Eddie Piller presents The Mod Revival

4CD and 2LP sets

Acid Jazz founder Eddie Piller, who has recently been collaborating on Jazz compilations with Martin Freeman, now turns his attention to the Mod movement by curating a new four-CD set (and 2LP vinyl), The Mod Revival.

This set is Piller’s personal appraisal on what mod explosion of the late 70s and 80s means to him and he guides us through some of his favourite music from the scene, bringing together a massive 92 tracks including classics, rarities and under-appreciated gems.

The deluxe booklet includes his 5000-word essay describing what it meant to him and reproduces pages from his own scrapbooks, from his many years of gig-going.

The 2LP edition is pressed on red and blue vinyl and is inevitably truncated with 28 tracks.

The Mod Revival will be released on 25 September 2020 (was 18 Sep), via Edsel and Demon Records.

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The Mod Revival 4CD set

CD 1
1. The Jam – I Got By In Time
2. The Jolt – I Can’t Wait
3. The Inmates – Dirty Water
4. Purple Hearts – Frustration
5. Teen-Beats – Strength Of The Nation
6. The Chords – The British Way Of Life
7. New Hearts – Only A Fool
8. Speedball – No Survivors
9. The Circles – Opening Up
10. Back To Zero – Your Side Of Heaven
11. The Cigarettes – They’re Back Again, Here They Come
12. The Users – Kicks In Style
13. Long Tall Shorty – Falling For You
14. Beggar – Don’ Throw Your Life Away
15. The Mods – One Of The Boys
16. The Nips – Gabrielle
17. The Fixations – No Way Out
18. Untamed Youth – Untamed Youth
19. The Leepers – Paint A Day
20. Terry Tonik – Just A Little Mod
21. The Accidents – Blood Spattered With Guitars
22. The Two-Tone Pinks – Look But Don’t Touch
23. Les Elite – Get A Job

CD 2
1. Secret Affair – Let Your Heart Dance
2. The Step – Let Me Be The One
3. Small Hours – Can’t Do Without You
4. Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Dance Stance
5. The Bureau – Let Him Have It
6. Nine Below Zero – Pack Fair & Square
7. Madness – The Prince
8. The Akrylyx – Smart Boy
9. The Media – South Coast Rockers
10. Dolly Mixture – New Look Baby
11. Squire – Does Stephanie Know
12. The Little Roosters – I Need A Witness
13. The Directions – Three Bands Tonight
14. Lambrettas – Go Steady
15. The Merton Parkas – Flat 19
16. Hidden Charms – Run For Your Money
17. The Crooks – Modern Boys
18. The Name – Fuck Art Let’s Dance
19. The Reaction – I Can’t Resist
20. The Killermeters – Why Should It Happen To Me
21. The Colours – The Dance
22. The Sets – Life On An Li
23. The Donkeys – What I Want

CD 3
1. The Long Ryders – Looking For Lewis And Clark
2. Scarlet Party – 101 Dam-Nations
3. Mood Six – Hanging Around
4. The Onlookers – You And I
5. The Same – Movements
6. The Times – I Helped Patrick Mcgoohan Escape
7. The Prisoners – The More That I Teach You
8. The Vips – The Quarter Moon
9. The Scene – Something That You Said
10. Solid State – Train To London Town
11. Small World – Love Is Dead
12. Sema 4 – Up Down And Around
13. Variations – Fight Back
14. 007 – Can You See Me
15. The Gents – The Faker
16. The Amber Squad – Can We Go Dancing?
17. Dr & The Medics – Round And Round
18. Heartbeats – Go
19. The Clues – No Vacancies
20. The Risk – Good Together
21. Little Murders – She Lets Me Know
22. The Kick – Stuck On The Edge
23. Statuto – Rabbia&Stile

CD 4
1. The Truth – Confusion (Hits Us Every Time)
2. Inspiral Carpets – Saturn 5
3. Ocean Colour Scene – The Day We Caught The Train
4. The Untouchables – Free Yourself
5. Makin’ Time – Here Is My Number
6. Reflection – All I Want To Be
7. Five Thirty – Abstain
8. James Taylor Quartet – One Way Street
9. Daggermen – Ivor The Engine Driver
10. The Moment – Sticks & Stones
11. The Blades – Revelations Of Heartbreak
12. Fast Eddie – Shake A Tail Feather
13. Corduroy – E Type
14. Mother Earth – Stoned Woman
15. The Clique – Wormin’
16. The Rage – Come With Theones That You Know
17. Strangeways – All The Sounds Of Fear
18. Studio 68 – The Other Me
19. Dance Stance – The Other Side Of Paradise
20. Stupidity – Bend Don’t Break
21. E Types – She Changes
22. The Mads – The Mods Are Back In Town
23. The Elements – Caught In A Storm

The Mod Revival 2LP vinyl

LP: 1
1. The Jam – I Got By In Time
2. Secret Affair – Let Your Heart Dance
3. Purple Hearts – Frustration
4. The Chords – The British Way Of Life
5. Long Tall Shorty – Falling For You
6. Teen-Beats – Strength Of The Nation
7. Madness – The Prince
8. The Directions – Three Tonight
9. Lambrettas – Go Steady
10. Back To Zero – Your Side Of Heaven
11. Small Hours – Can’t Do Without You
12. The Circles – Opening Up
13. The Merton Parkas – Flat 19
14. Fast Eddie – Shake A Tail Feather

LP 2
1. Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Dance Stance
2. The Truth – Confusion (Hits Us Every Time)
3. The Untouchables – Free Yourself
4. Makin’ Time – Here Is My Number
5. James Taylor Quartet – One Way Street
6. The Clique – Wormin’
7. The Step – Let Me Be The One
8. The Prisoners – The More That I Teach You
9. The Times – I Helped Patrick Mcgoohan Escape
10. Squire – Does Stephanie Know
11. Small World – Love Is Dead
12. The Onlookers – You And I
13. Speedball – No Survivors
14. The Cigarettes – They’re Back Again, Here They Come

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Robert Lett

Got the replacement discs today. That was pretty quick.


Was the Dr & The Medics track dropped from this after the hilarious reaction to its inclusion, or was that a typo by SDE? I’m just asking because it’s not on the 4xcd version on amazon. It shows disc 3, track 27 as Direct Hits by Dr Ben.

Robert Lett

It’s disc 3, track 17 actually. It’s the The Direct Hits tune, not Dr. And The Medics. No Medics song on the set.

Eddie Piller

Actually, It was dropped becuase of a problem with the master – I love the band and saw them loads of times at the time. they will be on volume 2


Has anyone received the CD box and noticed that track 11 on CD3 is missing on the CD? According to the track listing all CDs have 23 tracks but CD3 only has 22. Seems like a manufacturing error.


Yes. I just received my copy and I have the same issue

Robert W Lett

Yep mine too. I hope they will send replacement discs, ugh. It seems like so many of thier releases have these issues, why?

Mark Hamilton

Hold on to it! Will probably become a real rarity, especially if it’s re-pressed to correct the error. Still ask for one the new corrected one, but hold on to the original.

Stephen Lemon

Any update on this – have you contacted them? It definitely seems like an error rather than a last-minute licensing issue, because this is a track that is also on the vinyl release, and I have that and it’s definitely there. It sounds great by the way.

Robert Fitzpatrick

looks good ! I just pre-ordered it ! think of it as a companion to the cherry red set !

Larry Davis

Interesting set, always been one to check out comps about “scenes” that never caught on in the US…like Northern Soul…and a whole slew of obscure acts…I knew Weller would be represented…as for Dolly Mixture, unexpectedly cool but the Long Ryders?? Really & cool plus…I actually saw their reunion after 32 years on the Outlaw Country Cruise #5 right before the outbreak of Covid this past February, yes 2020!! Amazing recent album on Omnivore called “Psychedelic Country Soul”, for those who didn’t know & are interested…great band…

Billy Hunt

Compared to the Millions Like Us compilation this is a pretty pointless with loads of stuff on it that has jack to do with the mod revival (which always was a bit pointless in itself come to think of it). Including The Long Ryders probably takes the biscuit by a nose from Dr and the Medics and Dolly Mixtures for having absolutely nothing to do with the supposed subject at hand. Brassnecks.

Robert Lett

Can’t order from the U.S. anywhere?


No early Stone Roses? Three of the band were scooter boys (Brown, Squire and Mani) and something like ‘The Hardest Thing In The World’ or ‘Here It Comes’ from the pre- Baggy days would have fitted in nicely.

They were certainly more of a mod band than Doctor and the Medics.

Colin Harper

I do understand that this is a ‘personal selection’ by the chap on the cover, and that Mods seem to have a thing about narcissism (promoting themselves and their look) / ‘faces’ – and it’s certainly a bold move, marketing wise – but am I alone in feeling that this deification of the ‘curator’ has gone too far? I’ve been involved in compiling CDs (mostly single-artist sets, but a handful of various-artist ones) for over 25 years but I would never contemplate going down the ‘Colin Harper presents…’ route as a title, let alone sticking my face on the cover.

Incidentally, I imagine the members of the Long Ryders will be amused at becoming a ‘mod revival’ act. :-D

Trivia: the Terry Tonic single features Wishbone Ash’s Andy Powell on lead guitar – but he really was a mod back in the 60s.


Totally share those thoughts Colin Harper – but equally – going on your past achievements if you DID contemplate venturing down that route (even if only for a day out) I for one would follow you there…..

Colin Harper

Ha! Well that’s very kind of you, Peter! Funnily enough, I’m ‘curating’ (as seems to be the word these days) a Bert Jansch BBC box set at present – a long gestation project, which will hopefully appear next year – and I was ruminating only last week on whether including, beside the ‘compiler’s note’ within a 30,000 word booklet, a postage-stamp sized photo of myself and Bert taken at a BBC TV show in 1992 was a bridge too far. In the Eddie Piller world, it’s no even close to that bridge! :-D

John McCann'

Put the picture of you and Bert in you deserve a bit of recognition, maybe add a few words about the BBC TV show yous where both at!

Boy About Town

I think that the record company in question would have a big say about whether Eddie Piller would be on the front cover rather than just Eddie himself. So, I certainly don’t think that the narcissism comment here is merited or correct in this instance. I personally think that since Eddie is a very well known “face” on the mod scene that Demon thought having him on the front cover would be the right image to help sell the album and differentiate it from all the other typical mod revival compilations with the same old target/arrows/mod in parka on scooter imagery etc etc.
And, there is a precedent with Demon using a photo (albeit smaller) of Steve Lamacq on the front cover of their Lost Alternatives indie music compilation.
With regards to the track selection; a) there will always be tracks missing which could be due to them being unavailable to license, b) the tracks chosen are because they are personal choices selected by Eddie as Paul’s summary of what the album is about mentions and c) just because an artist such as Dr & The Medics aren’t a “mod revival” group doesn’t necessarily mean that the particular track chosen isn’t a track with a “mod revival” feel to it

Big Ron

Can only agree with BAT’s comments – this was obviously a very conscious choice on Demon’s part. Eddie is a pretty well known club and radio DJ (6 Music, Radio 2) and has run Acid Jazz for the past 30 or so years, as well previously running Mod labels Countdown Records and Re-Elect The President.

Respected as Colin is in his field, he doesn’t quite have the same profile and I thought the comments a little churlish and bitchy (I’m sure you know ‘the chap on the cover’). Now, some of the tracks selected are an entirely different matter…………………

Colin Harper

I wasn’t knocking Eddie’s credentials in the Mod/acid jazz world, Ron. But I maintain that putting the compiler on the front of a compilation is an unusual move and I don’t feel an acceptable one. The one caveat is, as I said earlier, the Mod world is famously associated with a kind of ‘Face’ hierarchy and narcissism – so maybe people in that world don’t mind his face on the cover? Like an ‘Ace Face’ or whatever. Feels weird to me, though…

If one extrapolates that across the general compilation world, how would we feel if Bob Stanley’s face started appearing on the covers of the themed compos he does for Ace? It would strike me as ludicrous. My own feeling – and no disrespect to Bob, I’m only using him as an example – is one of discomfort that individuals are doing ‘X presents…’ records. I think all this started with Jon Savage ‘presenting’ something. I’ve absolutely no problem with individuals steeped in areas of music like Bob and Jon creating themed compilations and annotating them, but I don’t believe their names need to be within the titles. If one goes back to the mid 70s, a 4LP set called ‘The Electric Muse’ told the story of British folk-rock, licensing stuff in from multiple labels. Would that compilation have been better had it been called ‘Karl Dallas & Robin Denselowe present… The Electric Muse’? No, it wouldn’t.

But it’s a fair point to say I don’t have the same profile as Eddie Piller… though partly that’s because I’ve generally avoided putting my photo on bylines or in books (it’s discretely within one book out of six) or record releases :-) But, look, good luck to Eddie & co – maybe the bold packaging/concept is right for the Mod scene. Who knows… Still, at least it’s got us all talking!

Eddie Piller

thanks, actually I had no say in the decision – the photo is old and they got it from the photographer. Four quick points – I did a whole tour with the Long Riders when I worked at Island and had many discussions about the mod scene and their role in the paisley underground (whidh was the US version of our psych/mod scene.
Dolly Mixtures were certainly seen as part of the mod revival at the time, played hundreds of mod gigs and were followed about by mods. Most of their fans were mods.
Doctor & The Medics were certainly part of the psych/mod scene at the time – they only had hits and became cartoony much later but they aren’t on the box set as their master was damaged.
I am sure Colin has worked on many compilations (i have compiled about 100) but why would his photo appear on the front of a Bert Jansch comp, or am I missing something here?
ps. I loved doing it AND am working on volume 2

Medway Mod

Nice too see a fair representation of the Medway Scene in this compilation with ‘The Prisoners’ and ‘James Taylor Quartet’…. even Secret Affair who now has Mr Russell Baxter on drums…


Very cheap on Amazon right now: £23.99.


Anything related to Mod should pay attention to detail, so I hope that apostrophe in “Dexy’s” is missing in the release!

Mr Clean

And The E-Types! are missing their – and !

Just sayin’

Eddie Piller

No, as it was present on the first single but missing as the bands career went on!


Piller & Freeman also did a Soul on the Corner comp.

Dave H

For those of you who haven’t heard of Eddie Pillar, one of the facts that people who have heard of him will know (apart from Acid Jazz) is his mum used to run the Small Faces fan club back in the 60’s.

One track that didn’t make the cut is the classic ‘Elvis Should Play Ska’ by pre-Tears For Fears mod revival band The Graduate. It didn’t make much of a dent in the UK charts but a bit of a hit in Spain.

Hilarious footage of Curt & Roland on Spanish TV performing the track.

“Kick out the fears, bring back The Graduate” doesn’t have the same feel as the original Seeds Of Love lyrics.

Brad B

Hello all, and to the Brit readers on this site, I have a question. This looks like a good place to start for a US buyer who, in my case, hasn’t even heard of at least half of the artists in this collection (until discs 3 & 4 where names start getting more familiar to me). Also assuming at some point UK shipping to the US will be active again, is this a worthwhile box set to buy as a primer for good ‘mod’ music? Any advice is appreciated and thanks!

Stan Butler

A truly awful depressing cover.
Some classic mod imagery from the time would have looked so much better.


I should try and get a pic of the fella down the road. He’s about 70 and rides his scooter with big mirrors around town and his helmet has roundels on the sides. Oldest Mod in Town!

Arcane Vendetta

The Nips? Mod? In what world. The modern one I suppose …

Eddie Steady Go.

I should say so.

Tim Joseph

Surprised that The Quads’ “There Must Be Thousands” isn’t included.


Great to have a second box set of mod revival stuff, but the cover is not very appealing, not going to grab your attention in the cd racks, perhaps he should wear a face mask

Bill Davies

Dr & The Medics??? Dolly Mixtures???? Wouldn’t class either of those as ‘Mod’ . One was Psych/Goth and the other a pop band most famous for backing Captain Sensible!

Richard Neal

“This set is Piller’s personal appraisal on what mod explosion of the late 70s and 80s means to him and he guides us through some of his favourite music from the scene”

Despite the title, he can curate what he wants, given that description. ;-)

I’ve seen Eddie Piller DJ a number of times, he can fill a floor. I’m not 100% familiar with the tracks on this collection but trust his ability to pick out good music. The cover? I don’t give a wotsit about the cover, it’s all about the music.
I think he’s trying to emulate Paul Weller’s self-titled album from 1992, but in a Phil Collins remastered album cover design lol.

Darren Lewis

Dolly Mixture were excellent!


I’m guessing the inclusion of Dr & the Medics might have something to do with original bassist Richard Serle. He went on to play in Boy’s Wonder and Corduroy and if he had anything to do with the track on this comp there’s a good chance it has a mod revival feel, despite what we normally associate with the band.

Eddie Piller

Not in ’79 they weren’t


Cool to see Akrylykz track on CD. Roland Gift was a member before Fine Young Cannibals. Band name misspelled however.


Interesting. I never considered Madness a mod band.


Very last line – missed off the T on The Cigarettes.


Good to see a rare appearance on CD for Mark Hollis’s pre-Talk Talk band, The Reaction.


Why can’t this be shipped to the US? This has been happening more and more lately, getting a little sick of it. Oh well, sale lost I suppose, really want this.


Didn’t realize the Long Ryders were Mod! Good tune regardless….

Kevin from Edinburgh

I’d never heard of Eddie before this, so had no idea what he looked like, but I swear this is true – I looked at the cover and assumed it was a computer- generated photo-synthesis of Steve Marriott and Paul Weller (i.e., an original mod, and a mod-revivalist). I see now that it’s nothing of the sort, but if you were a Mod fan, then you could hardly wish to look anything other than this, could you? Anyone else see this, or is it just me ?

Electric Sydney

I’m not so sure I necessarily agree, but your assessment really made my day.


The Pillar/Freeman collections are always great value and a good sound – I’m in


Hi Paul,
Just to say the Jazz on The Corner 2 links are for the cd, not the vinyl version. Both good albums.

That Wort

Had seen it listed previously and wonder what might be on there. Looks like an interesting selection, may well buy it!


Already ordered the CD set. Can’t see what the Inspiral Carpets had to do with Mod though.

P Jones

Looks interesting Cherry Red did a similar CD Mod revival box set a few years ago. Plenty on this I have not got so very tempted with the CD set, although not sure about a couple of the tracks on the 4th disc, but that’s the way it goes with box sets.


Cherry Reds CD was called Millions like us. Was a good collection. Hard to find now. When you do find it, its usually quite expensive.

Paul Thomson

I think Millions Like Us is the definitive mod revival compilation. As you say, hard to get and getting more expensive when you do find it. Thankfully I got one at the time of release. The above release is a bit of a mish mash Doctor and the Medics?) don’t think I’ll bother if I’m honest. Maybe in the sales after Christmas if I have an Amazon voucher to spend