Duran Duran / A Diamond in the Mind Live 2011 / double vinyl reissue

2LP vinyl reissue of 2011 live concert

Duran Duran / A Diamond in the Mind 2020 2LP vinyl reissue

EarMUSIC are preparing a vinyl reissue of Duran Duran‘s 2012 live album A Diamond in the Mind.

The concert was filmed at Manchester’s MEN Arena in December 2011 on the All You Need Is Now tour and was issued on CD, DVD and Blu-ray in the summer of 2012. Two years after that, in 2014, The Vinyl Factory issued a special 2LP edition vinyl edition. Limited to 2000 copies worldwide, this was flashily packaged, with a ‘diamond dust’ screen-printed gatefold sleeve housing two 180-gram records.

Vinyl Factory 2LP version had ‘diamond dust’ on the ‘D’ in the artwork.

As it turns out, earMUSIC snuck out a CD reissue of A Diamond in the Mind last year, and are now following this up with a 2LP vinyl set, which makes some kind of sense given that the Vinyl Factory version is out-of-print.

The artwork for A Diamond in the Mind vinyl reverts to the colours and design used on the CD and video formats in 2012 and as you can see below there’s quite a big price differential across territories right now; certainly that Amazon US price looks pretty good for a double, gatefold package.

The release date varies too right now, with a possible 22 May for UK and Europe, while the USA states 7 August 2020. Given the current pandemic situation, perhaps these will realign globally to early August. Watch this space.

If you’d like a reminder whether this concert is any good or not, then read the SDE review of the blu-ray from 2012.

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Duran Duran

A Diamond in the Mind - 2LP vinyl reissue


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Duran Duran

A Diamond in the Mind - 2019 CD reissue


1. Before the Rain
2. Planet Earth
3. View to a Kill
4. All You Need Is Now
5. Come Undone
6. Blame the Machines
7. The Reflex
8. Girl Panic!
9. Is There Something I Should Know
10. Ordinary World
12. Notorious
12. Hungry Like the Wolf
13. (Reach Up for The) Sunrise
14. Wild Boys/Relax
15. Rio

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Hugh Stuart

I bought this from Germany didnt no about the reissued version which was described as the vinyl factory first release paid alot to find out it’s a reissued version now there is a pink vinyl version but cant pre order it would rather they released the albums which weren’t on vinyl

Keith Lambert

Mine arrived today but I’m waiting to read some impressions before breaking the seal. There are no comments on Amazon UK/DE yet and nothing on the Steve Hoffman forum that I could find. Good that it’s an Optimal pressing I guess. The need to flip live albums does break the flow but I just had a gut feeling that this would sound really nice and it was a good deal cheaper from Amazon.de (thanks Paul). I wait to be proved wrong!


It just came to me last night and I now see that many have my same opinion, so unnecessary comment mine, but anyway: here’ s another vote in favour of the superb and magnificent MTV Unplugged concert!!!
… Which will remain yet another unheard request on the part of the Band..

Paul since you too are very disappointed couldn’ t it be possible to send their management our comments/suggestions here?

Allen H

This band is a joke…..Why don’t we get expanded album box sets on CD? I know they have tones of outtakes from each album. Why not release those? All they seem to do is rehash the same rubbish over and over again. I also have the VF version of this, so this is another pointless release. Liberty, Wedding Album, Astronaut – Expanded CDs….. is all I ask for!

The Thorn

Why not just buy the blu-ray, put that on and turn the TV off? It’s far better than playing the CD.

And if you must have the audio in a portable format you can just rip the audio from the blu-ray.

That’s what I did the ‘Unstaged’ show, which is another excellent one.


All I want is the Wedding album :(


Forgetting about the visual component for a minute, I do not understand vinyl live recordings in the age of CDs and digital. Getting up every 20 minutes to flip the record really breaks the mood, plus, with VERY few exceptions, there is no way a live recording is of such great audio quality that being on vinyl makes any substantive difference to the alternatives.

But hey, big artwork. To each their own. I’ll be skipping this one.

Tom m hans

It was totally normal to flip a LP until 1985. I hate 2 second breaks between songs when streaming a live record…. amazon music I am looking at you….or fade ins and outs on so called live samplers or live best of CDs… each to his/her own.


I saw them live here in Brisbane, Australia (about 8 years ago I think), it was the most electrifying concert I’ve ever been to, and everyone was right into it. 2 solid hours. Unforgettable.


It is interesting that DD have put out so many live albums, yet they never released the Unplugged show, which is one that a lot of fans actually wanted. Odd choices.
I agree, they should reissue All You Need is Now, on vinyl, with the bonus tracks featured on the Vinyl Factory edition. I think it would be an opportunity for even those who have the special edition, to have a copy they are not afraid to play.

John McCann'.

If you unplugged a bunch of synthesizers ,you wouldn’t really here very much!

Tom m hans

Andy Taylor played synth? Lol


I think they have only released two live albums in 40 years, Arena (1984) and Diamond (2011)? The late 90s one from RSD a couple of years ago is an unofficial release and the only other live recordings were part of the EMI deluxe programme.


Well the live albums are out there if not released or billed as live albums (DVD/CD) proper, still the MTV unplugged show was filmed and shown on TV and never got a proper release, even at at the height of their 90’s comeback. It would have probably done better for their reputation at the time with the lineup they had, as a legitimate rock band to release an unplugged album rather than the lightweight Thank You that followed. And to the naysayers, Warren Cuccurullo played for Frank Zappa for crissakes, if that is not chops, then I don’t know what.

John Archbell

No, there’s more than that on streaming platforms – there’s live digital albums from ‘87, ‘89 and ‘99.


The deluxe packages of the Hammersmith ’82! and Live From London dvd’s include a full live cd too.

Brad Edwards

Annoying that Amazon.com won’t ship this to Australia :(

John Archbell

I’ve never laughed so much in my life. Not sure if this is DDHQ’s idea of a joke? Or is this EAR’s plug? Either way it’s another example of DDHQ’s tired, inept and out of touch attitude to what the fan truly wants.

By the way Paul, taking of plugs, I hope it’s ok to plug my upgraded Duran site on here please?

DuranDuranRocks.Com coming soon – includes an interview with Wedding Album Art designer Nick Egan.

Please remove the last para if not Paul.

There is a site up now but it’s currently getting a makeover.


John Archbell

Thanks mate.

Rik Skyline

Have the Vinyl Factory version…interested in this reissue as well.


The original VF version was a mess. The glitter was a really, really bad idea on the cover and it gets all over the place. Plus, there’s typos all over. Not sure how the band gave their okay to that release. Actually, come to think of it, it shouldn’t be of any surprise because nearly all of their 2000’s era releases have had some annoyances that come along with them in some form or another. It sucks being a Duran Duran fan sometimes.


Indeed, very disturbing, and surprising that DD who proclaim themselves perfectioninsts (Nick at least) endorsed it. It’ s “A” View to a Kill, and it’ s “THE” Wild Boys…

Not all the songs of the concert are on it, and the live atmosphere is a bit lost… Just like Arena. But WHY release Live album, then???


Or the worst part: Hungry Like A Wolf instead of Hungry Like THE Wolf!

The whole release plays off like some piss poor bootleg. There’s nothing about the VF release that screams “quality”.

Marky P

“The Man Whole Stole A Leopard” is one of their best latter period songs. Shame it’s not included.

Mark R

I have the Vinyl Factory copy and to be honest, I don’t rate it much. On the opening song, Before The Rain, Le Bon’s vocals sound slowed down. It’s bizarre. The rest of the album is ok but not the most dynamic of live DD recordings.
Why no All You Need Is Now reissue?

Peter m

That concert was actually rescheduled from earlier in the year. I had an original ticket, but Simon developed a sore throat! I then couldn’t make the new date due to work commitments.


I was in the crowd when this was filmed, then was lucky enough to win the blu-ray on this here site.

It was a great night, but the best Duran concert I’ve ever been to has to be at the 500 capacity International 2 in Manchester. It was a warm up gig the week before a string of UK arena shows for the Big Thing tour, and they were absolutely amazing.

Michael Wiltshire

I went to International 2 too and yeah it was the best I’ve seen them, in fact one of my best gigs ever.
Wasn’t at this one though, ended up seeing them at Brum on that tour. Another good night though!


You can’t imagine how much I envy you for being able to attend that 88 gig, Dominic! On the other hand, I own the Japanese 2011 live combo set and to be honest I haven’t played nor watched it!


Was the concert really that short? Just 14 songs?


No, there was at least another 5 songs, which are on the blu-ray. There’s also some audience interaction edited out from the beginning of The Reflex, where Simon got a bloke on the front row to sing Ta La La La for the intro while he ‘borrowed’ his beer.

David Keener

Subtracting the “title sequence” and “credits” chapters, the DVD has 17 songs.

George Bettencourt

All You Need Is Now reissue immediately, please.


100% agree! Hardly any copies for sale and those that are are ludicrously priced.

Stephen dC

Thankfully I got the CD in a jewel case before the reissue in a pathetic carboard slip case.

I have never liked live albums as I feel they serve no purpose unless you were there. And even so, the acoustics and atmosphere are completely different and not reproduced. Even the mighty Crowded House [The best live act in the ever of everness] never sounded brilliant on live recordings for the above reason.

I am fairly new to 5.1 Surround stuff, does it make a difference to live recordings? Are youmore immersed? I am hoping so.


In Germany this is released for RSD 2020, on pink vinyl.


In a Q&A with fans, they pretty much shut down any reissues or deluxe editions other than what has already been released. They seemed to favor the LP format and streaming over anything else.

Derek Langsford

If this is how they treat their longtime fans than I guess I am done with DD. I got the album CDs up to Thank You, the Japanese 2CD EP collection, the Strange Behaviour 2 CD, the CD remasters of the first 3 albums including the 2 CD of Rio but did get not the other deluxe editions after learning of their technical shortcomings.

Don’t care much about a new album, or live, or streaming (I can stream my own library thank you).


Have the Vinyl Factory version..not interested in this reissue.

Steven Roberts

Don’t have the Vinyl Factory version…might be interested in this reissue.

Marky P

Don’t have the factory version….already preordered this version.