Doctor Who / The Daleks’ Master Plan

After successful League of Gentlemen and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy packages, Demon Records continue to plough the field of radio and TV productions for deluxe vinyl releases. The latest is The Daleks’ Master Plan a “narrated full-cast TV soundtrack” Doctor Who adventure starring William Hartnell as The Doctor.

The Dalek’s Master Plan is a 12-part adventure that was first shown on BBC TV between October 1965 and January 1966, where The Doctor’s arch-enemy, The Daleks, threaten to destroy the fabric of time itself (naturally).

This drama was written by Terry Nation and Dennis Spooner and is the longest single Doctor Who adventure ever made for television. Pity the filmed recordings of nine out of the 12 episodes are lost from the BBC archives (!). Thankfully, the audio endures and this is what this physical release is celebrating.

A linking narration is provided by Peter Purves who plays Steven in the adventure, and the cast includes Kevin Stoney as Mavic Chen, Nicholas Courtney as Bret Vyon, Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom and Peter Butterworth as the Meddling Monk. Of course there are all manner of sound effects including Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire’s theme tune, and the familiar ‘wheezing, groaning’ of the TARDIS, and so on.

A special orange ‘splatter’ vinyl is an Amazon UK exclusive.

The standard vinyl is translucent blue, but Amazon UK have a special exclusive edition with the seven 180g vinyl records pressed on orange ‘splatter’ vinyl.

Top marks to the bright spark who came up with the sticker design on the front that reads “WHO VINYL” and uses elements of the Dalek design to ape The Who‘s visual identity and you have to say the art direction on this package, including a stunning front cover, looks wonderful.

The Daleks’ Master Plan is released on 15 February 2019. The Amazon Exclusive orange splatter vinyl is limited to 1000 units.

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Doctor Who

The Daleks' Master Plan - Amazon exclusive orange splatter 7LP vinyl

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Doctor Who

The Daleks' Master Plan - standard translucent blue 7LP vinyl


LP 1
1. Prequel Mission to the Unknown

LP 2
1. Episode 1 – The Nightmare Begins 2. Episode 2 – Day of Armageddo

LP 3
1. Episode 3 – Devil’s Planet 2. Episode 4 – The Traitors

LP 4
1. Episode 5 – Counter Plot 2. Episode 6 – Coronas of the Sun

LP 5
1. Episode 7 – The Feast of Steven 2. Episode 8 – Volcano

LP  6
1. Episode 9 – Golden Death 2. Episode 10 – Escape Switch

LP  7
1. Episode 11 – The Abandoned Planet 2. Episode 12 – Destruction of Time

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Stan Waterman

Just ordered, But should I play this on my old Dansette or my new system mmmm!. Exterminate!.

Geoffrey Kavanagh

Before I comment, I would like to mention that I have watched Doctor Who since its’ first transmissions when I was a small child living in the North of England. I have watched all of the episodes up to, and including the 2018/2019 stories (no further comment on those). Before people rush to purchase this lovely looking package, I hope that they know what they are getting. The audio was mostly recorded off air by fans and during the original transmissions of the episodes and then pieced together by the BBC with linking narration for the purpose of releasing it as an audio CD package. So what you have is less than stellar audio quality for the most part. let’s see: 1960’s television audio recorded on home tape recorders usually by placing a microphone up to the speaker of a television set and those speakers usually were not of great quality. Even if this is from a new source, it is likely to have been “caputred” in the same fashion. This is the only way to get the whole serial (three episodes on film exist as well as assorted “telesnaps” (like the audio these were captured by fans from television sets using black and white film cameras) and,as such, it is interesting. Keep in mind that you will be listening to around five hours of this material if you follow the whole story.
A nice looking package but, for me, it is not worth the investment on vinyl. There are CD copies out there but be careful as there are two version of the story. One is the actual audio from the series, as I describe above, with linking narration (originally a 5 CD package). The other is a full fledged audio book production that is 10 CDs in length. Perhaps that would have made a better vinyl release.


Well you’ve just ruined everything! Only joking. I think a lot of people will buy this for the attractiveness of the format, though it is a bit of an indulgence to be honest. The latest news is that superior audio recordings have appeared that cover this serial so that sort of validates your point to some extent but who knows how long before these appear. Personally I won’t buy it until it appears on Edison cylinder.


I will listen to this from behind the sofa

El Nino

This is the sort of release that could drag me back to buying vinyl. Very tempted. A really nice to thing to own and play.

Chris Squires

It’s really sad, that on a website that is designed to celebrate ALL physical releases that some still feel the need to belittle the choices of others.

My records don’t crackle and pop, I use a record cleaner, if they still do they get sent back (less than 5%, if that), I play the vast majority of what I get and if I don’t get the time to play it all straight away it is there for the summer holiday. But as Paul says (just below) so what if I don’t, there might be just as many parts of a CD based SDE that don’t ever get played. It happened on the League of Gentlemen thread as well, any interesting curiosity that some can’t understand seems to bring out the sneering. Sitting back and sniping at the chosen syntax of someone who has taken the time to post something positive, in a vain effort to feel personally superior does nothing for this website, in fact it damages it as the same “usual suspects” try to put people down for their choices. Particularly when their chosen syntax is absolutely correct anyway revealing the sentiment that sneering was the only intention. Why would an infrequent poster or newbie bother posting at all if someone just criticizes or makes fun of your free choice or choice of words for the hell of it in an effort to put you down.

I get it if some don’t understand why someone else likes a format you don’t like, but there is no need to post on every niche vinyl thread the same derogatory, judgmental nonsense. Particularly when there is nothing to back it up but personal bias and what, on other websites, could be described as bigotry in an effort to put (and keep) people down.

Sad. It does the wonderful and essential SDE a massive disservice.

Stuart Ansell

Thanks for the nice words Chris – you’ve put it far more eloquently than I could, but with some extra bite too. There isn’t a damn thing anyone can do to dampen my love of music, vinyl or classic sci fi, but as you say – on a website which has always felt inclusive and celebratory, to be belittled for liking, wanting and purchasing something is a little disheartening on occasion.

Many things are not to my taste, but I celebrate anyone’s liking of whatever their particular tipple happens to be, but I don’t feel the need to sneer or belittle them for it. Good luck to ’em, as my Grandad would say.

Debate the price, fair enough, it’s a luxury item, as indeed are many of the items listen on this fine website. Debate the niche appeal, again fair enough, although I suspect it’ll sell perfectly well, I’m fairly certain they’ve done their research and they know that, for example, the RSD doctor who sets sold well (yep, bought them, yep played them several times, thanks). Or that the supermarket/hmv sets sold very well too (check the doctor who/big finish Twitter feed out for the release date, they sold very well – whovians were proudly and lovingly tweeting about them, and as you ask, yes, bought them, listened to them, really enjoyed them, thanks). And so did my 7 year old, Doctor Who and vinyl loving daughter.

But don’t be mean, there’s very little need for it. Don’t spend your day puncturing someone else’s fun just for the sake of it, for a cheap vicarious and ultimately hollow sneer. As the Doctor said so beautifully – “Why not, just at the end, just be kind?”

Plus, I’m allergic to avocado, smashed or otherwise.

Have a lovely week, everyone.

Andy b in the tardis

Enjoyed growing up with Pertwee and Baker, and I see the appeal of this for diehard fans but why release this on a old redundant format (that is currently hip at the moment), I guess most old skool Who fans don’t have a turntable anymore. I certainly don’t. What’s the harm in releasing separate vinyl and CD so BBC get more revenue?

Johnny Ringo

It was released on CD and MP3 in 2001.

andy b in the tardis 2 b

Ha ha MP3, oh how times have changed.


Unfortunately out of print and a second hand copy will cost you more than this set!!

Scott Laing

All of the missing Doctor Who episode audios are about toe be re-released in various lost episode box sets on CD. Presumably just reissues of those from a few years back. They’re also available at Audible.



It’s available to buy on Audible or to listen to for free if you sign up for a 30 Day trial (which can be easily cancelled before you get billed and it’s an Amazon company i.e. you use your Amazon login details). If the sample audio I listened to is anything to go by, it’s ropey at best.

Click the ‘Audiobook’ tab here:


andrew R

Interesting discussion to be had ref, how many of the current vinyl purchases made
actually get played? I would guess very few go to parties and end up with ringwear and snail trails these days!


Agreed Paul.
I buy on cost, availability and where i might listen not dogmatically one format or another. I never bought into the whole cd/lp sound quality debate way back, your soft furnishings and speaker positioning probably have a greater effect!

Not too expensive at just under £15 per disc although would be nice on cd, ideal for the commute to work and back.


The illustration is nice but slapping the new logo on vintage content raises the hackles somewhat. As a Who fan (NOT the new rubbish) of longstanding AND a graphic designer in a former life it manages to annoy me on two levels!

The BBC has done restorations of stories with missing episodes filling in the gaps with animation and selling them for regular DVD/blu-ray prices so the thinking behind this kind of audio only release at an eye-watering price is just to prey upon the gotta-buy-it-all mindset of the committed Whovian.

Gareth Jones

Some negative comments about the quality here. But vinyl aint wot it used to be! It’s BETTER! I think the quality of pressings will have vastly improved since my childhood days. When I was a kid I had several spoken word albums including an LP containing 10 episodes of the audio from the cartoon series Henry’s Cat! The sound was terrible, with lots of pops, crackles and surface noise, sometimes making it impossible to hear when narrator Bob Godfrey was speaking quietly! And certainly not pressed on 180g vinyl. But I just accepted it as a child in the 80s. I knew no different!

But I purchased a Dr Who album on RSD a couple of years ago, and there were no such problems. It played fine, sounded great and I could make out all the speech and sound effects without any pops or crackles. Labels would not invest all that time and money into something that sounds terrible in 2019, surely? And as for the argument about having to turn over the record – well you’d only get a maximum of 80mins audio on a CD before you’d have to take it out of the CD player and insert the next disc. Poor you, now needing to flip the vinyl over after around 30mins. Don’t strain yourselves!


WOW thanks for the english lesson chaps, such discourse about how this Dr Who collectable will be enjoyed, listened to, or displayed. This is bound to be an instant collectible for all toystory big kids.

Ralph Williams

Shame it is Amazon only – if it was available through my local record store I would buy it

Tom M

Does anyone else think the blue looks more like grey? It’s a nice looking set anyway.


That looks a pretty amazing price for what you get. Many of the Record Store Day (supposedly limited) editions are well overpriced by comparison.

Whitesnake – Unzipped (2LP) was originally £49.99 at HMV and Amazon when it first came out in October last year. It’s a much more reasonable £24.99 at HMV now and slightly lower at Amazon. Independent record stores were complaining that Warner Music had allocated nearly all stock to HMV and Amazon.

Madonna – Ray of Light (2LP) (White vinyl) was part of the mini-Record Store Day last November. I saw in in some stores for up to £50. That’s ridiculous when you consider that the even more limited edition 2LP Clear vinyl version at Sainsburys was on sale for the comparative bargain price of £17.50.

Paul Taylor

The Sainsbury’s one was blue vinyl at £20 Nigel, Like A Virgin was cheaper and on clear vinyl
Amazon sold it, as well as white vinyl Erotica and blue vinyl Music at upwards of £35/£40 once Sainsbury’s UK exclusive period expired


Paul, sorry I got my colours mixed up! I actually paid £17.50 for the Ray of Light (Blue) at Sainsburys, but I paid £18 for Like A Virgin (Clear) at a different Sainsburys, the same day! Neither store had both albums (so I had nothing to compare prices), but I did think it strange that Ray of Light was slightly cheaper than Like A Virgin.

Amazon could easily have charged the same or similar prices as Sainsburys, but as we know from their ‘tracking’ of HMV prices, it would appear Amazon will charge as much as they can get away with. When it became clear that HMV pre-orders were cancelled (or Sold Out), Amazon just hiked prices – Blu-rays up from £14.99 to £24.99 and 4K/Blu-rays anything up to £49.99. Some prices have come down again though.


Lovely cover. Last April I bought two of the Record Store Day exclusive Dr Who vinyls. Naturally I haven’t opened them because I’m a hipster but maybe I’ll buy this set so I can use the etched side of Disc 1 as a plate to eat my smashed avocado on sourdough off.


Kind of redundant after the recent discovery of new higher quality recordings.

Darren Howard

They’re not higher quality. They are more complete but not better sounding is what I read.

Stephen K.

It’s gorgeous.


Due to the BBC (https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/bbcstudios/2019/daleks-master-plan-vinyl) the Amazon exclusive edition is limited to 1000 – not 500 – units. Who’s right?

I’ll buy it anyway ;-)


Would love this but good heavens, that price!

Stuart Ansell

7 albums in a box set for under a hundred pounds isn’t that shabby, to be fair. I’ve seen far worse!!!!

Ross Baker

Now, despite being a bit of a vinyl cynic (surface noise and gaps in playback while you flip don’t add to the listening experience at all for me), I still understand the appeal of having an album in the format. But I’m utterly baffled by anyone wanting to listen to a radio play or TV show on vinyl. And anyone buying this much vinyl purely to sit on a shelf baffles me even more!


Well they wants to milk vinyl fans as long as they can. So they will release everything. Im CD lovers and i dont Want to hear cracks and pops…i Want listen pure music. Guess im not cool. But Cobain said ” better be dead than cool”

Stuart Ansell

Being cool doesn’t come into it. It’s an enjoyable hobby, and whichever way you choose to consume music, or indeed any audio, is absolutely fine by me, as mine should be ok with you.


“consume music”

I prefer to listen to music. Definitely one for the ornamental collectors!

Stuart Ansell

Consume, listen to, imbibe, devour, experience, partake in, enjoy – it all amounts to the same thing, and being needlessly pedantic about my choice of syntax doesn’t devalue my opinion, and indeed will not lessen my enjoyment. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not an ornament, it’s something which I intend to listen to, and enjoy, and consume, or whichever particular phrase is acceptable to you, and so I bid you good day sir.


You do of course know that ‘consume’ also means ‘to buy’ when used with products or services.
Yes of course you do – you were just being funny… well done you!

gary oliver

i would bet a lot of the new music vinyl also sits on shelves unplayed. collected for the hobby of collecting

Stuart Ansell

I’m a massive vinyl fan and a massive Doctor Who fan, so this set appeals to me enormously. I can assure you, it’s not going to ‘purely sit on a shelf’!!!

The sound quality will be what it will be – most whovians will have the digital versions either on CD or download, but we understand that this is a recovered audio recording from a private collection, and that’s fine – my turntable doesn’t ‘crackle and pop’, neither does brand new or well looked after vinyl, and I’m quite happy to turn the record over – it’s part of the ritual to me, but I totally understand those for whom this isn’t true. It’s a thing of beauty, and I pre-ordered mine the second it was available – it’ll make me and my daughter smile during the dark winter months, and that, at the end of the day, should be good enough for anyone.