Editors / Black Gold exclusive box set

Exclusive formats and special demos CD 

Last year’s Editors ‘best of’ Black Gold is available as an exclusive seven-inch box set (or 2LP coloured vinyl) via the bands’ online store.

The compilation features 16 tracks, including top 30 hits ‘Papillon’, ‘Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors’, ‘Munich’ and ‘Bullets’. Black Gold also includes three new songs.

The British band were formed in Birmingham 17 years ago and their 2005 debut The Back Room was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize.

This new career-spanning compilation is available as an seven-inch box set edition –  exclusively via the band’s site – which includes all 16 songs pressed over eight seven-inch singles, with bespoke sleeves. Everything is housed in a Black Gold rigid card box. Not only does this set come with album download card,  it also comes with an exclusive bonus eight-track CD called ‘The Snowfield Demos’. This disc brings together songs the band recorded in 2003-4 prior to being signed to Kitchenware (every order on their shop comes with one of these).

Alternatively you can opt for the exclusive double white vinyl edition (again, with the demos CD). A deluxe edition double CD is also available with a bonus disc of acoustic versions.

Black Gold is out now. The band start a European tour at the end of the month (check their site for dates).

1 Frankenstein
2 Papillon
3 Munich
4 Sugar
5 Hallelujah (So Low)
6 An End Has a Start
7 Upside Down
8 Bullets
9 Ocean of Night
10 No Harm
11 Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
12 A Ton of Love
13 Magazine
14 The Racing Rats
15 Black Gold
16 No Sound but the Wind


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My favourite band these days!


Does anyone else feel knackered after watching the Papillon video?


Can’t help noticing that the “limited edition” 2 CD version of In This Light… is still available more than 10 years after its release date. Just how limited was it?!


Just ordered the 2 CD from the official store, as I prefer to do that where possible. The P&P was £4.10!


Which still hasn’t turned up!


Finally been contacted. They’ve run out of the demo CDs and all orders won’t ship until they get more stock…


Stiiillll waaaiitttiiiinnnggg!

Not beaten my long standing record yet, where I once ordered a CD from play.com on 22 August and it arrived 25 January!


Thanks for highlighting this Paul. I had forgotten about it and wanted the three new songs and acoustic versions. Ordered the 2CD.


Yes, same here. Thank you for drawing (once more) attention to this. Though these releases might have been out for a while now, I didn’t know about the demos CD being included in purchases from the official store. So I also got the 2CD version for the acoustic songs. And thus with an extra bonus CD with the demos, bringing the total to 3 CDs. That’s a good start of the year. :)


Black Gold on white vinyl? Come on!

Joe Mac Pherson

Although, since 1988, I will never return to buying vinyl again, logically this special vinyl set by Editors should have been issued on black and gold vinyl. After all, this isn’t the White Album collection. “Knocking them cold in Black and Gold.”
I remember when the song that line came from, was absolutely NEW. I bought the album on UK import vinyl- no U.S. release date, at the time.

Alistair Burns

If you buy the 2CD for £11.99 the acoustic tracks are already included. Buy the 1CD for £9.99 and get the acoustic tracks as well. Makes the 2CD a bit pointless.

Alan B

Keep up! Only kidding! These were released back in October and were available to pre order last August/September.


Alan, the White vinyl is OOS, but you can still buy the 7″ set…