Dusty Springfield / Dusty In Memphis 50th anniversary half-speed master

Dusty Springfield’s fifth album, Dusty In Memphis, has been remastered and cut at half-speed for the latest in Universal Music’s ‘Mastered At Abbey Road’ half-speed vinyl releases.

Originally issued in 1969, the album was recorded at American Sound studios in Memphis with a crack team of their finest musicians and producers that included Jerry Wexler, Arif Mardin, Tom Dowd, conductor Gene Orloff, backing vocalists The Sweet Inspirations, bassist Tommy Cogbill, and guitarist Reggie Young.

It also was a showcase of some of the greatest songwriters of the era, with numbers written by Gerry Goffin & Carole King, Randy Newman, and Burt Bacharach & Hal David all represented, as well as being the home of the top ten hit ‘Son of A Preacher Man’.

Although it pretty much bombed commercially at the time (No.99 in the US, and bypassing the UK album list entirely) it has since become one of the most popular albums in All-Time-Best-Ever polls, hailed as an influence to countless female artists in the last decade or so, and also unwittingly kicked off a habit of British white acts heading to Memphis to make something authentic. George Michael (recording an ultimately rejected version of ‘Careless Whisper’ with Jerry Wexler), Wet Wet Wet (The Memphis Sessions) and Primal Scream (Give Out But Don’t Give Up) are just a handful of the turns who’ve headed there over the years to make something real.

This 50th anniversary edition of Dusty In Memphis is a 33RPM pressing cut at half-speed at Abbey Road Studios. It includes download card (normally MP3).

Dusty In Memphis is reissued on 20 September 2019

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Dusty Springfield

Dusty In Memphis - half-speed mastered vinyl


Side One
1 Just A Little Lovin’ 2:15
2 So Much Love 3:28
3 Son Of A Preacher Man 2:19
4 I Don’t Want To Hear It Anymore 3:06
5 Don’t Forget About Me 2:49
6 Breakfast In Bed 2:54

Side Two
1 Just One Smile 2:37
2 The Windmills Of Your Mind 3:48
3 In The Land Of Make Believe 2:28
4 No Easy Way Down 3:08
5 I Can’t Make It Alone 3:47

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Alan Mitchell

I only have two half speed albums. War on Drugs and Fleetwood Mac (the USA Steve Hoffman master of Rumours). Haven’t listened to the former in a long while but the latter is exceptional. Better than the European master cut at half speed apparently but both are said to be excellent.

Anyone else have many half speed albums? Does it noticeably add more to the recording?

James Sanders

The Hoffmann 1/2 speed Rumours is a joke !
A good original KP/Capitol US pressing is easily more musical than HOffmann’s bloated remaster.
1/2 speed remaster means 1/2 the music !

Marty Brooks

>>>1/2 speed remaster means 1/2 the music !
No, it means that it’s much easier to reproduce high frequencies (if they’re in the original recording) because 20KHz becomes 10KHz. But it could make it harder to reproduce low frequencies because 60Hz becomes 30Hz and most disk cutters would not even attempt to put 30Hz onto a vinyl LP.

Was this issued on Mercury in the UK? Did Atlantic not issue albums on its own label in the UK, because this was most definitely originally an Atlantic album.

Richard Phillips-Jones

Released on Philips in the UK as Dusty was still under contract to them here. Since Universal’s rights to use the Philips name expired a few years back, that catalogue has been moved to other labels in the group. Ironic in a sense, as Philips actually bought Mercury in the early 60’s.

Seamus MacGleannain

Steve Hoffman has never done half-speed mastered, the Steve Hoffman version of Rumours is NOT half-speed.

Dona M.Jones

Dusty Springfields Sultry Sassy Voice ! You Don’t Have 2 Say U love me! Should be Heard too! & A House Is Not A HomeI Love ‘ Singing all these hits! Burt Bacharach is a Gem n Song Writting & 1 of The Worlds Best!Lady MaDona.

Miss Jones

Ken Smith

Pity about the cover. The US cover was much better

Jarmo Keranen

To my eyes this looks much better!


Well let’s face it, in a world where it’s Rolling Stone magazine type men who rule the “reliable top picks lists” we should be lucky there is at least a white woman that was purely pop that was recognized at least with one album. We all know that she is so much more. Her later albums though, they might include jems here are there but were far less consistent than her pre-Memphis ones.


For sure this is a fantastic album. It’s just a bit of a shame that it overshadows the rest of her catalogue so much. Nothing else really gets mentioned, which is criminal when there’s so much good stuff there. The Ev’rything’s Coming Up Dusty, Dusty Definitely and Cameo albums are all favourites but she never made a bad album.


“I Just Wanna Be There” from Cameo is just up there. Catchy as anything and perfect. Agree that her whole catalogue needs updated, revising and sorting. So many hidden gems.


This is really a masterpiece of an album that should not be missing in any serious mudic fan’s collection!


Tragically Hip – Day For Night (25th Anniversary 2LP Half-Speed Master Vinyl) is also out in Sept. Good price if you do Amazon Canada!


He Paul – look for the german Musikexpress in september – a 7“vinyl – Prince fest. Kate Bush, „My Computer „ ! Not new- but for collectors!


Hey Muller Muller,

Thanks for the information.

Steve F

The Abbey Road Half Speed Mastered Scott Walker – Scott 4 is out on the same day.

ARHSM versions of Blind Faith and Scissor Sisters debuts came out in April.


I Don’t Want To Hear It Anymore is just one of the top Dusty songs of all time, humble opinion.
A fine album.

Mike Rae

You’re absolutely bang on Mark. I bought the original the day it was released in ‘69. It’s an exquisite torch song, that in my opinion couldn’t be bettered or outdoor. It’s the track that makes the hair at the back of you neck start bristling.❤️❤️❤️

Norn Cutson

Vigorous agreement!!!