Donna Summer / Another Place and Time 30th anniversary deluxe edition

3CD deluxe • unreleased mixes • anniversary megamixes

Donna Summer‘s 1989 album Another Place and Time is to be reissued for its 30th anniversary as a 3CD deluxe edition.

The Stock Aitken Waterman produced album was a commercial success and featured two big hit singles in I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt and This Time I Know It’s For Real.

This triple-disc deluxe is similar, but not identical, to the out-of-print three-CD deluxe that was issued back in 2014. It’s missing the instrumentals and various remixes here and there but adds two new 30th mega-mixes (actually one ‘minimix’ and one ‘megamix’) and also features six unreleased mixes, including a couple of unheard mixes of ‘Love’s About To Change My Heart’

This new set is presented in a DVD-sized ‘media book’ 24-page package, which contains original album credits and lyrics. A new 6,400 word essay by Christian John Wikane features new interviews with Pete Waterman, Matt Aitken, Bruce Sudano, Phil Harding and video director Dieter Trattmann.

A 2LP red/silver vinyl edition will also be released (no links yet). This will features a selection of bonus remixes on the second LP, two new-to-vinyl plus one of the megamixes.

This 30th anniversary edition of Another Place, Another Time is released on 29 March 2019, via the Driven By The Music imprint.

You can order the red/silver vinyl from the SDE shop if you wish, via this link or the button below.


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Donna Summer

Another Time and Place - 30th anniversary edition


Working on getting Amazon Australia on the widget, for now here’s the link

Compare prices and pre-order

Donna Summer

Another Place And Time - 30th Anniversary Edition [VINYL]


CD 1
1. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt
2. When Love Takes Over Yo
3. This Time I Know It’s For Real
4. The Only One
5. In Another Place And Time
6. Sentimental
7. Whatever Your Heart Desires
8. Breakaway
9. If It Makes You Feel Good
10. Love’s About To Change My Heart

CD 2
1. This Time I Know It’s For Real [7″ Single Mix]
2. Breakaway [Power Radio Mix]
3. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt [7″ Remix]
4. Love’s About To Change My Heart [PWL 7″ Mix]
5. When Love Takes Over You [Mixmaster Dave Ford 7″]
6. Breakaway [Remix – Edit]
7. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt [12″ Version]
8. Love’s About To Change My Heart [Extended Remix]
9. When Love Takes Over You [Mixmaster Dave Ford Extended Remix]
10. Breakaway [Remix – Full Version]
11. Love’s About To Change My Heart [Loveland’s Full-On 12″ Vocal]
12. Whatever Your Heart Desires [New Extended Club Mix]
13. The 30th Anniversary Minimix

CD 3
1. Love’s About To Change My Heart [Loveland’s Full-On 7″ Radio Edit]
2. If It Makes You Feel Good [Unreleased Dave Ford Album Master]
3. Sentimental [Unreleased Album Long Master]
4. Love’s About To Change My Heart [Unreleased 7″ Long Remix]
5. This Time I Know It’s For Real [Extended Remix]
6. Breakaway [Extended Power Mix]
7. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt [Pete Hammond Original 12″ Mix]
8. Love’s About To Change My Heart [Clivillés & Cole 12″ Mix]
9. When Love Takes Over You [Pete Hammond Original 12″ Mix]
10. If It Makes You Feel Good [New Extended Feelgood Mix]
11. Love’s About To Change My Heart [Unreleased 12″ Remix]
12. The 30th Anniversary Megamix

LP 1

1. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt
2. When Love Takes Over Yo
3. This Time I Know It’s For Real
4. The Only One
5. In Another Place And Time
6. Sentimental
7. Whatever Your Heart Desires
8. Breakaway
9. If It Makes You Feel Good
10. Love’s About To Change My Heart

LP 2

1. Breakaway [extended power mix]
2. Love’s About To Change My Heart [Loveland’s Full-On 12″ Vocal]
3. When Love Takes Over You [Pete Hammond Original 12″ Mix]
4. This Time I Know It’s For Real [7″ Single Mix]
5. When Love Takes Over You [Mixmaster Dave Ford 7″]
6. Breakaway [Power Radio Mix]
7. Love’s About To Change My Heart [PWL 7″ Mix]
8. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt [Pete Hammond Original 12″ Mix]
9. The 30th Anniversary Minimix

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Dino Galdamez

I have to say, after I bought the box few years ago & I have most of those mixes, I didn’t have much interest for this 30th package. Well, I was thinking about the 5 or 6 unreleased mixes plus those megamixes offered, so I changed my mind & ordered…I’m glad I did…it doesn’t contain any instrumental versions(don’t care about those) then it contain many of short mixes( some I didn’t have) and the another CD is full of long mixes plus the megamix at the end. I ended up transferring the entire two mixes CD’s music to my Ipod…I workout so happy now…Love this 30th years package!


I adore #DonnaSummer’s #AnotherPlaceAndTime album – but I have mixed feelings about this new reissue.

One of the main incentives for me buying this new release, was the inclusion of previously unreleased mixes. However, two of these mixes aren’t actually genuine unheard PWL mixes. The “new” mixes of #IfItMakesYouFeelGood and #WhateverYourHeartDesires are cobbled together using the regular album versions & the instrumentals. So basically fan-made extended versions. Not impressed with them at all tbh. They don’t have the structure or feel of genuine PWL mixes from the time – and I think it’s a bit of a cheek, and rather misleading, to label them as “unreleased”.

The four genuine unreleased mixes on this set are thankfully worth it. The Dave Ford album master of #IfItMakesYouFeelGood has a slightly more lighter poppy feel than the regular album version. #Sentimental (Album Long Master) has a different intro, and a slightly more stripped back feel to it. Pete Hammond’s #LovesAboutToChangeMyHeart (12” Remix) is a joy to hear – as is his (7” Long Remix) of the track.

The 30th Anniversary Minimix & Megamix I find rather pointless. I’d rather they had used that space, and the ton of space on CD1, for instrumentals.

The packaging isn’t too bad. It’s in a book form, and there is quite a few pages on the making of the album. Lots of nice pics too, and the lyrics to all the songs.

It’s a nice release – but I find the inclusion of those fake “unreleased” mixes disappointing.


High priced but happy for the unreleased Pete Hammond mixes of LATCMH.

Awesome ad-libs on the 7″ Long Remix. The pictured PWL master tape shows it was an “AA” side mix for the single.

Not impressed with the card wallet slide-in CD packaging. I can see my discs scratching. Would have preferred transparent trays.

DJ Steve

Does this include the HOT TRACKS version of Love’s About To Change My Heart?


The new mixes sound like they were just cobbled together a few weeks ago, not true extended mixes from back in the day. I have heard better fan mixes on YouTube. Really nothing on this release was worth buying it for, especially whereas I already got the Deluxe Edition a few years ago. Save your $$$!!!!


And… I was just listening to the digital copy. The “new” remixes and the Megamixes (Short and Full Mix) are sometimes sooo badly edited. It’s a shame. “Whatever Your Heart Desires”, a fan favorite, is one example. It almost sounds at 7.25 min as if there was a slight needle jump. Too bad. All in all, it’s a nice but yet pricey addition. The better options was the earlier released 3-cd version which is now out of print (or only available with the box-set).


Has Anyone else received a faulty copy of this set Mine has 2 of the same Red Vinyl Disc inside instead of Red and White … Annoyed !


Just got my copy. The one record is NOT in silver, it’s simply white vinyl.


I’m generally not a price complainer but 3 cd’s for $45? That’s crazy. I’ll wait for a Deal Alert.

Steven Roberts

If anybody is having second thoughts about this new 3CD set – especially given the price in comparison to the 2014 3CD set – you might want to consider picking up the 2014 10 CD Collection box.

Currently this is available on eBay brand new for a shade under £40 – and not only includes the 3 CD APAT from 2014, but also another 5 or 6 albums remastered as part of the then current campaign. In other words, a lot more Donna for your money.

End of public service announcement :)


Sentimental” (album long Master)? Is this an extended version?


Could anyone from the label explain the difference between the album version and the 7″ mix of This Time I Know It’s For Real ? Because they are exactly the same, so why including this ?
Thanks !


I wondered the same thing. Kiss 108 in Boston used to play a different mix on the radio than the album version. It had a different break/bridge… using the first one from the extended version, instead of the second one… if that makes any sense, lol!

Phil Fogel

Oh, I never got the 2014 release, I want this. Why is the CD version more expensive then the vinyl one?


Here is the right kind of question – if there was Japanese edition of 2014 release with 6 exclusive mixes, and it was deleted right away – would you buy it if you find it for 35 UKP on eBay?


Apparently one of the original versions of this release was a CD+G (+Graphics). I’ve looked and never found it. I’m sure they are fairly primitive but it would have been cool to have this video content along with some music videos or live content as a DVD/BR. That would have distinguished this release.


Bit of a rip off. £30 for only a handful of new remixes. You must be joking! This is just about milking the fans.


If the Casablanca albums are reissued, I’d like to have “Could It Be Magic” without the distortion present in the latter part of the song. Would that be impossible to achieve? I’ve no idea if the multitracks still exist.

Wayne Olsen

On one hand I’m glad that 2019 has started so poorly. Good for the bank account! However, it would have been nice for some of the fourth-quarter monsters to wait until now. Just too much in too little time. and now, it’s been nothing but “so whats.” I haven’t bought one thing since Christmas.
Of course, that’s just MY opinion.


Personally, I’m not really excited by this release, as we had most of it (90%) in the previous (and not far away) reissue… Fact is that some mixes were missing then , and some are missing now…. You can have the same approach with the late “Crayons” where some mixes are also missing, but you can’t say that there is something really new in it (To me “Anniversary megamixes” are really just … no interest)

Instead, i’ll be killing for fully expanded versions of her Casablanca albums !!!

Casas Serrano José-Luis

To tell the truth i am happy to have something new even if it’s not my favorite one .
When APAT was released i hated it weakest effort from Donna she could have worked with people like. rand New Heavies, Soul to Soul or Liza Stanfield team Shame she went into a soooooooo commercial and cheap production anyway by the time it’s a successs and the album that regain Donna her status Even if i don’t like i wish she had recorded the Lonnie Gordon one apparently written for her. Anyway it’s nice to see there is something on the go even if it’s not what we are waiting for

Andrew Edwards

According to SAW in an interview, the Lonnie Gordon material WAS NOT ever meant for Donna. Those songs were written for Lonnie


I for one am very happy about this release for a couple of reasons.

1. The previous reissue was good, but two of the discs were very hard to actually listen through as they had all the different mixes (which usually were not that different) of the same song back to back. As much as I love Love’s About To Change My Heart, hearing eight (8) versions of it without a break would drive me insane. The flow is much better on the new one as the mixes are spread around the discs.
2. I don’t care about instrumentals, so I’m glad they’ve gotten rid of them on this one. This too will improve the flow. Whoever wants the instrumentals has them on the previous reissue.
3. Half of the excitement for me when it comes to expanded editions are the essays. These new ones sound very promising. The packaging looks nice too.
4. Oh and there are a few tracks not on the previous reissue. Can’t hurt. Nothing very exciting, but who cares.

All and all not bad at all. It could be a bit cheaper, but I’m sure the price will come down eventually.


All very good points, particularly #1. I didn’t notice until you pointed that out. Its precisely what frustrated me about the expanded edition. All the mixes for each song were basically clumped together. Here, they’re mixed up enough that the 2 remix discs have some sense of flow, and yes, good riddance to the unnecessary instrumentals. Without Donna’s voice, they were meaningless.

Hmmmm, I’ll have to think about this now…

Darryl Fraylon

Good commentary…


I do not want to write bad words but only after 4 years from the other edition…keep it!


On a slightly different thread Paul, has there been a change in notifications as I don’t seem to get the news ‘reminders’ that I used to. Not that you’re obliged to give them, but they were a welcome almost daily staple of the inbox and recently I seem to seek out the news, which isn’t a bad thing, but wondered if you’d adjusted your policy to accommodate increasing subject matter?

Fre Nieuwenhuis

I have Another place and time re-mastered & expanded from 2014. What is different on the new edition?

JS VanDev

Are there no extra or unreleased mixes of This time I know its for real? Dubs, house mixes, beats whatever we can get. It is the signature song of the album (and my personal favourite; I still remember the song in its prime in the US charts like yesterday) so please show some pity!


In total agreement with JS VanDev. ‘This Time I Know It’s For Real’ is the most professional track in terms of structure and melody coming from SAW et al at their peak.
It was the first thing I looked for and not seeing anything new, passed.

Hope the release does well though.

David Stanley

The 70’s albums are, from what I understand, all remastered on iTunes but not in physical format. Although, I have bought “Live and More” and “Once Upon a Time” from the Japan “Disco Fever” line from last year (or year before) and they seem to be remastered, although Paul may be able to confirm. The type in CD booklets is too small for me now to read, given my advanced age, so I can’t confirm myself.

Regarding “Another Place and Time”, this is my favorite of her post-Casablanca albums, with the songs she co-wrote being the best of the bunch. But I’ve got the previous 3-CD version so not sure if this is necessary for me, give the fact I want just about every reissue out there from every 70s/80s/90s artist and can’t afford it all.

Andrew Edwards

Actually Universal Japan reissued all the 70’s CD in 2012 not expanded but SHM-CD 24 bit remastered. and they were spectacular in sound and with the booklets in English and Japanese. The sound could not be improved upon. They were some of the best reissues I’ve ever heard….the Disco Fever series didn’t seem that they sounded the same as the 24 bit master from 2012…These SHM-CD’s are around but now super expensive…


Not enough over the previous reissue to warrant the price tag and too many ‘new’ ‘ unreleased’ tags make me think the only ‘1989’ unreleased versions are the two extended album masters and the immaterially different Radio Mix of This Time I Know Its For Real, 3 unreleased ‘era’ tracks for £30 is poor thought through price point.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

that’s right mike. and even now i remember that on the japan 3” single cd were an alternate version of “whatever your heart desires”. that version was not used as bonus track for the 2014 / 2019 version of the album re-release. the only place where you can find this version is the SAW box set “say i’m your number one”. there named as “original version”.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

1st: i am happy about all new donna summer releases / re-releases
2nd: i cannot understand who select this new megamixes / new extended mixes together with
the original album. ? they are almost 10! previously unreleased mixes of “this time i know it’s for real – nothing on the 2014 and nothing on this 2019 release. ?? i will not have NEW megamixes on an 80’s album. they should release it extra as a download or promo cd.
3rd: in the process of the 2014 re-release they change some things and finally the original album instrumental version of “breakaway” get lost. why is this version not on this 30th anniversary release ? for me it’s too much of the same from the 2014 version and that makes me a little bit angry. and on disc 1 almost 40 minutes space. the 2014 version of “another place and time” was for me the re-release highlight of that year. this new 2019 version is it 100% not !

Andrew Edwards

So most of the people on this site make statements and clearly haven’t read the interviews from SAW. Many of the mixes and versions done during these sessions, were marked don’t release…by PWL. So there may be mixes or versions done that are not permitted to be released. Or perhaps the quality of them is not very good. With all these re-releases, don’t you think they would release them if they were authorized to do so? C’mon guys

Mark stuart

Anybody else think it was overkill with endless remixes of songs from this era? The original version of a song is good enough for me.


I agree. A lot of the current reissues/expansions have a lot of remixes. There used to be a time when they were unreleased material on them. Now, we get one or two and then the rest of the cd is remixes.


The endless remixes were supposed to help djs so they could find one to fit their format. I was a dj then and I played what was usually the popular remix. Play something else, clear the floor. I would go to other clubs and they played the same version as me.
Was this a ploy to have the consumer buy another record? Maybe.
In the US all of those remixes were usually crammed onto one 12″. 25 minutes of music on each side sounded like garbage. House mix, extended house mix, instrumental, bonus beats, acapella, Zippy’s International Mix, original 12″ version…the list went on.


I wish they’d give this treatment to Bad Girls and Once Upon A Time…

Mario Serrano

Hey I totally agree with you , hell I wish they would do the complete Casablanca Albums! I am surprised that there are no unreleased song from the SAW session. There was also a remix for “Whatever Your Hearts Desires” why is that not included on any of the reissues? I will still buy this one because I love Donna!


Bad Girls already has a deluxe version from 2003. The complete album, a demo (Bad Girls), and 9 12″ single versions of material from that era. What more do you need?

Andrew Edwards

Back in the 70’s they didn’t record extra tracks and do soooo many remixes….so they couldn’t get this treatment. Bad Girls got an amazing remaster and reissue by Universal in 2003…they only bonus track was a demo of bad girls…with n extra disc of extended versions from the era

Calico Moonchild

I understand there is (at least) an unreleased Giorgio Moroder 12” Mix of “Bad Girls” (almost 7 minutes long), from which the released 4.55 Mix is actually an edit of. The full length Mix was sourced & traced by Universal to their US vaults during preparation for the “Bad Girls” 2003 album remaster, but ultimately (& inexplicably) was not selected for final inclusion on that project.

The full length mix of “With Your Love” (from the “Thank God It’s Friday” OST), only ever received an extremely limited release on a one sided US vinyl promo, it has never appeared in full (or been digitized from master tape) anywhere else since.


I wonder how many claiming overkill foam at the mouth with ten takes of Beatles tracks tho! Also why would you want 5.1 on albums created when there was no such concept? You’re asking for someone to remix the album. Its like asking someone to redo the album. Or CGI a sci-fi movie from the 50s. Why?
Tell you whar tho, 33£ is way too much. The 2014 cost max 20. The cardboard and “new” mixes do not warrant such a price tag. Hopefully amazon’s price will come down otherwise ill go to Media Markt.


I don’t really care about ten takes. I can live without the 5.1 mixes, but I appreciate the work that goes into them.
(A while back some very clever person used the available multi-tracks from The Beatles Rock Band game and composed 5.1 versions that included graphics from the games, This also includes albums that were never released in that format.)

There is a difference between a slightly edited remix that nobody needs and a mix that is unissued.

Robert Lett

They just put this out in 2014, that had three CD’s of materiel too. I feel like this kinda overkill. I would much rather have proper Casablanca reissues, or a box set covering her whole career if they could work out the licensing. Gonna pass on this.


I have pre-ordered this but I think the price of the CD set will have to drop a fair bit for just a few mixes I don’t have for the purchase to actually complete.

Steven Roberts

Now that could be interesting. Donna Summer in 5.1.

Even more interesting – ***70s*** Donna Summer in 5.1.

I wonder how much it costs to actually remix an album into surround these days? Seems like it’s the reserve of only the biggest albums.


In agreement with others who say this reissue is a bit too much overkill. To me, one SAW track sounds too similar to the SAW tracks before & after it, so I’ll probably pass on this. Sure, this got Donna back on the charts, but I’ve always felt that this is one of her weakest efforts. In fact, her albums before & after IAPAT complete her trifecta of her 3 least favorable albums. Still, Donna’s worst is better than a lot of other’s best. Of note also are the comments that this is SAW’s best effort. I think that speaks to the artistry of Donna rather than that of the producers’. Take note that Moroder’s best work was with her, too.


Actually this is only the second reissue! Until 2014 there were zero reissues to speak of. After the 2014 one a budget-priced and bare-bones cd edition was issued. So its way too early to talk about this as if was a Belinda album.
What a find unnecessary and silly is mention the length of the essay.

CJ Feeney

I’m not a Donna fan, but the length of an essay in these packages is always of interest, as is the list of contributes to the essay. It tends to be a sign of the effort and research put in to getting the overall package right. For me the difference between the Tull and Marillion reissues is evidence of this. Tull have every living band member, road crew, cover artists, session musicians and even the occasional priest or folklore expert if it’s relevant to the album content. Ian Anderson puts in a track by track discusdion that covers even the rare archive tracks and alternative takes. Marillion have a long essay by a music journalist. Same packaging, way different quality of content.

More evidence of this is the popularity of Mr Sinclair’s booklets for Flowers in the Dirt and Roxy Music box sets.

A good essay is a sign of quality.

Ray Preston

Donna was a close, personal friend for 30 years before her passing. I don’t care how many copies of remixes I have to buy in order to hear new versions of the songs from the beautiful and underappreciated woman that I cherished so much.

Carl Stanley

Ray, it was so lovely to read your comment. I know a journalist who interviewed Donna when she was promoting ‘Mistaken Identity’ in the UK, and a club promoter who organised a live PA at London’s G.A.Y in the late ‘90s – both said what a fantastic, down-to-earth, funny lady she was. It’s too sad that she isn’t still here producing more wonderful music but she left an incredible legacy which only grows with the years. She certainly isn’t under appreciated here; the week of her death, the club Horsemeat Disco only played Donna Summer records for eight hours, the place was packed all night, the atmosphere was truly amazing. Donna Summer will fill continue to fill dancefloors until the world stops dancing. Legend is a word too easily overused, but that’s what she was, in her own lifetime and forevermore.

Radisson Hampshire

What about the Kylie SAW albums, are they going to remaster and repackage them? Sonia, Hazel also?


Kylies PWL albums were remastered and repackaged in 2015, Sonia in 2010 and Hazel in 2012/2013!


Certainly one of Donna’s more consistant albums where virtually any track could been a hit,i always hoped ‘Sentimental’ would have been a single.


I wonder, will they be reissuing both the CD and vinyl versions in the U.S.?


Personally, I can’t wait for this release! I’ve preordered both 3cd set and the double vinyl. (Available at baquetrecords.com) I’m hoping for but probably not gonna get a less compressed sound scape this time around.


This album has been milked to the bone so when you release another reissue, do it right and issue a final version with all remixes, instrumentals, demos and include a 5.1 surround mix. Now you have another reissue which misses all kinds of stuff. It’s like “Kick” with INXS, finally they reissued a final version that included everything. That’s missing here. Too bad.

So this is another half ass job. Aside from that, there are a few interesting tidbits. This album is excellent, not a bad song on it. I love Donna. Her 70’s albums badly need to be remastered. What she did with Moroder was groundbreaking. It changed dance music forever.

phillip caffrey

The Pricess SAW Albub is their best BY FAR

Anthony Grice

An iconic album. Probably SAW’s best album. They went into creative overdrive working with her. I hope her early Casablanca albums get the same treatment at some point.


Whilst I like (most) 80s Donna. I *love* 70s Donna and would be first in line for some deluxe editions of the Giorgio collabs. We’ve only had Bad Girls and I would love to see Once Upon a Time, A Love Trilogy and Four Seasons Of Love given the special treatment.

Nice though this looks I may well pass.


They really have stretched this album for all it’s worth over the last few Donna reissues (including the RSD 12” singles box and the separate CD singles box). One of SAW’s best studio albums, so fair enough. Surprised they’ve not seen fit to pop the music videos and TOTP perfomances on a DVD though, since it’s in a DVD-sized package.