Donna Summer / Bad Girls 2LP vinyl

40th anniversary vinyl edition with bonus track

Donna Summer’s 1979 album Bad Girls is being reissued as a double vinyl edition with an extra track.

The album, produced by her longtime collaborators Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte, contains the singles ‘Bad Girls’, ‘Hot Stuff’, ‘Dim All The Lights’ and ‘Sunset People’, as well as ‘Our Love’ which was something of an inspiration on New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ toe-tap. It spent six weeks atop the Billboard 200 list on release, and was her biggest selling album shifting four million copies.

Although there is no news of whether it’s been re-remastered or not, this reissue is produced by Jordi Soley for Elemental Music (under license from Universal Spain) and also contains a bonus track of a demo version of ‘Bad Girls’ which originally featured on a deluxe edition released in 2003. There appear to be no plans at the moment for Universal to reissue or put out anything else at the moment.

Bad Girls is released on 22 July 2019 (slightly weird, since that is a Monday).

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Donna Summer

Bad Girls - 2LP vinyl


LP 1

Side 1

  1. Hot Stuff
  2. Bad Girls
  3. Love Will Always Find You
  4. Walk Away

Side 2

  1. Dim All The Lights
  2. Journey To The Centre Of Your Heart
  3. One Night In A Lifetime
  4. Can’t Get To Sleep At Night

LP 2

Side 1

  1. On My Honor
  2. There Will Always Be A You
  3. All Through The Night
  4. My Baby Understands

Side 2

  1. Our Love
  2. Lucky
  3. Sunset People
  4. Bad Girls (Demo Version)

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Gary Simmons

Sadly I lost my german “Bellaphon| pressing, which was amazing, and now have the rather awful PYE pressing, so I am tempted…but agree this should have been in coloured vinyl and had the red liners not some cheap paper bag. I am surprised Driven By The Music, run by Donna’s estate have allowed such an uninspiring release after the success of the “Another Time & Place” “AT7P 12″Singles Box” and “On The Radio” coloured vinyl sets.


The rights for Bad Girls (and all the Casablanca album recorded by Donna) are owned by Universal (UMG), and not the estate…..

Jesus Alberto

The fact they didn’t go for colored vinyl was a letdown but not reproducing the original red inner sleeves with lyrics and replacing them for plain white, oversized sleeves that don’t fit in properly is completely disappointing.

The album remains a brilliant classic for both dance music and female pop. Likely the crowning jewel in Donna’s discography (and what a discography that is!).

Fabio Garuffo

Where are the red inner bags with words? Bad reprint, enough so little.


You’re absolutely right, Jesus. This release was a huge disappointment. We see most artists having their albums being reissued with lots of additions, such as never seen pictures and the like. They could have done the same, but chose not to.

Jeff Brown

Has this been released yet? There are no reviews and Amazon seemed to have pulled the listings.

Anthony Grice

Won’t be getting this. I have the original vinyl. I don’t buy vinyl anymore. I have the original cd and the deluxe. I don’t recall Donna’s catalogue being mentioned in the Universal fire. I wonder if we will get reissues stuffed full of extras similar to her later career albums.

Martin Kilroy

Listened to our love for the new order connection and noticed the last 30 seconds also invents acid house!

Norn Cutson

The Demo version of BAD GIRLS is excellent and worthwhile!


A bargain bin regular for decades and bought for $4 a couple of months back and have to say, it is a brilliant album with Moroder’s production shining throughout. Not sure the new version has enough to tempt me, particularly as the Casablanca originals are so well pressed. The success of this album in the States in 79 (first woman to have 2 songs in Top 3 etc…) has been rather forgotten thanks to the disco backlash, her awful AIDS remarks and the emergence of new wave however the influence of ‘Our Love’ on ‘Blue Monday’ is delightfully obvious. Not sure many stars would get away with prostitution-themed artwork in 2019!


Go back to your classic Donna did not made any antigay remarks it was a rumor she explain it all on the Arsenio Hall Show stop the B……t and take the positif …


Please amend this to a coloured or picture disc vinyl , well deserved for such a great album

Philip Marshall

Nice to see they’re commemorating Bad Girls’ 40th birthday but rather disappointed that it’s simply a black vinyl re-issue. I’ve longed for a picture disc version of this album since it came out as it’s such a beautiful cover. A coloured vinyl set too with one disc that glorious blue of the album cover and the other to match the pink of the font or the red of the inner sleeves.

Donna Summer is possibly the greatest female vocalist ever, watch her Live And More Encore! concert if you need proof of just how talented a singer this lady was. Her vocal control is simply astonishing. I always thought she had the potential to ‘do a Tina Turner’ and become the icon she deserved to be. Imagine her playing Glastonbury, that would have been the icing on the cake. I grew up with Donna and miss her still.

Ziv Barber

I have a picturedisk of this album. Cost me 1 euro. Mint condition.


there is no picture disc of this album
where did you get one from ? A bootleg ?


What’s the point in the extra track. I think I’ll stick to my Donna Summer Gold CD.


Would loved this if it had a little something more, like colored vinyl, special poster, something.

Ruel Nicholas

A friend of mine just yesterday texted me and told me to play Lucky because her heard it on Big Little Lies..he knows I’m a big Donna Summer fan from college. ..there was a 70’s disco party scene in the show…so someone is still playing it…so I went and revisited the entire album especially because of Our Love/Lucky/Sunset People… Brilliant….thank gosh they funked up BadGirls and didn’t give it to Cher…that was the plan..see Jamiroquai version live…fun
I just stumbled on a concept of creating wall art, with wood/ polyurethane of classic album covers..and I thought of this album


Ooh, I would love to have one if you decide to make it!!


Great album. Don’t plan to buy it as I already have the original 1979 Casablanca/Vogue Gatefold Double LP (orange vinyl) and the 2003 Deluxe Edition on CD.

Don’t understand why some think it’s a pointless reissue. This album hasn’t seen a proper vinyl release since 1979. It was reissued in 1984 in the US but not in a gatefold sleeve.

For what it’s worth, I went to my local store after lunch and I found out Imagination albums (Body Talk and In The Heat Of The Night) have been remastered and reissued on vinyl by french label Wagram in France ! So why wouldn’t they reissue Donna Summer LPs ? You can find and buy Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms for £2 in second hand shops but it doesn’t mean the label shouldn’t reissue it !

I think soul/disco/funk/electro albums of the 70s/80s are selling well these days. It’s one of the most popular section at my local record store…


As others have pointed out, I find this choice for reissue a little bewildering, I see copies in charity shops and at car boots regularly and they look in decent condition, usually for no more than £2.


FYI : the Universal vaults burned in 2008

Chances are there will be less interesting deluxe reissues in the future from all the labels Universal got at that time.


I still find great conditions of this in used record stores and flea markets. The sticker is very appealing. Because the color combination on the artwork I actually would have sais yes to a colored vinyl even thiugh they are so bloody common nowadays. I also remember many copies were really heavy so already 180g. I wonder if the definition of the sleeve and inner will be perfect or another poor xerox copy. Ill probably get it but only if cheap. Too bad they slept on reissues of her previous albums!!!

David Martinez

If you look at the liner notes, you’ll see that Donna wrote the majority of the songs. This was the album that was a swan song to the Moroder/Bellotte/Summer team before Donna left Casablanca for Geffen Records and branched out into Rock, Pop, Inspirational, Gospel, and Adult Contemporary which allowed the real Donna Summer to shine!


I used to be able to buy 5 of these for £1, if i wanted another it is still cheap in 2nd hand shops and not that hard to find, other than record companies trying to squeeze some last money out of it i cannot see the point. I like the album though
Tonissive is correct here when he says their are much better things to issue.

Jarmo Keranen

I think there are many who don’t own this record yet and want to have unplayed copy. Price is not bad either. I own two of Donna Summer’s cd’s. They’re are Bad Girls and I Remember Yesterday. To me her essentials tracks are I Feel Love and Hot Stuff. That’s enough for me!

Cosmo Castanza

Her Live and More double album sits with all my 70s /80s double hard rock live albums

Macarthur Park suite a disco version of a prog rock epic.


My original is still pristine, so will pass but I have been hoping for a long time for a reissue and remaster of the superior Once Upon A time. Some of the sequencing in that is WAY ahead of its time Check out the long instrumental part of Now I Need you for a prime example.

Auntie Sabrina

colinthebruce, there was a 2018 Japan remaster, part of their Disco 40 campaign.

Andrew Edwards

Once Upon a Time was remastered on CD by Universal Japan in 2012..It was an amazing reissue…with superb sound….as were all the remastered reissues of her Casablanca catalogue

Tell it like it is

I hate to burst your bubble, but that’s simply not true. I have the deluxe box set of all the Japanese remasters of 2012 and the demon remasters of 2014, bot CD and vinyl. The sound is atrocious! Take a look at the dynamic range database and type Donna Summer into the search engine. You’ll quickly find the two sets mentioned above are amongst the worst in her catalogue. Last year, I went about procuring Donna Summer vinyl from the 70’s and 80’s. The sound quality is undeniable. Even amidst crackle and pop, her records were well made and beautifully engineered. It’s for this fact alone that I will no longer buy any remastered vinyl or cd’s with her name on the tin.


Still i dont understand why many reissues of albums that already exist on vinyl when there is a lot of greats albums of 90´s and 00´s still not availables on vinyl!!!


She was an inspiration for millions of kids (and adults) wanting to break free of the same old same old in the late 70′. Her musical collaborations with Moroder and Bellote were brilliant. While this album is definitely one of her best, I Feel Love Will stand out as one of the greatest synth dance ballads of all time


Pretty much by definition it has been remastered, at least in part. At minimum, they would have to cut a new side 4 master to accommodate the extra song.

Chris Warnick

Very cool, but too bad that something other than adding a demo track couldn’t have been done with this 40th anniversary release, especially if it’s going to be a “limited edition”, like making it a colored vinyl. What was done with “On The Radio: GH Vols 1&2”, and the 30th anniversary edition of “Another Place & Time” made them worth buying (colored vinyls, additional mixes, etc). I may possibly pass on this one…but we’ll see.


It would have been amazing if Moroder had remastered…

thomas solimine

This is not a comment on the music itself. I merely ask. Who is buying this? Are there enough people willing to purchase that this warrants a double vinyl reissue?

Auntie Sabrina

The sane could be said of many re-issues which sell for way over the current asking price of £20.13. I’m sure someone will buy it, but then I’m a big fan of Donna/Giorgio and in particular this fantastic album Thomas.


I don’t think this is worth it unless you just want the album in new condition on vinyl. The bonus track is already available digitally.

Auntie Sabrina

It’s a fantstic album, particularly Our Love/Lucky/Sunset Prople. A pity there’s no CD edition, the 2003 Deluxe included a 12″ Mono version of Walk Away as well as other 12″ singles.


I would say ‘Our Love’ reminds me more of ‘Temptation’ than ‘Blue Monday’ :-D

Fred van de Peppel

Haha, i feel that resemblance with Temptation on the first part of the song but i think Paul is referring to the chorus part where the drums most certainly may have influenced New Order.
A compilation with all her 12” mixes would be much appreciated, but then i mean ALL her 12” mixes. Bought the Deluxe 2-CD of Bad Girls with some of them on the bonus disc and the Walk Away Collectors Edition but somehow there are always a few missing…..

Stan Butler

Fred is correct. New Order themselves have stated that Our Love was one of the inspirations (Hooky used the word “stolen”) for Blue Monday, specifically the distinctive drum programming.

Adrian Swatridge

Still got the original gatefold album and recent deluxe CD so won’t be taking this one. Sides 1, 2 and 4 are brilliant but side 3 slowies,as is usual for Donna, is pretty uninspiring.

Larry Davis

Highly disagree…the 4 sides flow brilliantly, like a journey, and side 3 is great…”On My Honour” proves she was able to do alt-country as well…”Dim All The Lights” is country-influenced as well, a song she wrote all by herself, not with Giorgio or Pete…and people forget, Giorgio’s roots, his original records, as just Giorgio, was brilliant Euro bubblegum…”Son Of My Father”…so nice evolution, from bubblegum to electronic sounds to country, like no one else…