Donna Summer / Crayons 3-disc deluxe

Crayons, Donna Summer‘s last studio album from 2008, will be reissued this June as a ‘Driven By The Music’ three-CD deluxe edition.

Originally released on Sony’s ’boutique’ label, Burgundy Records, the album spawned three Billboard Dance Chart number one singles in I’m A Fire, Stamp Your Feet and Fame (The Game).


This reissue sees the original album remastered and includes the bonus track It’s Only Love which wasn’t on the US version of Crayons. The two bonus CDs feature a plethora of remixes of the aforementioned singles.

In terms of packaging, this is a  ‘casebound book’, containing new sleeve notes by writer Christian John Wikane, with brand new interviews with producers Evan Bogart and Sebastian Arocha Morton, and Wikane’s archive interview with Donna from the time of the album’s original release.

Crayons 3CD deluxe is issued on 20 May 2016.

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Donna Summer




1. 1. Stamp Your Feet
2. Mr. Music
3. Crayons (Featuring Ziggy Marley)
4. The Queen Is Back
5. Fame (The Game)
6. Sand On My Feet
7. Drivin’ Down Brazil
8. I’m A Fire
9. Slide Over Backwards
10. Science Of Love
11. Be Myself Again
12. Bring Down The Reign
13. It’s Only Love

Disc: 2 – I’m A Fire: The Mixes
1. I’m A Fire – Craig C’s Burnin’ Club Vocal Mastermix
2. I’m A Fire – Craig C’s Burning Club Mix
3. I’m A Fire – Craig C’s Mixshow
4. I’m A Fire – Matty Soulflower Club Mix 8
5. I’m A Fire – Red Top’s Burning Extended Vocal Mix
6. I’m A Fire – Rod Carrillo Leave It On The Floor Mix
7. I’m A Fire – Baggi Begovic & Soul Conspiracy Original Mix
8. I’m A Fire – Solitaire Club Mix

Disc: 3

Stamp Your Feet – The Mixes
1. 1. Stamp Your Feet (Discotech Mix)
2. Stamp Your Feet (Escape/Coluccio Club Mix)
3. Stamp Your Feet (Granite & Sugarman Club Mix)
4. Stamp Your Feet (Jason Nevins Radio Mix)
5. Stamp Your Feet (Jason Nevins Extended Mix)
6. Stamp Your Feet (Ranny’s Radio Mix)
7. Stamp Your Feet (Ranny’s Big Room Mix)

Fame (The Game): The Mixes
8. Fame (The Game) (Ralphi Rosario Club)
9. Fame (The Game) (Dave Audé Radio)
10. Fame (The Game) (Dave Audé Club)
11. Fame (The Game) (Dan Chase Radio)
12. Fame (The Game) (Dan Chase Full Vocal)


DBTMCD308 DS_CD Book_Front Cover+Sticker

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Still waiting for the Crayons vinyl edition.
With the comeback of vinyl every single album such as Crayons, Christmas Spirit should be release on vinyl.
We Are the Vinyl generation.


Damn. It doesn’t include the “Sinclair SDE Special Dub Semi-Instrumental Extended Radio Club Dance Remix” of I’m a Fire [clocking in at 27 minutes 59 seconds]. :-)


Really hope and pray for a release for a vinyl release of crayons as a double LP

Greig Steel

I would love to see the Summer Estate issue tracks like Adonai and other unreleased gems that were heard on Donna’s website many moons ago.

Would also be nice to finally have an album with I Got Your Love etc just for the hell of it.

Maybe one day?

As for Crayons, an underrated album full of amazing tracks. Stamp Your Feet is a proper anthem, I’m A Fire is a gorgeous dance epic. There’s not one rubbish track on this album to be honest.

casas jose luis

hope Crayons will see the light also as a vinyl double Lp among with Christmas Spirit


Very unimaginative in my opinion. Disc 2 “I’m A Fire” is a waste. At 67 minutes, there’s still space for 1 or 2 more mixes – and why include 3 variants of basically the same Craig C mix, when there were plenty of others that are not included in any form: Alex Ocampo, Bryan Reyes, Cee Roo, Jonathan Peters, Lost Daze, Paul Andrews. The same goes for CD3 and the edits. At least the Edson Pride mix of “Fame (The Game)” could have been included.

I would rather have a single disc of the best remixes, with possibly one or two previously unreleased mixes thrown in.


Oops — thought “Fame (The Game)” was all that was on Disc 3. Read that wrong, so ignore my thought about including all the variations!


“It’s Only Love” was a bonus track on the Circuit City exclusive edition along with “I’m A Fire (Baggi Begovic & Soul Conspiracy Mixshow Remix)” so it did get a (limited) U.S. release.



That must be one of the most beautiful album sleeves ever.


I’ll likely pick this up, though I’ve already got the original deluxe edition and a promo CD with the various “Stamp Your Feet” remixes (RIP, Perfect Beat, who were doing a service for us by negotiating directly with labels to press limited quantities of otherwise unavailable remixes).

I did a calculation of all of the various “Fame (The Game)” remixes (edits, dubs, etc. available via iTunes) and they’d run just under 80 minutes, so that third CD could have stuffed the whole thing onto it for completists.

I’m really curious about those “It’s Only Love” remixes. The song did make it to #14 on the Billboard Dance/Club chart, so there must have been some sort of promo making the rounds. The only info I could find in various forums lists the following — I assume these comprised the elusive iTunes release?

Lost Daze Remix – 7:09
Lost Daze Dub – 7:21
Soulcast Icon Mix – 8:02
Soulcast Radio Edit – 4:45

Both Lost Daze and Soulcast are legit remixers. Lost Daze remixed a few Sony artists around that time, including Donna’s own “I’m A Fire” (also not included on the forthcoming deluxe, but issued as part of another label-approved Perfect Beat single release). Soulcast remixed Jody Watley’s “I Want Your Love” and Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab.”

Greg Howell

I think it is an urban myth generated by her wikipedia page. It lists that It’s Only Love climbed to #14 on the Dance charts, but a search in Billboard’s database has no such song as ever hitting the charts.
I have no idea why someone that is associated with the wikipedia page insists on listing the song in her discography as reaching #14 on the chart. It didn’t happen.

Randy Metro

I have witnessed some horrid dubious writing on Wikipedia. Almost certainly, they are written by fans just by the amount of minutia they go into, with notations from the editors that they need to be cleaned up, references noted. Some writers have a very defensive tone when quoting contemporary profession critics. I believe the writing should be objective and not subjective, a clear giveaway that it is fan written.


It’s a pretty good album. I already have two different copies of it on CD but I’ll buy this as well, since I already have all the other reissues. I just wish something would be done about her Casablanca albums. I have them all (except for She Works Hard For The Money), but at the very least they should be remastered!


I purchased the CD issued by PerfectBeat at the time with all those mixes. Some of them are not bad. Not sure if any are missing from this reissue but I will certainly buy this.


Great! This is the only album missing from my Donna collection and now I have an excellent reason to buy it. Good things come for those who wait (except when they miss wonderful limited editions haha).

I’ll add one more voice to the masses: get it together, Universal! We want a Casablanca box set nicely done, widely available and reasonably priced.


C’mon Bruce! Please make a DVD collection with all of Donna’s videos happen.

I can’t find much fault with this reissue, other than the wasted prime real estate on Disc One. Why are they wasting that space? They could fit more mixes. There were tons of mixes for all three singles. All “mixes” of “It’s Only Love” are horrible, bedroom-made mixes. Look them in YouTube. The folks saying that they bought them on iTunes really mean to say they downloaded for free. Also, for the umpteenth time, there are NO official mixes of “This Time I Know It’s For Real”. Please. let it go, already.

Paul, since Donna’s Estate seems to now own the Burgundy masters, do you know if the Estate now owns the Epic masters? Donna recorded over 30 tracks for what was to be her second Epic album and first studio album for Epic. It included productions by Metro and Tony Moran, among many others.

And to the Estate: Please please please release the original version of “Love On An On”, recorded for the “54” soundtrack, and originally recorded by Lorraine Cato.


Hello Kev
if you are right,
then is this “This Time I Know It’s For Real” list only a fantasy ?

Lp Version
Extended Vocal Mix
New 12” Master 2nd Mix
New Straight Run
12” Extended Remix
PW Approved 7″ Master
PW Approved 12” Master

Randy Metro

Does the excellent (my favorite version) Hot Traxx version of “This Time I Know It’s For Real” count as an official mix or remix? Chase it down if you don’t have it. Sometimes it is on endless repeat in my car.


“Crayons” was one of my favourites albums back in 2008 ! And one of my fav of Donna’s discography anyway…
So I’m very pleased to see it back again ! As usual, some mixes are missing, but let’s face it : they’re available for the first (and mayvbe only) time as physical formats… As there were many many mixes at that time, I think it’s been difficult to put all of them into a 3CD sleeve, and i’m not too sure that a fourth CD would have lead to more CDs sold in the end…

This I Know it’s for… me !
Let’s hope Universal will have plans to do complete editions of the Casablanca years…

Rob Wilcock

A limited edition 40th Anniverasry Love To Love You Baby vinyl LP was releassed this year. I don’t hold out much hope for any re-issued CD deluxe editions. Such a missed opportunity…

Frankie G

As with the “Donna” CD/Vinyl campaign back in late 2014, would love to see a simultaneous vinyl release of “Crayons”!


While I agree with some of the previous comments, there’s no argument that Driven by the Music and the Estate of Donna Summer have gone above and beyond what most labels would have in terms of reissues. I am very pleased with their efforts to expand upon and preserve Donna’s outstanding musical library and legacy.

Perhaps we should be reserving some of our most fervent criticisms for Universal Music, who aside from the releasing the very nice “Bad Girls” Deluxe Edition over a decade ago and the Japanese SHM-CDs, is still sitting on a wealth of material that is just screaming for remastered/expanded editions.

Having said that, Universal UK has done an outstanding job on their recent Grace Jones re-issues. So they’ve proven that they are more than capable of releasing a quality product.

Finally, I would love to see Driven by the Music release an official 2-CD single or bonus disc of Donna’s last ‘under the radar’ track “To Paris with Love”!

Jon T

I’ve just starred this album on Deezer on the strength of the title alone. I hope the music’s as good.


Any idea if there are plans to release a first-ever vinyl version of the “Crayons” album?

Auntie Sabrina

Not sure what bonus material would be available for any Casablanca reissues other than the 7 inch and 12 inch edits/mixes. A nice 4 CD boxset like the one released sometime in the 90s in Japan would be welcome.

feel the music

I like that this looks like it will sit nicely next to the box set of all her other post-70s albums, and I’m crossing my fingers for some similarly thought out editions of those early albums.


This looks like a really nice package – but the inclusion of the unreleased remixes of “It’s Only Love” would make it unmissable!!


Sorry. A loveless collection and not the best selection of 12″ remixes.
Where is the rare “soulflower a-capella mix” ? Last chance to make it available everywhere.
…and what about the mysterious remixes of “It’s only love” – listed once on I-tunes for many weeks. Were they real or just a mistake by I-tunes?
The only good re-released Donna Summer album was the 3 CD “Another Place And Time”.
A great collection. Still missing: the instrumental of “Breakaway” ( Original Album Version )
– first listed and then replaced – and the instrumental version of the albums title track.
Oh…Don’t forget the many officially listed mixes of “This Time I Know It’s For Real”
Why can labels not releasing such precious versions at least on I-tunes ?


true. baffled why so many THIS TIME remixes were not included on that … or even on
the Stock Aitken Waterman singles box set. kind of ironic, the song with so many mixes
has had so few of them released recently.


At some point, I picked up on iTunes a four-track version of “It’s Only Love” with an original mix, Patrice Extended Intro Mix, Klyk’s Extended Remix and WEN!NG’S Dark Beat Mix. Are these the remixes that are in question?


Hello VanceMan
I spoke about these 4 mixes. That’s right.
Can you tell me where can i buy the remixes of “It’s Only Love” now ? Any chance?


@Daniel “It’s Only Love” **was** a four-track set on iTunes USA. I can’t imagine why they pulled the remixes and now only offer it as a single track. (I bought the EP five years ago and had no idea it was unavailable until yesterday.)


I’m 99.9% sure that those are bedroom-made mixes. Just look at the names. They were never for sale. I’ve just heard them and they are awful.


the mixes you describe are all fan mixes


No actual crayons included? Poor.


LOL! You win a cookie!

Rob Wilcock

Driven by the Music strike again. Good price at £13.99. Not a big fan of the card sleeves in these editions as one of the CDs I have is scratched. The remastering is very good though. Nice to see Donna get a new re-release.

Will there ever be any Casablanca releases though…