Eagles / Legacy / massive career spanning CD and vinyl box sets

12CD+DVD+Blu-ray • 15LP vinyl box • Studio and live albums, concert films + new ‘Singles and B-Sides’ compilation

Rhino will issue Legacy in November, a new Eagles box set that collects seven studio albums, three Live Albums, singles, B-sides, and (in the case of the CD box) two concert videos.

The box set with the optical discs features 12 CDs: seven studio albums, three live albums and a new compilation of single versions and B-sides. This set also includes two concert videos: Hell Freezes Over (on DVD – presumably because it was filmed in SD) and Farewell Tour: Live From Melbourne (on Blu-ray).

The vinyl version doesn’t include the video content but still clocks in at a massive 15 LPs, covering the same ground as the CD box set, but newly pressed vinyl. It’s not cheap, but the packaging looks first class with the vinyl records housed in a massive folio package which then slots into an inner ‘drawer’ (with a hardcover 54-page book) which in turn slides into the outer slipcase. The CD set has a similar arrangement.

Engineer Bob Ludwig has remastered Hell Freezes Over and Millennium Concert – and ‘several tracks’ from the Singles and B-Sides compilation – especially for Legacy. Both of those live albums are pressed on vinyl for the first time in the US. In Europe, Millennium Concert is also unreleased on the black stuff, although there was a vinyl edition of Hell Freezes Over issued in 1994, but the format was out of fashion at that point in time and thus it was a very small pressing.

Legacy will be released on 2 November 2018. While there is little point pretending the vinyl box is in any way ‘cheap’ US fans might want to consider ordering from Amazon UK. Taking into account the VAT deduction (which applies if you are outside the EU) the current UK price means you can order for around $235, a massive saving, at the time of writing, of $115 when compared to the price on Amazon US. For the CD box, you might want to check out the Amazon Germany price!

Compare prices and pre-order


Legacy - 14CD box set


Compare prices and pre-order


Legacy - 15LP vinyl box


/ 12CD+DVD+Blu-ray

Eagles (1972)
Desperado (1973)
On The Border (1974)
One of These Nights (1975)
Hotel California (1976)
The Long Run (1979)
Eagles Live (1980)
Hell Freezes Over (1994)
Millennium Concert (2000)
Long Road Out of Eden (2007)

Single and B-Sides (2018)
1.    “Take It Easy” (Single Version)
2.    “Get You In The Mood” (Non-LP B Side)
3.    “Outlaw Man” (Single Version)
4.    “Best Of My Love” (Single Version)
5.    “One Of These Nights” (Single Edit)
6.    “Lyin’ Eyes” (Single Edit)
7.    “Take It To The Limit” (Single Edit)
8.    “Please Come Home For Christmas”
9.    “Funky New Year”
10.  “Hole In The World”

DVD: Hell Freezes Over (1994)
Blu-ray: Farewell Tour: Live From Melbourne (2005)

Legacy / 15LP vinyl box

Eagles (1972)
Desperado (1973)
On The Border (1974)
One of These Nights (1975)
Hotel California (1976)
The Long Run (1979)
Eagles Live – Double LP (1980)
Hell Freezes Over – Double LP (1994)
Millennium Concert – Double LP (2000)
Long Road Out of Eden – Double LP (2007)
Single and B-Sides (2018)



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Steve Thorpe

I ordered this box set from Amazon Germany on recommendation of a great price by “Super Deluxe Edition” only to be informed weeks later that my order had been cancelled due to the wrong price being advertised on their website!


Hi guys.

Does anybody know if this box includes any footage from their 70’s concerts? In the latest Rhino newsletter, they mentioned “”Hotel California” (HD) (Capital Centre, Washington DC March 21, 1977)” as being in the box set…

nevard bolivar

I’m an avid and musically hooked to the music of the Eagles since I first heard their song
Hotel Cal in one of rock radio station here in my country – The Philippines.
Now with regards to to their latest albums just released a few days ago “Legacy” – Im amazed and can’t find a word on how to express my desire how to purchased this piece of rock memory.
But todays I’m very happy since Spotify uploaded all the 12-CD Audio Tracks of this package 8hrs 26 mins of pure Eagles music.
I’m playing it now in my Samsung note 9. superb. Early cmas gift from Sptofify.


Does anyone know whether you get a digital download when you buy the vinyl? Thanks.


Hello, no I received my box set today and there’s no download code.

Arthur O'Brien

Can’t figure out why the Eagles don’t release something interesting. Remixes? Whole Concerts from different eras? BBC TV appearance(s) There is so much more out there and they never really give you something that makes you feel like you HAVE TO have it. Always too little new content for too much money.


I received this email today from Amazon.de about my order :

“The above articles were erroneously awarded a false price by us on the website. We therefore had to cancel it from your order. Of course you will not be charged for canceled items. If a charge has already been made, you will receive an automatic refund.

We ask for your understanding – maybe you have already wondered about the unusual price.

According to our terms and conditions, the purchase contract for a product always comes off with the sending confirmation e-mail. In the alternative, however, we declare the contestation for error.

If you are interested, we ask you to re-order the mentioned items, if available.

We apologize for the mistake and thank you for your understanding.”

I’m disappointed…


Same thing with me. If they advertise it at a given price they should honour the orders.


Hi Paul . You may be interested to know I’ve just received an email from Amazon Germany – in German which wasn’t very helpful to me – about the Eagles legacy box set which they had advertised for around 40 euros. I’ve checked my Amazon account and the order has been cancelled. Must admit I was expecting it as I assume it was an administrative error on their part. Ah well ….
Keep up the great work.


There’s nothing here to interest me other than the fact that I’ve just discovered that Hell Freezes Over is quite rare on vinyl, as I think I might have one at home. Fingers crossed!

Simon Ward

Ordered. Looks like a fantastic set.

Mathew Lauren

I’m really disappointed with the Eagles’ REs. Between re-releasing, already-available material and refusing to consider more 5.1 for years and NOT offering to be part of the upcoming ATMOS (music) marketing push, I’m left disheartened.

“Hell Freezes Over” dts-cd could easily be RM and/or more discretely and immersively 5.1-remixed (for e.g. “Take it Easy”), and be made available on a lossless format DVD-A or BR-A.

I’m at a loss with regards to Don Henley’s comments that the back-catalogue vaults are “about empty” (not verbatim). As long as there are complete or nearly complete multi-tracks:

“The Eagles”
“On the Border”
“One of these Nights”
“The Long Run”
and even
“Eagles: Their Greatest Hits”

…all deserve Elliot Scheiner’s proven (Eagles) touch. Of all the bands he’s remixed, he seems to really “get” their vision and NO ONE would argue that “Hotel California” DVD-A or (2011 WBros Premium Series) Jpnse 5.1 SACD (still available *NEW* with a bit of effort) is NOT a reference discrete surround mix.

Not remixing the rest of these into discrete-surround, has got to be a band decision at this point.

Regardless, a shame, nonetheless.

Boxsets like these, bloated and full of re-hash really come across as holiday “cash grab” offerings; and one begins to wonder, just how out of touch Don Henley and his mgt. team really are.


It’s all the stuff we already have but re-packaged with the exception of one track the Take it Easy B side ‘Get me in the mood’ which hasn’t been released on CD before. Other than that there’s no point in buying the set.


It’s all the stuff we already have but re-packaged with the exception of one track the Take it Easy B side ‘Get me in the mood’ which hasn’t been released on CD before. Other than that there’s no point in buying the set.


I took the Amazon.de deal for 40 Euro. But i’m not sure if i really need this set without original cover sleeves. I already own the albums boxset incl the Driving Home For Christmas CD, also the superb K2HD Hell Freezes disc and the Eden 2CD set. Last year i took the 40th Hotel California super deluxe big box for nearly 40 euros at amazon.

Paul Corser

Love The Eagles, but what is the point of this release? Overpriced for little return if anything new

A longer 16 track of 7″ single mixes would have been better instead of a poultry 10 tracks!

Even a new 20 track compilation taking in Eden tracks would have been better than this.

Very poor.

David Regan

German Amazon link not working. I think they have taken the CD link down as its not work..I typed it in and only the LP box and MP3 version came up.

Stephen K.

I don’t own the original singles, but I believe the following songs were issued in single versions/edits (different to their album versions) that do not appear on this release:

Witchy Woman
Already Gone
New Kid in Town
Hotel California
I Can’t Tell You Why

I’m glad when labels put out releases that include single mixes, but I don’t understand and think it’s pointless when they do this for some singles but don’t do it for other singles. I mean, it’s fair to be cynical, because this is business, but it literally seems like they’re a) doing a value-add to make this more appealing than previous versions but b) purposely holding back obvious material so as to have something to release in the future. Pre-planned obsolescence and the triple-quadruple-quintuple-dips.

And I always think, for bands which have already been around for 40 years, how many of their fans will pass away before this material gets released on CD?

Is this a 50-year stragegy? 75? 100?


And don’t forget the edited version of The Last Resort released as the b-side of Life In The Fast Lane.


Can not see would actully buy this eagle fans (like me) already have the tracks and none fans are not going to fork out a small fortune are they?


Don’t like the look of this at all. Hate how they’ve made everything look generic – I guess you only get original artwork in the book? Not for me, the presentation is lame.

Big Nige

Love the Eagles, love box sets….. but I’ll pass thanks. Underwhelming.

Folk would be better getting the Out of Eden deluxe (red cover, one or two extra tracks), the Selected Works (now about £13, for some remasters and the Millennium gig), the Studio box for about thrupence and the respective live DVD and blu-ray. All with better art. And have money left over to buy a nice checked shirt and cowboy hat.

I don’t think £200+ is bad for 15 LPs, but…. hopefully it’ll do a Bon Jovi and come down to 33% of that. Shame….


Looking forward to the CD box set. Great to have everything together.

Peter Anderson

Got excited then relieved when I saw the Superdeluxeedition alert – EXCITED at the prospect of a box set worthy of the Eagles heritage with the inclusion of multiple discs of unreleased live, outtake, demo, radio session, rehearsal, b-sides. RELIEVE at the realisation I wouldn’t have to be parting with a large amount of cash as there is absolutely nothing new here. OK for anyone new to the band (wherever they may be) but why would such an individual want to pay all that for a package that does not include the original artwork. Exactly the same emotions as greeted last year’s decidedly not super Hotel California box – where were the early abandoned versions of the title track in alternative keys, where was Don Felder’s original instrumental demo, why wasn’t the whole supporting concert released and not just selected tracks? Will keep my money until something genuinely interesting comes along. :) Thanks Paul, SDE continues to cost me a fortune!!


In the US, Walmart [no hyphen as they dropped it] seem to be on every second block. :-)


Yes, but some people prefer not to shop there if they can avoid it. If I had the money to stand by my convictions, I would never set foot in a WalMart, but unfortunately, I am but a lowly professor, and I need to count pennies.


Wow! Nice set! The vinyl mock-up makes me want to have some Haribo Liquorice Snails!

Marc K.

I guess Amazon Germany made a mistake….it’s gone now. I ordered two boxsets, hope they deliver.


Given the 2013 Studio Albums clamshell box, which includes Eagles (1972), Desperado (1973), On The Border (1974), One of These Nights (1975), Hotel California (1976) and The Long Run (1979) is currently £12.99 on Amazon UK, then £36.33/EUR40 seems about right!


@Mark K.:
Monitor it. Also check your orders. I have seen items disappear from the site but are still listed in your orders. Don’t cancel if you think you have a good deal.
They may even use the same ASIN with a cheaper price – if lucky.

Erik van der Scheer

CD box set now EUR 40,73 on Amazon Germany.

Mark Levy

I could well be tempted to get the cd version. The downside is, I wouldn’t be able to play the Blu Ray disc, but I’m sure that wouldn’t really matter.


hey there, blu ray players are very inexpensive now and very easy to hook up!!! just sayin’ :)

Rob Deighton

The only “legacy” the eagles will leave is milking the catalog for all it’s worth


Whithout a new remastering like Hotel California last year (very good audio quality), the box is not interesting.
On the other hand, you can buy the CD Box at amazon Germany for 40,73 €.



For that price i gave it a try. If they don’t honour it i’ll go for “The Complete Studio Albums” instead.


A whopping FIFTY FOUR pages?! Wow. That’s revolutionary.


I see that Ludwig did some work on the set. Are the rest of the albums the Jensen remasters? Or maybe we’re getting Grundman’s HDTracks releases on CD???!!!


They forgot the radio promo stereo fold-down mono mixes.

Eric M.

I don’t have any of the Eagles proper albums, so this is a possible purchase for me. Am I wrong in thinking they have a round of remastered that have generally only been released on HDTracks and iTunes, that are not as “modern” sounding as the last run of CDs? I wonder if those will be used for the discs in this set.

Paul E.

A very short announcement window for such a large box set. Hope this isn’t why my Pixies / Come On Pilgrim… It’s Surfer Rosa / 30th anniversary reissue is being delayed a month…

Phil Cohen

The Eagles have quadraphonic mixes of at least two of their early country-rock albums, which could have been included. There’s almost nothing here for the collector.


I have some as well and the quad separation is quite good.


So most of these are not newly remastered, just collected in a box ? Feels kinds pointless when I can get most of this for a fraction of the price…

Michael Sippie

As many have mentioned, “CASH GRAB” for the holidays.. I would rather had the full show of the 2000 concert ( 2 CD’s), the full Freezes Over concert put on CD or remastered and remixed DVD. any unissued recordings or demo’s or Alt. mixes from LROOE. Considering the Live from Melbourne has been issued on DVD and Blu ray, why not take that show and put it on CD, I am sure there are a few more songs that did not make the BR or DVD, and as mentioned 5.1 mixes of all there catalogue. Earn the hard money we work for, instead of giving us the same old material with different packaging.

Charlie Waffles

Don Henley should be ashamed to ok this box set for release. The reissues are awful. Overpriced. Money grabs. Where is Glenn Frey to veto this senseless release when we really need him? Pass.


@Charlie Waffles:

“Where is Glenn Frey…when we really need him?”

Spinning in his grave, i guess.


@Charlie Waffles
Unsure if the band has any say in some of these releases.
That sais, they are milking it. Excluding the B’sides, nothing is interesting here.

Wayne Klen

I love when people assume that one person or another is behind a release. For all we know, Frey approved this before he died (these type of releases can sometimes take some time before coming to market)and, given that the Frey family also had to approve this release, I doubt that Henley is the only person that decided to fleece the public with this release. I also doubt, knowing Frey’s love of money, that he would say no to this release.

For me, there’s not enough unreleased stuff here to make this worthwhile.


If the Eagles want more of my money, their re-issues better include the words “5.1” or “Quad” in the press release when talking about the studio albums. Otherwise, I’m content with what I already have.

For a newcomer to the band, though, this is a nice enough packaged set if you have the money. But the rest of this year already has my credit card complaining of back problems from the load its going to be carrying:

Beatles – White Album anniversary
Hendrix – Electric Ladyland anniversary
Alcatrazz – Live in Japan 1984 CD/Bluray
King Crimson – Live in Mexico City
Jethro Tull – This Was anniversary
Tom Petty box set
Aretha Franklin – Atlantic Singles
Lindsey Buckingham – Solo Anthology
Whitesnake – Unzipped
Bowie – Loving the Alien box
Hendrix – Bold As Love SACD
Not to mention the Doobie Brothers Quad set that is being worked on and the, thankfully, delayed next King Crimson box.

Looking at that list, I suppose I’m happy this Eagles set isn’t attractive to me.

James W

You’re missing the John Lennon “Imagine”, The Kinks “Village Green Preservation Society” and The Moody Blues “In Search Of The Lost Chord” box sets on that list. ha! ha!


Ha! I actually looked at all three of those when they were announced, but I just don’t love the music enough. If there’s a deal on The Kinks down the road, I might be tempted as an impulse buy.

I did forget to list the 4 Status Quo reissues that Amazon just billed me for last night, and the upcoming Steve Hackett boxed set.

When I see the whole list, my first thought is, “I’m going to be enjoying some great music”, quickly followed by the thought of, “I think I have a bit of an addiction.” :)

Ron de Joode

Recycling de luxe. Over and over again.

Chris Squires

Like many here I have a lovely black box on Vinyl of “The Studio Albums”.

It is long out of print and not cheap so this could be a way to hoover up new fans or old fans re-finding Vinyl.

It kinda reminds me of the godawful mess that Sting made of his collection, but he made his cock-up releases (Studio collection, Studio collection volume II and The Complete Studio Collection) within a year of each other, not a 5 year gap.

All we need to match that is a separate box of just the extras that were not on the black boxed Studio albums…i.e. The Live stuff and the singles.

Also, as someone else has already said. It really doesn’t work as a concept without the original covers. I have and hate a Queen box set somewhere that has all the albums in white covers with just numbers on. I hate it so much I don’t even know where it is. Awful, just awful without the original covers.

This will be a Deal Alert if ever there was one. At some point, when desperation sets in it will be £100 – £120 at the most, like Sting complete complete complete (no really it is complete) I got for £119.

Nuno Bento

I love the Eagles but this is appalling and abc ery lazy job. So much stuff that they could release and they keep beating the same dead
I have the last vinyl box, so the only thing drawing me here would be the to get the singles, Hell Freezes Over and the Millenium concert on vinyl. For 220£?! That’s a hard sell.

Alex Shirley

Pass. I bought all the album’s via CD box set for £14 the other day so you gotta be kidding me. The rest I’ve bought on the cheap too.

greg sinclair

This just seems pointless.
A reboxing of their catalog seems to be all this is. New artwork in a presentation box.
Single edits and a couple of b-sides are supposed to draw me in?
There is a huge era of artists that remain untouched as far as boxed sets of unreleased material. Eagles are amongst them.
Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Tom Waits, Jackson Browne…the list can go on and on. I find it hard to believe these hugely creative artists don’t have things in the vaults that should see the light of day.
Obviously, artists should have control of what is released, but loosen up folks. You’re not always the best judge of your own art. Have some faith in your fan base, give us a chance to show some appreciation for even the stuff that you might think are “flawed” in some way. But, by all means stop doing these massive sets of what we have already. A cash grab is SO much worse for your legacy than a box of songs you didn’t release first time around. Seriously, I don’t mind warts and all, but I’m not crazy about greed.

Miss Cora Fowler

I would love a box set of Jackson Browne with live outtakes I don’t think his albums have been remastered either as yet maybe someone can advise

John Mason

Only Late For The Sky remastered to the best of my knowledge.


Not much here for the casual fan. I have the 5.1 versions of Hotel California and Hell Freezes Over and when I saw “DVD and Blu Ray” I got excited but new 5.1 mixes. Bummer. The regular albums I can buy anywhere and I don’t care enough to have single edits of album tracks I already have. By definition I’m rarely interested in concert videos. Also, very expensive. So this is a no for me.

Darren Linklater

Nothing new here that I haven’t got. Just a money grab exercise putting the stuff that’s been out for years in a fancy box.

Real shame as there are some great live shows out there on the grey market that could be cleaned up from the best sourcesand presented in a box which people would want to buy.

WA50, Imagine,VGPS and More Blood get my pre Xmas box set money over this.

Try harder Don.


Brilliant, thank you for letting us know. That LP mock-up makes me want to go out and get some Haribo Licorice Snails. With The Beatles coming out, this is definitely on a wait and see.


Doing the calculations both Hell Freezes over and The Millennium Concert are the same as the original releases unless they added additional tracks. But still a single CD.
As others pointed out, very little new, quite a bit missing.
Even if Hell was in SD video, still would be better as no audio or video would need to be compressed.

Brian jones

I have every eagles cds and vinyl records I have seen them in 3 concerts there his nothing new for me to get Excited about sorRyan not for me

The Golden Age Of Eagles Bargains.

I’m gonna order this!!!

When hell freezes over!


LikeJurg I am missing only that b side, and maybe a single version or two, depending on what versions are to be found on various best of / greatest hits collections. Almost grateful that this is an easy pass with all the good box sets about to hit the shelves. My shelves that is!

I bought the recent Glenn Frey set, excellent in content and price, but once again the big machine that is the Eagles is just on the grab.