Dusty Springfield / Reputation / 2CD+DVD expanded collector’s edition


Following the announcement of the Cicero reissue, Cherry Red are to release another expanded deluxe edition of an album with a strong Pet Shop Boys connection, Dusty Springfield‘s 1990 album Reputation, which is expected as a 2CD+DVD edition in late August.

Having worked with Dusty on their own What Have I Done To Deserve This?, Neil and Chris wrote two songs for her, both issued in 1989: Nothing Has Been Proved, the sublime theme to Michael Caton-Jones’ 1989 film Scandal, and In Private. Both singles made the UK top 20 and both were included on Reputation which was issued in June the following year.

The Pet Shop Boys co-produced the entire ‘side two’ of the album (with Julian Mendelsohn) and contributed two more originals. Side one of Reputation had tracks written and produced by a variety of talents, notably Dan Hartman.

This new deluxe edition includes many remixes and B-Sides across the two CDs and even finds space for the disco mix of the aforementioned What Have I Done To Deserve This? which at least brings together all the PSB/Dusty collaborations even if it’s not strictly anything to do with Reputation. A nice touch is the inclusion of a DVD with all the promo videos.

This Reputation ‘expanded collector’s edition is packaged in a ‘mini-LP style sleeve’ and is completed with a 32-page full colour booklet containing extended sleeve notes that compile Dusty’s own thoughts on the album along with exclusive insights from Dusty’s close friend and backing singer Simon Bell and from Tris Penna who worked for EMI at the time of the album’s original release and who had special responsibility for overseeing it.

This will be released on 26 August, or possibly a week later depending on your location.



Pet Shop Boys with Dusty Springfield



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Mine is fine, no missing pages. Bought this for the Reputation – Rep U Dub 1 & Born This Way – 12″ Mix.

I compared this 6:30 to the one 7:37 I have from Arrested By You CD single (also checked pictures of other releases 12″/CD)! So I know they are different. I would name them differently now:
Born This Way [Phil Harding & Ian Curnow-12” Version] 6:30
Born This Way [Phil Harding & Ian Curnow-PWL 12” Remix] 7:38
They are the same except 6:30 one added another minute from around 6:00 becoming 7:38 mix. Or the 7:38 mix edited out a minute from around 6:00 becoming the 6:30 mix.

Chihuahua boys

I only play the 4 mixes of pet shop boys on disc one.


Mine is fine as well. Packaging is very cheap though.

Joe H.

Hey all, my booklet is missing pages 5 and 6. Anyone have same issue?

Gary Russell


Not much else they could add to this without going “out of era” I suppose – nice to have the videos


Oh, and the CD version of “Born This Way (12 Mix”) is an edited version (6.29) of the version on the 12″ (7.40), so add that to the list!


Agree with most of the above, except that the three out-takes should NOT be taken of in lieu of other mixes or instrumentals! Remove the “What Have I Done” remix instead…

So just to recap the tracks that are missing are:

Nothing Has Been Proved (7″)
Nothing Has Been Proved (7″ Instrumental)
In Private (Instrumental)
In Private (10″ Remix Edit – from acetate)
Arrested By You (7″)
Arrested By You (7″ Instrumental)
Getting It Right (Alternative Mix)

… which with the various missing mixes of “What Have I Done To Deserve This?) would make an extra CD!


It’s so so disappointing with Cherry Red. I wrote them an email on 27/06! Never got a reply. Finally saw them posting Dusty on their FB page. I left a comment/question asking about the 2 tracks missing: Arrested By You Instrumental & In Private 10″ Remix Edit! They deleted my post. Pretending it never existed ;( I’m going to boycot them by not buying this like their lame Martika reissue while I have all the tracks & even more than theirs. They can at least answering my questions. Perhaps explaining that that was impossible because…!


Reputation was the period that introduced me to Dusty (I was a child! honest!) and it made me hunt down every piece of Dusty music I could get my hands on, which in those days was not very easy. So I have PSB to thank for my obsession with all things Dusty since then.

Everyone knows of Dusty but sadly she seems to be a tad underrated these days compared to other artists who became huge in the 60’s which is criminal.

I noticed on Amazon UK when pre-ordering this that Dusty’s final studio album is also being re-released in October. Is this also a “special edition” version? (The album in question is A Very Fine Love and there is no tracklisting as yet – Price is 9.11GBP at the moment)


Have instantly ordered two copies, however yes, What Have I Done To Deserve This has no place here, especially when there is more tracks that do belong here that have been left off. And not getting a master never stopped Cherry Pop before and used vinyls.

Andrew Edwards

Shane see my post above about some tracks being left off. Perhaps no original master could be found and a possible decision not to use vinyl rips.


Regarding Liza Minnelli’s Results, the sticker on the 2003 CD reissue says “Produced by Julian Mendelsohn and The Pet Shop Boys”. Which only complicates things further.


I wonder i there’s any chance we’ll get Liza’s “Results” while Cherry Red is on the PSB associates kick.


Wasn’t there already a deluxe release of Results. I seem to remember buying a 2CD version (or possibly CD + DVD – not with my collection right now).


@ trachs : yes, a reissue of Results exists as a CD + DVD (the videos), but with only 3 extended versions as bonus tracks (and there are numerous mising mixes on this one!!!)


There was also an audio glitch during “If There Was Love”, at least in my copy.
I kept the old CD and got rid of the more recent reissue. I could live without the videos and extra tracks.


Being Boring..


For the pedants, is Matt johnsons band “the the” or “the the the” or just “the”? Or do you ignore both “the”‘s and what’s the protocol with apostrophes after quote marks?


I read all the comments, and of course I too am kind of annoyed that it isn’t complete. On the other hand I am very thankful to record labels like Cherry Red who are giving us all these amazing reissues. So we know that a CD can take up to 80 minutes of music. Would it be an idea if the missing instrumental tracks (and maybe other missing mixes) were added to the digital download version, so that at least we can get the missing tracks in the same remaster quality and in lossless WAV?


I would say there would be more chance of England getting to the quarter finals of Euro 2016 than that happening.


Don’t go there! As toxic as Brexit for Paul.


I don’t mind “What Have I Done…” being included, but – as others have already mentioned – I think it should be ‘all in’. I’m a bit of a ‘completist’/’anorak’, so a remix without the original just drives me batty! And put the video on the DVD as well…

Steven Roberts

If they are including a DVD there’s no technical* reason why they couldn’t include the album and all the mixes in hi-res stereo on the DVD.

Plenty of space on a DVD to include everything, I’m sure. Just look at those fantastic XTC re-releases – stuffed to the gills.

*Bean counters probably said no.

Paul Murphy

Looks good despite the absences, and a rare low price for the UK. I’m off to the BBC website now to be first to stoke up a ‘The So-Called Pet Shop Boys’ controversy. The Paul Murphy.


#Paco & #Griffin:

Thanks for the reaction about the issues and let’s hope the changes in favour for the 2 instrumentals of Reputation and Arrested By You will be made. More and more people seem to be awake of this mistake.

Anthony C

Great re-issue.

With regards ‘the’. There is a big difference before ‘the’ and ‘The.

The same issue is with the Thompson twins as they are not ‘The’ Thompson Twins.

Helmer Rodriguez



This looks/sounds amazing – looking forward to it!

As for the ‘the’ debacle, I’m not bothered either way – as a Bangles and Pretenders fan, I have seen ‘The’ added to some album/single covers and missing from others. I can’t say I’ve ever lost sleep over it.


@Kiki, I did mine (my custom made CD’s) many years ago. I wonder how yours woulde be like ;) When I heard/read about this release I dug them up. I re-checked for every possible omissions on discogs. I just sent Cherry Red/Pop asking them to include or swapping some easily obtainable tracks, like CD2 tracks 10/11/12 which were already on Reputation And Rarities, with these:

In Private (10″ Remix Edit) 3:58
Arrested By You (Julian Mendelsohn-Instrumental) 3:50

There’s still time. I hope they can manage! Why would they have chosen these instead of the much rarer vinyl only tracks (which most of her fans would die to get them)? They only have one chance to do it right! How many times will it get a reissue/re-release? And how many of us fans will still be around when the time comes? I believe most of us are probably be dead.

Dusty Springfield – CD Maxi-Singles Collection 1 (79:12)
01 What Have I Done To Deserve This? [Single Version=Album Version] 4:21 PSB&DS
02 What Have I Done To Deserve This? [Julian Mendelsohn-Extended Mix] 6:48 PSB&DS
03 What Have I Done To Deserve This? [Shep Pettibone-Disco Mix] 8:08 PSB&DS
04 What Have I Done To Deserve This? [Shep Pettibone-Dub Mix] 6:49 PSB&DS
05 Nothing Has Been Proved [Julian Mendelsohn-Extended Version] 5:54 From ”Scandal”
06 Nothing Has Been Proved [Julian Mendelsohn-Extended Version-Instrumental] 5:54
07 Nothing Has Been Proved [Marshall Jefferson-Dance Remix] 5:54
08 In Private [Julian Mendelsohn-7” Version] 4:24
09 In Private [Julian Mendelsohn-7” Version-Instrumental With Backing] 4:24
10 In Private [Julian Mendelsohn-12” Version] 7:12
11 In Private [Shep Pettibone-12” Remix] 8:53
12 In Private [Shep Pettibone-Dub Mix] 6:34
13 In Private [Shep Pettibone-Bonus Beats] 3:55

Dusty Springfield – CD Maxi-Singles Collection 2 (78:44)
01 Reputation [Andy Richards-Album Version] 4:10
02 Reputation [Shep Pettibone-The Alternative Mix] 4:10
03 Reputation [Shep Pettibone-Lots Of Fun 7” Mix] 4:32
04 Reputation [Shep Pettibone-Lots Of Fun 12” Mix] 6:33
05 Reputation [Shep Pettibone-Rep U Dub 2] 5:02
06 Arrested By You [Julian Mendelsohn-7” Edit] 3:49
07 Arrested By You [Julian Mendelsohn-Album Version] 4:08
08 Arrested By You [Michael H Brauer-Extended Version] 5:44
09 Born This Way [Dave ”O” Ogrin-Album Version] 3:46 Featuring Geoffrey Williams
10 Born This Way [Phil Harding & Ian Curnow-PWL 12” Version] 7:38 Featuring Geoffrey Williams
11 Daydreaming [Julian Mendelsohn-Album Version] 4:53
12 Daydreaming [Dave Dorrell-Edited 12” Master] 8:14
13 Any Other Fool [Bonus Track] 4:21 {Original By Patti Austin}
14 Wherever I Would Be? [Tom Shapiro-Original ”Solo” Version] 3:52 Dusty Springfield From ”While You Were Sleeping”
15 Wherever I Would Be? [Tom Shapiro-Original ”Duet” Version] 3:52 With Daryl Hall
16 Wherever I Would Be? [Walter Afanasieff-Single Remix] 3:58 With Daryl Hall


@ Griffin, you just missed the “Shep Pettibone mix” of what have I done… which is not the same as the disco mix he also did…
I didn’t know about the 10″ remix edit…


@Kiki, thanks. I wasn’t trying to list all the available mixes. I tried to make a point: Cherry Red call it Expanded Collector’s Edition, but as a collector (like me) you should have all the available mixes on CD’s already! The really hard ones (Arrested By You Instrumental & In Private 10″ Remix Edit) they left out & is this still a collector’s edition?

I read/heard about this release & dug up my own compilation CD’s made many many many years ago to see what I’m still missing. It was made only with the by then officially released mixes on CD (singles)! So I also didn’t include Rep U Dub 1 as it was vinyl only. So I will get this release for that. Also no Arrested By You instrumental & the I just found out (on discogs) In Private 10″ remix edit! I just hope Cherry Red will put these 2 missing mixes instead of oh so easy to get ones (Any Other Fool/When Love Turns To Blue/Getting It Right) which were already on Reputation And Rarities.

I’m curious of your “complete” Reputation! Have you got the Arrested By You Instrumental? On which CD (single) as you didn’t mention it as omission.


I made it as a “3CDs” set :

CD 1:
1. Reputation (4:13)
2. Send It To Me (3:56)
3. Arrested By You (4:10)
4. Time Waits For No One (3:05)
5. Born This Way (3:49)
6. In Private (4:22)
7. Daydreaming (4:56)
8. Nothing Has Been Proved (4:42)
9. I Want To Stay Here (2:47)
10. Occupy My Mind (6:49)
11. Getting It Right (3:35)
12. What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Pet Shop Boys And Dusty Springfield) (4:22)
13. Reputation (The Alternative Mix) (4:10)
14. Arrested By You (Edit) (3:49)
15. Any Other Fool (4:21)
16. When Love Turns Blue (3:42)

CD 2 :
1. What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Extended Mix) (Pet Shop Boys And Dusty Springfield) (6:49)
2. Nothing Has Been Proved (Extended Version) (5:53)
3. In Private (12” Version) (7:11)
4. Reputation (Lots Of Fun 12″ Mix) (6:27)
5. Arrested By You (Extended Version) (5:43)
6. Born This Way (Phil Harding & Ian Curnow 12 ” Mix) (7:38)
7. What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Disco Mix) (Pet Shop Boys And Dusty Springfield) (8:08)
8. Nothing Has Been Proved (Dance Mix) (5:54)
10. Daydreaming (Edited 12” Master) (8:14)

CD 3 :
1. What Have I Done To Deserve This? (The Shep Pettibone Mix) (Pet Shop Boys And Dusty Springfield) (8:26)
2. Reputation (Lots Of Fun Single Mix) (4:33)
3. Nothing Has Been Proved (Instrumental) (5:53)
4. In Private (Instrumental Version) (4:22)
5. Reputation (Rep U Dub 1) (5:35)
6. Arrested By You (Instrumental) (3:49)
7. In Private (Dub) (6:34)
8. Reputation (Rep U Dub 2) (5:02)
9. What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Dub Mix) (Pet Shop Boys And Dusty Springfield) (6:46)
10. In Private (Bonus Beats) (3:56)

I wanted to do it as a “most complete” work of these years so I did some vinyl rips… Some mixes are still exclusive to vinyl records, we here all know that kind of things… The “What Have I Done” remixes are symptomatic of these years.

I ended replacing some of the poor CD maxi singles sound of that time (Mainly “Reptation”) by vinyl rips also, just to get the better sound of it…

As I said before, I didn’t know about the 10″ remix edit, but I have still room for it ! lol

The quality sound is one of the main reasons I’m happy to see this album released again : Some CD singles have an awful sound, “Reputation & rarities” was not a remastered album , and some mixes didn’t get a CD release yet…


@ Kiki and Griffin, your custom CD’s sound AMAZING!

That’s what I call ‘Getting It Right’! : )

I wish you could make a copy and ‘Send It To Me’. : )


@Kiki, thanks for your reply. Your “complete” reputation looks amazing. I prefer CD only tracks. That’s why mine didn’t include those vinyl only tracks/mixes. And my focus was more on tracks which have extended/alternate mixes. Oh, I didn’t notice the CD-Singles sound was being awful (in which ways?)! I didn’t know about the 10″ Remix Edit nor about the one you found. They could be the same mix or didn’t! I guess we’ll never know. Ordinary people like you & me won’t get access to the vault. I wrote Cherry Red on 27 June. Untill now still no reply ;( If casual people like you & me can come up with something quite comprehensive why can’t they? When will they learn? They can simply asking the fans on their FB page what we want. So they can check whether it’s possible to get those from the record labels. If not they can explain or give us the reason. I guess we can understand if they lost the master or something. Not including those rare ones & no explanations given, will lead us fans thinking they didn’t put their heart & soul for the project. But I’m still glad labels like Cherry Red/Pop & Demon/Edsel are reissueing some less popular artists/groups albums.



Hahaha, thank you for the compliment ;) I guess if you are my next door neighbour I could have done that :D

I know that’s not completely legal. But if the big record companies or independant labels for reissues can do the SDE we all what. No one will (have to) do illegal thing(s)! I guess we don’t mind paying a bit extra to get the most complete SDE instead of the one not properly done. I don’t think I’ll live long enough to get the every 5 or 10 years reissues. I think at some point I may lose interest or getting bored or disappointed. So do/get it right the first time I will pay more (than being milked every 5 or 10 years later getting the incomplete mixes, demo’s, live tracks)!


On discogs, as I’m guessing, this might very well be an edited version (7″ Remix) of the shep pettibone 12″ remix! If that’s the case Cherry Red M U S T include this along with Arrested By You Instrumental.

Dusty Springfield ‎- In Private (Remix Edit)
Label: Parlophone
Format: Acetate, 10″, Single Sided, Test Pressing
Country: UK
Released: Dec 1989
Genre: Electronic
Style: Synth-pop
A In Private (Remix Edit) 3:58


Another 10″ Acetate remix seems to existe with the same track duration as the single version (4 min 24sec)

Strange enough, isn’t it ?

Andrew Edwards

Yes to all of those who always want different tracks or remixes. Haven’t many of you read on this site over and over that when it comes to the 1980’s original master tapes are almost impossible to locate, especially for remixes and/or rare tracks. And in many instances the original masters are lost forever. Cherry Red or associated and/or reissue labels have been blasted by many on this site for using vinyl rips. So perhaps they decided not to use some of these remixes due to keeping it pure with original masters. I don’t know how many times readers on this blog have be told about the impossible task of locating original masters worldwide. The So 80’s producer wrote eloquently about this long standing problem


I read all those & understand all that. But sometimes reissue labels like Cherry Red, Demon are unaware of some mixes/tracks. If they put that on their sites that they have tried & unable to locate a digital master which is still good enough to include. We all fans would understand & appreciate their trying. It is impossible for us fans to ask a big label for a particular mix/track. Unless record labels put everything from the fault out on itunrs, 7digital, amazon etc for usto pick the ones we want.

And don’t forget it was us, whose always asking for more & fans who knew the error in some mixes/versions to have them getting better & better, putting more soul & heart in their projects, issue replacements. If you don’t let them hear what we want. We are still in the fase where we only get 2-3 twelve inch mixes as bonus on 1CD as reissue instead of 2 or 3CD set. And their just put out the easily obtainable mixes on CD singles instead of really digging in the vaults spending time locating (EU/US) & transfering or rescueing masters, getting us the first time on CD or unreleased mixes.

We are complaining. Just hoping & trying to help them to bring us the best reissue ever. A well done project (Paul Young/Thompson Twins/TFF with help from Paul S. or those of Bananarama or S/A/W singles box etc) will sell much more than the bad ones (Cyndi Lauper/Peter Gabriel/Phil Collins etc)!

Andrew Edwards

Yes but as the S0 80’s producers reported they had to search all over the globe for some masters. Most labels can’t afford that or take the time. And just because mixes were once put out on CD single doesn’t mean those masters are still available. So many of these labels have been bought out repeatedly which means files and masters are lost and unretrievable.

Andrew Edwards

Regarding SAW, that has been a self-contained entity since its inception. Pete Waterman and company own all their masters. So that is like fishing in a small pond. If they don’t have a master who does. Even with their reissues they left off mixes etc. due to various reasons. Overall my point is that there is so many reasons and politics why things don’t get put onto reissues. The completists and collectors always don’t get the complications and complexities of doing a reissue

Mandy Smith

“Pete Waterman and company own all their masters. ” Not anymore they don’t. All ben sold and gone to BMG Rights.


As many others said here, the replacement of the (more than 8 minutes long, and not related with this album…) Disco Mix of “What have I done…” with the “Arrested by You” and “In Private” intrumental versions sounds like the wiser option… I hope there’s still time to think again about that!!

Tyler Williams

I absolutely love your blog, Paul. It’s in my RSS feed, and I read every post. I in no way meant to usurp your posting her with my “the” comment. I’m sorry that it took on a life of its own.

Paul English

Dusty’s best LP. Reissue looks excellent


Any chance of a calendar of release dates Paul. This one is all the way back to September release. Maybe a little widget that can remind us of what is coming up in the month?


The Guinness Hit Singles book used to always remove definite articles from band names, so The The were in there as just The. Always made me laugh.

As for PSB, you can write the Pet Shop Boys, but not The Pet Shop Boys. The capital makes all the difference to correctness.


Not paying over £18 despite wanting it as had the original.

David McCallum

Dusty In Memphis is probably her only masterpiece album so compilations are a good place to start. The Very Best of Dusty Springfield (1998) is a good single disc and The Dusty Springfield Anthology is a great three-disc if you get the fever.

Mikko Suhonen

Even though most of Dusty’s biggest hits are best found in the compilations (she didn’t include them on her studio albums) she rarely made a bad album and some of them are excellent, even though they didn’t sell much. “Dust in Memphis” is of course given, but of excellent Dusty Springfield albums I can suggest “Where am I going”, “Dusty…definately”, “Cameo”, “It begins again” and “White heat”. There are numerous rarely heard hidden treasures in all of them and on her other albums as well.

Of the compilations I must agree and warmly recommend “The Dusty Springfield Anthology” which offers a fare deal of songs from these previously mentioned albums. The other good compilation is four disc set Simply Dusty…


I always loved that album! It has a particular feeling… I remember always feeling excited (really) each time I listened to “Occupy Your mind”, they could have done a 20 minutes mixes without boring me!!!

I had made my own “complete” Reputation some months ago, and I must say that this edition will not miss many things! Only the Instrumental of “In Private” and the 7″ Edit of “Arrested by You” are not in, so I think we can go without…

That’s a bit strange to have put here the Disco mix of “What Have I Done To Deserve this”… They should have put all versions of it (including Album version, extended mix, Shep Pettibone Mix and dub mix) or just the original duet, keeping the mixes for a complete “Actually” reissue, shouldn’t they ?

I think it’s gonna be great! Far better than the poor “Results” Reissue ! I’m definitely on it !

Liam Bastick

Paul, I agree with you but think The-gate is getting out of hand. It has made me think the Matt Johnson could rename the The The to the The The The, ha ha.

Christian Fex

Excuse me, can’t follow anymore … The who? Who the f***?


Yes it’s all being picky with the word THE as Paul points out everyone knows their NOT called The Pet Shop Boys just Pet Shop Boys but we add it as its part of saying the name when we are in a conversation about it…well one of my very favourite bands actually does have THE as part of their name and without it…well it doesn’t sound right…anyway they are called THE FIXX…A great UK band who nobody but me seems to talk or know about…is there anybody out there who knows or likes them? Paul you have surely heard of them?

Darren L

I’ve got the pic disc of ‘Stand Or Fall’ and a red vinyl copy of ‘Red Skies’.
‘Shuttered Room’ badly needs a deluxe reissue!


Good to see this reissue but sad to see the instrumentals missed off again on another reissue.
Hopefully they could all be rounded up for a SDE download – I would buy it!
P.S. As TheProgster noted The Fixx were great but they had some early re-releases which sounded OK last time I listened to them – maybe time for an SDE version?


Excellent news… A must buy for any PSB or Dusty fan :)
Thank you Paul!

Craig Hedges

Neil was involved on side one of the album and over saw the mix of that side as the two sides were so different and the album sounded disjointed. Neil plays the keyboard solo uncredited on Arrested by you.


I’ve never purchases a Dusty Springfield album in my life so think I’ll start here with this one, especially with Pet Shop Boy’s being involved. Any recommendations on where I should go from here?


Dusty In Memphis is her classic album, a no brainer. The compilation ‘Goin’ Back – The Very Best Of Dusty Springfield 1962-1994′ is also very good too. Although she has had LOTS of compilations released! Take your pick.


“In Private” instrumental also missing (from CD single – CDR 6234)

It was Neil and Chris that pushed for “Pet Shop Boys” vs. “The Pet Shop Boys” when referring to the group.


They are also releasing for i think the first time on vinyl…orange vinyl…her album FAITHFUL..1000 copies…beginning of August


Kind of unrelated comment but it would be lovely to have on cd the 12″ version of “Send It To Me” as recorded a couple of years earlier by Gladys Knight and the Pips. (Another for the list of “the” groups)


Wasn’t there an orchestral version on Nothing Has Been Proved that appeared on the 7″ single if I recall?

Tyler Williams

Please don’t put “the” before “Pet Shop Boys.” It’s just “Pet Shop Boys.” You wouldn’t say “the Duran Duran” would you?


Good one, Paul!


Sorry, haha!!


isn’t it more about the context … the whole grammar of the sentence,
or is that just me.
when band names reference “people” putting a THE in front just works. and it is often done.

sex pistols
cocteau twins

this is totally different to (as you said) duran duran

secondly, I hardly think it’s worth pulling Paul up on.

let’s just knock someone down.
not say “you do a great site”


BTW They didn’t do We’re the Pet Shop Boys. It was My Robot Friend – and PSB covered it. I quite like the “THE” !


The first release of West End Girls on Bobcat was released under the name The Pet Shop Boys. Neil once commented that he preferred Pet Shop Boys, because The Pet Shop Boys is definitive and he likes to think there might be more Pet Shop Boys…


Where are the instrumental versions of Reputation and Arrested By You?!
They’re great! …

Daniel ( from Berlin )

Yes Paul. Maybe you should send a “wake-up mail” from SuperDeluxe Edition.
On Dusty’s new “Collector’s Edition” are much remixes and b-sides ( this is good news),
but the very rare ( only vinyl released ) instrumental version of ballad “Arrested By You” are not on the 2CD edition. This is bad news.
Second re-release of the album & again not complete.
I cannot understand that they ( artists / publishers / cherry records ) ever forget the real rarities.
Most of the regular 12” remixes from this album were released many times on CD compilations / CDsingles. I thought a Deluxe Edition should be lay the special focus on
rarities and never on CD released vinyl mixes / versions.
There are no unreleased mixes in the vaults ?
From “Occupy Your Mind” there is a PSB instrumental version used
of their tour at the time. Such rarities are completely missing.

Steve W

I actually didn’t buy this at the time but it sounds like a great release so they’ve got me 2nd time around!


Brilliant. Total no brainer. Will get this for sure. Wondering when there will be any news on the reissue of “Please” from the PSB.