Eagles / Hell Freezes Over 2LP vinyl

The Eagles‘ reunion album Hell Freezes Over will be reissue on vinyl next month for its 25th anniversary.

This is not its debut on the format, since the 1994 album was issued on vinyl at the time and again in 1998 by audiophile specialists Simply Vinyl, but both are long out-of-print and command eye-watering prices on the used market.

Originally produced by the Eagles with Elliot Scheiner and Rob Jacobs, the album has been remastered for this vinyl reissue by Bob Ludwig.

Hell Freezes Over will be released on 2LP vinyl on 8 March 2019.

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Hell Freezes Over - 2LP vinyl


LP 1
1. Get Over It
2. Love Will Keep Us Alive
3. The Girl From Yesterday
4. Learn To Be Still
5. Tequila Sunrise
6. Hotel California
7. Wasted Time
8. Pretty Maids All In A Row

LP 2
1. I Can’t Tell You Why
2. New York Minute
3. The Last Resort
4. Take It Easy
5. In The City
6. Life In The Fast Lane
7. Desperado

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Brian Scott

Just bought this on vinyl and it’s reinforced my belief that it’s one of the best live recordings I’ve ever heard. I also have the DVD/DTS version and the original CD release but this remastered vinyl is just stunning. Might be my new Rega Planar 3 making the difference for me but wow, some of the lesser known tracks like The Last Resort just come alive. Not wishing to reopen the Cd vs Vinyl debate, as it could be the remastering making the difference, but I played this track back to back with the original CD for comparison and the vinyl has so much more energy and presence. Great work whoever did the remastering.

Mathew Lauren

Good news for you vinyl enthusiasts, but…

Yeah, what Scott G said!

IMHO (25 years on), the 5.1 dts-cd could use some mixing tweaks, so that the album (on the whole) in 5.1 and/or ATMOS offers a more consistent discrete, yet immersive, surround-sound experience.

So, while we’re at it, where’s “The Long Run” in surround, and if not the entire back catalogue, what about “The Greatest Hits” in some variation in surround (5.1 and/or ATMOS)?

C’mon, guys! None of us are getting any younger…


Curious to hear the new mastering, nowadays,for me the best one is the K2HD on cd, it’s really worth it ! so, I don’t see what could be better apart from making it heard by the younger generation with the best quality


I’d be surprised if the label didn’t botch something up. They did it with the Hotel CA and the recent big box sets.


what was the issue with the recent box set?

Scott G

The Hell Freezes over DVD, which I am surprised is not also being re-released on a 25th anniversary blu-ray, was the benchmark DVD to demonstrate DTS surround sound. It is superbly mixed.

Paul Wren

And you can add the European Geffen 2018 reissue to your list of highly costly vinyl reissues to date as well!!


Hi Paul, is this remastered release the same as the one in the recent Eagles Legacy box Set?

Leo Patrik

I think this goes to my top-10 albums of all time. Love it. On this record they are in the best shape – with the best line-up, and with the best arrangements and sound.

I can’t believe the vinyl treatment took them this long.


What’s a vinyl treatment? The article already explains that this album has been released twice before on a medium suitable for a turntable…


But it was long overdue at an reasonable price


They were all a reasonable price when they were readily available in the shops. This one will be as expensive as the others one day, I expect…

john soriano

Gran disco LP saludos a S.D.E. from South America – Lima Peru (Macchupicchu)


I always though the album cover was boring as [errr] Hell.
Would of been better with a frozen wonderland – say somewhere in northern Canada.