Divinyls / Desperate expanded edition

Debut album remastered and expanded on CD

Australian rock band Divinyls‘ debut album Desperate has been remastered and expanded with bonus tracks for a CD re-release.

The band formed in 1980 by Mark McEntee and was fronted by lead singer Chrissy Amphlett. Divinyls are, of course, best known of for their international 1991 hit ‘I Touch Myself’.

But by that time, the band had already enjoyed six top 30 hits in Australia, including two from their 1983 debut Desperate (‘Boys in Town’ and ‘Science Fiction’). Album track ‘Ring Me Up’ was used in John Hughes’ 1984 film Sixteen Candles.

Desperate is now ‘dynamically remastered’ and expanded to include all the songs from both the original Australian version of the album and the international version. It includes an eight-page booklet with full lyrics.

This remastered and expanded CD edition of Desperate is out now via Rubellan Remasters.

1. Boys in Town
2. Only Lonely
3. Science Fiction
4. Siren (Never Let You Go)
5. Elsie
6. Only You
7. Ring Me Up
8. Victoria
9. Take a Chance
10. I’ll Make You Happy

Bonus Tracks:
11. Sahara Rock
12. Casual Encounter
13. Don’t You Go Walking
14. Motion
15. Gonna Get You (Re-recorded Version)
16. Only Lonely (Live Version)

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All of these tracks were either released on the US version of What a Life and/or are on youtube. except for the sole live song. The album, could definitely use some remastering for its flat sound-esp on my original old CD .

Calico Moonchild

Despite being vaguely aware they had History when “I Touch Myself” was all over U.K. radio in 1991, I never did act on my then impulse to investigate further. So glad I got a good deal on this and bought it.


Forgive me guys until pauls tip off . lve never heard of ya ! Ok gave this a play last night . Audiolab 8000cd / sennhiezer hd 800 headphone amp / audeze lcd x/ . Verdict ? this is kinda superb . It sounds like a live studio recording ? dynamic / incredible space between instruments . Loads of punch really a great remaster ! Sitting on the fence? Jump in its ok ! Ha


I have purchased about five CDs from this label and I’m always interested to see what they are doing. If there is an album that sparks your interest I highly recommend them. They are one of the few newer reissue labels doing high quality DYNAMIC remasters that sound great without all the unnecessary compression and limiting. Nice booklets and liner notes as well. Obvious care is going into the Rubellan releases. Hoping they get approval for more great reissues, including one of my favorite albums of all time. Not gonna mention it here because I don’t want to jinx things!


Great news . Stunning debut . Have original cd . Worth it for ELSIE ! Alone . Hope this sounds as it should ?

Andrew Edwards

Hey just visited Rubellan Remasters website and placed an order. Great prices and shipping reasonable. I sent a request for information an the owner Scott Davies responded quickly. He’s working on some great upcoming releases. Thanks to Paul for highlighting this release and to others who mentioned how pleased they were with the releases

Alton Broussard

If these discs were coated in gold instead of silver, they would sell for over $30 each. This is the only label to master CDs without compression\limiting in years.


Just wanted to echo (almost) everyone here: Rubellan has been re-releasing some great stuff that’s clearly done by someone who cares. I discovered them through the Visage reissues which are pretty much the definitive versions of these albums now. Already have the Divinyls CD, something of a lost new wave classic, my only minor issue is that some sleeve notes would have been nice, or at least some notes indicating the differences with the OG track listing and which, if any, of the bonus tracks were B-sides etc.
Will definitely be ordering the upcoming Fingerprintz compilation.

David Carroll

Wow !!!! Just ordered pronto. As per usual Australia doesn’t respect or look after it’s own …it’s gone offshore and taken an enthusiastic overseas party to do what needs to be done.
My only minor quibble is that the original Australian album tracklist is mixed up with the MONKEY GRIP epic soundtrack but it’s all there and some. Next up WHAT A LIFE ! ? Bring on the much deserved DIVINYLS revival…

Graham LUSTY

Paul, I would like add some information regarding the track “Boys In Town”. Thie version on this remaster may be the re-recorded version as the original version was released in 1981 on the wea label. It was recorded for the film “Monkey Grip” The soundtrack was released as 7 track mini album. It was released on cd during the 1990s as part of a budget range. There were some EMI best of cds released but contained the re-recorded version. There is an excellent cd released on thge RAVEN label called “Make You Happy 1981 – 1993″ (RVCD-67” which has the original wea version. Raven records is no longer around so this cd may hard to find overseas.

Garry Martin

I’m so pleased to see the Divinyls get some remastering attention. Caroline Records did a remaster of the International version a few years back, but that missed all the Australian only tracks. I have always been a fan and saw them many times in local pubs in Australia. Their shows were always amazing, the energy that Chrissy gave was incredible, there really was no one like her. I just hope the rest of their catalogue also gets some attention, as they are all great albums. Also, if you are interested, there is a fascinating autobiography by Chrissy, ‘Pleasure And Pain’. If you can get your hands on it, it’s definitely worth a read.


I’m a huge fan of the Divinyls and was thrilled when I learnt this re-issue was being done. The tracklist and cover art wasn’t an issue for me. Just happy any version of this album was being re-issued – and I have bought a copy and am looking forward to receiving it.
I did buy the Berlin and Visage re-issues from this company – and they were both great. This label is doing excellent work… and it’s always wonderful when the positive hype about a label turns out to be true.
I would also love if Music on Vinyl would do vinyl re-issues of the Divinyls albums. That would be the cherry on top.
Bring on further Divinyls re-issues please! They really didn’t get the success they deserved. So much great music prior to and after “Touch Myself”. Shame that one song is what the majority remember. My personal favourite tracks are “Siren”, “Good Die Young”,”Science Fiction”, “Human” and “Sleeping Beauty”. Great rock music.


Scott did all us 80’s music lovers a huge favour with those recent Visage reissues,soon to come 2 more Berlin reissues to go with the one already released,respect to Scott and Paul for all their passion about music.

Robert Laversuch

Thanks for the heads up on Divinyls. Went over to Rubellan and got Berlin as well. Together with Visage etc I now have eight or nine of their 14 releases so far. Obviously it is early days yet but from my experience so far everything has been wonderful. The CDs are outstanding, great care has been given to mastering and bonus material as well as info in booklets. Maybe one day soon this label will be mentioned alongside Cherry Red, Omnivore, BGO and other reissue labels that put out music that other firms don’t bother with. Keep up the good work and looking forward to Fingerprinz CD as I am typing this

Scott Anderson

Rubellan Records puts out TOP NOTCH products at a very reasonable price. They deserve to supported not only for what they have already given us but for what they “will” give us in the future. They are doing a Fingerprintz cd for gosh sakes! There is NO other label I would rather have doing this!

John McCann'.

I never understood this song, touching myself,if it was a man singing it it surely it would have been banned!

Marshall Gooch

I’ve never heard of Rubellan Remasters before this post. Everybody here (except Paul) is saying such great things about them, it makes me think this is a concerted (maybe underhand?) effort to gain positive publicity for the label. Something here rings false…


what are you talking? it’s an independent label that releases amazing work

Wayne K

I’ve got a couple of the reissues from this label and they are done with tender loving care along with attention to detail. They are well mastered and worth picking up. Some terrific stuff.

Thomas L.

The thing that really separates Rubellan Remasters to other reissue labels is the care given to the sound and the remastering. All the Rubellan CDs I have sound fantastic, great tonality and dynamics intact!
The visual side is also great, all the reproductions are very clean and the covers really pop.

Andrew M

I grew up with the Australian version, but will gladly buy this release for the remastering.

Hopefully Rubellan will remaster ‘What A Life’ too, as that had 2 tracks exclusive to the Australian release, plus a non album B-Side.


I’ve been waiting for a remaster of Berlin’s Love Life for many many years, and the comments on this page are the first I’ve heard of it. Surprised it was never featured or mentioned on this site when it was released.


Hello Paul, Scott Davies of Rubellan Remasters here. Regarding the comment from ‘Jay Adams’, please note that the real Jay Adams was my best friend of 22 years who passed away from cancer on October 12, 2018, five days after the post on the Hoffman forum was made. Two of my reissues have dedication in the booklets to him.

The person insultingly posting under that false name is an internet troll who has followed me for some time now, and used to have a thread posted on a forum obsessively watching everything I post anywhere online and immediately posting their attacks about it. The messages were such of a Fatal Attraction obsessive nature that I considered seeking some sort of legal action/protection. As you can see here, it took them no time to see you mention my reissue and then promptly throw a wrench into it. Ultimately, the thread on said forum was removed entirely, assuming the admins realized how out of control it had gotten.

I can apologize to you about my comment as it was made at a very rough time with the loss of my dear friend just days away. I’m also sorry that the internet troll has followed here and attempted to stir up trouble. I do appreciate you giving my Divinyls reissue some exposure, and I would be happy to send you copies of any of my releases, past and future, if you would ever like a copy.

Kind regards,
Scott Davies – Rubellan Remasters

Regan Judson

Very classy of you Paul. I have long supported this site and you always come across as a good guy…with great taste in music too! Glad to see you mentioning this latest Divinyls reissue from Rubellan. It really is excellent. Stay well and I’m looking forward to more fine reissues both through Rubellan and your SDE site. Going to order my McCartney booklet now!


Can’t speak for the guy personally, but his remasters are top notch. I just got the Berlin one (Love Life) a few weeks ago and it is amazing. Crisp, clear, punchy but not overwhelming bass. The original was released in 1984 – the first CD I ever purchased – and it was just flat. While I’m not a Divinyls fan and will be passing on this, I optimistically hope he can do a proper remaster of Berlin’s ‘Pleasure Victim’ which may have been one of the worst quality CD’s ever pressed. If you are a Divinyls fan, this is a must purchase for you.

Andrew Edwards

Rubellan said Pleasure Victim is in the works…took some extra time to legally clear some tracks from international sources…cant wait…


I will never understand a professional reissue not using the original Australian tracklisting or the original artwork or the original handwriting typeface.
It’s like buying a stunning old character house that’s a few hundred years old and restoring it to how it would have looked in the 1950’s because the person in charge thinks it looks better.
Chrissy preferred the original version. The extra tracks should have been from the international release.
Stunning album(s), incredible band, just wish that the rest was faithful to the original.

Mike T

How’s about a vinyl release after all?!!

Regan Judson

Echoing what others have said! These fantastic reissues from Rubellan Remasters are a fans dream. The music is properly mastered, the booklets are top notch and the bonus tracks are a welcome addition. Lets have an interview! Both SDE and Rubellan have their hearts in the right place when it cones to reissues.

Steven Roberts

Judging from his recent activity over at stevehoffman.tv, I think Scott has mellowed since that remark (it WAS a very silly thing for him to say).

I’m sure if you offered him the opportunity to shine a light on Rubellan’s activities he would jump at the chance.


Paul you should remove the troll comment listed under the username ‘Jay Adams’ i thought i recognised the name, it’s the name of a friend of Scott Davies who died of cancer and he dedicated the visage remaster to, whilst his comment about you may seem a bit off, if you read the full comment and further comments you can get a feeling of his frustrations about getting the releases out there etc, we’ve all had similar frustrations in our pursuit of our love of music. Hell you ignore a lot of my messages/comments at the best of times!!.

But more importantly, this post using the guys friends name, who died of cancer, is just disgusting, worse than anything said about you on that thread.


That was 2 years ago. His latest tweet says ‘ don’t know how it happened but it did and I’m very grateful to Paul at Super Deluxe Edition for giving my Divinyls reissue this unexpected attention! superdeluxeedition.com/news/divinyls’

R. Keja

Very pleased to read Paul is promoting now also Rubellan Remasters. A real fine label owned by someone who loves new wave and post-punk, guitar side aswell electronic side.

I never understood that label was not getting any attention untill now. Thanks Paul, great you do now!


Sadly Chrissy is no longer with us, love her vocal style, truly unique. I have a Divinyls collection Make You Happy 1981-93 on CD which includes five tracks off this album so will pick this album up, would love to see their other albums get the same treatment.

Mike Pendlebury

Bought and received my copy already from Rubellan Remasters. A very well thought out and nice collection – sounds great!

I’ll echo other fans love for this record label. They’ve been releasing some great music. I’ve added Ric Ocasek’s “Beatitude”, Berlin’s “Love Life”, The Passions “Sanctuary” and Visage’s first album to my collection. Also looking forward to getting Fingerprintz “Bullet Proof Heart” – a band I’d never heard of but the samples I’ve heard on the Rubellan website has got me interested!


The late Chrissy Amphlett’s pouty-growly voice fronting the aggressive guitar driven songs by the Divinyls made for a perfect pop/rock recipe for sexy aggressive bad girl attitude. Chrissy’s truculent delivery (packaged in fishnet stockings and schoolgirl dress) and gruff vocals always reminded me a bit of Marianne Faithful, while Mark McEntee was a photocopy version of Brian Jones. Divinyls “Desperate” album quickly became one of my favourites because the bands’ snarly delivery was a refreshing contrast to the oversupply of effervescent, pop-friendly music heard on the radio back in 1983. I’m so happy to know this album has been remastered and expanded. Ordered immediately!


Happily agreeing here. Picked up RR’s Berlin and Visage releases just a couple of months ago. This is what proper remasters should sound like!


This is great news, and nice to see you giving Rubellan Remasters a spotlight here. I know that keeping boutique labels like this in business, people need to know that they exist… Licensing has gotten increasingly difficult small labels doing archival reissues… What he accomplished with the Visage releases is nothing short of a miracle. All of the reissues I’ve heard have been excellent, direct, from master tapes and mastered dynamically.


Thirded! Let’s be sure to give Rubellan Remasters some love — I’ve picked up most of these reissues (there’s a great Ric Ocasek one too), and order direct if possible!

Cecil Meulenberg

Erik Haight, I think it is a good idea SDE doing an interview with RR. Both promote physical editions that include archive material, while covering different sectors…

Erick Haight

Rubellan Remasters also has some great reissues of albums by Berlin, Visage, SPK…and Trees! (Trust me, the last one was a tuneful ‘80s hidden gem.) And they offer great customer service should you choose to buy directly from them.

Maybe SDE might find the time to interview RR’s owner and studio whiz to whet some appetites for what’s on deck from Rubellan Remasters? Please?


Co-signed on Rubellan Remasters. They’re doing terrific work.