re-mastering and where was it pressed” been so necessary. Audio equipment has improved and Vinyl has improved also, to a certain extent, with better quality, fewer contaminants etc. But pressing hasn’t improved and mastering is patchy unless you have a gold-standard name at the helm. And why so many companies issue a £20 record or a £160 box set with scratchy paper inner bags is beyond belief. The first single album I bought when re-starting my collection was the back-to-black standard pressing of Tubular Bells and I fucked that up before I got it on the turntable because the thick paper inner scuffed the whole of side one.

After a while of gay abandon, where I bought anything and everything that I wanted, to recreate what I had in 1985, I am being a lot more picky now, mainly money, but also there have been too many disappointments.
Back to the Dire Straits box, the original was pressed at both Pallas and GZ and to be frank the GZ version was….. sub-optimal (pun intended). It matters. Same masters but different pressing plants made one set almost perfect and the other identical set awful.

norman maclean

ordered through you paul, why would i go elsewhwere


I’m happy with my reissues of the Dire Straits studio albums from 2000. So I’ll pass on this set.

What I would very much like to have is a new release of Alchemy, with a complete set list from the shows (including Industrial Disease, Twisting by the Pool and Portobello Belle). A fantastic and underrated live album that was never reissued in the USA. Only flaw is the awkward edit btw Romeo and Juliet and Love Over Gold, which could easily be fixed.


A shame in some ways because it seems like I sat around for years wishing that this box set would get a reissue on vinyl once more. I got tired of waiting, so whenMoFi released most of them in the interim and I picked those up instead. They are superb. So, while I’m an album short, my MoFi’s will more than suffice…although a nice box, an extra LP, and Grundman cuts would surely be awesome as well.


On The Townsend link it states 6lp Vinyl version and I have read elsewhere mention of a new 6lp Vinyl version and reissue of the 2013 8lp vinyl set so it is very confusing which set and what mastering will be used on any of these box sets??? Anything that clarifies this would help?

Neil Hunt

I agree with a lot of folks here that they should have included a bonus disc of b-sides etc.

However fairly recently a few of their singles with associated b-sides have been reissued digitally for download or streaming including the “ExtendeDancEP” (Twisting By The Pool etc.), Private Investigations, Tunnel Of Love, Sultans Of Swing, Calling Elvis and Heavy Fuel. Some download stores such as 7digital or Qobuz have them to buy in FLAC or CD quality.

Huib Beulen

Makes one wonder why other artists’ box sets have to be so expensive.
Great price, both for the cd-set and the vinyl-set.

Derek Langsford

I have all but On Every Street on their original CDs and the BiA SACD. I find I just don’t ever think, “I need to listen to some Dire Straits.” I have all my CDs ripped to Apple Lossless files and stream them from my computer at full CD quality to my home system. A Dire Straits album track came up on random shuffle (which I do when I can’t think of anything particular to listen to) and it was a track from the one of the first three albums that I was not that familiar with and it just bored me.

So as many have said, if the mastering is the same, this set seems superfluous. Would be interested in Love over Gold in 5.1, but that’s about it.


I played the debut album to death back in the day.
They may have hit the jackpot with ‘radio friendly unit shifters’ in the 80’s , but for me the first album was not surpassed.


These are wonderful news, since I missed the boxed vinyl set.

Tim South

Paul/folks , as others have said a bonus cd would have been nice but the price is most welcome. Mastering info will be interesting – a repeat of The Police Abbey Road mastering for their cd box would be great. Wonder if the supermarkets will stock this , if so £15 was the starting price for The Police last year


The worth of this CD set is all down the mastering used. The last remasters (from 2005, I think) are horrendous. They compressed the heck out them. If this set uses that mastering, or masterings like them, then I consider them fit for landfill. My advice, buy the old CD’s pre-2005 if you can.


Paul – is there any possibility you could put out sets like this on cd through the SDE shop as well as vinyls or isn’t it as economically viable ? I’ve no idea how the supply chain works but I can’t be the only one getting mightily pissed off with the way Amazon conducts itself. I’d rather support you and put money your way if I can any day .


I grew up with CD in the 80s, but I’m now at a crossroads. With TIDAL Hi-fi available, that has master recordings (better than CD) or at least CD quality streaming, what are CDs now for? When they release some of my favourite albums like The Police and now Dire Straits in crappy cardboard sleeves (that will scratch the discs to shreds) with very little effort and don’t provide the mastering details, it makes me want to give up on physical media for good.

Andrew Greenwood

I buy 100 packs of CD sized poly inner sleeves for all this scratchy cardboard. sometimes it makes it hard to close the box or get the CDs in and out, but it fixes the scratching issue. They worked well with the Police box as they are oversized gate-fold sleeves already


Superb band and albums and a great value box set but a set or compilation with the extras and rarer tacks/b sides/EP tracks definitely needs a release. Same with Knopfler’s solo work, the Comfort and Joy Soundtrack has never been released in its entirety on CD.

Scott Smith

Mobile Fidelity has done SACD and 45rpm vinyl releases on all of these except “On Every Street.” I have all the SACDs and the vinyl of “Love Over Gold.” Yes, they’re pricey, but they are all exceptional and, pending bonus tracks or “Twisting By the Pool,” this set is inessential.

Joe Donato

I second the comments about bonus tracks and the Twisting By the Pool EP missing from this set. This would have been an automatic purchase if it had those and Alchemy. If they would have followed how the Police did their last box set or even the upcoming Fleetwood Mac 1968-1974 set, this would have been excellent.

Mister Stick

Glad to see this, I’d love to replace my vinyl but the price was and is too dear for that. The CD option, however, is too friendly to pass up, if there is any upgrade at all in sound from the discs I gathered 30 years ago (how could there not be?). So the sooner that is made clear, the better.

No question that it would be great to see the two concert albums, the BBC sessions, the EP, and the stray tracks like “Kingdom Come” and “Millionaire Blues” included. But if you add all that up, it would have to be at least 5 CDs, so that could be a box of its own. There is a great King Biscuit recording of the Brothers In Arms tour (San Antonio, Houston, can’t remember which), and that would make a terrific sweetener.

The labels really should let SDE readers make all the decisions, don’t you think?

Damn straight they should.


Mister Stick: These last got a remastering in 2005. Those masters are vastly inferior to the original CD’s released. Unless you like your Dire Straits compressed and loud.


After looking a bit closer to the picture of the set i’m wondering if anyone else noticed that they used a font for the name of the band on the cover of the box that wasn’t used for any of the included studio albums but for “Alchemy”.


Paul already mentioned that in his post about the original vinyl box, a century or so ago, HA HA. He also noted they have used part of the Making Movies design for the box.



Sorry, wasn’t on board then and also not interested in vinyl too, so might have missed it either way.

The reference to “Making Movies” is obvious and the main colour of the box quite certain a nod to the s/t debut album but both are included in here being studio albums, while “Alchemy” on the other hand…

Wayne C

Although I have all of these albums buying each when they came out originally, I don’t have the last two on the expanded double vinyl format so I’ll be in for this at some stage. These albums are sonically in a different league to most albums I’ve ever heard and were the sound track to my late teenage years and early adulthood. I vividly remember taking “Self Titled” to my friends house and listening to it with envy on his then high end (for me) Meridians all narrow box pre/power system and linn Sondek turntable. These records as well as Steely Dans Greatest Hits (also on vinyl) took me into a lifelong hobby of hifi enthusiasm. I saw them on Love Over Gold tour at the Bridlington Spa Theatre and the sound quality of Telegraph Road was as good as it gets. These are essential listening and should not be passed by.



Yes they have, although the original EP only had three songs.

In 1989 they added the live version of “Two Young Lovers” from “Alchemy” and included the video clip of “Twisting…” and released it on CD-V but the audio tracks are playable on standard CD-players.

To add some confusion the identical disc was released in the U.S. under the title “Twisting By The Pool” and in the U.K./Europe as “ExtendeDancEPlay”.

The latter is currently available via Discogs for 60 Euro and more.


You are not making any sense. The 7″ had Twisting backed with Two Young Lovers whilst the 12″ had also “If I had you” on the flip side. Nothing was ever “added” to either release. I don’t know about the video CD but by “added” I understand a reissue with extra material, and I don’t recall ever seeing reissues of any of these three releases.


I think some of the confusion here for some people may be that the original US 12″ version has 4 songs on it. Hope this helps clear things up a bit.
1. Twisting By The Pool.
2. Badges, Posters, Stickers, T-Shirts

Side 2:
1. Two Young Lovers
2. If I had You

Leonardo Lotti Marques

Dear Paul,

Those are great news.
At least something is happening with Dire Straits, even if this release is from 2013.
The CD version looks cool.

On another note, what are the possibilities of a repressing of “The Beatles In Mono” from 2014?

Thanks in advance,



Wow! The cd set is an amazingly good price, happy happy joy joy


Thanks for enquiring about the mastering. If not remastered, there is no need to buy these cd’s again only because they are now in a cardboard box. I have to draw the line somewhere. If there is ANY bonus material I would blindly buy the box but there is none so what’s the point? Even worse, Alchemy, perhaps the best live album ever, is not included. Like many people, I’m not a huge fan of live albums but Alchemy deserves a prominent spot in this box.

John McCann'.

I’d go for supertramp Paris myself,a great live album,,but roger has lost a few brownie points with me after his or his people’s shoddy treatment of our paul, getting him banned from u tube,after being really nice in person when they had a chat,,


I agree with you. “Alchemy” is one of the best live albums ever. The second live album “On The Night” is also not in this box set.


These box sets are studio albums only so would not include live albums perhaps the next box set in the future should be called the complete Dire Straits. as for now I have ordered the CD box great price-already got the vinyl set

Chris Balfour

i would hazard a guess that Alchemy isn’t included as its a live album and this is a studio albums collection!!!

Liam Bastick

For those in Australia, Zavvi is selling this at a bargain rate with shipping for less than $4!!

I have a query, Paul (I promise I re-read your article!): when you say the original Brothers in Arms LP had edited times, you are referring to the original LP release and not the original box set release, yes..? It’s a little ambiguous. Cheers.

Liam Bastick

Thank you!


I would like to buy this but in a surround format. With extras etc… But mainly in Surround. So far we only have Brothers in arms, and the surround mix is fantastic


Pretty good price for the CDs, but I don’t like this cheap “vinyl-replica” carboard sleeves. I’ve bought the 1996 “original” remaster CDs separatley two years ago, I’m fine with that.

Although “Twisting by the pool” is available on the “Sultans of Swing” compilaton, an extra CD with the tracks of this EP and the “Encores” stuff from 1993 would have been a nice addition.


These should never be called “Vinyl Replica” sleeves. Japanese Mini LP’s, where they slavishly and lovingly reproduce the original artwork – that’s a “Vinyl Replica” This type, with no spine, no inserts, usually with washed out colors and blurry text, is nothing by the cheapest way they thought they could get away with.

Let’s call these “Card Sleeves”, which better describe them.


Had the misfortune of seeing them on their On Every Street tour. Was the longest most boring three hours of my life and have not been able to listen to them since.
Sorry to moan but this is therapeutic and needed to be said.


I loved Was Not Was performing on the On Every Street Tour. The trumpet player playing two trumpets at the same time is a hell of a skill. The guitarist throwing himself into forward rolls as he played his solos was very entertaining.

You could tell it was the end of the road for Dire Straits with the final album, but Mark Knopfler’s solo albums and tours show he made a smart move in mothballing Dire Straits.

It is a shame Alchemy and the EP isn’t included. Alchemy is a greatest hits of the first four albums, but with better live versions than the studio tracks in most instances.


Same for me with Magnetic Fields! Except they performed 50 Songs over TWO evenings and I went back for more because I’d already bought the tickets. Bad decision.
Haven’t been able to listen to Stephin Merritt since.


I’m glad that it wasn’t just me that thought their performance on that tour was boring. It just seemed to be endless instrumental breaks that went on and on and on for each song they performed.

I haven’t played the On Every Street album since then but still enjoy the rest of their catalogue.

Andrew Greenwood

hmm… I saw the On Every Street tour and it made me like the songs on the album better than when I heard the album (which I don’t think I’ve played since) but I was really there for the older stuff, and of course the band was mostly gone by then. I didn’t bother buying the live album of the tour though.


Definitely have to buy the Dire Straits boxed set on CD. I do feel though it’s a shame Brothers In Arms has to be part of the project. It was a breakthrough album that encouraged people to invest in the fairly new format at that time. Perhaps the set should have stopped at Private Investigations.


It’s hard to imagine how any record company would be brave/foolhardy enough to omit the 27th best selling album of all time from a Dire Straits box set.

Nathan Thomas

The vinyls are available individually for between £10 & £15 (with discounts & various offers) so you can get all of the albums for around £80 – £90 so am I just paying £20 for a cardboard box? There seem to be no extras, so unless they’ve been remastered again with a noticeable improvement in quality I’m not sure why anyone would buy the vinyl set at £110. I’ve seen the cd set for around £15 which is much more like it – looks very like the Police set which is very well done (and crazily selling for £4.99 at some retailers)


Why no demos or outtakes , recording sessions with this pseudo-reissue..iam disapointed !!


So are the CDs remastered too?

Brian Johnson

It seems strange that Amazon charges £90 in France, £438 in UK and over £1100 in Canada, think they rip people off a lot!!


You need to allow time for Amazon to update it’s listings/pricing. I would guess that £438 UK price was for the OOP 2013 release. The new re-pressing is now up on Amazon UK for £125 and will probably settle nearer the SDE price before release.

Tony Pensavalle

I just looked on the Canadian website it says this
is 180G can anybody confirm this or is it just a normal standard album? Thanks in advance Tony


The four tracks of the Twisting By The Pool EP have never been issued on a single CD. What a missed opportunity!



Yes they have, although the original EP only had three songs.

In 1989 they added the live version of “Two Young Lovers” from “Alchemy” and included the video clip of “Twisting…” and released it on CD-V but the audio tracks are playable on standard CD-players.

To add some confusion the identical disc was released in the U.S. under the title “Twisting By The Pool” and in the U.K./Europe as “ExtendeDancEPlay”.

The latter is currently available via Discogs for 60 Euro and more.


The US version also included ‘Badges, Posters, Stickers & T-shirts’, another never digitally/CD released track. It is very disappointing that whoever has control of the Dire Straits back catalogue really can’t be bothered to add any non-album tracks to any of the album reissues for last 35 years and just expect fans to continue buying the same albums again and again every time they are released. It shows a lack of interest, unless Mark Knoplfer won’t allow them to. So I agree with many of the comments above, if they had added these extras I would have ordered immediately, but I’m not interested in just buying another remaster of what I’ve already got.


This sort of exchange makes you appreciate the depth of the SDE reader knowledge base.

Though it doesn’t really take away from the point Richard is making. The 1992 German cd single Musicoloog mentions will cost you more than the new 6 cd album set!